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The Death of the Mercedes-Benz Kompressor as I knew it...

2013 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

So, the G55 AMG served as the "last of the Kompressors" and now the Mercedes-Benz Kompressor story is now come to an end when it was replaced with the G63 AMG which has more power than the V8 Kompressor from the outgoing G55 AMG.

It pains me to say this that it appears the Mercedes-Benz killed the Kompressor name for good and yes, there are no Kompressor models ever built. Mercedes-Benz Kompressor is now consigned to the history books, or in short, extinct.

Anyway, while we mourn about the death of the Kompressor, what exactly is a Mercedes-Benz Kompressor?

Kompressor, which is German for SUPERCHARGER, is an engine option available on past Mercedes-Benz models such as the SLK230, C180, C230, SL55 AMG, G55 AMG, E55 AMG, CLK55 AMG, and other defunct models wearing the KOMPRESSOR badge.

Back in the 1920's Mercedes developed their first supercharger with assistance from Ferdinand Porsche. In fact, they became the first German carmaker to fit selected models with superchargers.

Compared to traditional superchargers, the Kompressors uses a turbine to compress air and doesn't recycle air, making it smoother and powerful that doesn't lag like most supercharged engines do.

However, Kompressors can be somewhat noisier than conventional superchargers. Even though they've been fitted with a silencer to reduced their volume, they're still the loudest on the market.

So that's why Mercedes-Benz killed the Kompressor line for good because it was too noisy and some drivers can be easily bothered by the noise of the Kompressor engine. So, is there a point to this sad story? I'm afraid not but to be honest, it's how sad that Mercedes-Benz no longer making supercharged cars for good. Is it because of the emission regulations? I don't know but we have to find out sooner or later.

Fear her, sweetie! It's the torchbearer from Woking Town!

Challenging against the best from USA, Germany,
and Italy!

Simple question; how did a British racecar, that is the McLaren MP4-12C GT3, became the star of Forza Motorsport 4's July Car Pack. To put it this way, the Great Britain is the country that...SPOILERS, SWEETIE, hosted the 2012 Olympics. Because of Great Britain became the hosting country of this year's games, Forza Motorsport 4 appreciated the British recognition by placing the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 race car as the star of the July Car Pack, as well as the Community Monthly challenge titled HOMETOWN HERO. This car, it maybe not an Olympic material but all that firepower and all that noise makes us saying that this could have been the torchbearer heading to the London stadium! METAPHORS!

Wow, what a creepy looking face for a racecar!

So what exactly is the MP4-12C GT3? Oh wait, let me get River Song's Journal. He he he he....SPOILERS! I mean METAPHORS!

Okay, this is getting more metaphor-worthy about this but anyway, someone around here had River Song's Journal and because the journal's been flipped to the page I'm reading...SPOILERS!

This race-spec version of the MP4-12C produces less power than the standard model, 493 bhp (368 kW; 500 PS) to be exact, due to homologation but it comes with a bespoke six-speed gearbox that is 80 kg (176 lb) lighter than the road car's seven-speed, developed with Ricardo. The steering wheel is lifted straight from the McLaren MP4-24 Formula 1 car.


This car made its debut at the Spa Francorchamps round of the British GT championship followed by the 2011 Spa 24 Hours, 2011 Macau Grand Prix (driven by Danny Watts), and the 2012 FIA GT1 World Championship, where this car took its first victories in the world at the two races of the Circuito de Navarra round of the 2012 FIA GT1 World Championship season being run by Hexis Racing.

These writings by someone who've spend most of the time playing after working at the BBC Television Centre seems to have a point there. With the MP4-12C GT3, the Woking-based sportscar manufacturer stepped back into the world of GT sports car racing and served as the Hometown Hero in the country where this year's games were started. We have no idea if in our minds, this racer born and raised in Woking Town spiraling its way to the top of the stadium and ignite some giant cauldron with its flaming exhaust but hey, we'd love this to happen but it can be completely bonkers! He he he he....METAPHORS!

(Sound Effect: Record Scratch)

Girl: Excuse me but I need it back

Hey! That one's taking River Song's Journal back but no matter. Because all that olympic-sized metaphors occurred about the MP4-12C GT3's story, all I have to say is that this race-spec version of the MP4-12C is all about British pride and always ready to wave the British flag in Forza Motorsport 4. Sure, it maybe as slower than the road car because of homologation and a bespoke six-speed gearbox that is 80 kg (176 lb) lighter than the road car's seven-speed, developed with Ricardo but this car makes a good show if you asked your friends to do a one-make race with this. Also, you can make countless race liveries with your imagination because with such colors mixed and match with your pride, it makes them unique when you're racing with your friends.

With the British flag waved from this car, we are very sure that the Brits finally got the best of us.

Let's Do The News (July 28, 2012)

Olympics logo

Now, the London 2012 Olympic games has finally started and athletes from all over the world, especially the Philippines, have been gathered for this biggest event ever told. Tell you what, that opening ceremony's definitely a blast! I wish David Tennant would see that going to that big cauldron at the top. Heh, Olympic tradition of burning a big cauldron as the start.

Wait...did you got that from a Doctor Who episode? The one when the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler went to 2012 for the London 2012 Olyimpics and then later on The Doctor got the torch and run through the top of the stadium and saved the London Olympics?

Ah...whoops! Slipped my mind. He he he.... Someone told me that the opening ceremony, there were Queen Elizabeth, Mr. Bean, and James Bond performed a spectacular entrance to the London 2012 opening ceremony. Oh, someone told me that there were some TARDIS whooshing sounds involved at the opening.

(audience laughing)

Really? Who said that?

My little sis, and oh, Rowan Atkinson, who is Mr. Bean to all, joined the London Symphony Orchestra to perform his version of CHARIOTS OF FIRE.

Unbelievable. That was the coolest start I've ever heard and for the next 17 days, athletes from all over the world, in different shapes, colors, and sizes, have been gathered and GOING FOR THE GOLD. Good luck to everyone, especially the Philippines because...we know you can do it. Don't let us down!


Anyway, let's do the news and we begin with this.

2013 Lexus LS F Sport?

Ideally, Lexus will premiere the new 2013 LS next week and what you can see here...isn't a full model change but rather a Phase III of the current generation LS. Again, NOT a full model change, it's their second minor change!

Phase III? Second minor change?

Look. The Lexus LS was launched in Japan since Autumn 2006, then in Autumn 2009, it's the Phase II of the Lexus LS, with the addition of the LS460 Version SZ. When this guy's launched in Japan soon, it will have the new Spindle Grille first seen on the New GS and then, an F Sport variant, which will replace the outgoing SZ version.

So, what you're saying is that in the 2013MY, the F Sport version will replace the SZ version? Sounds convincing but still even with its GS-inspired front face and some dynamic designing, it's still a car for those who are a bunch of business accountants, seniors playing golf, and someone named Brian.

(audience laughing)

Now, Subaru's been getting along just fine at the Nurburgring but they still want to go back to its rally roots. For a twist, at the 2012 Japan Rally Champinoship, Subaru's ready to put a rally version of their brand's first FR sport coupe, the BRZ. Here's the pic.

2012 Subaru BRZ ZERO CAR

Although, no further details yet, this rally version of the BRZ is called the ZERO CAR but you can see the familiar Subaru livery wrapped on the BRZ, that looks cool but will it work? An FR sportscar dressed in rally overalls for the 2012 Japan Rally Championship?!!

Look, in my understanding, FR cars don't really work on dirt courses. I've experimented various FR cars back in Tokyo Xtreme Racer Drift 2 years ago and I have to say that in most dirt courses, well Hokkaido is their only dirt course in the game, FR cars never really worked.

Yep, I have to agree on your words but...why would they want to put a Toyobaru at a dirt course?

I don't know. Maybe the WRX STi's tenure is up, I don't know....

(audience laughing)

Anyway, while the BRZ goes on the 2012 Japan Rally Championship, its brother, the TOYOTA 86 wants to join the Britcar 24 Hours endurance race. Here's the sketch...

Toyota 86 racer?

Whoa! This is getting a bit proper for the TOYOTA 86 but seriously, this new guy's ready to take on the Britcar 24 Hours?

Not sure but by the looks of it, it's still work in progress for this TOYOTA 86 racer. Surely, TOYOTA 86 is all fun with the rear-wheel drive layout, it still needs an expert tamer to tame this new Toyota sportscar. As we all know, if a video game asked if they want the Toyota GT86 or the Scion FR-S be featured, I'm afraid that they will said no because as said, the Gran Turismo games has the exclusive rights for the Toyota 86 and the Scion FR-S, probably because of Toyota planning a Playstation-like track day black box for these. If I was wrong, I will show a picture of myself wearing a fez...

(audience laughing)

A fez? What's a fez?

Some sort of hat that monkeys wearing, like Abu from Aladdin.

Really? Doctor Who wore that on the Series 5 finale and said that "fezzes are cool".

Fezzes are cool? Wow. Thank you for that motivation, Doctor.

(audience laughing)

Speaking of Doctor Who, how's that Sonic Screwdriver toy?

Pretty good. Sounds like the real thing, flashes like a real thing, and how much fun I can pull off.

Oh really? I saw something that there's another take on The Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver that looks like the real thing but it can do better than that flashing toy replica.


Although it was styled to look like The Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver, this uses infrared (IR) to control entertainment systems including TVs, iPod docks and DVD/Blu-ray players. Up to 39 codes can be stored on this sonic screwdriver remote.

I wanna have one but....

..but you have to wait 'till Late Summer 2012 or Autumn 2012 to buy one for under hundred Dollars.


That's more than the flashing sonic screwdriver toy I've recently bought. But a universal remote? Bet someone wants one, even me.

(audience laughing)

Oh come on. You've already have a piece of Doctor Who in your house but bet you can't have one single piece of something British on your home or else you might end up like this

"Europe Face" from the K-ON movie

The ヨーロッパ facial expression from last year's K-ON movie.

(audience laughing)

Oh really.

Yes, this is what will look like if you're obsessed with British pop culture.

No! I don't want to be like that!

Calm down, calm down. It's not too late for this whole ヨーロッパ face. All you have to do is slow down, nice and easy, okay?

Got it. And anyway, on that bombshell, that's the news and we'll leave you with a clip featuring a Audi Sport quattro S1 driving through the Kyustendil Hillclimb.

"Go Special for Today!"

On the July 27, 2012 episode of Bubble Gang...

- "Pinasukan tayo" gags

- How can you explain the bad news in different ways?

- Pick Up lines with Bagoong, Dahon, and Boy Pick Up!

1) Para kang dagat. Kasi kulang ang mundo kung wala ka

2) Siguro wala kang payong no? Kasi nang umulan ang kagandahan, sinalo mo lahat!

3) May super vision ka ba? Kasi you can right through me!

4) Aircon ka ba? Kasi hindi ako makatulog kung hindi ka turn on!

5) Microphone ka ba? Kasi yung ganda mo, parang pagaagawan ng mga lasing!

6) Hindi ako makatulog sa kakaisip ko sa yo! Kasi mahirap magisip ng tulog!

7) Damohan ka ba? Kasi parang ahas, gusto kitang gapanin!

8) Kung hindi mo ako sasagutin, sasagutin kita! Kasi, tanong ka ng tanong ng bakit!

- Bubble Gang does Lucky Me Special by spoofing this commercial as LUCKY VI Special! Go Special for Today! Love it!

- Bubble Gang State of the Nation Address!

- Brod Pete and the gang are back to answer questions on ANG BAGONG DATING DOON!

1) Boy2 asks kung may nasusulat tungkol sa kanta ni Marsha.
A song for Marsha: "Wag John, wag John, may kiliti ako John. Wag John"

2) A tweet from someone asking for some more wrong terms.
a) Buy One Take One - It supposed to be buy one, free one. Take one's a bit rubbish. What if Take Two?
b) Electric Tape - does this tape shock you with electricity?
c) Tumutulo ang bubong - it supposed to be "tumutulo yung ulan" because if "bubong" or "roof", it hurts.
d) Mama said "Late ka na, salubungin mo ang bus". Wrong term because, it's hit and run for the kid running late for school!

3) Dennis Trillo asked if there's something healthy about the sabaw from the balut. It's simple, the balut has some wee from the chick inside of it! There you have it, Ang Bagong Dating Doon told the secret of what's inside the balut!

- This runner's conserving his energy to run at the Olympics!

- This man was released from jail but his memories is getting a bit jagged

Friday, July 27, 2012

Doctor Who: Eleventh Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver

As with the TARDIS toy I have a couple of weeks ago, I bought another one that is a must have for a Whovian; a toy based on the Sonic Screwdriver used by the Eleventh Doctor (played by Matt Smith) from the phenomenal BBC flagship sci-fi series, Doctor Who.

Yes we know, this is the coolest piece of Doctor Who fandom I have ever had. I'd never touched one yet but now, I am!

Batteries included, yes!

About the Sonic Screwdriver:

Gallifreyan technological device carried by The Doctor, which has been used in an amazing variety of ways. It can unlock doors (except deadlocks or wood), scan various species, increase or decrease power levels of some objects, and so much more.

(Heard that from the Doctor Who Encyclopedia)

Whoa! Showing it's true self!

This toy doesn't do the same thing as the real sonic screwdriver can do but how much fun was that? The noise is familiar to any Whovians!

Oh great! Even Nagi Sanzenin-ojousama want's to touch it because some say she's a big fan of this BBC flagship sci-fi series!

For a quick round up:
1) Doctor Who got featured on Entertainment Weekly. Yep, The Doctor's in the cover of Entertainment Weekly!

2) Mary Tamm, who played the first Romana during the Tom Baker years of Doctor Who, was passed away.

A Hot Metal with the M5 on Forza 4

In Forza Motorsport 4, I got myself a pleasure of tasting different flavors or generations of the BMW M5 starting from the...

E28 (1985-1988)

BMW E28 M5

 E34 (1989-1995)

BMW E34 M5

E39 (1998-2003)

BMW E39 M5

E60 (2005-2010)

BMW E60 M5

F10 (2011-present)

BMW F10 M5

The clash of the M5's!

Now whenever I see different generations of the BMW M5 clashing around the racetracks offered on Forza Motorsport 4, I kinda think like which family member think is the most deserving because they're all just pumped up 4-door saloon cars, they're all made in Germany, they're all carrying different stories, and they're all have different talents to showcase at this game. This would be like Hot Metal...Wait, don't know Hot Metal? It's Jeremy Clarkson's 2004 DVD showcasing cars from the past against the cars from the present. Pretty cool, huh?


Thursday, July 26, 2012

BMW X1 minor change

2013 BMW X1

Three years ago, we've examined the baby Beamer crossover known as the BMW X1 and we think that the baby of the BMW suvs is actually the clever one when it comes to its looks and its behavior. Now, however, there is a new version which is a bit different.

For its minor change in the 2013 Model Year, the new BMW X1 seems to be a bit almost the same as the pre-facelifted model we examined three years ago. For the first time ever, the facelifted BMW X1 is going to be available in North America and for the Chinese market; the facelifted model will be built at the newly opened plant at Tiexi in Shenyang Province. Sounds convincing but how convincing is the new model?

On the outside though, it looks pretty much the same as the old one except that know, you can expect some new bumpers, new sides, refined lamps, and a refined kidney grille to keep it intact. It can be typical for a BMW X model but this styling really keep the BMW X1 looking fresh and rejuvenated like it was..."bagong gising" perhaps. For the first time, we can expect the Sport Line and the XLine on the new X1 for an added personalization that matches your style and motion in your everyday life. The Sport Line is perfect for those who have the urban lifestyle while the XLine is made for the adventurous type. Which line you chose is based on your judgment.

On the typical BMW interior for the X1 though, there are some subtle changes we might expect. The side of the centre console is now shallower, panel for the sound and climate system controls now has a high-gloss black surface to match the air vent surround, a storage compartment in the centre of the instrument panel, and that's about it.

Meet the selection of X1 variants to choose from, either petrol or diesel, choices are based on your judgment;

BMW X1 sDrive18i
Combined fuel consumption: 7,9-7,7 l/100 km
CO2 emission: 185-180 g/km

BMW X1 sDrive20i
Combined fuel consumption: 7,1-6,7 l/100 km
CO2 emission: 165-157 g/km

BMW X1 xDrive20i
Combined fuel consumption: 7,7-7,1 l/100 km
CO2 emission: 179-167 g/km

BMW X1 xDrive28i
Combined fuel consumption: 7,8-7,2 l/100 km
CO2 emission: 182-168 g/km

BMW X1 sDrive16d
Combined fuel consumption: 4,9 l/100 km
CO2 emission: 128 g/km

BMW X1 sDrive18d
Combined fuel consumption: 5,0-4,9 l/100 km
CO2 emission: 132-128 g/km

BMW X1 xDrive18d
Combined fuel consumption: 5,5-5,4 l/100 km
CO2 emission: 144-143 g/km

BMW X1 sDrive20d
Combined fuel consumption: 5,0-4,9 l/100 km
CO2 emission: 132-129 g/km

BMW X1 sDrive20d EfficientDynamics Edition
Combined fuel consumption: 4,5 l/100 km
CO2 emission: 119 g/km

BMW X1 xDrive20d
Combined fuel consumption: 5,5-5,4 l/100 km
CO2 emission: 145-143 g/km

BMW X1 xDrive25d
Combined fuel consumption: 5,9-5,5 l/100 km
CO2 emission: 154-145 g/km

Depending on these variants, I could expect the ECO PRO mode on the new X1. Yes, I've seen that on the new 1 Series last year but how does the ECO PRO mode work on the new BMW X1? It can be activated with a push of a button and supports a relaxed and economy-optimised driving style through targeted adjustments to the accelerator mapping and the shift characteristics of the automatic transmission.

XDrive variants of the X1 comes with the electronically controlled multi-plate clutch allows the system to transfer power variably to the front and rear wheels, thereby guaranteeing maximum traction, the highest possible safety, outstanding handling and optimal power development regardless of weather or road conditions. Sounds simple but it wasn't.

Most variants of the X1 are also featuring the an eight-speed automatic transmission, the Auto Start-Stop function, and the Brake Energy Regeneration.

Available colors for the new X1 are Saphirschwarz metallic, Kaschmirsilber metallic, Tiefseeblau metallic, Glaciersilber metallic, Mineralweiß metallic, Sparkling Bronze metallic, Marrakeschbraun metallic, Midnight Blue metallic, Mineralgrau metallic, Valencia Orange metallic, Alpinweiß uni, Schwarz uni, and Le Mans Blau metallic (exclusive on the M Sport Pack).

My comment:

Hmmm...instead of calling it a minor change or a facelift, let's call it an LCI (Life Cycle Impulse) because BMW uses the term LCI for a model's minor change but anyway, the X1 LCI though, it may now have the Sport Line and the XLine that caters the exclusivity for owners with different causes, comes with the 8-speed automatic that sounds too many, ECO PRO mode that compromises the performance for the sake of economy, host of petrol and diesel engines which are EURO 5 compliant, and more that I can ask about it. I have to be honest that this minor change LCI is getting a bit freshened from the ground up and seems that it's ready to take on the Fast Food Nation.

Photo: BMW A.G.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let's Do The News! (July 25, 2012)

All rightie! Let's do the news but however there's a problem. My two friends were away for some trip. Probably from Leadworth or Cwmtaff, I think.  Anyway, I have a better idea. Let's do the news in a style I saw from the Vice Advice segment of Gandang Gabi Vice every Sunday night. If you don't know what Vice Advice is, it's the segment Vice Ganda answers as many questions as he can within a time limit and Vice's answers were...doesn't make any sense but very funny indeed. All I have to do the same. I have two minutes to answer questions that I'm about to find in the fishbowl. Ready? 3...2...1...Go!

1) Is this the facelifted 2013 Audi R8?

2013 Audi R8

Yes. It is the minor change for the Audi R8.

2. What exactly is the Audi R8 V10 plus?

Audi R8 V10 plus is an improved version of the R8 V10 with the 7-speed S tronic transmission.

3. Is this the third-generation Mazda Atenza?

Third-generation Mazda Atenza

Yes. It is the third-generation Mazda Atenza (Mazda6)

4. Is the new Mazda Atenza going to be revealed at this year's Moscow Motor Show?

Yes. It will be at Moscow this August 29 and runs through to September 9, 2012. 

5. Mariners legend Ichiro is now a member of the New York Yankees. Is that true?

Yes. Ichiro says goodbye to the Seattle Mariners as he packed his bags and moving to the Yankees.

6. Is the latest generation Chevrolet Malibu is going to sold in Australia as a Holden?

Holden Malibu

Yes. Sales of the Holden Malibu starts next year.

7. Is Square Enix Still Working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

Yes. Despite rumors, work goes on,

8. Lexus Manila launched the all new ES350?

2013 Lexus ES350

Who gives a damn? Selling a un-Japanese Japanese car? Who would rather buy the all new ES350 anyway? I don't like that car either!

9. Heavy metal band MEGADETH is coming to Manila?

Yes. July 29, 2012 at World Trade Center, Hall D, Pasay City.

10. How's your Beach Queens Teana Lanster figure?

Cool. Next month, I'll get Nako from Hanasaku Iroha.

(audience laughing)

11. Did you watch THE HEALING?

No but it's brilliant movie. Must see because of Kim Chiu's acting.

12. Are Leadworth and Cwmtaff exist?

No. Why don't you find out for yourself, Whovian.

(audience laughing)

13. What's a kissogram?

Did you kiss Karen Gillan with that mouth?

(audience laughing)

14. Do you see the back of the Forte replacement, the Kia K3?

Kia K3?

Yep. I can see clearly...nearly...

(audience laughing)

15. Did you see the picture of the GT3 crushed by a fuel truck?

Yes. Very horrible to see.

16. Sword Art Online or .hack//? Which is best?

Actually. I never seen that Sword Art anime thingy and I think it's a bit more of a .hack// ripoff,,,

17. Do you wanna see Going For Gold on BBC America starring Matt Smith?

Yes because I wanna see Doctor Who trading his bowtie for a tank top.

18. Have you ever visited the DOCTOR WHO EXPERIENCE in Cardiff, Wales?

No but this whole DOCTOR WHO experience is a must visit for Whovians.

19. Japanese for Spade is スペード. For Toyota, why did the Spade is スペイド?

Didn't trust the Google Translate. Same as Suzuki Swift (スイフト) and Subaru Legacy (レガシィ).

20. How does Super CVT-i work?

Don't know but see for yourself, pal.

21. Honda working for an all new Civic Type R. Aren't you excited?

No. Because Civic is dead in Japan. No hope for Japanese Type R.

22. Is Kompressor gone?

Yes. Mercedes-Benz killed the Kompressor name.

(audience laughing)

23. Billie Piper, Freema Agyeman, or Karen Gillan? Who's your favorite Doctor Who actress?

Karen Gillan because she's well balanced and a petrolhead's dream to have her at the passenger seat! Even Stig has a crush on her!

(audience laughing)


Okay time's up! That's it for this whole VICE ADVICE stuff. If those two were not here, we could do this whole VICE ADVICE stuff! Anyway, on that bombshell, that's the news!

Welcome Back: 2005 Ford GT

Jeremy Clarkson's Ford GT!

Produced as a limited edition model, the Ford GT is their first bonafide supercar and a modern take to the legendary Ford GT40 race car from the 60's. First appeared as a concept car in 2002, Camilo Pardo, the head of Ford's "Living Legends" studio, is credited as the chief designer of the GT and worked under the guidance of J Mays. Carroll Shelby was brought in by Ford to help develop the Ford GT; which included performance testing of the prototype car. While the project was still secret, it was called Petunia.

It was powered by a supercharged 5.4L V8 engine that can go 0 to 60 in under three seconds and top speed of 212 mph (341 km/h). It comes with a Ricardo six-speed manual transmission featuring a helical limited-slip differential.

In Series 3 opener of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson drove a pre-production Ford GT concept in America. Then in Series 4 Episode 8 of Top Gear, Clarkson drove the production model of the Ford GT and when handed to The Stig, it set a lap time of 1.21.9 at the Top Gear Test Track. Later on, Jeremy Clarkson drove the Ford GT on the Supercars Do France episode of Top Gear while Richard Hammond's on the Pagani Zonda and James May's on the Ferrari F430.

Fun fact that Jeremy Clarkson was one of the notable owners of the Ford GT but however his Ford GT seems to be broken and failed to start. Also for a bad news, his Ford GT won Top Gear's Gas Guzzler of the Year award in 2005, thirstier than a burning tanker!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beach Queens Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Teana Lanster

So, wanna guess what did I bought something?

Nope you're wrong! Because, Ladies and gents, it's the Beach Queens Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Teana Lanster!

By the looks of it, this Beach Queens interpretation of Nanoha StrikerS' Teana looks absurdly feisty in every angle. That gave me chills...

Better be careful with that thing.

That looks better in her sides.

I was expecting a better view at the rear but sadly though, it doesn't.

Now, how about a little something?

Ooh, now that was unexpected to see that.

The Beach Queens 1/10 scale PVC figure of Teana Lanster sure is as fun to look at as the other Beach Queens figures.

It was released in July 2010 and priced at about 3990 Japanese Yen.

Let's Do The News! (July 24, 2012)

So, even with the new look, I believe you're right. The new Porte, and the Spade, really is a bit too weird too look at and only young Japanese wives would make sense of.


But what about the customization and accessories Toyota offered for the second-generation Toyota Porte and the Spade?

2013 Toyota Spade

2013 Toyota Spade

2013 Toyota Porte

2013 Toyota Porte

Ahem. Even with customization and accessories, that wouldn't work to hide off its ugly looks for the new Porte and the Spade. We consider them rubbish.

Oh, rubbish you say? I think you're probably right. Anyway, the news!

Right. India now has a new president in the form of a former finance minister under the name of Pranab Mukherjee. Yep, India, meet your new leader!

(audience applause)

Earlier, France now has a new leader under the name of Francois Hollande. Now, India has a new leader under the name of Pranab Mukherjee, a veteran finance minister from the past. So, what does he do on his rule as the new Indian president?

What we really wish for this new leader is new jobs. That's it. New jobs. New jobs for the Indian people to keep this country afloat.

You're right. More jobs and better salary. That whole violence happened at the Maruti Suzuki Manesar plant a few days ago that got us thinking if this new leader is up for the challenge regarding new jobs and oh, the economy slump of course. Can he resolve it?

It takes time to resolve because of Europe dealing with the bigger financial problems.

Oh, probably right. There's a financial problem in Europe going on right now and this could be a jig but I have high hopes that this new leader will resolve the issues to avoid India getting succumbed to the Euro debt crisis effects. Speaking of presidential issues, have you guys watched the SONA?

State of the Nation Address? Oh, no. I didn't.


I was very busy doing stuff.

Wait pal. I think I do.

(audience laughing)

Okay, Clarksie. If you've watched the SONA, then how was it?

Best SONA I've ever seen and better than the previous two years during P-Noy's reign. Can't believe this leader got it this time in a form of an 8,000 word speech that gained 120 claps. However, with all that promises, can he really achieve the promises he made or will he going to break again?

It's a 60-40 chance.


My bet was...60% chance of having his promises...broken

(audience laughing)

...and 40% chance of having his promises achieved. That's my view because most of his promises are still breaking out. There was the problem with the traffic, tourism, crimes, gas prices, consumer pricing, anything! Anything that turned the Philippines around.

I bet your right. 60% chances of having his promises broken because...he can be forgetful all the time and got the nation angry, just like every other Philippine presidents from the past, tracing back to the Marcos regime.


Anyway, moving on, Chevrolet Camaro, now on its 2013 model year, has introduced a special edition under the banner of DUSK. Yep, a Camaro Dusk Special Edition.

On the Dusk special, it uses the RS Appearance Package on the Camaro and splashes a new Blue Ray Metallic color, a blue cloth top for the convertible, 21-inch Bright Silver wheels in P245/40ZR21 front and 275/35ZR21 summer performance tires, a front splitter and rocker panels. Inside though, exclusive Mojave leather-trimmed interior featuring yellow stitching on the seats, shift knob, center armrest and steering wheel.

I see. Camaro reaches the 2013 model year but...any word on the ZL1 Convertible?

Nope. Not yet I'm afraid...

(audience laughing)

Hey now. Kia Motors, South Korean carmaker, they've showcased a teaser sketch for what it might be a replacement for the Kia Cerato Forte, which will go on sale in Korea this year and worldwide next year.

Kia K3 Sketch

No further information about this car but we do know its name for this Forte successor, it's called the...K3!


Yep. K3. The successor to the Forte after its four-year tenure.

Hey, Kia Motors have gone off the deep end with the naming. Back in 2009, we have the K9. Then in 2010, we have the K5, which is still an ambitious but rubbish medium sedan even with the 2.0L Turbo GDi engine on it. And earlier, we have the K9 flagship sedan, which is more of Kia's answer to the Equus. This looks more like a notchback version of the new Euro-only Kia Ceed.

Yeah but will this new model work?

Not sure but let's wait for more info in the coming weeks about the 2013 Kia K3.

Right. Now because of the Philippine debut of the all new, 4th generation Subaru Impreza, in G4 form, MOTORIMAGE Philippines, official Subaru distributor, re-opens the Subaru Imrpeza Challenge for the 2012 year. In August 11, 2012, Filipinos who've participated on this challenge are welcomed to see if they can hold the Impreza the longest and the last person standing will win a trip to Singapore for the challenge to win the all new 2012 Impreza.

Hmmm...A test of endurance eh? For the new Impreza? Sounds good to me but I think it's not too easy to endure the Subaru Impreza Challenge. What I really know is when you hold it, you have to endure it until most of the competitors are out.

Yeah, no potty breaks pal. If you're feeling that you're going for a wee, then, your choice. Endure the wee or surrender to the toilets.

What if I got wee in my pants?

(audience laughing)

Hmmm...Don't know but nobody on that event wee but what if they've noticed that you wee in your pants? Would that be enough to scare them?

Yeah, good point but what about poo?

Oh my, that's a bad thing. Afraid that you can't join if you're poo-sensitive.

(audience laughing)

If there was The Amazing Spider-Man, then there was Batman for The Dark Knight, then Superman really is MAN OF STEEL.

Yeah, MAN OF STEEL he is.

Guess what, shortly after Dark Knight Rises, there is a trailer for the Summer 2013 movie titled MAN OF STEEL. This reboot will feature Henry Cavill as Superman, which is indeed, a MAN OF STEEL.

Cool! I just noticing something that this MAN OF STEEL 2013 film is just the reboot of the Superman films. Back then we have classic Superman films that starred the late Christopher Reeve, a TV series titled LOIS & CLARK, a mid-2000's movie titled Superman Returns, then there was some TV show in the past titled SMALLVILLE. Anyone remembered it?

(audience murmuring)

Right. Anyway. Moving on. As I heard recently that one fifth of the Chrysler Group dealerships across America are qualified to sell the 2013 SRT Viper this Autumn. Yep, some say, it's one fifth of the nation's Chrysler Group dealerships.

It appears that most of the Chrysler Group dealerships have been undergo some expert-level examinations and if they passed, they are eligible to sell the 2013 Viper.

Hmmm...This is somewhat just like the Bar Exam of some sorts.

(audience laughing)

Yeah. This is just like the Bar Exam or a Nursing Exam in the Philippines of some sorts but anyway, the head of SRT, that is Ralph Gilles, said to the public "We're going to open it up to any dealer who can put up the money ... you've got to have the training, the facilities, and some history of selling Vipers and SRTs in general." Well, the statement is true, Chrysler dealerships from America needs to be trained and expert enough to sell the SRT Viper. It's not going to be that easy.

Yeah. If they said "HOW HARD COULD THAT BE?", then the situation means it.

(audience laughing)

Right. On that bombshell, that's the news!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Toyota Porte Mk2 and Spade

2013 Toyota Porte

Say hello to the all new, second generation, Toyota Porte (トヨタ ポルテ), a compact car with a sliding door that I never really liked. I'd never know that even in this second-generation, the Porte still retains the single sliding door at the left side of the car while on the right side comes two traditional doors. This unique door can be opened and closed using a wireless key or by the touch of a button from the driver or rear seats.

Also, the second-generation Porte introduced its new twin which is a bit more different by its looks but still the same as the second-generation Porte; the Spade (トヨタ スペイド).

2013 Toyota Spade

What is the difference between the Porte and the Spade? Well it's simple really. The new Porte is sold at Toyota and Toyopet dealerships while the Spade was sold at Corolla and Netz dealerships. The new Porte looks more like a oversized version of the Daihatsu Tanto while the Spade looks like a miniaturized version of the first-generation Toyota Voxy or a Toyota Sienta DICE. Both were made from the Higashi-Fuji Plant at Toyota Motor East Japan Inc.

If you're living from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, or even Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, or in Pakistan (one of my perennial enemies because of their obsession to older generation cars), might be best that this car is NOT for you because these cars are available ONLY in Japan. ONLY AVAILABLE IN JAPAN. Don't even think about smuggling one for personal use. Okay?

2013 Toyota Porte interior

2013 Toyota Spade interior

Anyway, as for the interior, it seems to be a bit too small and a bit too plastic. Look at the instrumental panel, it's been positioned at the middle and how bad was it? It seems that the interior design for both of the new Porte and the Spade is a bit too poor, it's a bit like the...Toyota Passo for so many ways but to think about it, it has to be the worst looking interior for me's a bit too targeted for the Japanese women in their 20's to 30's, which unfortunately I am not. I'm sorry to say that this new interior is a bit too pointless, just like someone I know who keeps spamming me on Facebook by sharing me some photos which are pointless.

Both the new Porte and the Spade comes with the highly versatile 1.3-liter 1NR-FE engine or an improved 1.5-liter 1NZ-FE engine, mated with the Super CVT-i (Continuously Variable Transmission-intelligent) automatic transmission for a smooth ride and high fuel efficiency. There was an optional SMART STOP system on the 1NZ-FE engine that shuts the engine off when stopped and the start again when the foot is on the pedal, promising about a fuel efficiency of 20.6 km/L under the JC08 test cycle (equivalent to 113 g/km of CO2 emissions) of the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). Those engines were qualified for Japan's ECO CAR GENZEI system in case you'd never heard of it.

The new Porte comes with eight colors such as White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Black Mica, Super Red V, Dark Brown Mica Metallic, Cream Beige, Air Green Pearl Crystal Shine, and Light Blue Mica Metallic.

The Spade, on the other hand, has eight colors such as Citrus Mica Metallic, Dark Violet Mica Metallic, White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Black Mica, Super Red V, Dark Brown Mica Metallic, and Light Blue Mica Metallic.

My comment:
As I warned you that if you were a JDM enthusiast living in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, or even Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, or in Pakistan, you CAN'T GET ONE because the cops will think that you've smuggled it. Anyway, to sum up them, neither of these two will impress me. The new Porte is all about simplicity and the Spade is all about style but for me, I wouldn't like to drive one because even when I'm driving either of these, it feels like I'm a passenger here. No offense on the unique sliding door on the left side though.

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