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Dolphy's conditions are getting better...

Dolphy's health conditions are getting better and better when he was rushed to the Makati Medical Center's intensive care unit due to complications from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) three weeks ago. That was according to Eric Quizon.

He even said that Dolphy would no longer need to undergo blood transfusion. Sure that Dolphy still has to go on dialysis but the process to cleanse the blood might no longer be continued this weekend as the actor's kidneys appear to be functioning well. That's good news.

Anyway, while Dolphy's health conditions are getting normal, we still have to pray for Dolphy as long as we want to. For me, we really want him to get that National Artist Award.

Welcome Back: 2010 Porsche Boxster S & Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG (R171)

R171 vs. 987 at the Top Gear Test Track!

Remember these? These are the cars Jeremy Clarkson drove in one episode of Top Gear when he was challenged to evade sniper fire while driving these. On that challenge, the Irish Guards are heavily armed with the SA80 Mk.II rifles but because of the BBC Health & Safety hazards, they weren't allowed to use live bullets, which sounds ridiculous, and instead, the Irish Guards are using laser-targeting system (and some blanks) while Clarkson's wearing a talking jacket with sensors that senses rifle shots and the computer will trace down every hit.

In the Porsche Boxster S, Clarkson was hit....6 times! In the Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG, Clarkson was hit...13 times! By the scores, the Porsche Boxster S is the winner, making it a perfect rear-wheel drive roadster that you can evade gunfire from all places because it's agile and better to handle but sadly Clarkson would still prefer the SLK55 AMG. Despite he got shot more than the Boxster, he still loves the SLK55 because of the roar of the 5.4L V8 engine.

Either way, the Boxster S and the SLK55 AMG are definitely the best candidates to evade against enemies in their prying eyes. In the game of virus, I'd expect the Boxster is the best to use. The SLK55 AMG though is more fun but it can be quite scary and you have a danger of getting hit by your opponents.

We really love these cars because they can be such a thriller.

GM Korea Chevrolet "The Perfect Cruze"

It's been a year since GM Daewoo is now GM Korea Company and the transition from Daewoo cars to Chevrolet cars (with the exception of Damas, Labo, and Alpheon) under the supervision of CEO Mike Arcamone but hey, this became the most successful transition yet. This Chevrolet Cruze here, made in Gunsan, Jeonbuk, South Korea, is just one of the many examples why the Korean subsidiary of General Motors became a world-class hit.

It has been here for four years since the Lacetti Premiere but the Chevrolet Cruze, in sedan and hatchback form, are getting their very own minor change and dubbed as "The Perfect Cruze" because there are some features that will make you addicting, including the new Chevrolet MyLink feature.

2013 GM Korea Chevrolet "The Perfect Cruze"

2013 GM Korea Chevrolet "The Perfect Cruze5"

Judging from its facelift, "The Perfect Cruze" sports a re-trimmed front grille featuring thick horizontal slabs and smaller vertical slats instead of a honeycomb scheme, and a redesigned front bumper with a different lower grille and fog-lamp surrounds similar in shape to those used on the Aveo/Sonic.

2013 GM Korea Chevrolet "The Perfect Cruze" interior

What amazed us on this minor change is on the inside, we'd expect keyless entry and start, a rear view camera, auto start-stop and Chevy’s MyLink infotainment system. Speaking of which, WHAT IS MYLINK?

The new Chevrolet MyLink system has three points of view; GET CONNECTED, GET ENTERTAINED, and TAKE CONTROL. This telematics system allows you to initiate phone calls, hands-free, while on the go, enjoy music, DMB, Navigation, watch movies, and so on. MyLink may also provide you with this addicting touch screen, Bluetooth connectivity, USB connectivity, and pairing up your device. For more info:

You still expect the same and untouched 1.8 DOHC ECO-TEC engine and the 2.0L VCDi Common Rail diesel engine. The 1.8 DOHC engine produces about 142ps/6200rpm of power output, 17.8kg·m/3800rpm of torque output, and the fuel economy of 13.7km/L. The Cruze5's 2.0L CRDi engine releases a powerful 163ps/3800rpm of power, 36.7kg·m/2750rpm of torque, and the fuel economy of 15.9km/L. Consider the CRDi engine equipped on the Cruze5 a perfect balance of power and ecology because of its Euro V compliance. Most of them are fully equipped with the 6-speed Hydromatic transmission that allows this automatic transmission to go from AUTO to MANUAL for fun driving.

Available colors are; Espresso Brown, Pure White, Switchblade Silver, Velvet Red, Gunsmoke Gray, and Carbon Flash Black.

My comment:

This facelifted Cruze is definitely a head-turning fetish with an addictive Chevrolet MyLink feature that makes it more fun to enjoy. I am so really want one of these because not only it looks good at the start but the features are what made me pleased. A car with such perfect balance of style and performance made it ever perfect with "The Perfect Cruze".

Photo: GM Korea Company

Let's Do The News! (June 30, 2012)

Now we will do the news and if you're in North America, you might be realizing that Ted, a new movie from the creator of Family Guy, is now showing.


This is for the first time a live action comedy movie was made by the man behind the ever popular Family Guy cartoon. It's funny to see a grown man and a talking teddy bear have a friendship ever since when he wished that his teddy bear could talk. But hey, even Ted is a live action movie, it still has some trademark Seth McFarlane chemistry on it; some kind of talking animals do the funniest things like Brian, Klaus, or even Tim from Cleveland.

(audience laughing)

So, a live action movie made by the creator of Family Guy? That seems to be ambitious but rubbish. Yep, total rubbish. You can't be a grown man being together with a talking teddy bear but hey, it's crazy enough to see one. He he he....

So crazy enough to see one but hey, I think you're right. It is rubbish.

(audience laughing)

Now have you checked Car Town? Now, there's a new limited-time-only car which is called...the Vorsteiner V RT Coupe.

Vorsteiner VR-T Coupe

The what?

Vorsteiner VR-T Coupe. It's a tuning package to the old 997 Turbo that comes with the boxer-6 3.6L engine that produces 460 horsepower and 480 lb/ft of torque mated to a six-speed manual transmission with dual mass flywheel. Exceptional handling, speed, and breath-taking style, that's how the VR-T Coupe describes but you better have one of these before they're gone because this is a limited edition item on Car Town that you can customize, race, anything!

Play Car Town:

Now, you may probably remember about the Aventador J concept arrived on Car Town as a limited edition item, right? Well, it appears supplies are running out so get one now before it's gone.

Uh, everybody's listening to you. Those hard core Car Town players do have the Aventador J on their garages. So, was your Car Town Garage?

Our Car Town garage

Everything's going well. I made some renovations around here and it's getting along well.

Yeah, getting well, at least.

(audience laughing)

Hey now, have you seen the finale of DAHIL SA PAG-IBIG?

Good ending.

Pretty good.

Excellent. Now um, there's some bad news. Recently, I got news from Toyota Motor Corporation that 150,000 Lexus RX crossovers are recalled due to pedal entrapment recall and they may face NHTSA investigation.

2013 Lexus RX350 F-Sport

So, another bad case of Toyota recall, huh? Two or three years ago, Toyota Motor Corporation's got a big damage because of the mass recall due to accelerator pedals, right?

Yes, two or three years and there it is! Lexus RX got recalled due to pedal entrapment! Oh no!!!!

(audience laughing)

Oh and for the record... Toyota has now recalled around 7.8 million vehicles.


Yep, that is a bombshell for Toyota. Oh hey now? Remember that the Majutsu no Index movie slated for 2013 premiere? Guess now, this whole To Aru series are getting a bit more juicier to celebrate ASCII MEDIA WORKS' 20th anniversary and I just heard that a new PSP game coming up and it will join the whole Index and Railgun characters for this whole ENSEMBLE!


To Aru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble! That was the name of this upcoming PSP game but still, no details about it yet.

Anyway, this was like two worlds collide! TWO WORLDS COLLIDE!!! Ha ha ha!!!

That's right my dear friend. Two worlds collide because this new PSP game joins the whole Index and Railgun characters ranging from Index, Toma, Misaka, and others. That is something we're worth looking for...

(audience cheering)

Speaking of which? You know that whole Amazon Kindle E-Book Reader thing? Yep, that was total rubbish for us. Total rubbish. I just heard recently that Amazon Kindle E-Book Reader's coming to Japan soon.



Yes it is! Amazon's Kindle E-Book Reader's coming to Japan soon! Amazon has talks with Japanese publishers last year, mainly the Kadokawa Group — the parent company of Kadokawa Shoten, ASCII Media Works, Enterbrain, Kadokawa Gakugei Shuppan, Fujimi Shobo, and Media Factory — to establish content about the Kindle release in Japan. Hey, because Kadokawa signed the agreement, this would be good news. What we really hoped for is Shuieisha, Shogakukan, Kodansha, and others to join the party....

(audience laughing)

Yeah...and aren't you going to the Vintage Races this weekend?

Nope. We would go tomorrow. Pap's still asleep for now. THAT'S THE NEWS!!!

Leopaul's Heaven and Hell: A Search engine is not a comments box! No room for question marks! Okay?

Now switching myself into "Columnist Mode" for another Heaven and Hell....

As you may know, search engines such as Google are made to search a specific keyword you're looking. It was made to check on the latest news and information surrounding around you. For me, I used a search engine to search what I'm looking about such as topics for my project, assignment, or anything else.

One of the things that drives me up the wall here in the internet is when every time I checked on my blog's Feedjit and I observe most of the queries that connect to one of my posts, it appears that there are so many idiots who turned search queries into comments that never been posted in my blog. I saw queries like for example "when will this car come out in the philippines?" or "what is the difference between this or that" or "what is the song on the car commercial". I strongly believe that they're not search queries....THEY'RE COMMENTS!!! COMMENTS THAT NEVER BEEN POSTED TO MY BLOG!

How many times do I have to told you that a search query is not a comments box? Ten times? Hundred times? Thousand times? Million times? Maybe more but MOST of you never ever payed attention because you brainless idiots kept doing the same thing. You always kept doing the same thing of turning the search engine into a comments box minus the post. How come my blog doesn't have comments? Oh yeah, because you have kept turning search queries into comments and when I check into my blog's Feedjit or my blog's overview stats, it seems that rarely, queries exceeded the limit because you always keep doing the same thing. Please keep search queries "short but specific". If a search query is a bit TOO LONG, I'm afraid that is not a search query at all but rather a comment that you have to post it on my blog.

I gave you instructions on how to comment in my blog but sadly, none of them believed and just keep doing the internet's most stupid thing; TURNING A SEARCH ENGINE INTO A COMMENTS BOX. Oh come on. Posting a comment wasn't that hard, perhaps you were a big clattering buttock. A BIG CLATTERING A**-HOLE!!!! AM I CLEAR? Do please post a comment. I'm not warning you to do so, I'm stopping mindless people from turning a search engine into a comments box by making up very very long search queries that disturb even the most sophisticated search engine.

As a person in charge of my blog, I am observing different visitors with different behaviors but what I really don't want to see in my blog is visitors who keep doing the wrong things in my blog. People who really have no experience about blogs and people who doesn't have knowledge about the internet. Blogs are made to share your knowledge to everybody else, don't forget that.


That is all for this Heaven and Hell article...

Is it a sedan? Is it a wagon? No, they called it "Shooting Break"

2013 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Klass Shooting Break

This long-rumored Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class Shooting Break showed up on the net recently and nope, this isn't a sedan and this isn't a wagon. They called it "Shooting Break" and there's no way how did this new variant to the CLS-Class was called.

Still, you can expect the same specs as the original but you can now have more space at the back for everything else. 


Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake: Independence at its most beautiful

Jun 29, 2012 -- Stuttgart. With the new CLS Shooting Brake, Mercedes-Benz is once again setting an example when it comes to creativity of design, and as such highlighting its leading role in this area: in terms of its proportions, the new CLS is quite clearly a coupé, but with five doors and a roof which continues through to the rear, it promises some remarkable new possibilities. The idea of the four-door coupé – successfully introduced in 2004 with the first CLS and long imitated in the meantime – has now been taken to new heights and to innovative effect. The result is automotive independence at its most beautiful.

According to CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsche: "Any memorable machine is equal parts art and science. A car has to first deliver in function – the ticket of entry – and then in fascination: the ticket to real excitement. The CLS Shooting Brake excels on both accounts – unlike any other car in the market".

The proportions of the CLS Shooting Brake are surprising but clearly those of a coupé, and create a basic stance which makes it look ready for the off: the long bonnet, narrow-look windows with frameless side windows, and dynamic roof sloping back towards the rear. It is only when taking a second look that it becomes clear that the Shooting Break actually has five doors and offers "more" in terms of function.

In essence it represents an unprecedented version of a sports car with five seats and a large tailgate. It is a special proposition for people looking to differentiate themselves from the mainstream, and who do not wish to compromise on either sportiness or stowage space when it comes to travelling in style. The Shooting Brake is a further highlight in the innovative luxury vehicle series from Mercedes-Benz and, like the CLS Coupé, has the potential to become the role model for a new market segment.

"The CLS Shooting Brake is based on the great tradition of stylish sportiness which has always characterised Mercedes, and takes these unique icons an exciting step further", explains Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Mercedes‑Benz. "It stands for the enhanced design idiom of Mercedes-Benz which is oriented towards aesthetic, avant-garde principles". This is seen in the impressive series of market-defining new vehicle concepts, such as the SLK for example, which in 1996 established a genre as the first Roadster with a retractable steel roof, the M-Class as the first premium SUV in 1998, or the first four-door CLS Coupé in 2004.

Exclusive innovation in the interior: wooden luggage compartment floor

The second generation of the CLS set high standards in terms of the design and quality of the interior: straightforward elegance combined with innovative details and handcrafted perfection. The Shooting Brake also applies this same aspiration in the luggage compartment. It is lined with high-quality carpet, and the hand-stitched material is also incorporated into the sideliners in conjunction with leather appointments. Optional designer loading rails made of aluminium give an even more exclusive look.

An extravagant and unique feature for the automotive industry is the designo wooden luggage compartment floor, which serves to underscore the hand-finished nature of the interior. Cherry tree wood is a classic among fine wood species and contrasts perfectly with the inlaid smoked oak and aluminium rails. This affords the luggage compartment a touch of elegance normally found on yachts, combined with the exciting worlds of technology and precision craftsmanship. The wood is characterised by its flexibility and elasticity, as well as its density and fine texture. For the luggage compartment floor made of American cherry tree wood, selected veneer sheets are glued and pressed together by hand in five cross-bonded layers to achieve high dimensional stability. The blanks are milled into their precise shape using a CNC machine, and the surfaces sanded to a smooth finish and waterproofed to maintain the natural beauty of the wood. Inlaid work using darker smoked oak, precisely cut into three millimetre strips using laser technology, helps to enhance the design of the wooden floor. The lavishly produced aluminium rails have a brushed finish and rubber inserts, and not only help to protect the wooden floor but also feature anti-slip properties.

The CLS coupé already set new standards in interiors with its wide variety of individualisation options. The Shooting Brake also offers five interior colours, five trim designs and also three qualities of leather to choose from. Customers have a choice of three exclusive wood types: high-gloss brown burr walnut, high-gloss black ash and satin-finish light-brown poplar. The interior is given an even more progressive look with the addition of piano lacquer or AMG carbon fibre/black piano lacquer trim elements. A completely new addition comes in the form of porcelain interior appointments which afford both CLS models a sense of luxury normally found in the S-Class. The CLS Shooting Brake also lives up to its role as a design icon thanks to the innovative nature of the materials used. These comprise a mixture of satin and high-gloss finishes used on the metal surfaces.

A new dimension in vehicle concepts: the four-door Shooting Brake

No-one likes to have to compromise: even when the focus is not on the practical elements of the design of the Shooting Brake (length x width x height: 4956 x 1881 x 1413 mm), the new CLS model still has some trump cards up its sleeve. With a load volume of between 590 and 1550 litres, the luggage compartment offers a lot of room despite the flat, sporty lines of the roof, and is easy to use thanks to the automatically opening tailgate fitted as standard. A load compartment cover also protects luggage from prying eyes.

The standard air suspension at the rear helps to ensure optimum road holding at all times. For additional flexibility, the rear seat backrests can be folded down from the luggage compartment as standard. The rear seats themselves provide room for three people, with individual seats on the outsides and a third seat in the middle. The three saddle-type head restraints on the rear seats barely affect the view towards the rear, and can be lowered at the touch of a button by the driver. An optional trailer coupling is also available.

Dr. Joachim Schmidt, Board Member of Mercedes-Benz Cars responsible for Sales & Marketing, sums it all up: "The new CLS Shooting Brake represents a new dimension in vehicle concepts and offers discerning customers independence at its most beautiful."

Lightweight construction and aerodynamics: important contributions to efficiency

Intelligent lightweight construction plays a decisive role in bridging the classic conflict between the objectives of low weight and high strength in the CLS Shooting Brake. The model features frameless, all-aluminium doors made from deep-drawn aluminium panels with extruded sections, and in comparison with conventional steel doors, are some 24 kilograms lighter. The tailgate, bonnet, front wings, various support profiles and substantial parts of the suspension and engines are all made of aluminium too.

The aerodynamics also make a significant contribution to the efficiency of the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake. With a frontal area of 2.30 m² and a Cd value of 0.29, the drag area is 0.67 m².

Drive system: powerful and efficient

The CLS Shooting Brake is available with four different engine variants – two diesel engines and two petrol engines. Features common to all engines include the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission as well as the ECO start/stop function. In addition, two models are available with all-wheel drive: the CLS 350 CDI 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY and the CLS 500 4MATIC BlueEFFICIENCY.

The entry-level model is the CLS 250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY producing 150 kW (204 hp). Combined fuel consumption is 5.3 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres, an excellent level for this performance class and equivalent to CO2 emissions of 139 grams per kilometre. Coming in above this are the two six-cylinder models: the CLS 350 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY producing 195 kW (265 hp) and the CLS 350 BlueEFFICIENCY producing 225 kW (306 hp). The top-of-the-range model is the CLS 500 BlueEFFICIENCY with a V8 biturbo engine producing 300 kW (408 hp).

Efficiency is also increased by the standard electro-mechanical power steering EPS (Electric Power Steering). EPS is a radical move in the relationship between the driver, car and road surface. This is because for the first time, it gives engineers the freedom to choose and programme many of the parameters that influence steering feedback. So they defined a Mercedes-Benz feeling behind the wheel. In addition to fuel economy, the result is a considerable improvement in handling and agility. The electromechanical power steering also enables another innovation to be implemented – Active Park Assist. The CLS Shooting Brake is not only able to detect parking spaces, but can also park automatically.

Another world exclusive: dynamic full LED headlamps

The CLS was the first passenger car in the world to offer optional dynamic full LED High Performance headlamps, which combine the exciting colour elements of LED technology – similar to those of daytime driving lights – with the performance, functionality and energy efficiency of today's bi-xenon generation. Some 95 percent of all customers have opted for these lights in the CLS Coupé. Of course, as the world's second car to feature this optional extra, the CLS Shooting Brake also offers the new light system. For the first time ever, it provides the Intelligent Light System already proven in Mercedes models fitted with bi-xenon headlamps in combination with LED technology. The headlamps, with their 71 LED lamps in total, look exciting; and they serve to underline the unmistakable appearance of the CLS. The light specialists from Mercedes-Benz have for the first time been able to use LED technology in the innovative Adaptive Highbeam Assist, resulting in an entirely new quality of illumination when driving at night.

In contrast to the first vehicles equipped with LED headlamps, no compromises are now necessary with respect to the functionality and performance of the lighting technology. There are further arguments for LED-based lighting technology: the average operating life of an LED is around 10,000 hours, around five times longer than that of a xenon light; moreover, LED headlamps most closely approximate to the colour of daylight. This means that LED light is in keeping with the normal human perception patterns and that the driver experiences significantly more brightness on the road at night. Studies have shown that the closer the colour of artificial light comes to daylight, the less the strain on the eyes. With a colour temperature of 5500 kelvin, LED light is closer to daylight (6500 K) than xenon light (4200 K).

More than a dozen driving assistance systems help to prevent traffic accidents and reduce the severity of an accident. Active Blind Spot Assist and Active Lane Keeping Assist are available as part of the Driving Assistance package Plus, in combination with DISTRONIC PLUS, BAS PLUS and the PRE‑SAFE® Brake. Both assistance systems are not only able to detect an unintentional lane change or vehicles in the blind spot, but can also correct the direction of travel by gentle brake intervention if the driver ignores the visual or audible danger warnings.

It's all in a name: the origins of the name "Shooting Break"

Break, or the homonym Brake, was the name once given to carriages used to "break" in wild horses and also to restrict (or "brake") their urge to move, so that they could be put to use as work horses. Since the carts could easily be broken as part of this process, people tended not to use ones which they may have urgently needed for other purposes. Where necessary, "Brakes" were often fitted out with variable bodies, which were only really used to carry along anything that may have been necessary for the hunt, for example. Any such vehicle which was used when going out shooting was called a Shooting Brake or Shooting Break. Motorised Shooting Brakes were popular in England in the 60s and 70s – exclusive two-door sports cars, which combined the luxury and style of a coupé with a larger load compartment and large tailgate.


Next season of Crash Course is underway....

BBC America's show titled Richard Hammond's Crash Course is all about Richard Hammond mastering the world's toughest machines in three days. These include a tank, a striker, a landfill, a demo, a harvester, any heavy machine you could throw at him for series of challenges.

Word from BBC America's Anglophenia blog that next season of Crash Course is now underway. Shooting for the next season is underway in Texas this July.

From BBC America's Anglophenia blog:

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond is returning for the second season of Crash Course, which begins filming next week in Texas. The new eight-episode, 60-minute season, produced by BBC Worldwide Productions for BBC America, will land Hammond in some tight situations.

Back in Season One, Hammond tackled America’s most dangerous vehicles with some help from the locals. In one episode, he found himself in a tank firing off a cannon and, in another, wrangling the world’s most powerful fire truck.

“This season, we’re pulling Richard out of his comfort zone and putting him through the ultimate crash course,” reports BBC America. “Hammond will immerse himself in uniquely American – often terrifying – vocations.”

In each episode of Season Two, Hammond has less than five days to master his assigned job ranging from conquering his fear of heights and jumping from the top of a bridge as a Hollywood stuntman to mastering his mad skills in a Harlem, NY barber shop. No word on a premiere date for this upcoming season.

Remember that Richard Hammond's Crash Course was premiered on BBC America since March and it will soon be airing worldwide via BBC Knowledge and BBC Entertainment.

"Twist. Lick. Dunk."

On the June 29, 2012 episode of Bubble Gang;

- Michael V examines different people you'll meet at the MRT

- Tree gags

- If GMA News TV has Personalan, here at Bubble Gang, we have SAPAKAN!

- Cheche and Bureche at the floods

- Twist. Lick. Dunk. Bubble Gang does Oreo by spoofing this commercial as OrYou! Only OrYou!

- Pickup Lines with Dahon, Boy Carwash, and Boy Pick Up!

1) Hacker ka ba? Kasi Gusto ko, HACKING ka na lang.

2) Helmet ka ba? Kasi kapag wala ka, masisira ang ulo ko.

3) Kalendaryo ka ba? Kasi gusto ko, lahat ng date ko sa'yo.

4) Pag nakipag-break ka sa akin, parang ako lang si Pacquiao. Nalulungkot ako sa iyong split decision.

5) Alam mo meron ako nakitang pangit sa'yo. Yun na yung di ka pa nagiging akin.

6) Alam mo ba na nagkaroon ako ng tatlong syota, hindi magkakapatid pero magkakamukha? Kasi lahat sila mukhang pera!

7) Alam mo parang tren at ako riles. Kasi sa tuwing dumadaan ka, nanginginig ako.

8) Kung sasagutin mo ako ng oo, di ako matutuwa. Kasi ang tanong ko, true or false.

- Coach Calmado at the funeral, observing any disturbances...


- Machong Kontrabida's not too macho for the take...

- IyoTube in The Great Pretender

Friday, June 29, 2012

Challenge: A New Microwave

We kinda do apologize for the photo quality...

Now earlier, we decided to buy a new microwave oven as a replacement to the broken black Haier microwave. Our first option was in Lowe's, where the branch was just a few blocks near McDonald's. We look around for some microwaves sold on that area and turned out....most of the Haier microwaves were sold out. We asked someone and it's all bad news. Yep, bad news because of the shipments. Papa thinks that Haiers are cheaper and the previous one we bought is a bit 30-ish dollars.

Papa said that there is a microwave oven available at Fry's, which is somewhat the most rubbish electronics store in the Northwest. I said rubbish because of the selection of items. At Fry's, papa found one and it costs a 50-ish dollar price tag and amazed that it was a Daewoo!


It was a Daewoo KOR-6L0B microwave oven! It maybe a bit more pricier than the old Haier we have but some say, this was the cheapest in Fry's. Who cares about it? But still, we now have a new microwave oven.

We now have a new oven that does well than the old Haier microwave oven. What can you say about our new microwave oven? Post your comments below!

This new Spiderman actor....was an extra during the David Tennant years?!

The Amazing Spider-Man
The Amazing Spiderman

The Amazing Spiderman hits theaters next week, while the video game version of the same title was in stores now, and most comic book fans are thrilled to see the new and much daring Spiderman as well as the new actor who played it, whose name was Andrew Garfield.

What shocked me the most that before he got a chance to be our "friendly neighbor" Spiderman, he was an extra at one episode of Doctor Who during the David Tennant years. It was in Series 3, the one with David Tennant and his then companion Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones. That shocked me because Andrew Garfield was an extra in two 'Doctor Who' episodes: 'Daleks in Manhattan' and 'Evolution of the Daleks' from Season Three of the modern series.

Aston Martin made a special DB9 for the 1 millionth Facebook fan!

Aston Martin DB9 1M

How lucky was that for someone who is the one millionth person who liked Aston Martin on Facebook? Aston Martin made a special DB9 for someone who is the one millionth fan on the official Aston Martin Facebook page!

For the full gallery of this special DB9 made for the 1,000,000th Facebook fan:

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Majutsu no Index movie coming in early 2013!

Majutsu no Index movie coming this early 2013!

We haven't told about this to you, right? It seems that the upcoming To Aru Majustu no Index movie is set to its February 2013 showing. I know, we're getting a bit late but hey, February 2013! That's when the Index movie showing in theaters!

Three new characters on the Index movie

Some say, there's going to be three new characters on this new Majutsu no Index movie. Well, we don't have much info about these new characters yet but hey, this Majutsu no Index movie was made to commemorate ASCII MEDIA WORKS' 20th anniversary. Stay tuned for more updates...

Let's Do The News! (June 28, 2012)

So, how's it feel to have Twin Ring Motegi back on GT5 with the arrival of the new Scion FR-S?

Pretty good and hey, guess what? We should go to Twin Ring Motegi together because thanks to its comeback, most GT5 players are trying to enjoy Motegi all day long! I guess we should really go there!


Me too!

Oh and in case you missed it, the Twin Ring Motegi DLC on GT5 is available for download with the pricing of $5.00 or 500 Japanese Yen. The new 2013 Scion FR-S is also on Gran Turismo 5 is there as a free DLC.

Something tells me that you're right about SONY have exclusive rights to the TOYOTA 86 and Scion FR-S because of Toyota developing a new feature that record the 86/FR-S's track day progress via Playstation, something more of a Playstation-ish track-day black box perhaps?

Yes it is. If that come to reality, 86 or FR-S drivers will going to compare their track-day progress on real and in Gran Turismo 5. For example, you're driving the FR-S at Laguna Seca and then you're trying to compare your progress from reality to virtual.

Absolutely. Oh, anyway enough about Twin Ring Motegi and FR-S now. Anyway, let's do the news shall we? Oh, and speaking of news? Have you heard of a news anchor who lost her job because she shaved her hair for charity?

Nope....Never heard of it.

Hey, wait a minute. Is that...some TV anchor's decision to support cancer awareness by chopping off her hair has cost the woman her job at a Malaysian channel, which wants her to grow back her mane to an "acceptable" length before being allowed to resume work?

Yes she was. Can't believe a Malaysian channel sacked her until her hair was grown back to normal but hey, she did a good cause. She shaved her hair for charity. SHE...SHAVED HER HAIR FOR THE CAUSE.

You're right. She did it for a cause but it kinda reminds me why did a TV network sacked her because of her shaved hair and oh, the reason why did they sacked her because, WOMEN DON'T DO BALD HAIR! Bald-haired women are....SERIOUSLY UNCOOL!!! A ha ha ha!!!!

(audience laughing)

Oh really? Seriously uncool eh? Well I accept that, even though she did for the cause, her act of shaving her hair was...SERIOUSLY UNCOOL because most women are afraid to have their hair shaved! You can't see women having no hair at all walking around the streets! It's impossible!

(audience laughing)

Uh...okay! Okay! Enough bald-haired women and care to guess what I have in my PSVita?

What? Is it the downloadable SEGA HORNET from the Ridge Racer PSVita game?

Is it the MGS HD Edition?

Nope. Something else. It's YouTube.


YouTube. Now on PSVita! Now I can watch some YouTube videos on my PSVita


With all those apps surely try to keep the PSVita fresh because of inconsistent public demands from users and speaking of which, how come sales of PSVita remain stagnant?

Beats me, it appears it's too twitchy for them.

Too complicating to use...

(audience laughing)

Hey now, bad news. This moment, I heard the news that Ford Motor Company is closing down their Santa Rosa assembly plant, which kinda saddens us to hear about it but it will occur at the end of this year.


It turns out that producing Ford models in the Philippines is too hard. The sudden announcement that Ford Philippines will source the new Focus from Thailand is really tough. It's hard to see this Santa Rosa plant be consigned to the history books. What's going to happen to the people who worked on this plant?

That's a major concern. No word on what will happen to the people who worked at Ford's Santa Rosa plant. Stay tuned for more, okay? Now anyway, let's move on, you know director Mario O' Hara?

(audience murmuring)

Yep, rest in piece Mario O'Hara. He's a brilliant director I can tell. He even directed last year's TV5 drama that starred Nora Aunor, which is called SA NGALAN NG INA.

“Bakit Bughaw Ang Langit”, “Condemned”, “Bulaklak ng City Jail” and “Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos”, those are some of the movies that Mario O'Hara handmade and they are all turned out to be, well, brilliant. They're a masterpiece, I can tell.

In the past, Mario O'Hara was an actor but for him, he even joined forces with with Brocka over the years with outstanding screenplays for films like 1976’s “Insiang” and 1978’s “Rubia Servios”. As an actor, a screenwriter, and a director, I can't believe that we lost one of the Philippine entertainment legends.  We lost one of the best people of the movie industry, I agree...

Uh-huh. Rest in piece Mario O'Hara.

Now anyway, a common question that goes "Meron po ba kayong napapansin na mali?". Guess what? We do have. You know that our car, a 2002 Mazda MPV ES Special Edition we have a couple of years ago, got broken a few days ago. Spark plugs was the cause of the problem so what we did on that MPV is give it to the mechanic and few hours later, our MPV was fixed but there's another problem.


Our microwave over we had for two years ago...broken.

(audience laughing)

What was the cause?

I don't know. The last time I find it operational is when I make some hot noodles. It still worked but until hours later, mama called me and she told me why is this microwave doesn't work. I really don't know what just happened but to tell you this...yep, it's broken. We can't bring it to the mechs.

(audience laughing) are you going to do now?

I supposed that this microwave we bought was reasonably priced. They bought it for some 20-ish dollars so by the next day, we're going to find a replacement microwave that has the same reasonably price as this broken black microwave.

So...good luck with that.

Yeah, good luck finding a new microwave!

Hope so but anyway, before we end this, let's talk about a new DLC on PS3's THE IDOLM@STER 2 and at last, school swimsuits, vivid bikinis, fancy petunias, stylish denims, and ETERNAL TERRA & LUNA outfits were there but sadly they've added a new outfit won't find it on your XBOX 360 version; CUTIE INSECT (キューティインセクト).

Those new items will be this Friday so players who have IM@S 2 on PS3, get ready with your wallets. THAT'S THE NEWS!!!

Metal Gear Solid HD Edition (PSVita)

Metal Gear Solid HD Edition

Now if you remember back in November 23, 2011, when Metal Gear Solid HD Edition went on sale and it featured two all-time classics such as Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. On the PS3 edition, there was something that told us about TRANSFARRING and it has to do with the PSVita. Well, nobody told us about it until now. If you still have the PS3 edition of the Metal Gear Solid HD Edition, be sure to download the update because now, the PSVita edition of MGS HD Edition has arrived and if you want to continue either your Sons of Liberty or Snake Eater progress on the go, TRANSFARRING OUT is the way you want. The progress you had on the PS3, you can continue it with your PSVita on the go. But if you're back home and want it back to your PS3, TRANSFARRING IN. This whole TRANSFARRING idea from Hideo Kojima was GENIUS, I was amazed that there is a simple thing that why we can predict the future when we can make one. The future is now then....

Anyway, on the PSVita version of the MGS HD Edition, you'll have a very different experience because of the dual analog stick and the touch screen. Surely it might be getting a bit twitchy and hard to master but if you get a hang of it, no problem.

About Sons Of Liberty, this was launched on late 2001 on the PS2 and since its launch, over 7,000,000 copies were sold worldwide. It even achieved a Guinness World Record Gamer's Edition 2008 recognition for being the best selling video game for the PS2. Snake Eater though, this game served as the secret origin of Big Boss when it was set during the Cold War era. It was launched on the PS2 since late 2004. Both of these games are award-winning and when you played these HD Editions, we feel like that we kinda lost our youth, lost our hair, and lost our minds but hey, that's brilliant! Both of these were remastered courtesy of Bluepoint Games.

For a limited time, a copy of MGS HD Edition PSVita game will give you a special PSVita with a skin remodeled after the MGS HD Edition PSVita game. For the Konamistyle exclusive, you could still have the special PSVita bundled with the PSVita version of MGS HD Edition but this will have a specially designed cleaner cloth. Also for a limited time, you can expect an original MGS HD Edition shopping bag as a present if you bought the special PSVita bundled with the PSVita version of MGS HD Edition. This is a wonderful treat for the Japanese customers who want to lost their youth, their hair, and their mind with these classics.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sengoku Collection Original Soundtrack SENGOKU SOUND COLLECTION

Sengoku Collection Original Soundtrack

Sengoku Collection (戦国コレクション), it's an anime series based on the social networking service game developed by the brand that brought you Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Dance Dance Revolution, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and many others. It revolves on the Sengoku Era when military masters circle the figurative throne of Japan’s first shogunate.

Now if you would probably remember that in the game, there are six hidden treasures containing “God of War” cards and fighting breaks out among those who seek the treasures. You, as the new military master, you're on the mission to find the treasures through series of challenges and yes, boss battles are involved.

Here, on the anime series, you can expect a cute girly reinterpretation of the great warlord Oda Nobunaga and also a female interpretaion of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first shogun of Japan.

It's nothing more like the whole TOYOTA REBORN commercial where Oda Nobunaga was been reborn as the Takuya Kimura and Tokugawa Ieyasu was been reborn as the guy from Battle Royale movie, Beat Takeshi. Sadly though, none of them were involved. Something bothered me about that whole Nobunaga Oda and Ieyasu Tokugawa...are they from the Sengoku Basara video game? gosh...It appears that the whole Sengoku era has been reinterpreted for the 21st century, like Sherlock Holmes who got reinterpreted for the 21st century as a movie that starred Iron Man actor, Robert Downey Jr. or even the BBC TV series titled Sherlock which stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes.

Anyway, enough diddling about that now because the original soundtrack based on the anime adaptation of the Sengoku Collection, which Konami claims that it has a user base of more than 2.5 million as of 2011. This 46-track compilation features all of the background musics from the Sengoku Collection anime series that was aired on TV Tokyo for 26 episodes when it was first aired on Spring 2012. Also on this OST are the opening theme song titled 目をとじてギュッしよ by ABCHO, the closing theme song titled UNLUCKY GIRL !! by Sweety, and for a bonus, the insert song titled MISTY MOON sung by Yuka Terasaki. Original music score by Tomoki Kikuya.

A contemporary take on the Sengoku Era that is a thrilling, funny, fast-paced adventure series set in present-day Japan which is like BBC's Sherlock, but sadly, it's a bit rubbish. Nobody remembered what just happened on the whole Senkore anime, not even Random Curiosity that didn't covered the whole Sengoku Collection anime series.

Track Listings:
01 我は信長
02 目をとじてギュッしよ
03 今日はパラダイス☆
04 アイキャッチH
06 黄昏センチメンタル
07 スマイリング!
08 準備はOK!
09 光の輪
10 風を切って
11 心の波紋
12 間違いピエロ
13 冷たい時間
14 ワナの匂い
15 やさしいカタチ
16 時を越えて
17 虹の向こうまで
19 君はヒーロー
20 始まりはここから
21 イジワル計画
22 錆びつく手のひら
23 ロンリー・オブ・ヘブン
24 地獄のララバイ
25 キラメキ☆ヒラメキ
26 マジカルポップ
27 フェイキング シンキング
28 アナザーステップ
29 エレクトリカルワールド
30 路地裏ブギ
31 孤高の勇者
32 最大のピンチ!
33 ファイティング・ポーズ
34 早足の散歩道
35 舞い降りた風
36 白い瞬き
38 街へくりだそう!
39 アイキャッチA
40 アイキャッチB
41 アイキャッチC
42 アイキャッチD
43 アイキャッチE
44 アイキャッチF
45 アイキャッチG

Nissan Teana J32 Minor Change

Back in June 2008, Nissan launched the full model change of the Nissan Teana, which is designated as J32, and this adopted the term OMOTENASHI because of its hospitable character and the interior that calms your nerves. Now, for the 2013 Model Year, the Nissan Teana J32 gets its first minor change and well...not much of a minor change at all...

2013 Nissan Teana

2013 Nissan Teana

2013 Nissan Teana interior

Wanna know what changed on the Nissan Teana J32 for the 2013 Model Year? Well, what you can expect on the 2013 Nissan Teana are new design on the alloy rims (16-inch on the 250XL and 250XE model while the 350XV has 17-inch rims), taillamps, which already have LEDs arranged in a ‘C shape’, revised meter design, new instrument panel wood grain, and some new coloring on the switches that are responsible on the navigation, audio, and aircon. You would still expect the ottoman seat on the front that reclines but only if you're sitting next to the driver, the stylish glass roof, ventilated seats, and the BOSE Surround Sound System that delivers a well refined audio quality.

No change in the engine specifications here so you'll still have either the VQ35DE, the QR25DE, or the VQ25DE engine. For a quick summary, the QR25DE has a power output of 123kW(167PS)/5,600r.p.m. of power and 240Nm(24.5kg-m)/4,000r.p.m. of torque. It will get you through 10.4km/L of JC08-rated fuel economy and...annoyingly, it's available only in 4WD.

The VQ25DE though generates 136kW(185PS)/6,000r.p.m. of power and 232Nm(23.7kg-m)/4,400r.p.m. of torque, getting you through 11.4km/L of JC08 fuel economy and it is mated with the conventional XTRONIC-CVT.

Lastly, the top-of-the-line VQ35DE engine produces 185kW(252PS)/6,000r.p.m. of power and 335Nm(34.3kg-m)/4,400r.p.m. of torque. It is mated with the XTRONIC-CVT with 6-speed manual mode and promises 10.0km/L of fuel economy based on Japan's....10-15 Mode Test Cycle? Excuse me, Japan's now using the JC08 Test Cycle for comparing fuel economy but I'm afraid that Nissan never got the memo so the JC08 fuel economy of this....VQ35DE-powered Teana remains unknown for now...Sorry...

2013 Nissan Teana Axis

2013 Nissan Teana Axis interior

For a bit of a VIP STYLE, Autech Japan provided a modified version of the Nissan Teana as part of the AUTECH AXIS range. This Autech-modified version of the Teana J32 gives you some bling on the blink of the eye and annoyingly, a massive show-off when this car parked at the Daikoku Parking Area. Specs remain the same but this unique look is what stands out the rest.

Available colors on the 2013 Teana are; Steel Blue, Franboise Red, Brilliant Silver, Deep Amethyst Gray, Sapphire Black, and Brilliant White Pearl.

My comment:

When I think of a Nissan Teana J32 minor change, it appears that the Yokohama-based carmaker didn't pay attention to the one they saw on China or Thailand when it comes to the front but when it comes to the J32's back, instrumental panel, rims, and....something, it appears that this is nearly half-perfect to be called a minor change. Sadly, nobody knows what is the JC08 fuel economy of the one with the VQ35DE engine and ahem, we don't involve on timing marks and engine curves because we don't do repair stuff!!! Anyway, this 2013 Teana is half perfect to keep the OMOTENASHI concept fresh and neat. And I'm sorry, with the base price of 2,821,350 Japanese Yen, I'm afraid that the price just went on the hike due to the strong Yen and I think that doesn't work even though the Teana competes against the Toyota Mark X and the Honda Accord.

Photo: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Mazda Flair Wagon

2013 Mazda Flair Wagon

2013 Mazda Flair Wagon interior

2013 Mazda Flair Wagon interior

Back in January 2008, Suzuki launched a tall kei minivan that is said to be a competitor to the Daihatsu Tanto, the Palette. Then in December 2009, Nissan wants its own version of the Suzuki Palette called the Nissan Roox. Now, in June 2012, Mazda joins the Palette bandwagon with their debutante, the 2013 Mazda Flair Wagon.

Unlike the Palette and the Roox which has their stylish versions such as the Palette SW and the Roox Highway Star, the new Mazda Flair Wagon doesn't have that one. Too bad, no such thing as Mazda Flair Wagon Custom Style until further notice.

Anyway, you still expect the same thing you have on the Palette. You still have...the K6A engine which, in natural aspiration state, gets you through 20.8km/L of fuel economy based on Japan's JC08 Mode test cycle while in turbo state, gets you through 18.8km/L of JC08-rated fuel economy. They are all mated with CVT and the available 4WD feature gets you through the roads during the rainy days.

There's even a limited edition "IS LIMITED" model which is similar to the Suzuki Palette's IS SELECTION limited edition model and comes with idling stop that shuts off the engine when stopped at the red light and then start again when your foot is in the pedal, getting you through 22.2km/L of JC08 fuel economy.

Available colors are; Silky Silver Metallic, Bloom Pink Metallic, Bluish Black Pearl 3, Aqua Bell Blue Pearl Metallic, and Pearl White.

My comment:
Sure it may be the same as the Palette and the Roox but sadly, unlike the Palette and the Roox, the Flair Wagon didn't have the "Custom Style" variant like the Palette SW and the Roox Highway Star. Too bad...

Photo: Mazda Motor Corporation

#045 GT3-RSR or #4 ZR1? Who stacked up?

See who stacks up against them

We're kinda busy debating the whole General Motors vs. the world right now and while most of the ads said that their General Motors products stacked up against the competition and sometimes that's not really true.

Now, we have these; the #4 Corvette Racing ZR1 and the #045 Flying Lizard 911 GT3 RSR, both of them are came from the 2011 ALMS season but what made them stacked up against the competition?

The #045 Flying Lizard GT3-RSR is driven by Joerg Bergmeister and Patrick Long, who brought the car 3rd place overall in the ALMS GT Team Championship.

The #4 Corvette Racing ZR1 posed a bigger threat to the GT class of the American Le Mans Series 2011. Their record was one win and nine top finished in the ten races of the ALMS season. It was driven by Oliver Gavin, Jan Magnussen, and Richard Westbrook.

The #045 Flying Lizard GT3-RSR is powered by the 4.0L B6 engine that churns out 456HP of power and 332ft-lb of torque.

The #4 Corvette Racing ZR1 comes with an E85-fueled 5.5L V8 engine that churns out 485HP of power.

To balance it out, let's deliver these two to the genius we all know. Some say, he doesn't like to cut his nails because sadly he doesn't have nails and he has a collection of figures, mostly anime girls in their racing swimsuits.

The Corvette Racing ZR1, ours did it in 1:15.577 while the Porsche Flying Lizard 911 GT3-RSR, ours did it in 1:15.628, so we therefore conclude that the Corvete Racing ZR1 has a lot of records than the Flying Lizard GT3-RSR. One win and nine top finished in the ten races of the 2011 ALMS season, it appears that Corvette Racing team really had a brighter future at dominating the GT-class of Le Mans.

Question is, can they keep up? We might be seeing them at the American Le Mans Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park, Lakeville, CT this July 7.

FM4 reveals July Car Pack

The July Car Pack on Forza Motorsport 4 features 10 cars from the past to the present that shares one thing; SPEED

Here's the list;

2011 McLaren 59 GT MP4-12C GT3 
1973 AMC Gremlin X 
2012 Ascari KZ1R 
1998 Aston Martin V8 Vantage V600 
1952 Hudson Hornet 
1954 Jaguar XK120 
1956 Lotus Eleven 
2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG 
1995 RUF CTR2
2012 Spyker C8 Aileron 

Those new 10 cars on the July Car Pack are all about speed and hey! Ascari's on the picture! Wow! Jaguar XK120? It's the one that defeated the steam train in the Top Gear 1949 episode! Uh better not complain what's the V8 Vantage from the 1990's and the RUF CTR2 doing here because they came from a rival video game but got robbed by Turn 10 for this. New SLK55 AMG with the M152 engine is here but when will Forza 4 feature a Mercedes-AMG model with the M157 engine? Never mind but those will be there this July 3 (July 4 if you're in Asia) for 560 MSP. Get ready with your spanners!

Scion FR-S: Bringing Twin Ring Motegi back to GT5

Twin Ring Motegi is back!

Now you may probably remember back in the final round of the recently ended GT Academy 2012, we were shocked that the Twin Ring Motegi was included on the event but only the east section of the Road Course. It was like we didn't get it but joy of joys, Twin Ring Motegi is back on Gran Turismo 5 as a DLC. What you have is the complete set; the Road Course, the east section of the Road Course, the west section of the Road Course, and the oval Super Speedway. Two tracks with four layouts. Little known fact that this Honda-owned racetrack has a Gran Turismo cafe on it. Anyone visited on the Gran Turismo cafe?

Anyway, it kinda feels like I forgot all about the Twin Ring Motegi but relearn the Twin Ring Motegi, I need a car that will do that kind of job. Something sporty, something boxer, something 2-door, something RWD.


Bringing Twin Ring Motegi back to GT5 is
provided by the new 2013 Scion FR-S

It maybe brand new but actually this Scion FR-S really is more than just brand new. Its FR layout, boxer 4 engine, and the joint venture between Toyota Motor Corporation and Fuji Heavy Industries (makers of Subaru) really made it unique. I was hoping for the Subaru BRZ but who am I caring for? The Scion FR-S really is BRINGING THE SPORT BACK TO THE CAR! Ha ha ha ha!

FR-S drift!

Now you might be saying that this is just the Toyota GT86 with Toyota badges thrown away in favor of Scion badges but still retaining the 86 logo on the sides. I once drove the Toyota 86 last year and I really favored on its handling nature. This experience I had on the GT86 is the same thing I'd experience on the Scion FR-S. You still have the same FA20 engine that powered the TOYOTA 86. It churns out 200 hp @ 7,000 RPM of power and 151 lb.-ft @ 6,600 RPM of torque.

This is somewhat an Americanized GT86

FR Boxer Coupe loves to drift!

When you look at the heritage of the Scion FR-S, it appears that current Toyota CEO, Akio Toyoda, was heavily involved on that project. He's a motorsport enthusiast and he wanted to create a sports car that he would want to drive. Cars like the Sports 800, 2000GT, and the legendary AE86, that's how either the GT86 or the FR-S reminded me of those. You can feel the DNA all over it.

Surely, the GT86 and the FR-S are all the same thing. They have the same looks, they have the same engine, but to spot the difference, the GT86 was the right-hand drive while the FR-S was in the left-hand drive. There's something has to do with this....

You should admit that SONY has the exclusive rights for the TOYOTA 86 and the Scion FR-S because of what I heard, Toyota Motor Corporation will be developing a new feature that will record their 86/FR-S track-day progress through the Playstation. A PS3-capable track-day black box. That's what that is.

If that became reality, the TOYOTA 86 would only work if you are in Tsukuba, Fuji Speedway, Twin Ring Motegi, and Suzuka Circuit. Scion FR-S? Well, it would only work if you're in the Daytona, Laguna Seca, or Indianapolis. Just saying...

Finished touring Twin Ring Motegi with the FR-S

And there we are, I have finally relearned the whole Twin Ring Motegi Road Course with the Scion FR-S. Oh and in case you haven't notice, the SCION FR-S is yours to collect, tune, and race as a free Gran Turismo 5 DLC. Be sure to get it ahead of everybody else because the SCION FR-S is the car that brought Twin Ring Motegi back to GT5. He he he....

Guess I should hand it over to the tamed racing driver....

The Stig's close-up with the FR-S!

Yep, The Stig was very happy, knowing that this close-up shot really is STIG APPROVED.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Welcome Back: 2010 Acura TSX V6

It does look like the Honda Accord to us...

This is a Honda Accord but except for one small thing; IT ISN'T. Sure it was made in Sayama, Japan but I don't how did this Honda Accord comes with a...V6 engine that powers the Honda Inspire, only this time without the Variable Cylinder Management. This is somewhat an un-Japanese Japanese Accord because of that V6 engine.

It does feel like a Honda Accord but it has
the V6 engine of the Honda Inspire!

This you see is the 2010 Acura TSX V6, a top of the line TSX model that comes with the 3.5L 280 hp V6 engine found in the Acura TL. It comes with a five-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters and 18-inch alloy wheels, and is available in either Premium or Technology trims.

When the second-generation TSX (which is essentially the Euro-Japanese 8th Generation Honda Accord to you and me) was launched in America since 2008, the TSX has shattered sales records to become one of Acura's best-selling sedans. With this V6 engine introduced on the 2010 TSX, it adds even more sport to the already sporty nature of the popular Acura TSX sports sedan.

Driving through the Follow-Through with the Accord?

Even it it says ACURA and TSX, it's still the eighth generation Honda Accord, the one that was sold in Europe, Japan, or in China as the Dongfeng-Honda Spirior. It's still the one that is known to be "THE LAST OF THE HONDA SEDANS" ever made.

The instrumental panel is highly
familiar to Accord fans

The dashboard really does look familiar to Accord fans!

The interior would be familiar to Honda Accord fans but here, the Acura TSX V6 with Technology Package comes with a USB connector, memory seat function, and fog lamps. Not only that, it comes with a navigation system real-time traffic and weather, and a 10-speaker premium sound system with DVD-audio capabilities. Sadly, because this is an Acura, we really don't expect the HONDA INTERNAVI like what the eighth generation Accord do. Speaking of which, it has an audio system that the eighth generation Accord never had in Japan; a Panasonic-derived, Grammy award-winning ELS Surround Premium Audio. The 440-watt ELS surround-sound audio system is spectacular even with MP3s, let alone higher-quality CD and DVD audio tracks. Courtesy of Grammy award-winning music producer, Elliot Scheiner, the sound quality of the music I'm playing while driving the TSX is truly Grammy-award winning. It feels like most of my songs played in this car won the Grammy awards. He he he....

Second-generation Acura TSX really is
the eighth-generation Honda Accord from Japan

Having chickened on the ELS Audio System, this near-rich sports sedan is only as good as the blokes who put them together. I'm not going to pretend that this is as good as the JDM Honda Accord or even its twin, the Honda Inspire, but for the same reason that an Acura badged version of the eight-generation Honda Accord isn't nearly as good as the original but for its Honda Inspire-derived V6 engine minus the VCM, this was even quicker than the original 2.4L Honda Accord. Trust me on this, it's going to be that good.

Clearly then, it does look like the eight-generation Honda Accord with the Inspire-derived V6 engine and if we're honest, that's all that the Japanese want.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Collection of Honda sedans

Now, when we heard the news that the Honda Legend and the Honda Inspire (what Japanese called for the Asian-American Accord) will stop production this year, we kinda felt saddened that Honda will stop making cars with SH-AWD and cars with VCM (Variable Cylinder Management). The Honda Legend is unique for the SH-AWD and the Honda Inspire is unique for the Variable Cylinder Management. With those two sedans out of the picture, it appears that these technologies will die together. Sadly then, Honda sedans are becoming ENDANGERED SPECIES. Why not taking a look back at the sedans of Honda?

The first Honda Accord

The sedans of Honda are truly one of the many creations why Honda wants to be more competitive than Toyota and Nissan. Those Honda sedans are more than just art because what made them great are its quirky brilliance.

Honda 1300

This is the Honda 1300. Launched in April 1969, the 1300 serves as Honda's competitor against the Toyota Corona and the Nissan Bluebird. It was designed by the founder, Soichiro Honda, and to include engineering efforts for both the product and assembly procedures. There were two versions; the "Series 77" with a single carburetor 100 PS (74 kW) engine and the "Series 99" with a four carburetor 115 PS (85 kW) unit. It was introduced at the 1968 Tokyo Motor Show but it was a pre-production model. The production model went on sale since May 1969 but there was a reminder that it got delayed because the founder found the styling of the car as presented at the Tokyo Motor Show the previous year unacceptably bland and called for a redesign.

Honda 145

In the 1970's, the Honda 1300 was been replaced by the Honda 145, which is essentially an updated version of the 1300. Like the 1300, the 145 is available in sedan and coupe variants but the 145 is powered by water-cooled 1433cc engine. Sadly though, the 145 wasn't a hit and only 9,736 were produced. This car was discontinued in 1974 and it was replaced by the Honda Civic, which in the beginning when it was launched in 1972, they're just old hatchbacks but a sedan appeared when the Civic was in the 2nd generation.

Honda Civic Sedan (1980)

Now that's how a Civic sedan began. It was introduced in the 1980's and it was dubbed as the FF NOTCHBACK STYLE of Honda. A five door version of the Civic in the old days is now became called the Honda Quint and it was introduced in the 80's at Japanese dealership sales channel called Honda Verno along with the Honda Ballade, a high luxury model based on the sedan. Speaking of which, none of the Honda fans remembered...what's HONDA VERNO? What's HONDA CLIO? (Nope, not the Renault one...) What's HONDA PRIMO?

Back in 1978, Honda diversify their sales distribution channels, starting with HONDA VERNO, a dealership specializes a higher content of standard equipment and a more sporting nature. The Hondas that were sold on the Honda Verno dealerships in Japan were Honda Prelude, Honda Integra, Honda CR-X, Honda Vigor, Honda Saber, Honda Ballade, Honda Quint, Honda Crossroad, Honda Element, Honda NSX, Honda HR-V, Honda Mobilio Spike, Honda S2000, Honda CR-V, Honda That's, Honda MDX, Honda Rafaga, Honda Capa, and the Honda Torneo.

Honda Rafaga

With Honda Verno dealerships' success, they created two more sales channels, called Honda Clio in 1984, and Honda Primo in 1985. Honda Clio dealerships sold products that were traditionally associated with Honda dealerships before 1978, like the Honda Accord, and Honda Primo sold the Honda Civic, kei cars such as the Honda Today, superminis like the Honda Capa, along with other Honda products, such as farm equipment, lawn mowers, portable generators, marine equipment, motorcycles, and scooters.

Honda Ascot (1989)

Honda Ascot Innova (1992)

Honda Ascot (1993)

Cars sold at the Honda Primo dealerships are Honda Civic, Honda Life, Honda Acty, Honda Vamos, Honda Hobio, Honda Ascot, Honda Ascot Innova, Honda Torneo, Honda Civic Ferio, Honda Freed, Honda Mobilio, Honda Orthia, Honda Capa, Honda Today, Honda Z, and the Honda Beat.

Cars sold at the Honda Clio dealerships are Honda Accord, Honda Legend, Honda Inspire, Honda Avancier, Honda S-MX, Honda Lagreat, Honda Stepwgn, Honda Elysion, Honda Stream, Honda Odyssey, Honda Domani, Honda Concerto, Honda Accord Tourer, Honda Logo, Honda Fit, Honda Insight, Honda That's, Honda Mobilio, and the Honda City

Speaking of different Honda dealerships; how come that Honda cars that once were the same thing were sold in different looks in different dealerships? This is just like Toyota when they have the Alphard sold only on TOYOPET dealerships and the Vellfire which is sold only on NETZ dealerships, which in fact most Toyotas sold in NETZ dealerships are incorporated with the N badge.

2nd generation Accord

What you're looking here is the 2nd generation Honda Accord. It was launched in 1981 in Japan and it was the first to be introduced in the United States. Sadly, nobody remembered the 2nd generation Accord. This car was sold on the Honda Clio dealerships in the past and the Honda Verno equivalent of the Honda Accord was...the HONDA VIGOR.

The first Honda Vigor

The Honda Vigor...well, it was launched in 1981 as a Honda Accord with a different flavor because it was sold in Honda Verno stores. The first Vigor was a higher grade 4-door sedan and 3-door hatchback, with the 1.8 L engine as the only engine available, using Honda's CVCC-II system. Nobody remembered that the Honda Vigor was the Accord's evil twin because it is the sportier, faster, "vigorous" Accord with a higher level of equipment. Thanks to this, the Vigor set standards for the market to accept a luxury equipped car from Honda, which appeared in 1985 with the Honda Legend, which is sold only on Honda Clio dealerships.

Honda Legend (1985)

Honda Legend (1990)

Honda Legend (1996)

Believe it or not, when the Honda Legend was launched in 1985, it  was the first production Honda vehicle to offer only a SOHC V6 engine worldwide. This car became the opening salvo of the Honda Clio dealerships and in case you never know, it was the result of a joint venture with Britain's Austin Rover Group called Project XX that started in November 1981 with the Austin Rover-Honda XX letter of intent signed by the two companies to replace the Rover SD1 and to provide a luxury vehicle for Honda, and was codenamed as HX. The two companies agree to make the Honda Legend in Britain but quality issues prevented many from going into the market and ended up being used as in-plant transport. Speaking of British, what about the Honda Concerto?

Honda Concerto

This car served as the replacement of the Honda Quint and just like its predecessors, the Qunit and the Ballade, it shared its platform with a Rover product, namely the Rover 200 and Rover 400. Even when the Concerto was produced in Japan since 1988, it was also produced in Great Britain in the late 1989, making it sold in European markets. A minor difference between the JDM and the European Concertos was the front suspension because versions built in Longbridge had MacPherson struts, unlike their Japanese counterparts which had double wishbones. Quite a shocking fact but nobody remembered those. When production of the Concerto ended in 1994, it was replaced by the Honda Domani, which is a luxurious version of the Honda Civic Ferio.

Honda Domani (1992)

Honda Domani (1997)

The Honda Domani is just like many of the Hondas taking one product and selling multiple versions at different dealership sales channels in Japan, called Honda Clio for the more upscale Domani, Honda Integra SJ at Honda Verno locations from 1996-2000, and Honda Primo for the Civic Ferio, along with the Civic 3- and 5-door hatchbacks.

Honda Integra SJ

How surprising. A Domani is nothing more of a rich man's Honda Civic Ferio but the Integra SJ is somewhat a Civic Ferio with a different flavor. Crikey! Hmmmm....It appears nobody remembered the Honda Integra SJ because as always, when people think about the Honda Integra, the image they've conjured was an FF Sports cars but nobody remembered that there are sedan versions of the Integra...

Honda Quint Integra Sedan (1986)

Honda Integra Hardtop (1989)

Honda Integra Hardtop (1993)

As always...nobody remembered those...Can we just move on?

Honda Civic Sedan (1983)

Honda Civic Sedan (1987)

Honda Civic Ferio (1991)

Honda Civic Ferio (1995)

Honda Civic Ferio (2000)

Honda Civic (2005)

For eight generations, the Honda Civic is becoming from simple family car to a tuner's favorite because starting from the fifth-generation, most Honda Civics became gods in the parking lots. Street heroes, better even than girls. Most Honda Civics are cheap and they were easy to modify. They became the darling of the cruise scene and more people spend a lot of money modifying their Civics with some engine upgrades, aero kits, and something else that turned their Civics into a moving nightclubs because of neons, box speakers, some weird gizmos and something else.

This is one of the best Hondas ever made and most punks considered modified Civics as their bedroom wall pinups. Amazingly, there were Type R versions of them which is are even more gooder. Since the EK and the EP years, the Type R Civic are just hot hatches but for the FD2 Civic Type R, it's now a 4-door sedan, which thrown a curve among Honda enthusiasts.

Honda Fit Aria (2002)

What you're looking here is the Fit Aria. You may recall that this is a Honda City because it was made in Thailand and exported to Japan as the direct rival to the Toyota Platz. Some people say that the Fit Aria is more of a cheaper alternative of the Honda Civic but due to slow sales, the Fit Aria was discontinued in 2008. Therefore, nobody remembered the Fit Aria but for the Asians, they still remember those because it is the Honda City. That current-generation Honda City that we have in the Philippines and some other Asian countries, it appears that this is the only Honda compact sedan that never speaks Japanese because it was not available in Japan.

Honda Ballade (1980)

What you're looking here is the Honda Ballade. We really don't remember anything about that despite the fact that it was sold in the UK as the Triumph Acclaim.

Honda Ballade (1983)

We really don't remember this second-generation Ballade either but we kinda remember that there was a variant of that and it was called BALLADE SPORTS CR-X, which later spawned into one of our faves; the HONDA CR-X.

Honda Tourneo

This here is the Honda Torneo but actually, this is nothing more of an altered version of the sixth generation Honda Accord. Actually though, we don't really remember that kind of Honda sedan either.

Honda Accord Inspire (1989)

Honda Vigor (1989)

Honda Inspire (1992)

Honda Vigor (1992)

Honda Inspire (1995)

Honda Saber (1995)

Honda Inspire (1998)

Honda Saber (1998)

Actually though, we never remember some of the other Honda sedans sold in different Honda dealerships, even the Rafaga, Saber, Ascot, Innova, um....whatever that is until that fateful day...

When sales began to falter due to the collapse of Japan's bubble economy, their compact cars that were specific on the Honda Primo dealerships were badge engineered and sold to Clio and Verno sales channels. In March 2006, the names PRMIO, VERNO, and CLIO are discontinued and therefore merged into HONDA CARS dealerships. Furthermore, they won't be selling same cars with different looks and names in different dealerships, just as what Toyota do.

Honda Legend (2004)

This is the first Honda car to incorporate Super Handling-All Wheel Drive or SH-AWD, its the fourth-generation Honda Legend that was introduced in late 2004. SH-AWD is a full-time, fully automatic all-wheel drive traction and handling system that provides cornering performance that responds faithfully to driver input, and outstanding vehicle stability. It is a world's first, it was lauded by Popular Science as one of the best automotive innovations of 2004, and as part of an already tech-filled vehicle helped to earn the 2005 "Tech car of the year" from

Honda Inspire (2003)

Honda Inspire (2007)

If the Legend revolutionized SH-AWD, then this here, the Honda Inspire (which is the Asian-American seventh and eighth generation Honda Accord) is the first car in the world to introduce Variable Cylinder Management (VCM), which uses the i-VTEC system to disable one bank of cylinders during specific driving conditions to save fuel. That was introduced on the 4th generation Honda Inspire (which is the Asian-American 7th Generation Accord) but on the 5th generation Inspire (which is the Asian American 8th Generation Accord), it made it even better by allowing the engine to go from 6 cylinders, down to 4, and further down to 3 as the computer sees fit.

Those technologies were highly immense but sadly, none of them remembered it as years passed by.

To sum up them, nobody remembered most of the Honda sedans of today because of that news. In 2010, Honda ceases to sell the ultra-popular Honda Civic, furthermore, the 9th generation Civic is not available in Japan. Now, Honda will stop production of the Legend and the Inspire, marking the end of the SH-AWD and Variable Cylinder Management technology. The sedans of Honda are now the endangered species of the motoring industry and as of now, the last of the Honda sedans...was the Honda Accord...

3rd generation Accord

4th generation Accord

5th generation Accord

6th generation Accord

7th generation Accord

...but only this...

2012 Honda Accord Type S


Ever since the fifth-generation Accord, the Japanese, American, and European Accords became very different. This applies the same as the sixth-generation Accord but on the 7th generation Accord, it became too far. The Japan-spec 7th generation Accord is sold in Europe and in North America as the Acura TSX, to avoid confusion of the Asian-American 7th generation Accord, which is essentially the 4th generation Honda Inspire.

With Honda sedans gone and go, the Accord is the last of the Honda sedans left in Japan. Pretty soon, the Honda Accord plans for a full model change with a hybrid model planned but only the Japan-spec one because the Accord Inspire is about to die and won't go for a full model change.

Anyway, while they'll diddling right about that now, the Accord is a very unusual Honda. It isn't pretty but my gosh it was good. This Accord will be the last hurrah of the long history of Honda sedans.
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