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GT5 C7 Corvette Laguna Seca

Pretty soon, this will be the trending topic...

With the countdown before the big reveal draws near, it seems I'm very busy flexing my muscles on the C7 Corvette prototype and with the final days before the big reveal, a GT5 player's work is never done to put all of my blood, sweat, and tears into this next generation Corvette.

My journey lands on Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, located in Monterey, California. Some people say that this is the benchmark from a famed motoring magazine in North America, figuring out the best handling car and the best driver's car in America and this is how I'll be tackling on to see if I'm sending this message on that motoring magazine with some trending topic to feed on.

They said that the soon-to-be-extinct Corvette C6 ZR1, in its 2013 model year, has a lap time of 1:33.7, so what am I going to do here is to beat that, without killing myself. As soon as I crossed the starting line and when the clock starts, the action begins and thanks to sports hard tyres, it's an added challenge for me. In my first lap, I managed to do a 1:42.080, but as I progressed and with numerous tortures at the corkscrew, it seems that my hopes of nailing the lap time set by the 2013 C6 ZR1 has been wiped out and it seems that I have already pushed the next Corvette's LT1 engine a little too far but that's okay though. Even though it may not be as powerful as the flagship model of the previous model, it still shows its wild side. Not quite quick but how much fun is that? This is not made to kill me, this is made to made me laugh! He he he....

With too many twists around Laguna Seca, maybe I wasn't brave enough to master the most advanced Corvette ever but relax, this is just practice for me, so no harm done. I still believe that this C7 Corvette will always be a track-munching, road-burning dynamite and it takes a man with an iron fist to master the new generation Corvette.

By the way, I done it in a 1:39.981 lap time but never mind. This is the best I can do here and surely, it's not going to be a trending topic to the motoring press. Only time will tell when will it set a time in Laguna Seca but in the meantime, it's Journey's End for me testing the C7 Corvette Prototype.

IMPUL now offers body kits for 2013 Latio, NV350, and Note

IMPUL Latio N17

A couple of months ago, while in Malaysia, Edaran Tan Chong showcased an IMPUL version of the Nissan Latio/Sunny/Almera N17 and it was offered in Malaysia. We are pondering when will this be available in Japan and turns out, yes, they will. IMPUL now offers body kits for the all new 2013 Nissan Latio compact sedan and if you happen to own a low-cost sedan from Nissan, which was an import from Thailand with the 1.2L engine and CVT on it, you can pay about 134,400 Japanese Yen for a full aero kit plus 35,700 Yen for the 6.0J-16 (+38) wheels, 7,350 yen for the IMPUL badge, and 3,150 Yen for a number plate lock.

That's not all, it seems that the all new Nissan Note E12 and the NV350 Caravan are joining the IMPUL band as well...

IMPUL Note E12

IMPUL NV350 Caravan E26

If you happen to own an all new 2013 Nissan Note E12 and if you have enough money for this project, well yes. Aside from the styling enhancements, IMPUL will also provide some performance boost on either the HR12DE or the HR12DDR engine, Hyper Power Control Unit, OHLINS shock absorbers, coil springs, brake system, anything that will boost the E12's performance. You don't have to tell me what are those but these will make worth your while to add some pepper to your all new E12 Note.


Here on the NV350 Caravan model, IMPUL will provide some of the finest aero parts available on Nissan's latest commercial van made for the entrepreneurs or dads who are busy carrying his family. It really packs a swagger on it.


Be sure to check them out!

The Cars of 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon (Part Two)

And it's back. In a previous article, carmakers show off their modified versions of their current car lineup at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon at Makuhari Messe. Now, let's take a look at some of the modified cars in other booths of this year's show. WARNING: This is pure car porn...

Images courtesy of

There are so many modified cars in store for the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon. Why not check it out? This event runs until Sunday so best be hurry up while you can or you'll miss out the most this year's Tokyo Auto Salon!

Good Luck.


On the January 11, 2013 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Waterfall gags, for adventurers who are on the verge of being caught by guards

- For this guy, he has someone who can complete his sentences...

- Two tough guys...on a role of being gay...

- The worst restaurant he had ever visited in his whole life...

- Bubble Gang does Tropicana Twister by spoofing this commercial as TRAPIKANA TWISTER! IT'S ALL GOOD!

Bubble Gang does Tropicana Twister
- Everything here is FAKE!

- Tata Lino once again returns for more quotes...


- James Wang (Jacky Woo) on the scene of robbery or the CHEATING case...

- IyoTube in ACDC's Highway to Hell

The Cars of 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon (Part One)

The Tokyo Auto Salon, every year, is one attention-grabbing car show where all of the modified cars get together and showcase themselves to the public. Even carmakers from Japan and foreign are getting the fun out there modifying their cars for that very show. This 2013 TAS is no different from last years because there are so many modified cars are featured by the dates of January 11, 2013 to January 13, 2013 at the Makuhari Messe. First, let's begin with carmakers modifying their cars for the show. Not only that, race cars are present as well. Let's see...

Toyota 86-Q - This is what happens when a Toyota 86/GT86 (Scion FR-S) gets shrunken into midget sizing. Imagine if it looks like a future Car Town addition...

Toyota 86-Q
Toyota 86 x style Cb - That's odd. Seems that this GT86 looks like a Jaguar E-Type on the front...

Toyota 86 x style Cb

Toyota Aqua G Sports Concept - Toyota previews another addition to their G's (G SPORTS) conversion kits and this time is the turn of the most affordable hybrid, the Aqua (Prius C).

Toyota Aqua G's Concept

Toyota GRMN Sports FR Platinum - A Toyota 86 reminiscent of the Supra from the 90's but GRMN really means serious business about this 330HP monster...

GRMN Sports FR Platinum
Toyota Mark X G's Carbon Roof - using the G's version of the facelifted Toyota Mark X, the carbon fiber roof really sums it up...

Toyota Mark X G's Carbon Roof
Toyota Vitz Turbo Concept - We're not sure if this turbocharged Vitz has some potential on it...

Toyota Vitz Turbo Concept
Toyota MINUTE-S - The world's only one-seater three-wheeler hybrid made by the power of Toyota Engineering Society.

Toyota 86 Modellista Version

Toyota 86 Modellista Version
Char's Auris - 2013 Toyota Auris by famed Gundam baddie, Char Aznable, right? Sinister enough...

Char's Auris
Modellista Multi Role Transporter - using the Fifth-generation Toyota Hiace as the basis for the do-all transporter.

Modellista Multi Role Transporter
Nissan Deltawing - As seen from last year's Le Mans...

Nissan Deltawing

Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 - Homolongated for GT3-spec racing

Nissan Juke Personalization Concept

Nissan Juke Personalization Concept
Nissan Leaf NISMO PERFORMANCE CONCEPT - That would be silly for an electric car to get spiced up a bit...

Nissan Leaf NISMO Performance Package
Nissan Note Personalization Concept - Surprisingly, the all new 2013 Nissan Note E12 has a chance to get itself modified for the show.

Nissan Note Personalization Concept
Nissan NV350 Caravan Rider Transporter - Nissan tries to steal the spotlight from the Hiace-based Multi-role Transporter with the Nissan NV350 Caravan Rider Transporter.

Nissan NV350 Caravan Rider Transporter
Honda Mugen CR-V Design Study - Fourth-generation Honda CR-V...To modify or not to modify? Mugen previews their next sports conversion to the latest CR-V...

Honda Mugen CR-V Design Study
Honda CR-Z Mugen RZ

Mugen RZ
Mugen Racing N-ONE Concept - Mugen imagines what if Honda's new kei car, the N-ONE, is suitable enough for racing.

Mugen Racing N-ONE Concept
Honda S2000 Modulo Climax - It's been a long time, isn't it? Honda S2000? The Modulo S2000 Climax shows that there's life after death for the S2000 but no one can explain why...

Honda S2000 Modulo Climax
Honda Vamos Show Model - Vamos tries to show off its party side with this modified version made exclusively for the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

Honda Vamos Show Model

Mazda Atenza RACER 2013

Mazda Atenza RACER 2013

Mazda Atenza Sound Special 2013 - Not only the aero kit of the 2013 Mazda Atenza was surprising but the audio in the boot is one heck of a trouble.

Mazda Atenza Sound Special 2013
Mazda Atenza Wagon Grand Touring 2013

Mazda Atenza Wagon Grand Touring 2013
Mazda CX-5 Active Driver 2013 - CX-5 with a black bonnet on it!

Mazda CX-5 Active Driver 2013
Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring 2013

Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring 2013
Mazda LMP2 SKYACTIV Racing - Mazda's SKYACTIV Technology now pushes through the world of motorsports.

Mazda LMP2 SKYACTIV Racing
Subaru BRZ GT300 - As seen on last year's Super GT

Subaru BRZ Premium Sport Package Concept - A BRZ with a touch of class

Subaru BRZ Premium Sport Package Concept
Subaru XV Sport Concept - See how the new Subaru XV looks like when it was modified for the show

Subaru XV Sport Concept
Subaru Forester Sport Concept - A sinister modification for the all new 2013 Forester with a red and black combo.

Subaru Forester SPORT Concept
Suzuki Stingray Customize - 2013 Wagon R Stingray's well bling-bling. That is sick!

Suzuki Stingray Customize
Suzuki Wagon R RR Concept

Suzuki Wagon R RR Concept
Chevrolet Camaro Giovanna - the special edition Camaro for fiscal year 2013.

Chevrolet Camaro Giovanna
Chevrolet Captiva FREEDOM RIDER

Chevrolet Captiva FREEDOM RIDER
Chevrolet Sonic STREET ICON PACKAGE - The wild compact gets even more wilder.

HAMANN Range Rover Evoque

HAMANN Range Rover Evoque
Lotus Elise CR - CR means Club Racer and this Elise is racy.

Lotus Elise CR

Lotus Evora SR - SR means Sports Racer and the Sports Racer is the luxury model of the Evora because of all the options included with less pricing.

Lotus Evora Sports Racer

Volkswagen up! SPORTECHNIC - SPORTECHNIC tunes the German mini-compact car, the Volkswagen up!

Image: Carview

More to come in Part Two of the cars you'll be seeing in the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon! Remember, this runs until Sunday, January 13, 2013.
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