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On the December 21 episode of Bubble Gang

- Christmas shopping gags

- Customer Service made even more complicating even in person

- You want to take a picture with Santa Claus? Or you're just doing something else?

- Susi Problems. Girls just wanna have fun.

- Anong gagawin para makakain ng Lucky Vi Pancit Canton? Bubble Gang does Lucky Me Pancit Canton by spoofing it as LUCKY VI PANCIT CANTON. #1 WALA NANG IBA.

- Who rules? Men or women? DEDEBATIHIN KITA!

- ANG BAGONG DATING DOON with Brod Pete and friends. You got complicating questions, they got answers.

- How does people shortening their sentences to make it sound fancy?

- IyoTube in Feliz Navidad

- Ang cute cute mo!

2013 Subaru Stella

2013 Subaru Stella

In response to Daihatsu released the facelifted 2013 Move lineup complete with improved e:S technology that propelled them to 29kmpl of fuel economy based on JC08 Mode standards and a new safety system called "Smart Assist" which also comes with an auto-braking feature similar to Volvo's and Subaru's, it seems that here comes an "emergency facelift" for the Subaru Stella twin, therefore, all the technology and the impressive fuel saver gizmo applied on the 2013 Move are bolted in the Subaru Stella compact kei car, which is essentially a rebadged Daihatsu Move when it was launched in May 2011.

Although, the Stella and its Stella Custom stablemate has a very different face than the 2013 Daihatsu Move, it still comes with the newly improved e:S Technology with CVT Thermo Controller that helps get their fuel economy up to 29kmpl and also the SMART ASSIST system that comes with the auto-stop feature that can automatically brake the car in a near-collision scenario.

Sales start at January 2013 across Japan.


Thursday, December 20, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, BBC showcased a teaser photo for what some say this could be the new look inside the TARDIS.


We were confused about this and we kept asking "Is this the new look inside the TARDIS?". We also heard that prior to the DW 2012 Christmas Special, there's going to be a brand new version of the Doctor Who theme song. Puzzling, isn't it? Now, BBC revealed another photo of the NEW TARDIS as well as the Eleventh Doctor's new (and questionable) costume...

New TARDIS interior and Eleventh Doctor's new costume

What's so cool that the console's now revamped, bringing it back to its roots. The new Eleventh Doctor costume is kinda puzzling. It becomes more classical, more vintage, but still more Who factor for our time lord hero.

See the full view on the Doctor Who Christmas Special "The Snowmen", Christmas Day at these times:

UK - 5:15pm on BBC One
US - 9/8 central on BBC America (U.S.)
Canada - 9E/6P on Space (Canada)
Australia - Boxing Day, Wednesday 26 December 2012 at 7.30pm on ABC1.

Image: BBC Worldwide

Miss USA is 2012's Miss Universe

Miss USA is 2012's Miss Universe
Image: Reuters

Does everyone watched this year's Miss Universe? If you did, you might heard that USA's Olivia Culpo took home the crown and glory as Miss Universe 2012 while our very own Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon is 2nd place while Miss Venezuela Irene Sofia Esser Quintero placed 3rd, Miss Australia Renae Ayris placed 4th, and Miss Brazil Gabriela Markus placed 5th.

Seems that these beauty queens got the looks, the finesse, the moves and the guts to answer questions the Miss Universe committee can throw at them. To those who made it to the top spot, I just wanna say congratulations. As for you, Miss Philippines, even though you were placed 2nd, I'd expect great things coming for you. Great things...


Daihatsu Move Fifth-Generation Minor Change

A couple of months ago, Suzuki Motor Corporation just launched their most fuel efficient Wagon R ever complete with new fuel-efficient features that propelled its fuel economy to 28.8kmpl. Some people say that this fuel economy is sure enough to outwit the Daihatsu Move's 27kmpl fuel economy based on JC08 Mode standards. In such response, Suzuki vs. Daihatsu, the battle for fuel economy supremacy, rages on because in response to the new Suzuki Wagon R's antics, Daihatsu waged everything they've got to make something even more fuel efficient than the new Wagon R.

2013 Daihatsu Move

2013 Daihatsu Move Custom
I mean yes, this is the Daihatsu Move. It's still the fifth-generation Daihatsu Move, the kei car that set a benchmark for fuel economy figures and the car that staged a fight against Suzuki in a war of fuel economy. However, this is no ordinary Move because this is the minor change model for the fifth-generation Move. Even though it's a facelifted model, Daihatsu added some new features, something that no other kei car in Japan comes close. What I heard is that this facelifted version of the Move now comes with SMART ASSIST. My thoughts exactly, folks. This is the first time a kei car has applied this; a braking system similar to Volvo's City Safety and Subaru's Eyesight Ver. 2. Meaning that the facelifted version of the Move can now brake by itself in a near-collision scenario. Don't ask how...

Forgive me, ladies and gentlemen, because this is a very serious first look to this new version of the Move and you know me, I'm wasn't quite serious enough getting to know new cars but for this new Move, things are going to be wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey for now.

Where was I? Oh yeah! You know that in the previous fifth-generation Move, it bears the TNP27 slogan because of its 27kmpl fuel economy thanks to its idling stop feature and CVT. For this updated version can you guess what is the fuel consumption of the 2013 Daihatsu Move? Who says 27? Wrong. 28? Nope. 28.8 like the Suzuki Wagon R? Wrong again, you're getting warmer. It's now 29kmpl! The 2013 Daihatsu Move now returns up to 29kmpl based on JC08 Mode standards! How's that possible?

To tell you why, that's because Daihatsu implemented an updated version of e:S Technology first applied on the Mira e:S. I said it "updated" because they've added CVT Thermo Controller for the first time in a kei car. I have no idea how does the new CVT Thermo Controller works in the 2013 Move but what I heard that this new feature maintains the engine temperature. That's it. Don't tell me how it works...again. That's not my responsibility.

However, with their newly improved idling stop system and newly improved e:S Technology implemented so successful, they've even placed it on the turbocharged Move Custom RS version. In a turbocharged version available only on the Move Custom, this gives about 25.2kmpl of fuel economy.

2013 Daihatsu Move interior
2013 Daihatsu Move Custom interior
So far, so good but we're not out in the woods yet. In terms of pricing, the 2013 Move starts at 1,070,000 Japanese Yen for the X model up to 1,591,000 Japanese Yen for the Move Custom X "Limited SA" model with 4WD powertrain on it. Better take note, idiot boys; IT'S AVAILABLE ONLY IN JAPAN. That's it.

Photo: Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Forza Horizon: Let the rally commence!

Eat dirt!

Today is the day the RALLY EXPANSION pack on Forza Horizon is out. With this pack, the whole Colorado gets down and dirty, transforming the Horiozn Festival into a rally driver's dream come true. On this expansion, this will test the mettle of your rally instincts, showing everyone who's got the skills to rule the dirtier side of the festival. On this pack, you'll expect five new cars that are brave enough to rally;

2005 Subaru Impreza WRX Sti
1982 Lancia 037 Stradale
1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth
1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four RC ST185
2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR

This pack costs 1600 MSP but if you're a season pass holder, it's free and not just that, you'll also receive this month's Season Pass bonus car; the 2003 Ford SVT Focus. That's Ford's rally-bred monster that's sure in handy later.

By the time you have the Rally Expansion and if you're tuning your car at the garage, you'll now have new rally-oriented tuning kits available such as the Rally Tires, rally suspension, and a short-gear ratio gearbox which is a necessity in the world of rallying. Almost all of the cars are welcomed to use such rally-oriented tuning kits and if you have the rally parts, you are cleared to rally. Happily however, these rally-oriented parts are usable in any mode, meaning that these kinds should be put to good use if you're in a game of KING at the Carson Golf Course. There are new rivals mode, online matches, and new achievements to see in the Horizon Rally Expansion.

In the world of rallying, time is your only enemy. Make sure you master the dirt very well and aim for the fastest time. If you mess it up, your rankings will suffer. Make sure you don't mess it up and concentrate on the road ahead in order to master the art of rallying. Oh, and don't be distracted by the beautiful scenery around you. Each event consists of four stages and if you set an overall fastest after four stages, you can advance to the next event and if you cleared all seven events, you've done it. That means you've conquered dirt and rallying.

You may clear it but did your progress fared well against your rivals from across the globe? Take them on the Rivals Mode and aim to be the fastest.

Well folks, hope you're enjoying some good time shoveling dirt on your opponents' front windows and rule the dirt in the world of rallying.

'Doctor Who' Praised In Study Of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexuals In Media?!

Torchwood: Miracle Day
Torchwood: Miracle Day

Something ain't quite right...seems that the BBC were highly praised for gay characters in their shows and it seems that the world famous Doctor Who sci-fi show was one of them. Seriously? Did this ever-favorite sci-fi show had a "gay character" on it?

Well, we saw Doctor kissing Rory in an episode titled Dinosaurs on a Spaceship but no. We're not referring to that. Some say that some character from Doctor Who is "metrosexual". The Eleventh Doctor? Nope. Not really. A kiss to Rory don't count. Someone referring to the time agent/con man/Torchwood operative Captain Jack Harkness, played by John Barrowman.

Captain Jack is one of The Doctor's allies and star of the Torchwood spin-off program where he leads the Torchwood Three team, investigating alien activities but at the cost of their lives as a Torchwood operative. Some say that Captain Jack's an openly bisexual action hero on both series.

Very granny would think about that he's gay. And by gay, we're not going to blast the whole Derek the gay old man dialogue. He he he...Derek the gay old man...another Catherine Tate stuff...



Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let's Do The News! (December 18, 2012)

River's Diary

Right, what's the news today you spoiler-laden TARDIS journal?

A new naming scheme from Infiniti

Beginning in the 2014 model year, there's going to be a new naming scheme for Infiniti, Nissan's world market luxury brand. That means, the brand will use the letter Q for all sedan and coupe models while the QX name will be used for their SUV and crossover lineup. First model will be the replacement for the Infiniti G sedan, called the Q50, which serves as the next generation Nissan Skyline V37 sedan. The Infiniti M will be called Q70, G Coupe and Convertible will be called Q60, QX will be called QX80, FX to QX70, JX to QX60, and EX (Nissan Skyline Crossover) to QX50, respectively.


2014 BMW Z4 E89 facelift

2014 BMW Z4

A minor change occurred for the BMW Z4 E89 and for this minor change comes with the three-dimensional design of the LED light rings on the headlamps, the BMW lettering on the LED accent lights on top, the new available 17- and 18-inch alloy wheels and a newly designed, tapered surround for the side indicators. Mineral Grey metallic, Glacier Silver metallic and Valencia Orange metallic are three new colors joining for the 2014 model year and that's not all, it even includes a cheaper version called the sDrive18i, which comes with the 2.0L turbo engine that generates 156PS of power and 240Nm of torque, mated to either a 6MT or an 8AT.


AWD Sport variant for the 2013 Dodge Charger

2013 Dodge Charger AWD Sport

With winter comes, Dodge is prepped up with an AWD Sport version of the 2013 Charger saloon. It is a limited edition model that comes with some styling tweaks, convenience, paddle shifters, and a new SPORT MODE for the transmission and the option of two engines, a 370hp Hemi V8 and a 300hp Pentastar V6.

WALD's even more serious 86 body kit

Wald Toyota 86 - Scion FR-S
WALD Toyota 86 Sports Line

A couple of months ago, Wald unveiled their first body kit for the Toyota 86 sports car with a front half spoiler, side skirts, a duck tail-like boot lid spoiler, and two-tone alloy wheels. For next year's Tokyo Auto Salon, WALD tries to make it even more serious with the Sports Line edition for the Toyota 86. With this, you can expect an SLR-like hood, rear fender extensions, a rear diffuser with quad tailpipes, a wide rear wing and deep-dish, five spoke alloy wheels housed in low-profile performance tires.

Top Gear Magazine December 2012 issue

Top Gear Magazine December 2012 issue

2012, it's almost over, and BBC's Top Gear Magazine are in search for the best car of 2012. Not only that, seems that the Top Gear boys chose their best cars of the year that tickles their fancies. As some of them who has this magazine, they might recognize that the latest Ferrari, the F12berlinetta, became BBC Top Gear Magazine's Supercar of the Year 2012. Pagani Huayra is Richard Hammond's Car of the Year, Toyota 86 is Jeremy Clarkson's Car of the Year, and McLaren MP4-12C Spider is James May's Car of the Year.

Hammond’s Car of the Year: Pagani Huayra

“My Car of the Year is not going to revolutionise personal transport, reinvent motorsport or solve the looming energy crisis. It is a machine so unlikely ever to be a real, material presence in most of our lives that it may as well be a unicorn. And there it is: the Pagani Huayra. Perhaps unicorn is the best way to describe it…
Well, someone had to nominate the Huayra. And Richard – being someone who embraces guilt-free boyish excitement – fell in love with the most outrageous car of 2012. A car that not only represents the cutting edge of car technology, but the poster-possible styling that comes from the beautiful mind of Horacio Pagani. In this month’s Top Gear magazine, Richard finally gets a chance to play with the Huayra around our deserted Dunsfold track, and it’s fair to say he comes away impressed. And the scent of tortured tyres attracts a certain white-suited individual…

Watch video of Hammond in the Hurhaugharah at
Pagani Huayra and Richard Hammond

Jeremy’s Car of the Year: Toyota GT86
You thought Jeremy would immediately pick the most expensive or most powerful car here, didn’t you? Well, he didn’t… he picked one of the cheapest and least powerful. But he had his reasons. The Toyota GT86 is a new way of looking at an old problem: how to have fun in a reasonably priced car. Now, TG has a long association with cheap thrills, but the GT86 tries very hard to re-educate a generation of hot-hatch motorists on the joys of rear-wheel drive. And it succeeds, by being exciting, relatively cheap and accessible to mere mortals. It’s good, people. Be excited.
“I like the GT86 because it’s come barrelling into the bottom end of the marketplace with a big dirty smile on its face and a suggestion in the way it stands that it wants to have fun with your middle parts. It’s a car designed for one thing only: fun.”
See video of Jezza in the GT86 at
Toyota 86 and Jeremy Clarkson

May’s Car of the Year: McLaren 12C Spider

James May is a fan of good design and an even bigger exponent of excellence in engineering: two things he found in abundance in the new McLaren 12C Spider – a convertible that neatly beheads the usual arguments against convertible cars by being as perfectly dynamic as the coupe version. Except with a mighty sunroof. Driving the car exclusively for TG mag along the highest paved road in Europe, James discovered that the 12C Spider was:
“Perhaps the most benign supercar I’ve ever tried. Some would want to be admired for their courage in mastering a Ferrari GTO or that demanding Lamborghini Aventador, but I say cobblers to that. I can challenge myself by learning to play the violin. This is a good-time car and I want a good time. I get it.”

For video of James May in the McLaren 12C, visit
McLaren MP4-12C and James May

Another Prologue to The Snowmen!

Back in BBC Children in Need 2012 special, they did aired a prologue to this year's Doctor Who 2012 Christmas Special, the SNOWMEN. In the prologue to this special called THE GREAT DETECTIVE, we witnessed some old allies returned and formed three-quarters of the Paternoster Gang. Yep, we're talking about our old pals from A Good Man Goes to War episode; Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax.

For this second prologue, called Vastra Investigates, well, you have to watch this and find out:

Doctor Who: The Snowmen premieres Christmas Day!

UK - 5:15pm on BBC One
US - 9/8 central on BBC America (U.S.)
Canada - 9E/6P on Space (Canada)
Australia - Boxing Day, Wednesday 26 December 2012 at 7.30pm on ABC1.

American Whovians get to see the new K9!

The new K9!

Doctor Who fans love the robot dog named K9. Whether if its from the old Doctor Who years or as Sarah Jane's trusty sidekick, it's still one of the best Doctor Who character that I like to define it as either "The Doctor's Best Friend" or "Sarah Jane's Best Friend". A couple of years ago, in UK, they've aired a new K9 spin-off show featuring the all new K9 robot dog, complete with a new look, new hovering ability, and the same K9 loyalty from its predecessors. Here's how this show is about:

In the not too distant future, Earth was been ravaged by disasters and the government made cyborg technology that replaces human law enforcement with Cybernetic Civil Pacification Corps, which was ruled by the Department.

K9 was once a robot dog made by a professor who accepted a position at the Bi-Al Foundation from the 50th century. If you recall the old Doctor Who, the foundation summoned The Doctor and his then-partner, Leela, and then he's suffered by some intelligent virus, which the professor and K9 made an antidote to save him. Before The Doctor and Leela left, the professor offered K9 to them to aid in The Doctor's journeys. When The Doctor bid farewell to Leela because she has to stay in Gallifrey with commander Andred, K9 was offered to stay with Leela.

After that, The Doctor created an exact copy of K9. Dubbed Mk.2, it has the same features as K9 but comes with a stronger power source, improved tracking circuits, and for added defense, a blaster on K9's nose. K9 remained with The Doctor until the TARDIS was stolen by a time-sensitive Tharil named Blorc. K9, along with a Time Lady and The Doctor's then-partner, Romana, was imprisoned but freed by a Tharil named Lazlo. With the Tharils freed and The Doctor and the TARDIS catapulted back to normal space, K9 chose to be in E-space with Romana in order to save the Tharils from slavery.

The Doctor built K9 Mk.3 and this version was a present for his former partner, Sarah Jane Smith. The Mk3 version comes handy in the rounding up of a witches coven at Moreton-Harwood.

In Series 2 of the new Who, The (Tenth) Doctor, along with Rose and Mickey, come face-to-face with his former partner, Sarah Jane, in an episode called School Reunion. On that episode, in order to stop the Krillitanes, K9 sacrificed himself to save the students. When, The Doctor, Rose, and Mickey, bid farewell to Sarah Jane, he left a present for her, an improved version of K9, called Mk4, which aided Sarah Jane on her adventures from a Doctor Who spin-off (most of it may remember it right before the passing of the actress who played Sarah Jane, who is Elisabeth Sladen, last year) called The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Anyway, enough story telling for that, onto the new K9 spinoff. He arrives at Professor Gryffen's home. Gryffen was an expert who made an Alien Space-Time Manipulator, which travels K9 to distant worlds and he was been followed by alien enemies, the Jixen Warriors who attacked Gryffen, and some teenagers named Starkey and Jorjie. To save them, K9 self-destruct himself but miraculously reformed by some strange alien device planted on his mainframe. Thus, the new K9 was born. Such new features on the new K9 did come with a terrible consequence; he lost his memory. Yep, K9 completely forgot about himself so in this new spin-off, not only the new K9 pledged to save mankind from aliens and a cybernetic empire that rules with an iron fist but also trying to cope up with its past. Aiding the new K9 was Starkey, Jorjie, and Darius who was the teenager Gryffen often asks him for errands.

America's SyFy channel was very pleased to air K9 in the US telly and as a treat, Christmas Day –Tuesday, December 25 – from 10AM-11PM ET/PT. 

Everybody say AFFIRMATIVE!

What's in our Car Town garage today? (December 18, 2012)

What's in our Car Town garage today?

1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Appeared in a hilarious redneck car chase movie, titled Smokey and the Bandit, starring Burt Reynolds, you're looking at the legend that took places where no car has gone before. Big Enos was right about this because this is a legendary muscle car you'll find it hard to catch behind the wheel.

1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

1934 Chrysler Airflow

Now when Chrysler launched the Airflow back in the 1930's, Chrysler made a marketing stint for this car. They've stuck the car going backwards throughout Detroit, Michigan and this kind of marketing is just one of the examples Chrysler had planned something big, meaning that this car will emerge that no other car has to offer.

1934 Chrysler Airflow

2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

When it was debuted at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, this was hailed as America's most powerful production car and it became the benchmark for General Motors' performance benchmark. Countless motorsport involvements with the Corvette had been tinkered to this remarkable achievement that transforms the Corvette into a half-decent supercar that competes against Europe's and Japan's finest.

2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

Monday, December 17, 2012

The 500th Lexus LFA is produced. The end of Lexus' supercar...

Sad news folks, as planned, Toyota Motor Corporation has produced the 500th, and the last, Lexus LFA supercar in its Motomachi plant.

The Lexus LFA supercar was limited to 500 units worldwide, with 20 units produced monthly from December 2010 to December 2012.

It's official folks. The 500th LFA was produced and this is farewell to Japan's V10 supercar as we know it.

Goodbye, Lexus LFA.


Volvo V40 Cross Country

2013 Volvo V40 Cross Country

Okay, this isn't what it exactly meant to be but why would Volvo brought back the "Cross Country" name for this sport utility wagon version of the V40 instead of another XC like the XC70, XC60, and the XC90? Don't blame me, blame Volvo why did they resurrect the Cross Country moniker. Some say that the terms XC and Cross Country are synonyms but Volvo said they're not. What's the difference? Volvo says that XC models have a distinct crossover character with unique body-styles including an elevated seating position, while the Cross Country models are expressive all-road versions of our dynamic wagons and hatchbacks. Huh? Wait a minute...Never mind about that whole conundrum set up by Volvo because you know why? I just don't get it.

Anyway, this new version is 40mm higher than the standard V40 and with such height increase comes with some added looks such as retaining the same rim sizes from the original, contrasting bumper, honeycomb mesh grille, upright DRL-lights, sculpted sills, and the contrasting rear bumper with integrated skid plate. It maybe just the same V40 look with some cosmetically enhanced toughness but overall, the XC err... Cross Country version tries to be a tough one even though in this such size as a hatchback.

For a car like this, the V40 Cross Country is kinda targeted for the outdoorsy type of person, someone who loves to go out for the great outdoors such as the mountains, the forest, the falls, or whatever nature made for us. Thinking about it, if you were going out BMX-ing, fishing, hunting deers, fortune hunting, or something what an adventure lover really want to, seems that this is the kind of Volvo for them if they can't afford on the XC models.

I was just wondering, in such cars like this, I am becoming more of a half-businessman, half-adventurer, meaning that there's all work, all play for me, meaning that I can use it to go to the office for work, or use it while going out for my leisure trip such as going for a game of basketball, or billiards, or boxing, or a dance-off by night, or anything that kills my boredom amidst the stringent schedule done by the times. Here in the V40 Cross Country, this is possible for me. I think it's better to drive and better to have one than the Subaru XV but don't think of ever getting one of these because in terms of pricing, it's much more expensive than the Subaru XV. Despite pricing, the V40 Cross Country has more features than the Subaru XV and also, they both have the same safety features especially the one that automatically brakes in the near-collision scenario.

Unlike the XV, which only comes with a 2.0L petrol engine, the V40 Cross Country do come with a host of petrol and diesel engines such as the 115PS D2, 150PS D3, 177PS D4, 180PS T4, and the 254PS T5 (the most powerful in the lineup). The T5 model of the V40 Cross Country comes with all wheel drive with class leading driving dynamics so you can go anywhere no matter what, even in the rain. Sounds reasonable and the Powershift transmission, available on the T4 model, is just another double-clutch goodness for this car. This is much better than the "Taters Donna Tate" CVT stuff in the XV.

It maybe cost more than the Subaru XV but the V40 Cross Country is just one of the examples that a Swedish-based carmaker can think of, despite the fact that it was made by Belgians in Ghent. It maybe more expensive than the XV but with all of the features loaded, this is much more of a premium blend. It's like Nescafe premium blend best served hot in a nice coffee table made out of wood.
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