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Chevrolet Traverse/GMC Acadia/Buick Enclave Minor Change

2013 Chevrolet Traverse

2013 Chevrolet Traverse interior

This Chevrolet Traverse you see is no ordinary Traverse. What this is, is a 2013 minor change model for the Chevrolet Traverse. What bothers me about its latest minor change is the front because it's now has a new and controversial front face. Seems that the trademark Chevrolet grille that has been with other Chevys of today are gone and this new face could possibly be the new chapter of Chevrolet as I know it. Even though the interior's been heavily redesigned, it's still retains a family-friendly status, meaning that if you're a soccer mom, you can use it everyday when you want to take your kids from their school, soccer practice, dance class, any busy routine the kids been following at.

If you have kids in the back, one feature that really made it more family-oriented was its optional rear entertainment system. Load a DVD of their favorite cartoon and that really shut your kids up while watching their favorite cartoons, something spongy, something imaginary, something Einstein-y, something something something kid-friendly. That sounds fine but for me, this is somewhat cool if you're a posh mom who can't cope with something like economic eggs, hire cars, agency nannys or expired yogurts. AGA SAGA, I was referring to...Oops, sorry folks but still, it's a posh Chevy for the posh mums who can't cope with major disasters, not nature-related but social-related.

Under the front is a 3.6L V6 engine that promises about an EPA-estimated 17 MPG city/24 highway on FWD models, 288HP of power on the high-end LTZ model, and absolutely no sense of humor at all. The only thing you'll be hearing is the sound of your mum's sermon.

2013 GMC Acadia

2013 GMC Acadia interior

However, if you're not an AGA SAGA kind of posh mum or if you're some sort of a dad who spends the rest of his time cheering on his favorite NFL team, the 2013 GMC Acadia might be the best pick for that kind of person, sure it's a Chevy Traverse underneath it, has the same V6 engine from the Traverse and...wait a minute. Something's different with this latest Acadia. 

You see 7 years ago, the Acadia seem to look like an average American full-size crossover but for the 2013 model, something's different with this Acadia. Seems like this model has some bits and parts from the defunct Saturn Outlook, which was made in the same platform as the GMC Acadia's. Well, with Saturn already out in the picture in 2009, the same year that GM declares the death of Pontiac, seems that the components of the once dead Saturn Outlook was been recycled and put some GMC badges on it. Repurposing parts from the discontinued Saturn Outlook to refresh the GMC Acadia?! It's somewhat some kind of Six Million Dollar Man or Lady Cassandra or something something something uh...forget about it.

Pricing's a bit timey-wimey but somewhat wibbly-wobbly because the base model of the Traverse, the LS FWD, costs $30,870 while the base model of the GMC Acadia, the SLE-1 FWD model, cost you $35,440. Seriously, seems that if you're a soccer/posh mom who is always paying attention to the kids, the Traverse is a better bet but if you're a dad who loves watching too much NFL or NBA, or NCAA, or anything sports you've seen in stadiums or in TV sets, seems that the Acadia is a good choice for that typical kind of parent. Well, dads spend more cash than moms on everything only dads want to have fun rather than the whole family. Moms always use their money on grocery-related stuff. However, what if you're not fall into these kind of persons? What if you're a playboy? You're a diplomat? Or something of an upperclassman? A bachelor perhaps? Bachelorette? Hmmm...

2013 Buick Enclave

2013 Buick Enclave interior

This new Buick Enclave is more expensive than the Traverse and the Acadia, even though it also comes with the same V6 engine you get from these two. However, unlike the Traverse and the Acadia, the new Enclave is an upperclassman's favorite because some say, it looks like a preferable alternative to luxury SUVs made from the Germans and Japanese. Since it's a Buick, it's hard to explain if this new Enclave looks better than its rivals when placed on a comparative comparison.

With a well-crafted interior and a well-crafted face, this new model tries to change its course when it comes to its quirky brilliance. Guess I was wrong about the Traverse being targeted for posh moms, perhaps this is the good choice for posh mums who are a bit AGA SAGA for their lives but sadly, with the starting price of $38,445, this is more expensive than the Traverse so who will buy it? There's only one answer, seniors! Kinda awkward for me to say that but every time I see someone driving Buicks, I can only see people who are middle-aged or senior-aged driving this so, this new Enclave wasn't worth to be a decent candidate as a posh mom's car.

To sum up then, posh mums won't be picking one of these three because posh mums want something that is more family-friendly but more on features. These three though...they're not enough to be posh. Hmmm...what would posh people want and do not want?

Photo: General Motors


On the December 7, 2012 episode of Bubble Gang

- "Higante" gags! There's a giant on the loose!

- Prove to me that you're imaginary or not...


- Tata Lino is back again for more quotes to live by

- Bubble Gang does CarbTrim by spoofing this commercial as CURBTRIM! WITH CURBTRIM, KANIN-JOY IT!

- If someone dies, which libingan package do you choose?

- Mr. Assimo at the return/exchange booth

- Pickup Lines

- In tradition of Bubble Gang messing up titles of famous GMA dramas such as MAKAPILI KANG MULI and HINDI KA NA MAGGIGISA, here comes PAHIRAM NG SANDAL, LING.

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Let's Do The News! (December 6, 2012)

Kurt and Blaine from Glee wins Hypable's Battleships Polls
against Doctor Who's Rose and the Tenth Doctor

(cheers and applause)

Excellent source of material Hammo...Excellent source of research. Turns out that two dudes from Fox's musical TV comedy-drama show Glee trounced the outdated but still admired tandem of Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who.

Glad I was awake to stay alert on these popularity polls...

Excellent work and excellent research lad....

Now let's do the news!

Okay, there's been of a news going on because parts of Visayas and Mindanao were heavily hammered down by Typhoon Pablo over the days since it made landfall in Tuesday. This is somewhat feels like 2011's Typhoon Sendong but with a million times more painful than that because it was the strongest to hit Philippines this year. I know, very sad.

So, with Pablo bidding adios, casualty stats?

Let's see um....about 325 dead and 378 missing according to NDRRMC chief Benito Ramos but the toll count will continue as retrieval operations continue.

I see. And hey, do you remember last year when Sendong battered parts of Mindanao and Visayas, there was a message written on the door of a washed-out house that seems to be a very sad message...

What's saying?

It says "A Bloody Christmas and a very sad New Year".

Whoa! That's terrible! And true because how come the Pablo victims celebrate Christmas when there's nothing left? It's a sad fate for those who survived Pablo's wrath but if you don't want their Christmas to be Bloody and their New Year to be very sad...feel free to donate at the Philippine Red Cross. Any donations, big or small amounts, will be welcomed at and with you giving back to the Philippine Red Cross, you are helping numerous Pablo survivors, making this a perfect Christmas gift for the benefit of the less fortunate.

(cheers and applause)

What kind-hearted words you're saying...

Yeah, seems that you want to spread the word to help everyone affected by Typhoon Pablo.

Exactly. So anyway, let's move on because there's been new figures coming out next year...

Like what James?

There was Good Smile Company revealed their 1/8th scale figure modeled after Mayo Chiki's Masamune Usami. On sale this Spring 2013 but preorders are open for 7800 Yen.

Good Smile Company Masamune Usami figure


(sigh) Really didn't like this...

(audience laughing)

Wha...what? Why not?

The only thing that interests me is when Masamune is on her racing swimsuit from episode five of the Mayo Chiki anime. That's what made me thrilled when I saw her in her skin-tight one-piece racing swimsuit.

Ahem...Jeremy, this is what they've got. Sorry to say that they're not going to make a figure of her wearing a racy one-piece racing swimsuit...

(audience laughing)

So what's next?

Kotobukiya unveiled a brand-new figure modeled after a fan-favorite character from the most-talked Sword Art Online TV anime. Who was that name again?


Asuna! Yes! It's a proper Asuna figure, proper enough to please SAO fans.

I tell you what, it seems that SAO is going on strong because of the fans and that Asuna character remains one of the all-time fan-favorite in the series next to male lead Kirito. With this Asuna figure, it seems that most SAO fans worldwide are going to say "woo-hoo! My favorite SAO character!"

(audience laughing)

Which seems very unlikely for someone within your age...(laughing)

Well okay. It's cool if you're a 20-year-old lad living in your parents' home or a condo unit.

(audience laughing)

Hey guys! BMW's launching a replacement to the 3-Series Coupe, in concept form, at next month's Detroit Auto Show. It's called the BMW 4-Series and hey, it's still a 3-Series with two-doors only...

BMW 4-Series Concept

So the rumors are true. Seems that their next 3-Series Coupe is no longer be called the 3-Series Coupe because of BMW's new naming scheme that for now on, they will use even numbers for coupes (or four-door sports saloons in the case of the Gran Coupes).

So the meaning is that even numbers for coupes and Gran Coupes and then odd numbers for saloons or GTs like for example the 5-Series GT, which remains the ugliest BMW ever made because it looks like a pair of testes...

(audience laughing)

I agree with you that. The 5-Series GT does look like a pair of testes. Good thing I didn't like that car...

(audience laughing)

And on that bombshell, that's the news!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nissan Sylphy TB17

Now there's a new midsize sedan from Nissan that combines the aesthetics of a luxury sedan with a fuel economy and pricing of a compact car. It's called the Nissan Sylphy TB17 (previously referred to as G12, later referred to in Nissan press releases as TB17) and the evidence of what we're about to see that it's going to be driven by some complete idiot...

(audience laughing)

One day, probably in the hospital, you would normally noticed a price list covered in the classified ads section of something something something Shinbun and if I'm looking for a car that costs under two million yen plus VAT, I could be thinking something hmmm....all that money I've spent on a sub-two million yen car could have been used to buy something interesting like...Toyota Premio, Toyota Allion, Suzuki SX4 Sedan, Mitsubishi Galant Fortis, look! You could even have a Nissan Sylphy. Mind you, you could be a complete idiot to buy one of those...

2013 Nissan Sylphy

This is the new one. The new Nissan Sylphy TB17, pretty much known to be a cheaper alternative to the Nissan Teana J32. You can pick one of these up for 1,937,250 Japanese Yen but don't because with such pricing, it's less expensive than the Toyota Premio and Allion. Besides, it's a price worth a bag of bolts. On the upside though, it's less pricey than the less appreciated Suzuki Kizashi and hey, it's a Nissan. Every Japanese likes to drive one of those. So, why do I like it then?

2013 Nissan Sylphy interior

I like the tan interior, looks luxurious. I like the view. I like the optional sat-nav system, I like the 180kph speedo, the instrumental clusters, everything. I like that way. Somewhere up front is Nissan's brand new MRA8DE engine which was based on the MR18DE engine but with added twin variable valve timing system on both the intake and exhaust valves and uses a diamond-like carbon coating. When you put your foot down...nothing happens. You get a bit more noise and you might go a bit faster but it's a complete waste of time even though this comes with a new generation XTRONIC CVT. Might as well...relax, drink a cup of coffee, and calm myself down while driving the Sylphy. Handling? Well, I can move the furniture at home but for this new Sylphy though when I turn the steering wheel...nothing.

So it's rubbish to drive, I'm going slower than you, and I feel like a geography teacher with some elbow patches on my coat. But hey, I'm in a new Sylphy though.

2013 Nissan Sylphy
There's also one thing the new Sylphy ruined my life though. It's now a global midsize car built for the world market. China has one, USA has one, emerging markets may soon get one, Thailaind has one, this new model is becoming a global trendsetter as part of Nissan's so-called Power 88 plan. There's one's built on the same platform as the Nissan March K13 and the Nissan Latio N17. It maybe built from the people from Fukuoka Prefecture and it's a Nissan Latio underneath it but the Nissan Sylphy is what I referred to it as a Nissan Teana in Toyota Premio money.

Who cares if they gave it a poor rating by the eyes of foreigners? Who cares about depreciation? It's just something that goes everytime at Megamall or a nice house somewhere in Tagaytay. It's something that never hurts you all the time. For that, you need a Sylphy. Every time I'm driving one of these, it kicks me in the head and runs off my wallet. It costs me a thousand yen to fill it up and does 15.6km/L if I'm careful, I could rent a king-size garage to keep her in and I need to save some more for a car wash. Servicing wasn't so bad but it has to go several times as often.

Cheap thrills? Wanna try's bloody terrifying.

Available Colors: White Pearl, Brilliant Silver Metallic, Deep Iris Grey Pearl Metallic, Sapphire Black Pearl, Radiant Red Pearl Metallic, and Steel Blue Metallic.

1.8 S - 1,937,250 Yen
1.8 X - 2,094,750 Yen
1.8 G - 2,389,800 Yen

Photo: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Let's Do The News! (December 5, 2012)

Ferrari F12berlinetta

You were exactly right. Perhaps there was no other game that can feature the Ferrari F12berlinetta especially the Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends you've mentioned. How come Forza Horizon became the first to feature it? it because of the fans?

I think yeah. Probably because of the fans begging to have the F12berlinetta featured because there was no existing game of this year that can feature the most powerful Ferrari ever built which is faster round Fiorano than the Enzo and the 599 GTO. Speaking of which, the F12berlinetta's getting a bit raggedy.


(audience laughing)

As in...Raggedy Man Goodbye?!

(audience laughing) know that Raggio from Ridge Racers PSP, RR6, RR7, and then the Rauna (with its Makoto SP) from RR PSVita? It was like that. And then there was the Amelia Pond dialog that goes like this...ahem... "When I was a kid, I had an imaginary friend. The raggedy Doctor. My raggedy Doctor. But he wasn’t imaginary. He was real."

So, you were saying this that if some Alpha Male who drove an F12...what do you call them?

The Raggio Doctor....Not raggedy...Raggio...

(audience laughing)

You're kidding, eh? Raggio Doctor? Or should I say...Raggio Man, goodbye....(laughing)

(audience laughing)

Anyway, enough of this whole Raggedy Raggio conundrum and do the news!

Now, BMW launched a special edition of the M3 which commemorates its 2012 return at DTM after a 2-decade absence, here it is...

BMW M3 DTM Champion Edition's called the DTM Champion Edition and by the looks of it, it was modeled after a DTM racer and the look at the CFRP roof, it has some stripes on it. I mean that looks fantastic, it's like driving a DTM touring car at the autobahn if I'm honest...

So, a BMW that modeled after a DTM racer huh? It's kinda like a soapbox modeled after an F1 car and then take it to some soapbox derby and then later it lost by some box.

(audience laughing)

I'm sorry, what?

I mean imagine if you're having a date with someone while driving this, your date might think that you're a bit in a hurry for a date and when you ask the valet to park it, he might think that he'll joyride it rather than parking it. I mean look at this 99,000 Euro M3 special model, this is not the kind of M3 you would use if you're out on a date!

Oh yeah? If I have one, wanna bet?

(audience laughing)

Uh...nope...It's up to you buddy. Anyway, there's a brand new Audi RS6 coming up and it's available exclusively in Avant trim, no plans for a saloon version until further notice..

2014 Audi RS6 Avant

...this here comes with a 4.0L TFSi engine that produces about 552HP of power, top speed normally limited to 155MPH but there are two optional packs to have its limit raised.

Two packs? What are those?

There was this Dynamic package that have its limit raised to 280km/h (174mph) and the Dynamic Plus, 305km/h (190mph).

What?! Dynamic Plus package that allows the RS6 Avant to reach 190mph?!!! 190mph in a station wagon?!!! No freaking way, man! No freaking way. Not quite a family car if you're a soccer mom with this magnitude...

(audience laughing)

Bugatti made a special Veyron Grand Sport in collaboration with French artists to make a special Veyron Grand Sport Venet! Heard of it? Take a look...

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Venet

What's this? Is this a Veyron with some math formulas on it?

Sort of...

I think it is a Veyron blackboard on it! Look at it! Imagine if some high school students taking math exams and struggle to figuring out some math formulas, say Algebra, Trigonometry, or Calculus, he would look at this car and get for some math formulas needed!

(audience laughing)

Right, it's a Veyron made to help mathematicians! (laughing)

(audience laughing)

Anyway, that's the news, those who are affected by the ongoing effects of Typhoon Pablo, stay safe folks!

Forza Horizon: Ferrari Fever with the brand new F12

Forza Horizon's December IGN Car Pack is now here and it's time for me to try out one of their offerings. Wanna know what car I'm driving on this DLC now? It's a Ferrari but there are clues...

1) The most powerful Ferrari ever
2) Lapped the Fiorano faster than the Enzo and the 599 GTO
3) Does not appeared in any other racing games especially the so-called Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends
4) More power than the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
5) Revealed at the 2012 Geneva Auto Show

Hey buddy, there's a new Ferrari parked in the diner...

If you said "F12berlinetta", yes! Really! The F12berlinetta is the most powerful Ferrari ever made thanks to its newly developed V12 engine that generates about 740 PS (544 kW; 730 hp) of power and 690 N·m (509 lb·ft) of torque, mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch automated semi-automatic gearbox, which uses shortened gear ratios to match the power of the engine. It lapped the Fioranio Circuit at 1 minute, 23 seconds; 1.0 second faster than the 599 GTO, 1.9 seconds faster than the Enzo Ferrari, 2.0 seconds faster than the 458 Italia and 3.5 seconds faster than the 599 GTB.

One of them must have drank too much Red Horse...

Funny thing about the new F12berlinetta is that this is the only Ferrari that hasn't been featured in any video games of that time. Hey, you know that Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends you played since Summer? (I didn't like that game :-P) I know, even though it features some of the classic and modern Ferraris of all ages, seems that the latest offering never got a chance to be featured on that said game. Even FM4 didn't had the chance to feature it. So, the question is...why Horizon?

Horizon isn't only just a free-roaming game, it's CAR HEAVEN. That's why the F12berlinetta wants to do a little soul-searching all over Colorado until it's ready for bigger and brighter things in the near future. On that bombshell, Forza Horizon is now the first ever video game to feature this latest Ferrari that seems to be absolutely wonderful but also a bit challenging to newcomers.

F12berlinetta tries to wow the curves

I'm usually very dexterous, I was always having fun with my favorite Lamborghini, the Aventador LP700-4, but this thing is rather defeating me (ironically). It may have more power than the LP700-4 but it still can't match its mojos. Over 210mph of top speed is what the F12berlinetta can do, that's about as slower than the Ferrari Enzo but more importantly, faster than the outgoing 599 GTO. Despite all of this conundrum, there's something juicy about the F12berlinetta's handling. Well, because it's a rear-wheel drive exotic that carries 730HP of power, I was expecting to be somewhat dynamic and challenging and I'm almost correct. It's nearly going to be another dynamic car that beginners find it difficult to master but with all of the effort payed off to learn the fundamentals of the F12's handling, this will going to be as good as my favorite Ferrari, the 458 Italia.

Show Colorado what the Berlinetta's been capable of
It may not be a decent alternative to the Lamborghini Aventador or a Ferrari Enzo but the F12berlinetta is going to be one of the all time greats on Horizon. Get in one of these and you'll know that the F12berlinetta is just another serious exotic leaving you no sense of humor whatsoever but wait a moment folks because the F12 is one of the cars Forza fans been dying to drive one of these. I was one of the lucky ones to drive the latest offering from Ferrari and I have to say that this is the best Ferrari I have ever driven in my life.

Forza 4 Head to Head: Ferrari V12 flagships

What makes a Ferrari very unique to the eyes of the enthusiasts? Well, it's a serious car company focusing on very serious business when it comes to making the most serious supercars only the rich and privileged can own. A decent V12 engine made by Ferrari is what makes it proper, unlike the baby Ferraris fitted with V8s such as the 355, 360, F430, or the current 458. A Ferrari flagship V12 car may have sacrificed its handling in favor of insane speeds but it's what made them very serious, leaving the driver absolutely no sense of humor at all. I've picked up three of the finest Ferrari V12 flagships from Forza Motorsport 4 and compare which one is the serious V12 flagship of all ages...

First up is the Ferrari 512TR, it maybe an improved version of the fabled Testarossa with some added testes at the back but is it quite a serious machine built for the serious executives?

Ferrari 512TR

Next up is the Ferrari 575M Maranello, this car has been a favorite of my childhood because of its unique characteristics a good Ferrari V12 flagship would do, except for the fact that this is just an improved version of the 550M, which is known to be the best handling car in the world according to Jeremy Clarkson.

Ferrari 575M Maranello

And finally, the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, a sonorous flagship Ferrari with the well-mannered version of the V12 engine you would normally get on the ultra-expensive Enzo. It may look weird in terms of design but when it comes to performance, it's business as usual.

Ferrari 599 GTB

So what am I gonna do is using a stopwatch while letting Stig thrashing down those three V12 flagship horses round the Top Gear Track. It's a simple science experiment so here goes...

Lap Times:

512TR: 1:24.876
575M: 1:25.360
599 GTB: 1:20.625

Based on these lap times, it appears the 599 with its Enzo-based V12 engine toppled down those two and seems that the 575M performed slowly than the 512TR but what if lap times weren't relevant? I've rechecked those laps and then figuring out how serious are these three V12-powered Ferrari flagships. The 512TR is definitely a serious one because this car sacrifices handling for the sake of power and acceleration. The 575M is an added curiosity even though the V12 engine is mounted on the front rather than the back. This car does corner well but when it comes to speed, it's nowhere near as good as a midship-engined 512TR. The 599 though does provide some spartan driving manners. When I said spartan I mean of course you need to have the heart of the spartan to master the 599's potential. It maybe quick but for me, it's not quite a serious flagship Ferrari.

As for me, the most serious Ferrari V12 flagship of all the Ferrari 575M Maranello. It maybe slower than the 512TR or the 599 but it does perform seriously well in the corners. This car is made for the serious drivers of all ages because of some F1 technology implanted on it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ssangyong Rexton W

Ah the Ssangyong Rexton, quite a rubbish Korean-made SUV isn't it? Sure this car's been around for over a decade when it first came in South Korea perhaps. As years came, so goes the changes, well facelifts to be exact. This car went for some facial surgery in 2004 and then it wasn't enough. Later on in 2006, it went to the surgeon again and this time it has a face of the Ssangyong Chairman. This is one of the worst SUVs no one ever heard of it unless if you're Sri Lankan, Russian, or from an emerging country. Such age means that the Rexton's going to be pass away pretty soon but when India's Mahindra took over Ssangyong, they decided to give the Rexton another lease of life and guess what? It worked, and here's the result...

2013 Ssangyong Rexton W

What Mahindra done to the Rexton is simple, revert its front face back to the year 2001 and whoa, this so-called all new Rexton W doesn't feel like a brand new car because of such looks that feels like it came out a decade ago. What's the point of this? Come on Mahindra, wake up! You took over Ssangyong and you did well with last year's Korando C, Chairman New Classic, and New Chariman W but why do you want to make the Rexton feel like old again? In their minds, the year is not 2012 and it is 2001, the year when the Ssangyong Rexton first launch. This isn't what I've expecting this, it feels like back to the age when Nokia phones are proven popular in the Philippines. 3210, 3310, these kinds of Nokias what I'm referring and because it's 2001, MMS hasn't been invented yet.

2013 Ssangyong Rexton W interior

On the interior though, it wasn't as bad as eating a durian because it has some of the features common on any Korean-made SUVs such as those premium dual tone interiors with metal grain accents, electronic adjustable driver seat, fully automatic climate control, sat-nav system, and some of the features that you commonly get on a Korean-made SUV but still, the interior design of the Rexton W isn't quite as good as a posh luxury SUV from Europe.

And then there's the way the Rexton W behaves...the e-XDi200 LET Korean diesel engine that produces about a measly 155PS of power and 36.7kg-m of torque, mated with a 5-speed automatic. Not bad though for Ssangyong standards but still it wasn't quite as good as the new Hyundai Santa Fe and the Kia Sorento R.

As for the fuel economy, if you're on an economy drive and if you're on a 2WD variant, this will go up to 13.7km/L of fuel economy while 4WD variants get up to 13.1km/L of fuel economy, meaning the new Rexton W is more thirstier than it rivals even though this engine's Euro V compliant and not compatible on Euro II-compliant countries.

This Korean-made Rexton W though, even though Mahindra states that its an all new model, it doesn't feel like a new model. It feels a bit as rubbish as a Nokia 3310 cellphone and listening to some rubbish oldies music. What I'm thinking of that this car could be a decent candidate of being THE WORST CAR IN THE WORLD. We're going to think about it later though because it's a bit complicated to call this the worst car in the world but it takes time though. It takes time. The new Rexton W though is not the best car for me. If I were to put it in my Cool Wall, it would be SERIOUSLY UNCOOL because, well you get that idea.

Imagine that if you are the kind of person who owns this car, people think that you've came from a very poor country capable of smuggling luxury cars and then crushed by the government. If you are going to test drive one of these from your nearest Ssangyong dealer, be sure to bring a hidden camera so you can secretly record about the Rexton W's rubbishness and then upload it on YouTube. It's all in the matter of critic though because the W in the Rexton W naming means WRONG. Perhaps I should call it the REXTON WRONG. He he he....Nah just kidding, it's because of the fans...or enthusiasts...


렉스턴 W 2WD RX5 DELUXE A/T - 26,830,000  Won
렉스턴 W 2WD RX7 BROWN SPECIAL A/T - 31,980,000  Won
렉스턴 W 2WD RX7 LUXURY A/T - 29,180,000  Won
렉스턴 W 2WD RX7 PRESTIGE A/T - 34,050,000  Won
렉스턴 W 4WD NOBLESSE A/T - 37,430,000  Won
렉스턴 W 4WD RX5 DELUXE A/T - 28,600,000  Won
렉스턴 W 4WD RX7 BROWN SPECIAL A/T - 33,750,000 Won 
렉스턴 W 4WD RX7 LUXURY A/T - 30,950,000  Won
렉스턴 W 4WD RX7 PRESTIGE A/T - 35,820,000  Won

Photo: Ssangyong Motor Company

Monday, December 3, 2012

Fourth-generation RAV4 to be on Japan this Autumn 2013

2014 Toyota RAV4

Seems that Toyota will retain its previous generation RAV4 in Japan via Netz dealerships because what I found on some spoilerlicious site called, the 4th-generation RAV4 will be in Netz dealerships at the Autumn of 2013...a late schedule for that but anyway, here's how it said...



What it said that the all new RAV4 will be in Japan this Autumn 2013 (November's 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, perhaps?) and some say that for this new model, the 2.4L enigne from the previous 3rd generation model will be ditched and be replaced with a 2.0L engine so there's going to be some downsizing here. They're also pondering a hybrid version here...

Caroling with the Bulilits!

On the December 2, 2012 episode of Goin Bulilit...

- What's OOH? What's EEW? It's OOH! EEW!

- Goin Bulilit does the ABS-CBN Christmas 2012 station ID

- Caroling gags sa jeepney

- Tanong ko lang...

- The corniest jokes on I'M CORNY!

- Caroling gags sa labas ng bahay...

- Ready Get Set Goin!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Forza Horizon: Huge power or good handling?

There were two cars that were part of Forza Horizon's November Bondurant Car Pack. The one that possess an insane amount of power of its class and the other which is a hardcore lightweight version of a high-performance German sports car.

First off, I'll start the first one and this one here is the Shelby 1000, a GT500-based machine that became the last to be commissioned by the founder before his death. It maybe a muscle but with such power output that no other muscle car can get this, this is no other muscle car that I have ever driven in the whole game.

An overpowered workhorse

So how did the Shelby 1000 became the only muscle car that can handle such a big power like these? For starters, there is no production muscle car that can accumulate a thousand horsepower engine because with an overpowered engine, a muscle car can't survive and then it starts to disintegrate. That sounds risky but for Shelby American, what they do to make a thousand-horsepower muscle dream into reality, is by giving a GT500 donor car some strengthening needs such as a special subframe connectors, a new tubular chrome-moly front subframe, and others that can help survive the raw power of the thousand-horsepower engine.

I can't believe I got a chance to duke out one of Shelby's 50th anniversary offering, it's like trying out one of their biggest tributes for their anniversaries but such impressions aren't always welcome unless you have shown interest to the Shelby 1000. The sound? For a tuned 5.4L V8 engine on the Shelby 1000, it's giving me a different kind of nostalgia, something that the 1000's demonic whining of its engine reminds you of. Tell you what, does this sound familiar to you? It sounded like the Lizard Nightmare from R4 (Ridge Racer Type 4). Forgive me that I'm mentioning a very very old video game some of you heard of but yes, it does sound like it.

Because of such a heavy power, the handling of the 1000 is very diabolical. It doesn't kill you like a Third World Dictator but it will when it does. You need to be extra careful because the Shelby 1000 is not the kind of car for noobs of all kinds but for a real noob, consider this...

It's as serious as a racing driver as complexed

This is the BMW M3 GTS. It's a lightweight, hardcore, stripped out version of the E92 BMW M3. It may have the same V8 engine that powers the M3 but more importantly, it's 300 kilograms lighter than the standard model. The supercar marketing ploy that goes if you take away something from the car like for example some radio, carpets, aircon, and something to reduce weight, you'll charge more for not giving it to you. That's exactly what this is. Well, it may not be a supercar but look at it, some scaffolding occurred so what can I expect on the M3 GTS is simple; no radio, bucket seats, roll bars, no rear seats, no aircondition, no concession of comfort, nothing. It doesn't matter though because the GTS is a serious sports car with a serious attitude. It's easier to handle too so it doesn't matter if you're not concentrating.

I think that the M3 GTS is my pick because it may lost some of its concessions of comfort but it's a corner-munching leviathan I really love to drive. It kinda reminds me of the M3 GTR from the past. As for the Shelby 1000, it's the power that made me drunk for speed every time I set foot. This is the kind of muscle car that demands fear and respect to the Horizon drivers.
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