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2013 Lexus LS range

2013 Lexus LS

2013 Lexus LS

Which is why, if you want a luxury Japanese premium sedan, might as well get one of these. Yes, it's a Lexus LS, and this incarnation have been a while for about six years when it was launched in Autumn 2006 but I have to say that this is still the indulgence that I have expected after slowly eating a delicious and chewy caramel candy that your neighbors gave you from last year's Halloween.

This year though, some big changes occurred on the current-generation Lexus LS and as we know it, we've expected a newly redesigned rear lamps and a new front face which gains the signature "Spindle Grille" first applied on the Lexus GS.

The 4.6L V8 (1UR-FSE) engine equipped on the LS460/LS460L was now being recalibrated so it now produces 392PS of power, about 7PS more than the previous model and fuel economy is a thirstier 8.4km/L, while being fitted with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. The 2UR-FSE (5.0L V8) engine and 1KM electric motor that powers the LS600h/LS600hL has been tweaked as well. Although the power output remains the same, the JC08-rated fuel economy's been improved from 11.0km/L to 11.6km/L. The LS Hybrid is mated with a CVT with Manual Mode to make things a bit interesting as you endlessly flipping a page of a magazine while at the hospital, waiting for the doctors to call out your name.

2013 Lexus LS

Surprisingly, there is now an F-Sport variant for the first time on the 2013 Lexus LS! Thanks to this new F-Sport pack, it transformed the LS from a luxury Japanese saloon for the politicians into a ultra-sleek, ultra-sexy, aggressor with a much more aggressive stance to attack its prey alive, much like a hazing occurred at one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Think about it, when I look upon the F-Sport pack of the new 2013 Lexus LS, things will go "BITE ME ALIEN BOY!" because it looks like an alien from Prometheus. Or better yet a predator from AVP. He he he he....Sorry, why would I said that? That's a dreadful simile to describe it...oh my gosh...

2013 Lexus LS interior

2013 Lexus LS interior

Aside from making the LS' exterior a bit more aggressive with a bit more feel, the interior has now been reworked so when every time I see fit on the inside, it feels more civilized, especially the dashboard kinda looks like the grown up version of the interior that I seen on the latest Lexus GS. Also, it also comes with the Lexus Remote Touch system that points me to which mode I am on and then I click it to engage it. Surprisingly, the monitor's now split screen, so there's going to be some kind of techie-overload here.

Speaking of which, the Lexus LS still comes with the L-Select interior customization program, which allows me to personalize the LS' interior just they way I want and when I have the perfect LS interior, I would say that this one's sonorously bespoke for this model. L-Select now offers 6 new themes such as Presidential Suite, Escape Journey, Japanese Modern, Royal Therapy, Wild Beauty, and Passionate Spirit, which allow even more variety and customization according to each owner's sensibilities and lifestyle.

With numerous safety features included, the 2013 LS now comes with the newly-developed Adaptive High-beam System (AHS), which uses a camera to detect preceding and on-coming vehicles and selectively blocks sections of the high beams that could interfere with other drivers' vision. That's very complicating but very clever. I like that.

So, the Lexus LS, on its 2013 model year though. It's now getting more aggressive like a sleeping dog but more civilized as the Duke of Westminster. Although, this is is a Lexus, it's not quite a suitable car for everyday use because thanks to such pricing, this is only fit for Japanese politicians, high rollers, celebrities, and high-profile people who want to stand out the crowd. 

AVAILABLE COLORS: White Pearl Crystal Shine, White Nova Glass Flake, Sonic Silver, Starlight Black Glass Flake, Red Mica Crystal Shine, Sleek Ecru Metallic, Mercury Grey Mica, Black, Black Opal Mica, Fire Agate Mica Metallic, and Lapis Lazuli Mica.


460 バージョンL - 10,300,000 yen
460 バージョンL 4WD - 10,800,000 yen
460 Fスポーツ - 9,800,000 yen
460 バージョンC Iパッケージ - 8,950,000 yen
460 バージョンC Iパッケージ 4WD - 9,450,000 yen
460 バージョンC - 8,700,000 yen
460 バージョンC 4WD - 9,200,000 yen
460 - 8,300,000 yen
460 4WD - 8,800,000 yen
460L エグゼクティブパッケージ 4-seater - 12,600,000 yen
460L エグゼクティブパッケージ 4WD 4-seater - 13,100,000 yen
460L エグゼクティブパッケージ 5-seater - 12,600,000 yen
460L エグゼクティブパッケージ 4WD 5-seater - 13,100,000 yen
460L - 11,300,000 yen
460L 4WD - 11,800,000 yen

600h バージョンL 4WD - 12,500,000 yen
600h Fスポーツ 4WD - 12,300,000 yen
600h バージョンC Iパッケージ 4WD - 11,150,000 yen
600h バージョンC 4WD - 10,900,000 yen
600h 4WD - 10,500,000 yen
600hL エグゼクティブパッケージ 4WD 4-seater - 15,500,000 yen
600hL エグゼクティブパッケージ 4WD 5-seater - 15,500,000 yen


Modellista Parts for 2013 Lexus LS F-Sport

2013 Lexus LS


TRD Parts for 2013 Lexus LS F-Sport

2013 Lexus LS


Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

Driving Music (What is the name of the song on car commercial?) Vol. 43

ARGH...My blog's being attacked again...Even though it's a TRO for the law, my blog's still being under attacked by some dishonored assailants who spend most of the time looking for the song of some car commercial no matter if its past or latest.

It's this one. This bullet hole I found in my blog reads..."opel mokka commercial song". Damn, with a recently-launched car comes a TV ad and if there's lyrics...bam. The attack commences. As for this whole...opel mokka commercial song thingy....I am so sorry. We tried looking over the lyrics heard from this...Opel Mokka commercial and the results are none. So, it's an original song made for the commercial.

Speaking of which, thought I forgot about it? "song nissan sylphy ad"? A Nissan Sylphy commercial song? From Thailand? Ahem...We don't talk a car that hasn't been released in Japan yet. Well, some say the Sylphy's going to be in Japan this December so zip your mouths please because...another set of five driving musics (car commercial songs) are coming at you!

5. Good Time by Owl City - from the Renault Samsung New SM3 Korean commercial

4.  Knockin' On Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan - from the Peugeot 208 commercial

3. Tetra by SebastiAn - from the Citroen DS3 Ultra Prestige commercial

2. Abdication by Abel Korzeniowski - from the Renault Clio IV commercial

1.  Child's Anthem by David Garrett - from the fifth-generation Suzuki Wagon R commercial

...and there we are. Finished. Nice and easy. Another bullet hole fixed. If these happened again, I'm sure that they're up to something...

"Young ang Masarap!"

On the October 12, 2012 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Sinehan gags

- A couple drops a visit to some aswang...and his name's Dr. Tiktik...

- This wife's too clever, she charges her husband some money by any means necessary.

- Table's getting wobbly...waiter, can you help?

- Porke ba TOCINO, PAMPANGA-STYLE lang? Bubble Gang does CDO Funtastyk Young Pork Tocino by spoofing this commercial as TDO PUNTASTIK! Young ang masarap! 100% Young Pork!

Bubble Gang does CDO Funtastyk!

- Brod Pete and his pals are here again for ANG BAGONG DATING DOON!

Ang Bagong Dating Doon

1) Jackie Rice asks "may nasusulat po ba tungkol sa Cybercrime Law?"

RA 10175 - This Cyber ______ Law is just like E-________.

RA 10176 - Cyber Bells Cyber Bells. It's Christmas time in the city ________. Ring-a-ling, hear them ring. Soon it will be Christmas Day.

2) A pregnant woman from Novaliches asked the Facebook account (ibradpete): "Manganganak na po ako. Pwede po ba ipangalan ko sa anak ko ang Brod Pete?

Sorry. This name's already taken...Instead, use brodpete42786 or brodpete_12. It's cyber stuff...

3) Someone form Kawit, Cavite asks "Ano pong hayop ay hindi ibon pero lumilipad?"

Simple. It's buffalo. If you went to the restaurant and read its menu, you'll see BUFFALO WINGS.

4) Someone from Legaspi asks "sinong robot ang magaling mag-rap?"

Android E is the robot who knows how to rap. Remember the lyrics "HUMANAP KA NG PANG-E.T."

5) Wrong term: Wi-Fi - WiFi means Wireless Fidelity. Meaning it should have been pronounced (wai-fi) not (wai-fai). Or better yet (why pay)...

- This guy's getting angry while lecturing hunters...

- Parlor chat gone wrong

- This referee at the boxing match is...too kind.

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Let's Do The News! (October 12, 2012)

2013 Renault Clio

So you really like the new Clio though?

Oh yes. This is absolutely the best looking Clio ever. I want to have this car rather than the Citroen DS4 or the Alfa Giulietta.

So, you know that there's going to be an estate and a Renaultsport version next year, right?

Uh huh but I can't believe that the next Clio RS really thrown a curve by making it a 5-door only hot hatch with a turbocharged 1.6L engine's just say a Nissan Juke and a double clutch transmission. I wonder if they'll going to agree with this full model change... 

(audience laughing)
Right the news and big news that...

Wait...don't you mean?

ADMU logo

Ateneo Blue Eagles! They won the UAAP Season 75! Best two games out of three against the UST Growling Tigers! Yay!

(cheers and applause)

WOW! I'm impressed! ADMU got a five-win streak on the championship and hey, they really send the UST Tigers a bloody good hiding with the score of 65-62, in game two of the finals Thursday at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Yeah! But there is just one thing...


Remember back in Game One when the coach of the Growling Tigers got angry to the coach of the Blue Eagles?

Oh! I really don't recall that.

Hey, speaking of which, I think that the coach of the Blue Eagles, who is Norman Black, did a really good job, nurturing a winning team and I's sad to see Norman Black move on to the PBA and train the Talk N Text basketball team.

Do you think his tactics would work?

I think so and hey! Good luck Mr. Norman Black on your next journey! We would like to say thank you for treating the Ateneo Blue Eagles very well as well as ace players such as Von Rolfe Pessumal (19), Finals MVP Nico Salva (8), Juan Nicolas Elorde (4), Isaac Jules Lim (11), Gwyne Matthew Capacio (12) and Gideon Babilonia (21).

Yeah, what would UST Tiger head coach Pido Jarencio going to think about it?

(audience laughing)

I mean come on. Since the end of Game One, Jarencio became unhappy about Norman Black's strategy to the Eagles. Now that the Ateneos won the UAAP Season 75, is Jarencio upset also? Or ain't he BOVERRED?

(audience laughing)

No. He's fine. It's all in the sportmanship.


Anyway, while we're congratulating Ateneo's win, let's talk about Nonito Donaire Jr.on his upcoming match against Toshiaki Nishioka on Saturday (Sunday morning in Manila).


Let's tell him good luck to Nonito Donaire Jr. We all wish you the very best. Good luck and God bless!

(audience clapping)

Nissan had made a one-off gold Nissan GT-R R35 for the fastest man on earth!


Usain Bolt! Remember? You saw him maintain his reputation at the London Olympics since summer, right?


Usain Bolt's GT-R


I'd never knew that Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprint runner who is still the world's fastest human being (let's forget The Flash), is teaming up with Nissan, proving that there's excitement for the Japanese carmaker. Mr. Bolt's golden Godzilla though, this really hits the spot.

Right....But how come he's not interested in Lambo?

(audience laughing)

I mean remember THE WORLD'S GREATEST DRAG RACE II a coupe of weeks ago? The Nissan GT-R was lost by a Lamborghini LP700-4. How come he...

(audience laughing)

...uh never mind. Better not to talk about that...

There's going to be new Nendoroids coming next year and first up is this...

Nendoroid Asuna


Hang that Asuna from Sword Art Online?

Yes. Indeed she is Asuna from Sword Art Online. She'll be out this March 2013.

Tell you what, I've seen a lot of anime otakus taking too much interest about Sword Art Online. I believe that this is 2012's best anime and even if its nearing its climax, it's still the most talked about anime of the year. Comparing that to a similar .//hack and you'll notice that they both have the same theme about MMORPG became dystopic and taking over realities...

I agree with you and that Nendoroid Asuna looks perfect. If they made a Nendo version of Kirito, they'll look awesome.

Iron Man has his own Nendoroid!


Nendoroid Iron Man Mark 7:
Hero's Edition


COOL! No wonder a Marvel character deserved a Nendoroid treatment! East meets West! Ha ha!

Yeah, right. I really wish I wanna have Iron Man in my desk and hey! Can I bring it to Speedy's?

What Speedy's?

Speedy's! That Sandwich Bar and Cafe as seen on Sherlock!

(audience laughing)

Ahem...I was planning to go there...Speedy's Sandwich Bar and Cafe. The cafe for Sherlock lovers...

(audience laughing)

If you had Iron Man because it's Robert Downey Jr, who is Sherlock Holmes in the SH movies, it would be too intimate. Cosplaying as BBC's Sherlock can be also intimate. Bringing a Sherlock Shellingford Nendo can be a consideration. If you're planning to go there my little hamster, it's up to you...

(Audience laughing)

Well, fine for that. Iron Man, meet Sherlock. Sherlock, meet Sherlock. Sherlock, meet Iron Man...(laughing)

(audience laughing, then cheers and applause)

Hey! There's a new Batmobile in town! Wanna guess what it looks like?

What is it?


Kia Optima Batman

(audience laughing)

Ahem...that's just a modified Kia K5 with some Batman fixation on it...

Correct. It is a Kia K5 with some Batman credentials on it but this is part of the Kia Motors and DC COMICS' collaboration for "We Can Be Heroes" campaign, which is a relief effort to battle hunger in the Horn of Africa. This is the first of the eight Kia cars to be modified under the Justice League theme.


Anyway, Honda's luxury marque, Acura, bids farewell to the ridiculously ugly ZDX crossover by giving it a facelift for the 2013 model year.

2013 Acura ZDX


Tell you what. I never really liked the ZDX because...well, by the looks of it, it looks like an eagle stuck in a turtle's body shell and I never really liked it, even with this finale 2013 Model Year ZDX that comes with a redesigned grille, dark wheel accents, front and rear parking sensors, power folding side mirrors, safety features like Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning systems.

True. Like Maybach, they will going to bid themselves farewell by making a facelift of their product and now, it's over...Maybach is officially dead in case you forgot.


I guess that before a certain carmaker killing a certain car for some reasons, they decide to make it even better before its farewell. The ZDX though, the 2013 model year was its dying wish before Acura decided to axe it off in order to focus themselves on their upcoming models, including the RLX flagship.

Truth be told. And hey now, as you may remember about the driver who assaulted the MMDA constable a few months ago, who is a tobacco exec named Robert Blair Carabuena. We've picked up some news that the court ordered that Robert Blair Carabuena will be jailed.

I find this a little bit depressing. You know that he'd apologized to the MMDA constable a couple of weeks ago after the assault but for the constable, who is Mang Sonny Fabros, he said that Robert's should deserve what he gets. I guess that justice is swift...

Yeah, justice is swift...just what the Judoon said....(laughing)

And on that bombshell, that's the news!

Renault Clio/Lutecia IV

2013 Renault Clio (Lutecia)

If I can only have a drink for the rest of my life, I want an orange juice. If I want to drive a French-made hatchback, it would be this...the Renault Clio (or Lutecia (ルノ・ルーテシア) if you're Japanese).

For over two decades, the Renault Clio is the pinnacle of the Renault lineup, making it one of Europe's top-selling cars since its launch. In case you're wondering, this is the only car that became European Car of the Year twice, in 1991 and in 2006. No other car comes close.

Although, we kinda felt disappointed that we won't be seeing either a Williams (1993-1996) or our favorite mid-engined V6 (2000 - 2005), the Clio made some stunning results from the past when treated with such outrageous results and for this new fourth-generation Clio (Lutecia), this has gone up the world.

2013 Renault Clio (Lutecia)

To further explain about this latest incarnation, I want you to imagine a simple scene down a family restaurant. Imagine there's Ritsuko and Donna having a chat. And then...Ritsuko's had enough with Donna's chatting so she gets up, she takes her outside, and Ritsuko gives Donna a bloody good hiding. That's exactly what the Clio or Lutecia did. The best supermini, according to Automóvil Panamericano, has now been regenerated to take on the likes of the VW Golf, Toyota Auris, Peugeot 308, Mazda Axela, Citroen DS4, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, and others.

The new model is...kinda look like Ritsuko Akizuki in Donna Noble's outfit but I think it looks absolutely stunning. It's better than the previous third generation Clio/Lutecia that I drove before at a video game I currently have. Aside from its new DeZir-styled nose that became the new design DNA for Renault, there is a huge change for this new generation Clio/Lutecia and wanna guess that is? There is no three-door variant! That's right! Beginning with the fourth-generation Clio, they won't be offering a 3-door Clio and NEVER WILL BE. I know this is weird and next year's RenaultSport Clio RS is now a 5-door hot hatch instead of three but why? Nobody knows why...

2013 Renault Clio (Lutecia) interior

Apart that the new Clio (Lutecia) IV now has secret rear doors just like the DS4 and the Giulietta, the interior's getting a bit well behaved and well mannered but not much of it when you look at it. What satisfies me is the new Renault R-Link telematics system which acts more like an Android smartphone and best of all, you can buy apps for the R-Link as well! It is as clever as a Samsung Galaxy Note and less complicating than the Peugeot 208's touch screen and you can't really explain why. When top-of-the-line Clio models are equipped with the R-Link, it gets even more addicting than ever because this is a million times better than other Renaults wearing its Carminarat Tomtom navi that makes no sense whatsoever.

What's new here is a world's first. It's called Renault Bass Reflex system, and it delivers the volume and listening enjoyment of a 30-litre home speaker enclosure. This has more BASS than any other car's speakers and it was based on the use of vents - or ports - in the enclosure. Sounds clever and I love that way...

2013 Renault Clio (Lutecia)

It is as clever as Ritsuko Akizuki in Donna Noble's outfit, and as sexy as a female lifeguard from Baywatch. With the introduction of Renault's brand new energy TCe 90 and TCe 120 EDC petrol engines as well as the brand new energy dCi 90 diesel engine, it is a lot more economical without the compromise. And if you were wondering what's EDC, well Renault now made a six-speed EDC dual clutch automatic transmission that shifts faster with a bit more feel. The first clutch handles 1st, 3rd, and 5th, while the second clutch handles the 2nd, 4th, and 6th. For example, you're in 3rd gear and the second clutch is preparing 4th. When you shift it to 4th, the 5th gear has been pre-selected by the second clutch and when shift it to 5th, the 6th gear's been prepared at the second clutch. That is very simple and very clever. I like that. No wonder that the next year's Renaultsport Clio 200 ditched the manual in favor of the double clutch transmission...

Amazingly, the suspension system has been reworked to make it more agile and more comfortable and with the optimised calibration of the electrically-assisted power steering, you can feel the driving force within the new Clio. Renault really know how to make the best better and hey, this is the perfect car for some 19-year old woman who works as a producer at some talent agency. Oh, don't mate with this, sunshine! You know that the new Clio not only made by the French but by Turkish! Yes! France and Turkey were the only countries to made the Clio IV and that's it.

This car is always in the tune of "Call Me Maybe" and with such improvements, not to mention the downside that is cheap materials and poor rear visibility, the Clio (Lutecia) IV is starting to win my trust. So loyal, I can now forget the DS4 and the Giulietta. If I want a European hatchback with the combination of style and functional, this is my pick. I love it.

Available Colors: Brun Ardent, Gris Cassiopee, Gris Platine, Noir Etoile, Rouge Flamme, Blanc Glacier, Jaune eclair, and Bleu de France.


Authentique 1.2 16V 75 - 13 700,00 € TTC
Authentique dCi 75 eco2 - 16 000,00 € TTC
Expression 1.2 16V 75 - 15 700,00 € TTC
Expression Energy TCe 90 eco2 - 16 900,00 € TTC
Expression Energy TCe 90 eco2 99g  - 17 100,00 € TTC
Expression dCi 75 eco2 - 17 800,00 € TTC
Expression Energy dCi 90 eco2 90g - 18 800,00 € TTC
Expression Energy dCi 90 eco2 83g - 19 000,00 € TTC
Dynamique Energy TCe 90 eco2 - 18 000,00 € TTC
Dynamique dCi 75 eco2 - 18 900,00 € TTC
Dynamique Energy dCi 90 eco2 90g - 19 900,00 € TTC
Business dCi 75 eco2 - 18 000,00 € TTC
Business Energy dCi 90 eco2 90g - 19 000,00 € TTC
Business Energy dCi 90 eco2 83g - 19 200,00 € TTC

Photo: Renault

Benz SL-Class R231 models recalled for refrigerant problems

2013 Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG

All Mercedes R231 models, which stands for 2013 SL-Class models, have been fitted with the R1234yf refrigerant, which some say, it's more flammable and can be ignited if it is released in a hot engine compartment. That seems to be odd but, all models manufactured from December 19, 2011, through May 31, 2012, have been recalled to have their refrigerants replaced with R134a along with new refrigerant lines designed specifically for the R134a free of charge.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Outtakes: Mazda Biante available in Indonesia?

Mazda Biante

Now, as you may wondering, is the Mazda Biante available in Indonesia? That's a question that led me to some puzzles. I scavenge around the net and truth be told...

YES. If you live in Indonesia and if you want a minivan from Mazda, you CAN now buy a Mazda Biante for 380,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah.

Sure? I believe yes. Originally, the Mazda Biante is a Japan-only minivan but because of so much Indonesians taking interest on this minivan, Mazda Motor Indonesia decided to bring the Biante so Indonesians don't need to come to some "back-street importers" to buy one.

The only engine of choice is a 2.0L DISI 4-cylinder engine with Sequential Valve Timing and Electronic Throttle Control. It produces about 150PS of power and 190Nm of torque.

Again, you can now buy a Biante at an Indonesian Mazda dealership for 380,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah. Thank you...


Forza Motorsport 4 - 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

Heavyweight contender

Debuted at the 2005 New York International Auto Show as a 2006 model, the SRT8 version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee transformed the SUV into a sport utility muscle car, combining the thrills of a muscle sports car and the versatility of a sport utility vehicle into one clever package.

It was powered by a 6.1L HEMI V8 engine that generates about 420 hp (310 kW) of power. It comes with upgraded Brembo brakes, a special transfer case, an electronic all-wheel-drive system and interior and exterior updates. It is the fastest naturally-aspirated production SUV when it was launched.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Is Whovianism going to be a religion? PBS's Idea Channel explains...

Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series
Doctor Who

Let's face it, no other British sci-fi series attracts more fans than BBC's flagship sci-fi series Doctor Who. It's so successful, the fandom is spreading like wildfire. You can't contain your excitement over Who and your inner Whovian's got the best of you, wishing that you want to live the Doctor Life better than being on a boring life. He he he...

The Doctor, his partners, the monsters, the sonic screwdriver, the TARDIS, you know that they'll cool and you really want them so much. As a Whovian, you and I are getting interested on the actors and actresses who are really involved on Who.

That gave them thinking, if many people around the globe (or the outer space) are hooked on Doctor Who, is the venerable British TV show becoming a religion? To find out, PBS' The Idea Channel explained why...

Kinda lol about the whole power struggle thingy...

Let's face it, with all that Who-related GIFs, mixed cultures, cosplays, fanarts, memes, and others that are all wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey, you can never escape your addiction over Doctor Who. Once you love it, you'll never back down...sort of...

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Let's Do The News! (October 9, 2012)

Okay, time now for the news and big news today because the Supreme Court announced that by an unanimous decision, the SC issued a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to put an end to the mostly-feared  Anti-Cybercrime Law.

Wait...The Supreme Court stopped the Anti-Cybercrime Law?

Well, yes. They did.

(cheers and applause)


So, this is power to the people! The Cybercrime Law issues finally put to the coffin thanks to the Supreme Court. I'm very impressed that these guys really know how to think before they act. I'm really impressed that we can breathe happy and cock about some TG-style stuff because the Supreme Court really put the end of this nightmare!

Yeah, but do be so happy just yet.

Why? don't know. Even though our Supreme Court friends stopped the Cybercrime Law doesn't mean we have to celebrate. Who knows? They'll be back with even bigger consequences.

Oh...So, do you think those Facebookers going to swap back their profile pics and covers from black to color?

Well, I think this is the right time.

(cheers and applause)

It really is the right time to do it! Now anyway, have you guys heard the news? There was a car crash somewhere in Jalan Haji Ahmad 1 in the city of Kuantan in the direction of Semambu...

Which was in Malaysia, right?

Yes. And I've just heard that this accidents involved two Nissan GT-Rs, which Edaran Tan Chong never brought one, must have bought it somewhere in Singapore, or must have been smuggled by a Malaysian...

(audience laughing)

..anyway, about four people were killed and the two of the four dead people on that kind of car accident in Malaysia were...and if you're sitting down (laughing)...GT-R owners!


Who are they?

Let's see...hmmm...they were...the driver of the Dark Grey Nissan GT-R, Tan Kah Yong (24 years old), passenger Bao Shanshan sitting in the front (26 years old from Liaoning, China), the driver of the White Nissan GT-R Go Haw Wei (20 years old) and passenger Koay Khor Liang (21 years old), also passenger in the front.


Sounds a bit Chinese as described but I felt pity for those who smuggled a car not available in Malaysia and this is what they get. That's a golden rule. Don't smuggle a car not available at your country or you might wind up in such a serious trouble...

(audience laughing)

That's a top tip! (laughing)

Okay okay...enough laughing now because time now for the sad news. We just heard that famed director Marilou Diaz Abaya has passed away last night at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig at the age of 57 after a long battle with breast cancer.


Who was she?

She's a director of such famed Filipino films such as Jose Rizal, Muro Ami, Sa Pusod ng Dagat, Brutal, and Moral.

Wait...She made Muro Ami? The one with the kids have gone fishing? an illegal way. They were...reef-hunters. True to its name. That film portrays young kids, well they were on an illegal child labor (which is a crime), doing illegal fishing practice. I think you should watch that film and you'll see why did the poor kids lost their future by ruining the environment. You should see that...

Uh...where do I find that film?

It's up to you...

(audience laughing)

Anyway, an anime and video game magazine called NewType held this year's Newtype Anime Awards and hey, you may never guess who'd made it on that award.

Had the list?

Let's director includes Atsushi Nishigori from THE IDOLM@STER, best script by Touko Machida from THE IDOLM@STER, best character design by Atsushi Nishigori from THE IDOLM@STER, best mecha design is Bodacious Space Pirates, Eureka Seven AO, and Aquarion Evol, best original music score is Yuki Kajiura for Fate/Zero, best TV commercial for an anime is Fate/Zero, best theme song was READY!! from THE IDOLM@STER, best anime movie title of the year was K-ON!, best game animation was Tales of Xillia, best voice actress was Eriko Nakamura, best voice actor was Akio Otsuka, best anime mascot was Hamuzo from THE IDOLM@STER, best female character was Haruka Amami from THE IDOLM@STER, best male character was Fate/Zero's Rider, best studio is ufotable, best TV anime of the year was Fate/Zero....there's loads more...


So, you're saying is that such titles like THE IDOLM@STER, Fate/Zero, the K-ON! movie, and others were on the list?

Yes. And no wonder THE IDOLM@STER snagged a lot of awards from NewType. That really is a bombshell!

Right and on that bombshell, that's the news. Tomorrow, we'll check out the demo for the upcoming Forza Horizon video game. It's Forza, only even more of a free roaming racing game for the party animals.

(audience laughing)

Forza 4 Head to Head: Your one-way ticket to Maranello

If I'm remember correctly that in a social game that is Car Town, you need a Ferrari F355 Berlinetta, 360 Modena, and the F430 in order to gain access to the Ferrari headquarters. I know, we're talking of a different game, but I'm using this as a basis to talk about those mid-engined V8 Ferrari that adorned through the decades. Sure, the Ferrari 458 was one of the best mid-engined V8 Ferrari but what about the predecessors? Ones that we adorned from the past and we took a liking on those fundamentals?

Maranello's finest

What I have here are the predecessors of the 458 but they're just more than that. They're just the first steps to become a fan of the Prancing Horse, something to respect Enzo for. First up is the F355 Berlinetta...

F355 Berlinetta

Launched in 1994, the Ferrari 355 was the successor of the 438, continuing the evolution of mid-engined, rear wheel drive V8 Ferraris. Unlike the 348 it replaces, the F355 has its engine capacity increased from 3.4 to 3.5L, generating 380PS of power while mated in either a 6-speed manual or the Formula One style paddle gear shift electrohydraulic manual transmission (in 1997).

The Ferrari F355 has a steel monocoque frame with tubular steel rear sub-frame ith front and rear suspensions using independent, unequal-length wishbones, coil springs over gas-filled telescopic shock absorbers with electronic control servos and anti-roll bars. Most F355 models, from the Berlinetta, GTS targa top, and the Spider (in 1995) are armed with Pirelli tires, size 225/40ZR 18 in front and 265/40 ZR 18 in the rear.

VERDICT: You don't need to go back in the 1990's to try out the F355 because of its unique characteristics. This Ferrari is all about style and finesse in every corner and in my point of view, driving the F355 feels like playing a classic video game and you wanna know what? It's called Ridge Racer. This guy really looked like the Ridge Racer car and might be best to listen to the Ridge Racer theme song while driving this.

The F355 Berlinetta I've just bought did it in 1:26.001

360 Modena

Launched in 1999 and produced up until 2005, the 360 Modena continues the mid-engined V8 Ferrari evolution and it served as the successor of the F355.

To create the 360's all aluminum space-frame, Ferrari collaborated with Alcoa and as a result, it is 40% stiffer than the 355 and it's 28% lighter despite a 10% increase in overall dimensions.  In terms of body design, Pininfarina did the rest of it to make the 360 more attractive and more aerodynamic.

Powering the 360 was its 3.6L V8 engine that generates about 400 bhp (300 kW) of power, does 0-60mph in 4.3 seconds, and top speed of 189 mph (304 km/h).

This model is available as a two-door coupe called the Modena, a convertible model called the 360 Spider, and a high-performance version called the Challenge Stradale. Little known fact that Ferrari made a one-off 360 Barchetta as a wedding present to Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo.

In classic Top Gear, Tiff Needell visited Maranello to review the 360 Modena.

In the Supercar World Cup episode of Top Gear Season 2, the Ferrari 360 Modena was one of the competitors as well as the Porsche 996 Turbo, Honda NSX, Chevrolet Corvette C5, Venturi, and a nitrous-powered, stripped-out Jaguar.

VERDICT: As a kid, I admired the 360 Modena's cleverness and finesse and when I tried this one in a video game I remember (think of NFS Hot Pursuit II since 2002), this one's an animal. I just love this kind of Ferrari. I like it more than the F355 or even the 458. Sure, the 458 may be quick but for those who love the blast to the past might consider the 360 as a preferability even by today's standards.

That's a 1:24.337 for the 360 Modena


Following the evolution of Ferrari's mid-engined V8 sportscar since the F355 and the 360, the F430 was launched at the 2004 Paris Motor Show and it was made to be one of the sportiest V8 Ferraris ever made. Prices start at around $186,925 to $217,310 in the United States, £118,500 in the United Kingdom, €175,000 in the European Union and $379,000 for the base model to $450,000 for the Spider F1 in Australia.

Thanks to Frank Stephenson at Pininfarina, the F430's design provides enhanced aerodynamic efficiency while retaining the same drag coefficient of the 360 Modena it replaced.

Powering the F430 was its 4.3L V8 engine derived from the shared Ferrari and Maserati design, generating 490PS of power and 465Nm of torque. This can go 0-100kph in 4 seconds and achieve a top speed of 196 mph (315 km/h).

It is available in coupe, spider, hardcore Scuderia, and the Scuderia Spider 16M.

Jeremy Clarkson reviewed this on Top Gear in coupe and spider variants and when handed to The Stig, it set a lap time of 1:22.9, faster than the Lamborghini Murcielago and the Pagani Zonda.

James May drove a 430 Spider at the Supercars do France episode of Top Gear while Jeremy Clarkson's in the Ford GT and Richard Hammond's in the Pagani Zonda.

It is believed that James May owns a F430 and Jeremy Clarkson borrowed May's F430 for a drag race against its successor, the 458 Italia, after messing it up with some Doritos and some chocolate bars Jeremy ate. With the Stig in the F430, Jeremy and the 458 defeated its predecessor on a quarter mile drag race at the Top Gear Track.

VERDICT: What I like about the F430 was its performance thanks to its 4.3L V8 engine and its aerodynamics because of its Pininfarina credentials. Sadly though, I don't like this car because...well, as Jeremy just said, James May has one...the idiot...Sorry...But still, the F430 is definitely one of the best looking V8 Ferraris ever and that magnificent noise really made no excuses here. Compare the 4.3L V8-powered Ferrari F430 to the 5.0L V10-powered Lamborghini Gallardo and this really is a no holds barred fight. You'll never know which one really cut the mustard but hey, the war between the raging bulls and the prancing horses is still Italy's big topic for the car enthusiasts...

The F430 done it in 1:20.685.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Volvo XC60 meets Jeremy Lin

A couple of months ago, famed NBA player Jeremy Lin signed as a brand ambassador for Volvo not just for the Swedish carmaker's marketing initiatives in China but in the United States as well.

Here's a US TV commercial for the Volvo XC60 starring the Linsanity himself. It's called "The Unexpected Ones".

Well done Volvo and well done Linsanity. Looking forward for more bigger things!

Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class Shooting Brake

2013 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class Shooting Brake

What this is, isn't somewhat a warm welcome because for the car that brought you the term "4-door coupe" now brought you their first ever "shooting brake" from Mercedes Benz. Yes, this is the all new Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class Shooting Brake, and you may think that this is just a 5-door estate version of the CLS-Class but oh no. There's more to this. This is somewhat a Mercedes CLS that have been taking lots and lots of Viagra and look at this, how much male enhancements does it take for a 4-door coupe to grow itself into a shooting brake?

You can expect the same choices of engines from the standard model ranging from the CLS 350 BlueEFFICIENCY, CLS 500 (4MATIC) BlueEFFICIENCY, CLS 250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY, and CLS 350 CDI (4MATIC) BlueEFFICIENCY, the same 7G-Tronic Plus, the same design DNA of other Mercedes-Benz models, the same governed 250 km/h top speed on some models, and the same technology offered on other Mercedes-Benz models.

2013 Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class Shooting Brake interior

The interior though, looks similar to the normal CLS until you check at the back of it. Yes, there's a wooden luggage compartment floor developed exclusively on the Shooting Brake and when you look at it, you'll know that this wooden luggage compartment is as lovely as a...yacht. It looks nice though and that's a good point for Mercedes-Benz there.

2013 Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake

The CLS 63 AMG also gets a shooting brake variant and yes, you can still expect the same M157 5.5L V8 BiTurbo engine that no other racing game had featured one of these as of now. There's one good explanation why there's no single racing game featured a Mercedes-AMG model with the M157 engine. Is that because they're to scarred to listen to the sounds of the M157 engine? Or is it their technicians can't sustain the noise of hte M157 engine? I'm not an expert though but hey, the CLS 63 Shooting Brake still comes with the AMG Speedshift MCT 7-speed gearbox and then, this can do 0-100kph in 4.4 seconds. Top speed is limtied to 250kph but there's an option that can enhance the limiter up to 300kph. Sounds juicy though but is it worth it?

Price? Well, for the entry level CLS 250 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY, this costs about 61,761 Euros while the top of the line CLS 500 costs you 82,229 Euros. The CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake though, that costs you 117,513 Euros. Aside from the list price, you'll spend some more for the optional extras plus delivery charges.

Although it's not priced to be a family wagon, this was priced to be a first-class cruiser for those who want to go for some "high roller" lifestyle at the south of France. If you drive one of these and parked at your community college, your classmates think that you have a very expensive station wagon and this goes for a blow-out at your nearby pub or restaurant. As a first class cruiser, it looks perfect but for everyday uses such as going to the groceries or shopping, this changes everything. Remember the Mercedes-Benz slogan; Das Beste oder nichts.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

KZ Tandingan is the first ever X Factor Philippines winner

KZ Tandingan

The Philippine version of the hit reality talent show, The X Factor, really packed a lot of drama for the hopefuls who want to achieve their dream of becoming the next big thing. Many contestants have tried their best to impress judges like Martin Nievera, Charice, Pilita Corales, and Mr. FMG. Out of many, there was one contestant who beat the odds to be come the X Factor Philippines Winner and that was none other than 21-year-old KZ Tandingan from Digos. She defeated others such as Gabriel Maturan and the group Daddy's Home after gaining 55.45% of viewers' votes.

With all that achievement, she was rewarded with the prize package worth P4 million, including a recording contract with Star Music. Maturan took home P100,000, while Daddy’s Home received P50,000.

Congratulations KZ Tandingan! You really showed us to the world that you have the X FACTOR!

Vice Ganda vs. Boy Abunda!

This was the moment everyone's been waited for. On that October 7, 2012 episode of Gandang Gabi Vice, our favorite Petrang Kabayo or Praybeyt Benjamin, Vice Ganda meets up with Asia's king of talk, Boy Abunda, for the first time! It's all SUSUNOD! EXSPLOSIBO! EXCLUSIVE! ABANGAN! but this is the first time we've seen this in the history of Gandang Gabi Vice! Vice Ganda meets Boy Abunda, all in the matter of fun and riot.

Hope we've enjoyed that encounter...

Bulilit palengke

On the October 7, 2012 episode of Goin Bulilit...

- Goin Bulilit does Oppa Gangnam Style!

- Palengke gags

- A drama of all sizes of shoes - BAYAW BILAS BIYENAN! Coming soon...we think...

- TANONG KO LANG...Anong gusto mong unang malagas, ang ngipin mo o ang buhok mo?

- The most corniest jokes in I'M CORNY!

- TANONG KO LANG...Ano ang mas marami, sangkatutak o sandamakmak?

- TANONG KO LANG...Ano ang mas malayo, papunta ng Baguio o pabalik?

- Ready Get Set Goin in Push the Bottom!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Formula One 2012 Japan GP Update

F1: 2012
F1 2012

F1 2012 Japan GP occurred at Suzuka Circuit and you may never guess who won on this race. The results reverse top 5 order...

5th place - Lewis Hamilton from McLaren

4th place - Jenson Button from McLaren

3rd place - Kamui Kobayashi from Sauber F1 Team

2nd place - Felipe Massa from Scuderia Ferrari

WINNER - Sebastian Vettel from Red Bull Racing

...wait, S. Vettel done this just so he can catch up against Ferrari's Fernando Alonso? I'm not sure but with the 4-point gap between them, this is truly an epic one...


The assault continues in Yeongam, South Korea this October 14, 2012 and oh, expect some Gangnam Style here...

Opel Mokka

Now, let's talk about mocha and something that sounds like mocha. Mocha is a small, round coffee beans of the Coffea Arabica variety. Mocha Girls are the the hottest girl group whose member got to show herself topless at some adult magazine as a protest against a new law that most internet netizens are feared of because of well, you know, the L-word. Moka Akashiya is the heroine from Rosario + Vampire. Now, though, there's another thing that sounds like mocha...

2013 Opel Mokka

On the front, it looks a bit more like next year's Buick Encore. On the back, it does a bit more like next year's Buick Encore. Underneath, it uses the same platform as the Corsa compact. And as for the engine choices, it offers three different engine types (1.6, 1.4 Turbo, and 1.7 CDTi). Some people say that this is a new kind of Opel compact crossover that works well on the urban roads and for the great outdoors. Some people say that this is just another car made for the soccer mom in mind but oh no. This new crossover is as unique as a cheese-top burger and as stylish as a historical sculpture. Say hello to the all new Opel Mokka.

2013 Opel Mokka

Yes, the Mokka really is based on the Opel Corsa but I'm not really sure how the heck the boffins from Opel gave the Opel Corsa some outdoorsman credentials. Do you think Opel made a worthy contender to other crossovers of this magnitude such as the Mitsubishi RVR, Nissan Juke, Mazda CX-5, and the Subaru XV? Not necessarily though, this compact crossover may not talk about the competition because what this Mokka focused at is being a stand-out as a city cruiser or a perfect adventure vehicle for those who want to go out BMX-ing or camping or fishing or mountain climbing or whatever these outdoorsy people want to do. 

Sure, the Opel Mokka does have a typical Opel interior and it can accommodate up to five people but surprisingly, this B-segment compact crossover that really is a Corsa underneath has some of the finest Opel technologies offered from models such as the Astra or the Insignia. Oh wait, there's even the feature last seen on the Meriva or Zafira Tourer as well! It was generation rear bicycle carrier Flex-Fix that allows me to store up to three BMX's and it's very convenient. This unique bicycle carrier acts like a drawer because you can slide it in or out. Amazing...

2013 Opel Mokka interior

It really is a very sensible Opel. It maybe more civilized as a city car but as a sports utility compact, it really is want to let it all out and turn the whole city into a jungle and if I mean jungle, I do mean gonna end up like a video game where animals rule the world and fighting for survival. Actually, this Mokka isn't that kind of thing but it feels like humanity has declined because of today's ever changing times.

The optional all-wheel drive system on the Mokka though, that is somewhat simply clever because unlike other 4WD-fitted cars, this one weighs about 65kg to keep its fuel efficiency a bit as fine as a good haircut at a very nice barber shop. Also, there is a feature where you can have the power being distributed in either front or all wheels. In FF mode, it becomes very effective in high grip driving conditions such as asphalt but when switched to AWD mode, traction's enhanced, handling's enhanced and it becomes a Frankfurt jungle.

Is it an urban cruiser? Is it an offroader? You really can't even tell until you discover's the Mokka's true potential.

Available Colors: Royalblau, Schneeweiß, Boracayblau, Diamantgrau, Graphitschwarz, Seidengrau, Argonsilber, Orientrot, Espressobraun.



Audi RS4 Avant B8 (Typ 8K)

Out of the blue, a certain male told that he once watched a DVD about young women in their racing swimsuits doing animalistic. He said that it was the most intense, animalistic, erotic encounter of his life. If I was his friend, I want to tell him that there's something even more erotic than watching women in their skin-tight racing swimwears...

Kompromisslos anspruchsvoll

2013 Audi RS4 Avant

2013 Audi RS4 Avant

Here it is. The ultimate expression of car porn. If I was Taaj from Come Fly With Me, I would say "okay b****es, the p*ssy wagon has arrived!" because this really is a sport wagon with such fetishes. Once you're here, you'll know that this was the most intense, animalistic, erotic encounter of your life.

Under the hood, this feisty high performance sport wagon from Audi 4.2L V8 FSi engine that generates about 450PS of power and 430Nm of torque. 0-100kph takes about 4.7 seconds and top speed, well, like anything goes, a governed top speed of 250kph but it can be bump up to 280kph by request. It is a fast wagon and with its seven-speed S tronic dual clutch gearbox, this was immensely fast...sort of because if you put it in a race between this and the Cadillac CTS-V Wagon, I'm afraid that doesn't work because even though it has launch control, this Audi can't beat the American high-performance car in a shape of a station wagon, a car that soccer moms often use it for everyday use.

What about handling? As a sex toy, this is a bit too harsh and this feels like it's what you call it "unprotected sex" on the road because form every turn by turn, it feels like you've been wrestled by a young Russian woman in her skin-tight racing swimsuit. Even though it may have the quattro all-wheel drive system, the driving feel's a bit too mild and menacing. Not standard, not dynamic, too mild. As mild as a cup of San Mig Coffee 3-in-1 if you know what I mean but as menacing as a slaughterhouse next door. You have to be serious about handling this high performance Audi sport wagon and if it gets brutal, KEEP CALM AND YELL HAIDARAAAAAA!!!!!

And if by HAIDARAAAAAA!!!!!, well take a look at yourself. This really is the all new Audi RS4 Avant and if by Avant or estate version, you might be saying "LOL. Why no Saloon?", "WTF? Where's the RS4 Saloon?" There's a very bright reason for this, AUDI WILL NEVER MAKE A SALOON VERSION OF THE NEW RS4. You got me? Remember back from the old RS4 (typ B5)? Yep, available in wagon only when it came in 1999. This followed the trend of the first RS4 but that's general information to you all.

But still, even though it's available only in Avant grade, the new RS4 is all about being the most intense animalistic erotic encounter of your life when your foot's on the pedal and once you're driving the new RS4, the humping begins...Oh yeah...How do you like that, Fearghal? How's this for an erotic encounter? Apologies if too much NSFW stuff were there but that's the metaphor for the RS4 Avant because even though for an everyday wagon, it looks and feels absolutely sexy.

Available Colors: Ibisweiß, Suzukagrau Metallic, Pantherschwarz Kristalleffekt, Prismasilber Kristalleffekt, Daytonagrau Perleffekt, Misanorot Perleffekt, Phantomschwarz Perleffekt, and Sepangblau Perleffekt.

PRICE: 76,600 Euros

Photo: Audi AG

Opel Astra J Sedan

Back in 2009, Opel launched the sixth generation Astra which comes with many interesting features such as the FlexRide electronic chassis control system, Opel Eye that detects incoming road signs, AFL+, and so much more. With the hatchback and the Sports Tourer available, what Opel really needs is a sedan version and guess what? They have one!

2013 Opel Astra

Here it is and not only the sedan makes its first appearance all three Astra models get themselves a minor change to keep them fresh during the Astra J's three-year tenure. And since we're not going to cover up the hatchback and the Sports Tourer because this would be somewhat a spacey-wasey, why don't we'll cover up the new kid instead?

2013 Opel Astra Sedan

So, this is the sedan version of the latest Opel Astra J but this is somewhat a familiar face to me because last year, I've checked out it's American cousin, the Buick Verano (which is sold in the People's Republic of China as the Excelle GT) and what General Motors told that this car can kick the likes of the Lexus IS350 in every intangible way. With the arrival of the newcomer, the Acura ILX I've examined a couple of months ago, it seems that Buick tries to state that the Verano is better than the new ILX and I mean hey, they're right.

How about this? The all new Astra Sedan from Opel? Oh wait, before explaining this, I think that Opel's British cousin, Vauxhall, had no plans to introduce the Astra sedan yet but if they do, this would be a proper bet against the MG6 Magnette sedan. It's like the Astra but only this time, it has a boot to store your golf bags or something else. When you try to compare this one to the Volkswagen Jetta, you'll know that this is getting a bit more interesting. For me, the new Astra Sedan is better looking that the Volkswagen Jetta inside and out. Also, it's taller than the Jetta (1500mm height vs. Jetta's 1450mm), longer than the Jetta (4658mm length vs. Jetta's 4640mm), even more wheelbase than the Jetta (2685mm of wheelbase vs. Jetta's 2650mm), and wider than the Jetta (1814mm of width vs. Jetta's 1780mm). Guess we're getting somewhere...

Like most Astras, the new sedan version comes with a 1.4L, 1.6L, 1.4L Turbo, 1.6L Turbo. 1.3L CDTi, and 1.7 CDTi engines. Depending on engine types, there's a ecoFLEX variant with a start stop that automatically shuts off the engine when you stopped and the start it on again when you set off. This will solve the whole air malarkey thing but I'm afraid that with all the engine choices, why don't we settle from least to great? For fuel efficiency, best to pick the Astra Sedan ecoFLEX with the 1.7 CDTi engine that has a CO2 emission of 99g/km, which sounds very impressive for an eco-car. For affordability, best to pick the Astra Sedan with the 1.4L engine but in Selection trim which cost you 18,270 Euros. For power, why not recommend the top of the line Astra Sedan 1.6L Turbo which in Edition trim and a 6-speed MT costs you 23,285 Euros. This is a consumer advice for you if you want the all new Astra Sedan, got it?

What I think about the new Astra Sedan is simple, this is a decent midsize sedan that some say that this would be perfect for emerging markets. I mean look at Russia, they have a very high demand for such sedans and this would be a perfect fit.In Germany, this new Astra sedan makes it an elegant and cheaper alternative to sedans from the upper segment but in some countries like those form Eastern and Central Europe, basically Russia and Turkey, notchback sedans have a very high demand. So, do you think this new Astra Sedan is a worthy contender? You'l find that out soon enough.

Available Colors: Schneeweiß, Azurblau, Graphitschwarz, Argonsilber, Champagner, Fresh Mint, Silbersee, Silbergrau, Mahagonibraun, and Powerrot.


Photo: Adam Opel AG
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