Saturday, August 4, 2012

"Effective. Maingat magpagaling."

On the August 3, 2012 episode of Bubble Gang:

- "Laya ka na" gags that set you free from jail...well almost...

- Cheche and Bureche take a peek at some aquarium at the house

- Mr. Assimo at the barber shop

- This program is brought to you by KABAYO-DATA sheet...

- Pickup Lines provided by Sukli, Bagwis, and Boy Pick Up!

- Bubble Gang does Biogesic by spoofing this commercial as DIOGESIC! Effective. Maingat magpagaling.

- This program is brought to you by KABAYOGESIC

- This mother though, she prefers a dog over her son, who looks dirty.

- A pawnshop is too sentimental to measure the sentimental value of an item...

- IyoTube in We Are Young

Friday, August 3, 2012

Let's Do The News! (August 3, 2012)

And now the news! So, you were saying that GT5 doesn't have the New GS? Forza 4 has one?

Indeed yes. Can't believe the boffins of Gran Turismo didn't even like the Spindle Grille. I just want to drive one at Fuji Speedway.

Anyway, can we do some proper news now?


Anyway, remember the Roxas Blvd flood earlier. As of now, it's depleting and what they found here are some...ewww....garbage! Who would do such thing I mean most of them are throwing garbage irresponsibly. It's their fault for this!

Yeah. Turning rivers into a giant trash bin? Ahem, don't you know what this is? This is what happened when every single idiot are throwing massive garbage in the river. What's next? A giant silo packed with pig manure?

(audience laughing)

Pig manure? That would be impossible. Only Homer would do that from The Simpsons movie. (laughing) Anyway, I think everyone around here have learned their lesson...

Wait....This whole dumping of garbage at the river case, how would authorities figuring out some causes? It's like, you wouldn't understand what's behind this. Squatters maybe?

Squatters....that's the most of their problems because, who would rather put some shanties at the river? That's what causing the dumping! You know what the authorities would do? They should better demolish it! Destroy! DELETE! EXTERMINATE!

(audience laughing)

Whoa there pal. No fun. What about the families living? I mean, they lived here and what would they react to your point? Yep, they'll be throwing some massive complaints to you because you think of them as the main resource of dumping garbage in the rivers.

Whoops. Sorry, didn't meant to say that. I was trying to be satirical. Like Jeremy Clarkson, thinking that union protesters has to be shot dead next to their families.

..and getting worse because people think you said a cruel joke.

(audience laughing)

Anyway, what's that on your hand?

Psychic paper.


PSYCHIC PAPER! Looks like a blank paper but it works like magic. Doctor Who used that.

Anyway, what's that it said on your little....Psychic Paper?

Says here....Pagani Zonda R Evoluzione debuted at 2012 Goodwood Festival of Speed a few weeks ago...

What? I thought the Zonda is dead and replaced by the Huayra?

That's what they thought but this Zonda R Evoluzione proves that there's life to this decade old Modena exotic.


Wait! There's another one said on the Psychic Paper...

What is it?

Says here um... 1,000 1-Series M Coupe units left for sale know that production of the 1M Coupe ended since March. We told that after we went back from the easter holiday. So, with 1000 units left worldwide, it seems that most enthusiasts have gone to an elusive hunt for these baby M's. This one's a collector's item.

Yep. Really is a collector's item. Be sure to get one quick because when they're gone, they're gone for good. Right?

Oh wait! Hold on! Another one coming up! Psychic Paper giving me messages. Cool.

So, what is it this time?

Says here...2013MY Volkswagen Amarok gains an enhanced diesel powertrain along with new convenience features, an increased trailer load and an extended 12 warranty against corrosion perforation.

So...2013 Amarok, the engine performance of the manual gearbox equipped 2.0-liter BiTurbo TDI diesel unit has been boosted from 161hp (163PS) to 177hp (180PS) bringing it to the same output level as the automatic transmission versions. Then, BlueMotion Technology and automatic transmission variants were available....

That's amazing for the German pickup truck that takes on the un-Japanese and un-American midsize trucks. This is the only pickup truck we could trust even though it's expensive. This is the only pickup truck that was sold in its home market.

Right. The only pickup truck that is sold to its home market. Unlike Isuzu, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford, and Chevy. Why can't their midsize trucks don't work on their home market?!

(audience laughing)

Oh! Oh! There's another one and you'll gonna like it!

What is it?

It says...Have you seen the full trailer of the upcoming season of Doctor Who?!



Best trailer ever! And at the end of that trailer...WHO KILLED ALL THE DALEKS?

Yeah! Who killed all the Daleks? Who do you think?

We don't know! Is it our heroes? OR IS IT? I'm afraid we have to wait to find out the answer! Speaking of which, there was one part on the trailer that the Weeping Angels are back with a vengeance. As we all know, the Weeping Angels are far out the most scariest Doctor Who enemies ever seen because...what what can you say?

DON'T BLINK! DON'T BLINK! Don't turn back!

Yeah. Turns out there's going to be some new variant of this Weeping Angel monster. Seen here?

Some say, there could be the "baby" of the Weeping Angels. That reminds me... (clears throat) Could that reminded me of that baby angel statue we had outside of our home?

(audience laughing)

Who knows? Don't blink! If that touched us, we're dead. We could be killed by some moving statues! (laughing)

And another thing that I really REALLY don't understand was...

Dinosaurs! On a Spaceship! What?! A Jurassic spaceship? Spaceship loaded with dinosaurs? This could be worse than dinosaurs at the Top Gear Test Track during the Z4 vs. 370Z review.

(audience laughing)


Who wouldn't?! It seems that the BBC Television Center's gone a bit jurassic! Hat tip to the producers!

Anyway, on that bombshell...what's that said on the psychic paper?


The Aristo Story

Toyota's Aristo is sold as the Lexus GS for the global market back then. In Gran Turismo 5, they do have the first and final generations of Toyota Aristo and because there was no S190 Lexus GS and neither is the latest GRL10 Lexus GS, well because Yamauchi-sensei wouldn't mind about the new model, we had to make do with those; the JZS140 and the JZS160 Aristo or Lexus GS you may call it...

S140 Toyota Aristo

We begin with the S140, which is of course the first generation Toyota Aristo or Lexus GS known to many from the rest of the globe. First released in Japan since October 1991, the Aristo uses the platform derived from the Crown Majesta and the design was penned by Italdesign Giugiaro. Variants include the 3.0V, which has a 2JZ-GTE engine, and the 3.0Q, which has a 2JZ-GE natural aspiration engine. Later on, they even offered the 4.0Z i-Four, which comes with the 1UZ-FE engine from a Toyota Celsior or Lexus LS400.

This car was produced at Toyota's Tahara plant at Aichi Prefecture and either men or robots were responsible for assembling the packaging. This car was sold at the Toyota Vista dealership back then and it bridged the gap between the Cresta and the Chaser.

What I think about this generation though is rather a bit disappointing. You see, this car was made for those who are senior enough to play golf, go out at a country club, or your professor's driving one of these. Because it has a 4-speed automatic transmission that...doesn't make any sense, this car is sensibly quiet, comfortable, and bored. Yep, I am that bored because every time I drove the S140 Aristo, it feels like I was a passenger on this car. I didn't like the S140-type Aristo's a bit dull, it's a bit ugly, and overall, too bland.

Because of that, in 1997, Toyota quickly responded about that and then they made the Aristo even better with this...

S160 Toyota Aristo

This is the S160 Toyota Aristo, the second-generation model, which today, it remains coveted by JDM enthusiasts because of its unique handling, unique style, and overall, high possibility of tuning this car into a shouty drifting machine or some sort of VIP STYLE car with lowered suspension, aero kits, oversized rims, and so much bling bling, which is a bit of a nuisance to me.

For this generation, the V8 engine and the 4WD layout has been dumped. Well, the V8 engines can be seen on the world market Lexus GS via GS400 or GS430 perhaps. The enthusiast's favorite, the V300, comes with the turbocharged 2JZ-GTE engine, while the simpler S300 comes with the natural aspiration 2JZ-GE engine. The VERTEX EDITION though, it comes with 17-inch rims and a rear spoiler to add some sportiness. Of course, the VERTEX EDITION is the pick for every boy in baseball hats reversed because of all those features may wish to pump up this executive saloon. Even with the 4-speed AT, they do come with a 5-speed Auto with manual mode in a form of buttons on the steering wheel. Cool, shifting gears via some buttons on the steering wheel? Who would have thought of that? Oh yes! Paddle shifters hadn't been invented yet until the 2000's!

It's really a brilliant car. Fast, agile, bulky, precise, and in terms of bangs for your buck, valuable. You might imagine that it's very sad that Toyota don't make these anymore. Those kind of cars you want to take it out to the Shutokou, that's what make the S160 Aristo cool. Sadly though, this is the last Aristo offered in Japan because production ended in November 2004 and it was replaced by the Lexus GS because in 2005, Toyota began selling Lexus-branded cars in Japan. Too bad that the GRS190 Lexus GS wasn't present on the game and neither is the latest GRL10 Lexus GS that a rival video game's going to feature it.

It's a shame that we don't get the 2013 Lexus GS on Gran Turismo 5 because Kazunori Yamauchi's been very busy sorting out for more but if I have to choose which of these Aristos will be, I would go for the shouty S160 Aristo because it's a favorite among JDM enthusiasts and it's the type of executive saloon common for the VIP STYLE scene.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Initial D-Rifter

Hachi-Roku Drift

This is what I'm on about. This is the AE86 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX, the tail-happy, tire burning, star of Initial D. This is what we think of the AE86! The base car, pumped up! You ever wonder why did Takumi Fujiwara never spoke during a race in that anime? It's because...we wouldn't have our own words!

This is just like Mt. Akina!

Now, the thing about this car though, it's called the S. SHIGENO Version, and this owner though that is Shuichi Shigeno, the author of Initial D, he had its engine improved so it's producing about 207HP of power. It even comes with familiar looks that are familiar to Initial D fans many but however, there's no Fujiwara Tofu insignia at the right side. That doesn't matter though because this pumped up AE86 has the qualities of the car Takumi Fujiwara drove so it's all about being bonkers on the corners. As I said bonkers, I do mean it because it takes a Takumi to master the skill of the AE86 because this car's a bit twitchy and a bit difficult because the power steering's a bit vague. Also, this car's a bit too slow on the straight lines. You can drive though the corners and you can drift through the corners and that's it. Don't get me wrong though, this car is fantastic. It's brilliant when it comes to its noise.

Probably, we're sad that we don't have Toyotas like these anymore....

Welcome Back: 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Coupe

In the 1950's the Mercedes-Benz 300SL was the fastest production car of its day. Codenamed W198, it was introduced in 1954 as a coupe with the fascinating gullwing doors and later an open roadster. 

This car is a softened road-legal version based on the company's successful 1952 race car, the W194. It comes with the 3.0L M198 SOHC I6 engine fitted with a Bosch mechanical gasoline direct injection system that generates about 212-222 hp. It was mated with the 4-speed manual transmission.

As of now, the classic 300SL with the gullwing doors became a collectible with prices in the US$700,000-1,000,000 range. Sports Car International ranked this car as the number 5 sports car of all time. The present day SLS AMG inspired the Gullwing doors from the 300SL.

Can't Take My Eyes of You is the title of the new Hayate anime

Hayate the Combat Butler! CAN'T TAKE

A couple of months ago, we heard that there's going to be an all new Hayate no Gotoku coming this year and it's not a continuation but rather a completely new Hayate no Gotoku anime complete with new artwork as seen from the Heaven is a Place on Earth movie last year. This new Hayate anime though...picks up where Heaven is a Place on Earth left off and they called it...CAN'T TAKE MY EYES OF YOU. Weird title, got that name from a song I've know but anyway, casting still remains with...

Ryoko Shiraish as Hayate, Rie Kugimiya as Nagi, Rie Tanaka as Maria, Shizuka Ito as Hinagiku, Mikako Takahashi as Nishizawa, Ayumi Fujimura as Chiharu and of course, Haruka Yamazaki as Ruka Suirenji (you'd remember her from the film, right?!)

Original music score will be once again by Wataru Maeguchi, Sound effects by Toshiki Kameyama, character designs by Masashi Kudo, directed by Yoichi Ueda and the studio Manglobe will be producing that new series. It's going to premiere this October.

Talk about this anime's getting regenerated to a completely new one and it's not a new season.

Welcome Back: 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Taking a summer break....

The Genesis Coupe is the first rear-wheel drive sports coupe from the South Korean automaker, Hyundai, and this car was launched in South Korea since October 2008. It was available in two engines; a 2.0L Theta turbocharged 4-cylinder producing 210 hp (157 kW; 213 PS) and 223 lb·ft (302 N·m) torque, with an optional 3.8L Lambda V6 engine producing 306 hp (228 kW; 310 PS) and 266 lb·ft (361 N·m) torque. It was mated with either a 6-speed manual transmission or an optional 5- or ZF 6-speed automatic (depending on engine choice).

Hyundai took some serious PPL for the Genesis Coupe. This was appeared in the TV shows like Leverage (driven by the main characters), Burn Notice (Fiona's new car), and on the final season of 24 (as one of the pursuit vehicles driven by main character Jack Bauer).

Even though it was sold worldwide, the Genesis Coupe is NOT AVAILABLE (and NEVER WILL) in right hand drive markets, especially UK, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, South Africa, etc.

Mitsubishi Mirage (A05A)

There are so many eco cars sold around Japan such as the Nissan March K13, which can do 23km/L. Then there was the Toyota Vitz that goes about 20.8km/L. And then, there was the Daihatsu Move which has the reputation of TNP27. 27km/L to be exact. Now however, there's a new eco car that works and...made in Thailand like the March...

2013 Mitsubishi Mirage

Here it is. It's called the Mitsubishi Mirage (三菱・ミラージュ). As if some you may know, the Mirage naming is back as the direct rival to the Nissan March K13 even though both of them are made in Thailand. Like the March K13, the Mirage features a very simple design which is a bit too bland for us, and um....well like the March K13, the new Mirage comes with the idling stop function that shuts off the engine when stopped and then start again when mobilized. Unlike the March K13, the new Mirage has a fuel economy of 27.2km/L based on the JC08 test cycle. That's about a Suzuki MR Wagon territory because....well, yeah, both the MR Wagon and the new Mirage can do about 27.2km/L, .2km/L more than the TNP27 Daihatsu Move. Because the new Mirage weighs 870kg, it's lighter than the Nissan March K13! Don't forget that.

It's probably thanks to the newly-developed 3A90 MIVEC 1.0L engine mated with the new generation INVECS-III CVT for smoother ride and low fuel consumption. The 3A90 engine though, this produces 69 PS (51 kW; 68 hp) of power and 8.8 kg·m (86 N·m; 64 lb·ft) of torque. That's about less than the Nissan March K13 so....not good. INVECS-III CVT...not good. Handling....not good. Performance...not good. Interior...not good.

2013 Mitsubishi Mirage interior

Yes, I know, the interior's a bit too plain and cheap. About as bland as the Toyota Passo I've examined two years ago. Once opted with the more expensive version, I might get a satellite navigation or a radio because a Mirage without an audio is a bit too....dull. How can I listen to my favorite radio stations if I don't have it? I mean, it's unlawful to have headphones while driving. As for the seating comfort, well, these seats is as comfortable as a...well, a Nissan March K13 of some sorts! This is about the same experience as I can imagine to Thai-made Japanese cars but that's fine by me because the price for the new Mirage, imported from Thailand, is 998,000 Japanese Yen for the basic E grade, 1,188,000 Japanese Yen for the mid-range M grade, and 1,288,000 Japanese Yen for the top of the line G grade.

Available colors are: Lemonade Yellow Metallic, Pop Green Metallic, Cassis Purple Metallic, Cerulean Blue Mica, Red Metallic, White Pearl, Black Mica, and Cool Silver Metallic.

My comment:

You can forget the Nissan March K13. If I have to keep one fuel-efficient car in my garage, this would be it. This one with the new 3A90 MIVEC 1.0L engine mated with the new generation INVECS-III CVT. This one that promises 27.2km/L of fuel economy. Sure, the Mirage is about as practical as a Philippine taxi but as an everyday car, you can do better. It maybe cheap because of the 998,000 Japanese Yen pricing but I'm afraid like the others, it isn't cheerful. You can give it to your girlfriend because she likes it.

Photo: Mitsubishi Motors Corporation

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Let's Do The News (August 1, 2012)

So, is it not good?

No, it's better. The Spark's a better alternative to the Fiat 500 and the Scion iQ because it has two extra doors, more space at the back, and it has the Chevrolet MyLink that made me addicted to touch screens. SPOILERS!

(audience laughing)

Sp...Sp....Hey! I didn't spoil you!

Nah, just kidding yah.

Now anyway, we've just heard that there's a new DLC coming at THE IDOLM@STER 2 this August 2 but only for the PS3 version. There's a bit of an issue here....


As you can see on the list, there's the Colorful Ballerina outfit as seen from the XBOX 360 version, which is good news but for the bad news is, oh there it goes again!!!


Namco Bandai told that they've put PS3 exclusive outfits on the DLC catalog, such as the White School Swimsuit as seen from THE IDOLM@STER G4U Vol. 5. Then, there was Weeping Wisteria, Burning Performer, and Stratos Butterfly.

Weeping Angel?

(audience laughing)

No, silly Whovian. Weeping Wisteria. WEEPING...WISTERIA. Care not to blink? Well better blink because this is a big flop. I thought that the DLC from the original XBOX 360 version of IM@S 2 and the DLC from the PS3 of the same title has to be the same but it isn't. Those outfits and accessories, that's what set them apart!

Seems that this is how you get what you've paid for...

(audience laughing)


Anyway, Mini planning a 3-door version of the MINI COUNTRYMAN CROSSOVER and no further details for now but what we've heard that the name of this 3-door Countryman is called the PACEMAN. Yep, Mini officially announced the PACEMAN name!



For your information, I really hate the MINI Countryman.

Why? Is it because only your PS3 can drive you that car?

(audience laughing)

Yes, I mean no, I mean yes. That Mini Countryman though, this is definitely the car I really hate because look what it brought to this, some Stratos Butterfly, Burning Performer, White School Swimsuit, Cutie Insect, Rainy Suzuran, Dressy Alice, Random Color Beauty, Digital Spacecraft, that's what's everything that irritates me.

(audience laughing)

Anyway, let's cool you down because...

Forza Motorsport 4 did featured the New Lexus GS! Are you happy?

Yes! I am happy. I am glad that I've been dying to drive one of these. Thankfully they didn't put the old Aristos here because I really didn't care about those old Toyota Aristos, no matter if these saloons got tuned by men in sheds. This New GS though, that's on my list. That is everything.

Good luck with that. When this guy's coming here, be prepared to say ALLONS-Y!

(audience laughing)


That's a Doctor Who term. Allons-y! David Tennant said that.


And speaking of which, it's a greeting....ALLONS-Y! ALLONS-Y!!!


(audience laughing)

Bet every Whovian in the Whoniversity known that kind of Doctor Who word. ALLONS-Y!!! I wanna said that to anyone. ALLONS-Y everybody!

Allons-y to you to, man!

Allons-y also!

(audience laughing)

Anyway, enough and I've just picked up something from the internet...

"A 90 second trailer offering viewers a sneak peek of the new series of Doctor Who will be hitting BBC ONE on the evening of Thursday, 2nd August."

Yep, another trailer for the upcoming season of Doctor Who is coming on BBC One tomorrow. As we know, this new series is coming this fall and this season bids farewell to the couple Amelia Jessica "Amy" Pond and Rory Williams as they passed the torch to a new yet-to-be-named companion played by Jenna Louise Coleman. I heard there's going to be dinosaurs in here.

We heard that and we're really impressed to see a new trailer for this new season of BBC's flagship TV series. Speaking of which, I saw something that Karen Gillan, who is Amy Pond on the series, is on the set for the new movie NOT ANOTHER HAPPY ENDING, here's the pic:

Oh...that really bothered me to see that. Karen Gillan's going to have a movie? That's brilliant!

Yeah! That's brilliant! I wanna see that!

Okay, enough of that Karen Gillan maniac and move on because...THE NEXT BIG THIHG IS HERE!!!


I'm talking about the Audi A1! It's in the Philippines! For real! What we get is the four-cylinder Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI) turbocharged 1.4 TFSI engines mated to a seven-speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission. They have nine of 12 different paint finishes available, four contrasting hues to pick, Attraction and Ambition are available trim levels, and everything to ask...

Mmmm...About time Audi Global City brought this compact. They're two years late!

I know. Two years late. However, no word on the pricing yet so let's just wait...eventually...

Yeah, eventually....

(Sigh) Can't believe Roxas Boulevard's been flooded because of the rain.

Yeah, probably because of the Gener.

Right, and we went to the internet and look what's been done to the good road!


(audience laughing)

Yeah! It's bad! It's turning into Venice!

DPWH, if you're seeing this, better respond to this! This Roxas Blvd. Flood is getting badder as it seems! And on that bombshell, that's the news!

Chevrolet Spark (US-Spec)

Hmmm....we've already examined the Chevrolet Spark but however, the one we've examined was a Korean-spec one. The one we'll examine now is the USA-spec of the globally-acclaimed compact car that is now finally arrived where it belongs.

2013 Chevrolet Spark

Before explaining this, we found something at the internet about the Chevrolet Spark story and how does this mini Chevy became the darling of the yuppie generation. It started back in mid 2009 when the Chevrolet Spark was launched in South Korea (where it was previously called a Daewoo Matiz until 2011 where the Daewoo brand is gone for good). For Asians, they prefer Sparks which are colored Red, Beige, White, and Silver but for South Koreans, they like the pink color because its cute. In 2010, the Spark arrived in India as the new Beat and it was the most popular Chevy in India where it is the best selling vehicle in their lineup.

Well, let's move on to South America where their favorite colors are silver, black, and Cocktail Green. The Spark was mainly used for city driving and it served as a status symbol for up and corners. In Columbia, the Spark is the most popular Chevy ever sold.

Here in Europe, the Italians prefer the Chevy Spark more than anything else and this car was used for daily driving in Eastern and Western Europe. This car was introduced in 2010 as a replacement to the old Chevy Matiz.

Now, we blow our vuvuzelas to Africans, sorry, in which in South Africa, the Spark is most popular and it was used for daily driving in larger cities, especially Johannesburg, the country where comedians love to take a vacation. Last year, the Spark was launched in the African continent as the Spark M300 and the colors Red, Cocktail Green, and Atomic Blue are their picks.

On the upside down country, that is Australia, the Spark was available only in manual transmissions and it is one of the few markets where the Spark is driven from the right side of the vehicle.

In the war torn Middle East, the Spark represents almost 40% of all GM vehicle sales in Lebanon and the Arabs used them for city driving and for company fleet vehicles. Probably some Filipino workers in the Middle East drove one of these as work vehicles.


Now the Spark has arrived in North America for the very first time and it is targeted towards young city dwellers. This car was reengineered to the United States to add technology and safety equipment as well as better ride and handling in city and highway driving. To differentiate the American Spark to the global Spark, it has a different front face, different rear lamps, brighter colors to mention later, a 15-inch 5-spoke Silver-painted wheel which comes standard and a 15-inch machined-face aluminum wheel with gray-painted pockets.

2013 Chevrolet Spark interior

The interior is a bit different from the global model and as you can see, the motorcycle-inspired dynamic meter cluster has been altered so now, it has a crisp, easy-to-read display. Sounds great and then there was 31.2 cubic feet of maximum cargo space or room for three passengers, makes it a perfect "barkada" car if you want to go out for some Los Angeles shopping trip. We bet that is and if you feel comfortable inside, it's like Karen Gillan firmly hugging the Adipose stuff toy for about an hour. Oh wait, sorry, that was a dreadful metaphor, she doesn't have the Adipose stuff toy. He he he.....Or maybe some gal with the Adipose stuff toy wanna use it as an accessory. Oops....

Speaking of the tortured metaphor I came up, there was this ECOTEC 1.2L DOHC 4-cylinder MFI engine that promises an EPA-estimated fuel consumption of about 38MPG, that's the same you'll get from the Fiat 500 but more than what you get from the Scion iQ! This engine though, it produces about 84HP of power it can be mated with a 5-speed manual transmission or an optional 4-speed automatic transmission.

Oh wait, hang on. There's one more thing....You thought I forgot about this, don't you? The new Spark comes with Chevrolet MyLink allows you to initiate phone calls, hands-free, while on the go, enjoy music, Navigation, watch movies, and so on. MyLink may also provide you with this addicting touch screen, Bluetooth connectivity, USB connectivity, and pairing up your device. There, I said it. Happy now?

Anyway, Spark's available colors are Salsa Red, Jalapeno, Denim, Lemonade, Techno Pink, Summit White, Silver Ice, and Black Granite.

My comment:
So, the Spark's North American arrival may have been a bit too late for the party but for this one, this one gets even started. Don't be fool to such small size because this is one heck of a party crasher I would wanna have if I pass my driving test....just sketching....sorry.

Anyway, it does look identical to its big brother, the Sonic, and when you put them both, I might be surprised to see that this little fella has found himself a relative with a bowtie on it. Let's just say that bowties are cool and this little boy is the coolest, even cooler than the Scion iQ and the Fiat 500. I just wanna have one!

Scoop: General Motors

Nissan Serena C26 S-HYBRID

2013 Nissan Serena C26 S-HYBRID

2013 Nissan Serena C26 S-HYBRID

2013 Nissan Serena C26 S-HYBRID

For the 2013 Model Year, all 2WD variants of the Nissan Serena C26 minivan (well except the entry level 20S variant), from normal, Highway Star, and Autech Rider, will receive the brand's newly-developed simple hybrid system called "Smart Simple Hybrid (S-Hybrid)". We know, we seen that ad featuring some guy belonged to the J-pop boy band, ARASHI.

The 2013 Nissan Serena C26 S-HYBRID has its regeneration capacity and output power of the "Eco Motor," upgraded. If you don't know what is an "ECO MOTOR", it is an alternator that is used for Nissan's Serena having an idling stop mechanism and capable of restarting an engine. They've even added a lead sub-battery in the engine room for extended energy regeneration capacity. With all that technology, the 2013 Nissan Serena C26 S-HYBRID has a fuel economy of 15.2km/L (approx 35.8mpg) under the JC08 test mode.

Prices for the Nissan Serena C26 S-HYBRID start at around 2,384,550 Japanese Yen for the 20X S-HYBRID up to 3,144,750 Japanese Yen for the Autech Rider Performance Spec Black Line S-HYBRID.

Available for the 2013 model year is the special edition CROSS GEAR grade which comes with waterproof seats. It will cost about 2,584,050 Japanese Yen for the 20X Cross Gear S-HYBRID variant and 2,828,700 Japanese Yen for the 20X Cross Gear 4WD grade.

It's available now at Nissan Red Stage and Nissan Blue Stage dealerships across Japan.

Forza 4 announces August Playseat Pack!

This August DLC Pack, under the banner of August Playseat Pack, on Forza Motorsport 4, coming this August 7 (August 8 for those living in Asia), is all about pitting a showdown with ten new vehicles you might like!

2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302
2003 Aston Martin DB7 Zagato
2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track
1962 Lincoln Continental
1989 Mercedes-Benz #63 Team Sauber-Mercedes C9 
1984 Peugeot 205 T16 
2013 Scion FR-S 
1962 Triumph TR3B 
2013 Lexus GS350 F Sport 

Well, don't blame them for seeing the Sauber Mercedes C9, 205 Turbo 16, and the Scion FR-S on this pack. We really don't know why because those cars are from a rival video game I know. Lincoln makes its first appearance in Forza with the 1962 Continental! Facelifted Genesis Coupe is there, ZL1's finally here, and for my favorite, the one with the Spindle Grille is here! I'm talking about the New GS! Allons-y!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let's Do The News! (July 31, 2012)

Right! Now let's do the news and we begin with this. It's the 2013 Lexus LS, completely new, feels like it's regenerated, and it comes with the SPINDLE GRILLE first seen on the New GS.

2013 Lexus LS

2013 Lexus LS

Pretty, isn't it? It's now comes with the F-Sport variant that replaces the LS460 Version SZ and the interior is completely new. It now comes with the Lexus Remote Touch.

2013 Lexus LS

Unbelievable, right? The 2013 Lexus LS range is available in LS460 and the LS600h hybrid, in normal and LWB format, and it will be available in Japan this October 2012.

Repeat. October 2012 is when the 2013 LS arrive in Japan. Other countries may follow soon.

So, another day, another suspension even after Typhoon Gener, right?

Yeah, and the bad flooding that brought traffic to a standstill. Oh, and I just heard that this is even much worse than the Ondoy three years ago.

Or Milenyo six years ago.. I'd experienced it.

Oh really?

Yeah. My sisters, my grandma, and someone named Ate Glo are getting bored for the week long brownout due to typhoon Milenyo back in 2006, September to October 2006 to be exact. It was boring because with no power, we have nothing to do.

Oh, how sad. Then what happened?

We'd wait, we'd listen to the news via radio, and wait and wait and wait until the moment where power became back online.

Ah, I see. Thanks to that story anyway. I wonder if most Gener victims are doing the same experience you did...

I wonder...And I really hope the bad will gone, the flood will gone, and the rain will stop. God Help Us....

Yeah, God Help Us indeed because it's a month long rain. Permanently raining! We don't know when will it stop!

(audience laughing)

Anyway, while we're getting away from that rain issue, have you been on the TV PATROL 25th Anniversary party?

(audience laughing)

Guess what? President Noynoy Aquino's making the raps about Noli De Castro, who was from reporter to Vice President to reporter again. Quite a story eh? Even when he never mentioned Noli's name, P-Noy's taking a stab at him with this speech...

"Noong Oktubre ng nakaraang taon, may isang reporter kayo ang nagbabalita sa NAIA 3. Ang sabi niya, sa puntong iyon, tumaas ng dalawampung porsiyento ang passenger arrivals sa paliparan. Magandang balita, at higit sa lahat, fact po iyan.  Sa kabila nito, nakuha pa pong humirit ng isang anchor n'yo at ang sabi po niya, and I quote,  "Nasa NAIA 3 ka kasi; kung nasa NAIA 1 ka, doon malala." Sa loob-loob ko po, anong kinalaman ng ibinabalita sa NAIA 3 sa NAIA 1? May nagsabi po bang ayos na ayos na ang NAIA 1? Kung mayroon man ho, hindi kami. Nakaligtaan niya atang mahigit 30 anyos na ang istrukturang ito.

Napapaisip nga po ako: 'yung nagkomento nito, hindi ba't anim na taon ding tumangan sa renda ng gobyerno? Sabihin na po nating minana lang din nila ang problema; 'di hamak mas luma naman ang ipinamana nilang problema sa amin. Anim na taon ang ipinagkaloob sa kanya para tumulong sa pagsasaayos ng mismong inirereklamo niya. Pero ngayon, tayo na nga ang may bitbit na problema, tayo na nga ang tutugon dito, pero, masakit nga ho, may gana pa tayong hiritan ng nagpamana?
Naalala ko rin po nang na-recover ng NBI ang isang banyagang bata na nakidnap. Ang ganda na po sana: Nakakuha ng tip ang awtoridad, kumilos sila, at na-recover ang bata. Masaya ang mga magulang na kapiling na muli nila ang kanilang anak; masaya ang bata na kayakap niya ang kaniyang ama't ina; masaya ang awtoridad na maayos at matagumpay ang operasyon nila. Mukhang ang hindi lang masaya, ito nga pong anchor natin na nagawa pa uling humirit na baka raw na-set-up lang raw ang rescue operation, at binayaran lang talaga ang ransom. Kahit anong pilit ng reporter na malinaw ang operasyon; nag-surveillance ang mga taga-NBI, at talagang natiyempuhan nilang walang nakabantay sa bata, pilit pa rin po nang pilit ang anchor. Sabi nga ho ng nanonood kong kasama, "Naman." Kami pa po mismo ang magagalak kung makakapaghain kayo ng kapirasong ebidensya ukol dito, at kung mayroon nagkamali, usigin natin ang mga nagkamali.

May naitutulong po ba ang mga walang-basehang spekulasyon, lalo na kung lumalabas ka sa telebisyon at sinusubaybayan ng sambayanan? Kung nagbabangkaan lang tayo sa kanto, hindi problema ang mga walang-basehang patutsada. Pero kung alam mong opinion-maker ka, alam mo rin dapat na mayroon kang responsibilidad. Sana po, sa tuwing sasabihin nating, and I quote, "magandang gabi, bayan," ay totoong hinahangad nating maging maganda ang gabi ng bayan."

(audience laughing and applause)

Quite a long story about a reporter who turned Vice President and then back to reporter! Now that's life! Ha ha ha!

Yeah, that's life. Try and try and try and try and try and try until you succeed or fail...Anyway, speaking of succeed and fail, let's find out what's what on the London 2012....

Right, so far, People's Republic of China, the country who's taking it seriously about the Scarborough scandal, has 17 medals (9 gold, 5 silver, and 3 bronze). The United States of America has 17 medals also (5 gold, 7 silver, and 5 bronze). France got 7 medals (3 gold, 1 silver, and 3 bronze)

Okay, for the developing update; South Korean fencer, Shin A Lam, was been destroyed by Germany's Britta Heidemann during the women's epee individual semifinal fencing competition at the ExCel venue at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Then, our very own Hidilyn Diaz...oh yeah she didn't win in the women's weightlifting competition, where Maria Escobar of Ecuador shined to the top.

Right. Too bad our very own Hidilyn Diaz never won but that's okay though. You did well for us. YOU...DID WELL FOR US. Nice work. Oh! I just heard that some athlete got sacked due to racist remarks...


Some soccer player representing Switzerland, named Michel Morganella, he made a racist tweet against the country that defeated the Swiss soccer team.

What country?

The South Koreans of course. Kinda remind me of something....that Mr. Morganella's racist tweet that is against the Koreans...could it have something that South Korean fencer, Shin A Lam, lost in the battle?

Not sure but don't worry, he's not the only Olympian who got fired for racist remarks. A Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou, made a racist tweet against the South African opponents.

Yeah. That's a worse case scenario for Olympians with Twitter accounts doing everything to pwn down the opponents.

Okay, here's a Top Gear Top Tip: If you're an Olympian and if you have a Twitter account; better not make a racist tweet against the rival country that defeated you. That's it. Don't attack them by Twitter. You won't be getting gold for that.

(audience laughing)

Anyway, more excitement coming up all day and let's move on because....

Because what?

I just heard the AE86's engine revving again...

The AE86's engine revving again? This could mean...

We've just heard that there's going to be another INITIAL D anime on the way!


We just heard from the 35th issue of Kodansha's Young Magazine that there's going to be a brand new Initial D anime in the works but what could it be? A TV anime? From Pay-Per-View? Or is it an OAD like the rest of the Kodansha mangas? Not sure but we'll find the answer this August 6.

Hmmm....a brand new Initial D anime? What could this be? As far as we know, we've seen our favorite tail-happy, tire-screeching, Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX, or the AE86 as we know it, turning the tables against one of the best touge racers across Japan. Something bothers me that what comes next?

I'm guessing there will be more rivals coming. Is there going to be opponents in the latest versions of the Lancer Evo or the WRX STi? Is there going to be opponents driving import cars? Is there going to be...

Shhh...shhhh....shhh...We're not sure what sort of new opponents our favorite man in the AE86 will face, but we will have to find out very soon....

Yeah. Very soon but anyway, bad news. Earlier, I'd just picked up some phone call from someone that two mangas based on the Infinite Stratos light novels will end this Summer...


What are those?

Simple. The comic version of Infinite Stratos ended at the September 2012 issue of Media Factory Monthly Comic Alive, on sale now, while the Aiesu! (IS!) four-panel spinoff manga, the one with super deformed IS characters, will end in the next issue on August 27.

Oh, how sad! :-(

Yeah, but...on that bombshell, that's the news!

Welcome Back: 2009 Audi Q7 V12 TDi

Not bad for a V12-powered SUV!

This is the world's first V12 diesel engine-powered SUV ever built by the Ingolstadt-based luxury car manufacutrer. With 500PS of power and 1000Nm of torque, the 6.0L engine provides the driving performance of the sportscar. 0-100kph in 5.5 seconds and top speed limited to 250kph. All that power in any situations are provided by the world's first 2,000 bar Bosch Common Rail system which offers impressive acoustics at the highest levels of driving comfort.

According to Audi, the Q7 V12 TDi is the best handling Q7 due to a revised suspension, tires and brakes. It can handle a lateral inclination of over .9 g on a 300-foot (91 m) skid-pad.

This car was reviewed by Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear alongside the BMW X5 M and the Range Rover Autobiography. When handed to The Stig, it lapped the Top Gear Test Track in 1.33.2, faster than the first generation Cadillac CTS-V.

Too bad Audi stopped selling the V12 Q7 though but we've enjoyed driving this car not as a racer but as a goalkeeper for soccer or a battering ram against our opponents. It maybe gone but this world's first V12 SUV tries to keep up to challenge the likes of the BMW X5 M, Range Rover, or even the Porsche Cayenne!

Monday, July 30, 2012

The one-of-a-kind NISMO GT-R LM!

This R33 looks like it's been injected with enhancements

Hmmm...It does look like a R33 Skyline GT-R in beefed up wide body kit but what I'm looking here is a one-off Road Going Version of the NISMO GT-R LM, the one that was used to compete at the GT Class of the 1995 Le Mans 24 Hour Endurance race. 

There is only one example in its existence and this special was built and registered in Great Britain. Yep. Great Britain. Anyway, most R33 Skyline GT-Rs are 4WD but for this one-off special, the 4WD system from this R33 has been ditched and replaced it with a hairy-chested rear-wheel drive. I can't believe that this is a rear-wheel drive GT-R I have ever driven in Gran Turismo history.  Of course, that was a regulation in motorsports. The Impreza for example, when it participate the Super GT years ago, it had its 4WD thrown away and switch it to FR. It's a rule but stripping away the 4WD and replace it with FR can benefit weight loss. That's brilliant but on the downside, it takes a skilled driver to handle a car that was once 4WD converted to FR because even a slight mistake may cost you more.

Handsome looking racer, eh?

Sure, without the 4WD, the NISMO GT-R LM became a completely different animal, it appears that Godzilla's becoming a bit it came from Jurassic Park. It can bite you and yes, it will keep biting your hands every time when you steer. Try respond to some brutal measures and you're gone. It feels like you've been swallowed by the dark matter by mistake. That G-Force it generates, it made the NISMO GT-R LM struggling to cling on every corner and no matter the driver, the cornering is a bit too harsh. You won't try to push the GT-R LM too hard because the G-Forces stopped you from doing so in such speeds.

This guy's went out for some Top Gun

There is a simple story about the NISMO GT-R LM. When it joined the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans, the #22 GT-R LM  qualified in a 34th positioned, which is a very low position, but worked its way to 10th place, that's 5th place in the GT1 category. The #23 though, retired with a broken gearbox in 157 laps. With that #22 racer being in top 10, NISMO returned these two from Japan for some further tweaks and in the 1996 season, disaster. The #22 GT-R LM retired from damages after 209 while the #23 GT-R LM finished 15th overall and 10th in the GT1 class. Furthermore, the program was pulled after two years into the three-year program and it was replaced with the R390 GT1 race car years later. That whole story about the GT-R raced in Le Mans was quite impressive despite the results. I have to say that the Yokohama-based carmaker really did pulled some impressive measures to have their name recognized in the world of motorsport.

The one-off NISMO GT-R LM Road Going Version is a fine example of how did Godzilla became capable of in the world of motorsport, especially Le Mans. 

Welcome Back: 1981 BMW M1

Nice viewing, eh?

The M1 is BMW's first and last mid-engined supercar that was produced from 1978 to 1981, with over four hundred units built. The body was styled by Giugiaro, drawn inspiration from the 1972 BMW Turbo show car. Under the hood, it has a 3.5L DOHC 6-cylinder engine with Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection that generates 277 PS (204 kW; 273 hp) of power and top speed of 260 km/h (160 mph). It is mated with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

The M1 was heavily involved in BMW's one-make race series called BMW M1 Procar Championship. The M1 Procars have turbocharged engines that generates 850HP of power. This race ran for two years with Niki Lauda won the 1979 season and Nelson Piquet in the 1980 season.

This car gained the tenth place on the list of Sports Car International's Top Sports Cars of the 1970's in 2004 because of its various successes in motorsports.

In Series 3 Episode 2 of Top Gear, James May drove the BMW M1 while Richard Hammond drives a E34 M5 and the E30 M3 at the Isle of Man.

Let's Do The News! (July 30, 2012)

Right! Let's do the news and hold on a minute. Our friends are away for some errands and it appears I am just alone for now. Anyway, let's do a bit just like from Gandang Gabi Vice's Vice Advice segment. I have two minutes for me to answer a question I'm pulling at a fishbowl  Ready? 3...2...1...GO!

1) Who won the Hungarian GP?

Lewis Hamilton from McLaren!

2) Who's second?

Kimi Raikkonen

3) Who's Third in the Hungary GP?

Roman Grosjean

4) When's the Belgian GP?

September 2

5) Who won the Super GT Round 4 at Sugo for GT500 class?

Daisuke Ito and Kazuya Oshima driving the #6 ENEOS SUSTINA SC430

6) Who won the Super GT Round 4 at Sugo for GT300 class?

Yuhi Sekiguchi and Katsumasa Chiyo driving the #3 S Road NDDP GT-R

7) When's Round 5 for the Super GT held?

August 19!

8) Where's Round 5 for the Super GT held?

Suzuka Circuit!

9) Did you watched The Nerdist special about Comic Con 2012 yesterday?

Oh my gosh! I didn't! Oh No!

(audience laughing)

10) Is France making its own version of Japan's ECO CAR GENZEI system to save the French auto industry?

Yes. And we think the French version of the ECO CAR GENZEI would work...

11) Is Land Rover planning a longer Range Rover in the future?

Sort of....

12) Who are the winners of the Cinemalaya 2012?

13) Are you going to watch the Potted Potter at the RCBC Theater this August 28 to September 2?

I'm not sure but the spoof play of all seven Harry Potter chapters can be funny as it seems. See if I can find out....

14) A movie that was rejected by the MMFF titled Thy Womb, is it going to compete at this year's Venice Film Festival?

Wow. Never heard of that. A movie that was rejected by the MMFF tries to take a shot at a foreign film festival just to show that a film rejected by a local film fest has some second chance abroad!

15) Have you taken part at some protest in Tokyo against a reopened Ohi power plant?

Sadly though I wasn't here but my gosh, those people from Tokyo really take it seriously against the Ohi nuclear plant's restart.

16) The radiation-stricken Fukushima prefecture restarted their annual festival after two years. Were you there?

Sadly no. I'm not at the radiation-stricken prefecture but hey, sure is glad to have their summer festival back and running for the hope of Fukushima prefecture. Amazing those warriors fought hard to capture the sacred flags...

17) Have you been reviewed for the driving test?

Oh my gosh! I haven't! Don't worry! I'll review it, okay?

(audience laughing)

18) Chevrolet teams up with Liverpool FC?

After Manchester, it was like "Your Changing Sides Now? Change Sides? I never recall I was onto yours". You got that idea, pal.

(audience laughing)

19) How's the cleanup on your garden of your house?

Pretty good but the cleanup wasn't quite done yet.

20) What do you think of this 2013 Kia K3?

2013 Kia K3

Pretty good. Looks even hotter than the Forte it replaces!


Okay! Time's up! Glad I made it though, and I found the paper my mama's looking for! Can't believe it was down there, under our working space! He he he

(audience laughing)

But, on that bombshell, that's the news!

Bulilits race for the gold!

On the July 29, 2012 episode of Goin Bulilit

- Goin Bulilit music video of "THE FACEBOOK SONG" by Tanya Markova

- Marathon gags

- Coring and Liwayway in palengke...

- Goin Bulilit spoofs Lorenzo's Time in LORENZO'S RHYME!

- In the Goin Bulilit spoof of Aryana titled AROWANA, is Arowana looks delicious to eat? Uh oh....

- Cycling gags

- Goin Bulilit spoofs Lorenzo's Time in LORENZO'S MIME!

- Some more corny jokes on I'M CORNY!

- Goin Bulilit spoofs Lorenzo's Time in LORENZO'S SLIME

- Ready Get Set Goin in Bisikwela!

Cadillac ATS

2013 Cadillac ATS

At first glance, I thought that the ATS will be a successor to the CTS but I was wrong. The all new Cadillac ATS is not a CTS replacement. What this here is the baby Caddy that competes to the same level as the BMW 3 series, Mercedes C-Class, and Audi A4. Confused? Back then, when the CTS launched in early 2002, this was made to be the baby of the Cadillac range and revolutionized the ART & SCIENCE design that kept Cadillac alive and kicking. When it got a full model change in 2007, the CTS was graduated from 3-Series rival to 5-Series rival and as of that, there is no Cadillac that can compete against the baby luxury saloons until the arrival of the ATS.

When you look at it, the ATS does really look like the CTS because...well it's a bit too confusing, the headlights, the ART & SCIENCE grille, the typical Caddy rear, everything looks the same! That's right! It looks the same but when you look at the dimensions between the ATS and the CTS, you'll realize that the ATS is a bit too shorter than its big brother so, therefore, it really was a "Compact Luxury Sport Sedan". That was a catchphrase but oh well, that suits the ATS well.

2013 Cadillac ATS interior

Don't be deceived on the exterior because the interior of the ATS is all functional and it's also got the Cadillac CUE as we first seen on the flagship XTS sedan. This new telematics system provides drivers some ease-free navigation, music, news, Pandora Radio, or some Bluetooth connectivity. We know, we examined that before and you can even update the CUE via USB during the life of the vehicle. That's amazing, a software that can be more current when you trade in your Cadillac than when you bought it. It's like updating my PS3 via storage media. He he he....

Anyway, the well sculpted interior of the ATS makes it as comfortable as an ultra expensive full size saloon in car that costs less than its rivals. All that ART & SCIENCE really gives some atmosphere around this compact luxury saloon and if I'm honest, surprisingly quiet.

For a real treat, this one comes with the BOSE PREMIUM AUDIO SYSTEM, which is the same brand you could expect on those Renault-Nissan Alliance cars. That ten-speaker surround sound system, this is the best thing I'd expect from this baby Caddy and of course, this is way even better than the pathetic Mark Levinson audio system I've tried from the Lexus IS. No wait, even better than the Toyota Premium Sound System expected from those luxury Toyota minivans that pathetic ASEAN idiots got obsessed with. Every time when you see a car that has a BOSE on it, you'll know that BOSE has the best audio quality than any other and when applied on selected cars, you'll know that this combo gives it a better experience for music-worthy drivers.

As of now, you can expect the 2.5L (2,499 cc) LCV I-4 and the 3.6L (3,564 cc) LFX V6 petrol engines for now. The 2.5L engine generates 202 hp of power while the 3.6L V6 engine produces about 321 hp of power. Sure, they're all mated with a 6-speed automatic transmission but if you're patient, Cadillac will offer you a turbocharged 2.0L engine in late 2012, which generates 272 hp of power and can be mated with a Tremec 6-speed manual transmission, developed exclusively for the ATS! Sounds juicy then and then there was this; a Chevrolet Corvette-derived MAGNETIC RIDE CONTROL provides this ATS some touring car-like agility which can be somewhat useful on some corners. This feature benefits increased performance, safety, comfort and balance, for positive stopping power.

Sure, the ATS do come with safety equipment such as the Forward Collision Alert, Side Blind Zone Alert, and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, as well as the Adaptive Cruise Control, adaptive forward lighting and so on but then, there's a real catch because the ATS comes with the all new SAFETY ALERT SEAT - a next-generation warning signal - that sends pulses through the driver's seat cushion, left and right simultaneously, alerting you from potential hazards.

Available colors are: Radiant Silver Metallic, White Diamond Tricoat, Silver Coast Metallic, Glacier Blue Metallic, Thunder Gray Chromaflair, Summer Gold Metallic, Crystal Red Tintcoat, Opulent Blue Metallic, Black Diamond Tricoat, and Black Raven.

My comment:

So, the all new Cadillac ATS, it maybe the baby of the Caddy lineup but it is proven to be a worthy contender against the BMW 3-Series, Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Nissan Skyline sedan, or even the Lexus IS. With some luxurious features you can expect from an ultra-expensive car, you'll regret that you're in an entry-level Cadillac that is a bit too suitable for the accountants, people who want to go to the country club, or someone named Keith. I never knew that the Americans made a car that competes with the entry-level European luxury saloons but on balance, I would rather buy a CTS instead because it's the best Cadillac ever made and it's well balanced and sadly, no CUE yet until next year's full model change for the CTS. As a matter of fact, I have to make do with the ATS, the baby Caddy for made for everyone who don't want European-made saloons.

Photo: General Motors

Sunday, July 29, 2012

When a car's gone skydiving for ad purposes....

We've seen car ads from all over the world doing exciting ways to please the crowd but nothing got us better than ads of cars skydiving.

This here is the debut commercial for the Mazda Premacy back in 1999 in Japan. Of course, the Premacy debuted in Japan in 1999 and the slogan was "Premacy Capsule". What you can see here is the Premacy gone skydiving but that's just special effects you can see. Yep, just special effects.

Anyway, when we say the advert for the new Toyota Spade, which is just a Porte with a different styling, this is what we saw...

This one's real, right. No special effects involved. The Toyota Spade just got dropped for some skydiving. PROFFESIONAL STUNT. DO NOT ATTEMPT, FOLKS. That gave us thinking, this Toyota Spade commercial we just saw kinda reminds us of Chevy Sonic's first skydiving...

Yep, that's that. Toyota took the idea from General Motors to drop the Spade from the sky just like what happened to the Chevy Sonic.

Now, if I were going to steal the idea from Clarkson's Duel DVD, where he dropped the Ford Scorpio and a coin to the surface, I would rather drop the first-generation Mazda Premacy, Toyota Spade, and the Chevy Sonic, to see who can fall but in order to do that, I have to be in Japan. For the first-generation Premacy, which was built from 1999 to 2005, I have to find one at the used car dealer, which sounds reasonable. For the Toyota Spade, as I said, it's available at Corolla and Netz dealerships for 1,450,000 Japanese Yen. For the Chevrolet Sonic, I have to find one at a Chevy dealer for 1,890,000 Japanese Yen.

Now, all I need now is some cranes to hang those three, no wait, have them bolted with a giant parachute and place it to the cargo plane. If all according to plan, I would want to see if these three did exactly as they did on these ads and find out which is the best skydiving car from the ads. This is a duel but it's not because it's three cars. See about that and I hope someone got my memo...He he he he....SPOILERS!

A Tale of two C8's

Clive Crowley Aileron and the Laviolette!

What you're looking here are two Spykers hooning around Forza Motorsport 4 everyday. If you don't know what Spyker is, well, it's a Dutch car company that in 1925, they went out of business but in the new millennium, a Dutch businessman revived Spyker and built the C8. We'd never know that this supercar came out from Holland and hey, this is like messing up Vincent Van Gogh's famous Sunflower painting with the words "FOR AMY, VINCENT". Wait...Did I said that Who reference? Anyway, forget about it, what we have here is the limited edition LM85 and the recently arrived in my desk Aileron, which was part of the July Car Pack for sure, which both have Audi's 4.2L V8 engine but anyway, what made them differ?

Spyker C8 Laviolette LM85

The LM85 is a special edition Laviolette model that celebrates the company's involvement in the 24 Hours of Le Mans since 2002. Sticking to its Le Mans theme, only 24 units were made and each owner has an invitation to the 24 Hours of Le Mans race as a VIP guest of Spyker and they will receive a special Chronoswiss 24 Hours Pilot Watch with an orange crocodile strap.

It comes with a naturally aspirated Audi 4.2-litre V8 petrol engine that generates 400PS of power and 480Nm of torque. 0-100kph in 4.5 seconds and top speed of 300kph.

This special edition model is finished in a distinctive burnt almond orange colour with the contrasting Gun Metal 'S' logo and charcoal-tinted polycarbonate roof panels. The interior boasts the signature Spyker attention to detail, with the seats, door panels, centre tunnel, roof lining and dashboard top finished in black leather or Alcantara.

Spyker Aileron

Revealed at the 2009 Salon International de l'Automobile in Geneva, the Aileron served as the next step in Spyker's evolution thanks to its sleek aerodynamics, a long GT wheelbase, luxurious and spacious cabin and world-class ZF six-speed automatic transmission. The Aileron comes with the naturally aspirated Audi 4.2-litre V8 petrol engine that generates 400PS of power and 480Nm of torque. 0-100kph in 4.5 seconds and top speed of 300kph. A 6-speed automatic transmission is the first for the Aileron and it features a regular torque converter and offers drivers a choice of fully automatic or clutch-less sequential manual gear shifting using the standard paddle shifts behind the steering wheel.

An exclusive Kharma in-car entertainment system was equipped for the first time ever on the Aileron, marking the Kharma brand's debut in the world of automotive entertainment. The "Reference" Kharma sound system incorporates a FM and DAB digital radio, iPod connectivity, 8 GB memory drive, and USB and AUX inputs, benefitting from the bespoke-designed control on the central console mechanism behind the gear selector, and selections are shown in the integrated dashboard LCD panel.

Sure, both of them have the same engine, they have the F1-inspired suspension, they have eccentric looks, they have no airbags, no stability control, no traction control, but anyway, when you compare two of these cars, it appears that both of these Dutchmen want to go to the bar for some arm wrestling but hey, their interiors look as better than several Hermes bags that Mommy D have. Heh, Hermes wonder she loves those... 

When you take them both to the track, Clive Crowley Aileron and the Laviolette are getting along with the road just fine and with such handling, it feels like it's well balance, well poised, and kinda feels like a Lotus Elise dressed up with a smoking jacket. I have to say, that even though these two don't work to be rivals against Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, or Lamborghini, these giant earrings are far out stylish and if I were to put these two at the Cool Wall, it would be over the top. The country that give you Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Big Brother, made a very stylish car that is more than just's a Hermes Bag in wheels.... 
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