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On the January 25, 2013 episode of Bubble Gang;

- Shoplifting gags

- Do you have Sexual FUN-Tasy?

- Mr. Assimo at the Blood Donor

- Buying a new pedicab with features

- Bubble Gang does by spoofing this ad as! Ayos! OK Todits!

- Ang Bagong Dating Doon with Brod Pete and pals

- Mommy? What is the meaning of virgin?

- Am I scary?

- A coach teaches a man about love

- James Wang is on the case of a dead man caused by poisoning...

Bubble Gang does

Aryana ending

Hey guys! Anyone watched the ending of Aryana? If you haven't seen it, let me explain about how it happened...

When the public is on the hunt against Aryana for being a real mermaid, a fight between Aryana (Ella Cruz) and Stella (G Toengi), Megan's mother, broke out and when Aryana uses her powers against Stella, she came into retreat while Aryana's friends risk everything to prevent authorities from hunting down Aryana. While the terror continues, Aryana's mother, Ophelia (Pokwang) decided that the best way to end this is to kill herself.

There was a rule that if whoever's under the mermaid's contract dies, the curse will be broken. If you recall in the past episodes, Ophelia once made a contract to Neptunia that she will return Aryana to her but with a curse for Aryana to become a mermaid...until in later episodes that when she wears a magical bracelet from the mermaids, she will have legs again and then reverts back when she takes it off...

So, when the public raided and found Aryana, the mayor tries to reveal that if Aryana's the mermaid everyone's been hunting for until when uncovered, her legs returned back to normal but how? Oh yeah, it was the mermaid's contract... NOOOOOO!!!!!

However, by a suddenly mysterious miracle, it appears that Ophelia was rescued by Neptunia (Desiree Del Valle). Reason why because Neptunia needed Ophelia to help Aryana more and explained the truth. After the truth, Neptunia sacrificed herself to break the curse.

After Neptunia's sacrifice and the reunion between Aryana and her family, as well as second chances for Stella and Megan, let's talk about how it ends...

The real ending starts at the prom and in that ending, Aryana decides whether if Adrian or Hubert will join her dance but turns out, she chose her parents instead.

This concludes the magical tale of Aryana, hope you'll enjoy this fantasy drama while it lasted!

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Let's Do The News! (January 25, 2013)

River's Diary

Right, what's the news today you spoiler-laden TARDIS journal?

Why I felt sympathy over THQ's loss

Yesterday, I heard that famed video game maker, THQ, is declared bankrupt and some of its franchises will be sold to new owners. That story made me sad because in my youth days, when my mommy bought me a PSOne back in the 90's, my mama bought us some PSOne games to make us ready. One of them was a video game made by THQ. It's titled Vs. and it was a fighting game that feels a bit amateur-ish. Anyone remember that game? But there's more than that about THQ; this company was first founded in 1989 as Trinity Acquisition Corporation and began businesses in 1990 as Toy Head Quarters. Their first game was Peter Pan and the Pirates, released in 1991.

For a quick history lesson:

Anyway, about how I felt about THQ's loss, I know it was a very sad moment, not just me but for everyone affected by the news. As a matter of fact, most of them who are working on THQ are going to the unemployment line for good, and that makes me sad. Tomorrow, everyone will lose their jobs and moments later, this company will be long gone for good. That was a bit disappointing for the gamers in the midst of today's economy.


Got the Elan!

Good news! I just got another unicorn at Forza Horizon and this is my sixth out of seven unicorns to collect on Horizon. It was a Lotus Elan! Yippee!!! But wait!!!

Lotus Elan

Turns out the producers gave me two Lotus Elan models but never mind though. It was an Elan Sprint from the 70's. I can turn my backup Elan Sprint into an original Elan S1 at the Paint section. No worries. As of now, I'm all down to the last unicorn on Forza Horizon to get and it was the MX-5 Superlight concept. Let's see what will the producers throw at me next... the meantime...

Oh! And here's a clip of my 1995 Mustang Cobra R on Horizon. Can't believe I put a good use to this old timer against one of the producers of this game... Guess everyone who beaten him gets the Dinos...A Ferrari Dino perhaps...

Sorry if this clip's too dark...

Milky Holmes return for another series!

In addition to the fact that the Milky Holmes girls will be on the Japanese dub for the critically acclaimed My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I just heard that the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes anime series return for a brand new adventure this summer and the 3rd Milky Holmes anime series will feature new characters; Kazumi and Alice or Arisu (whatever you want to call it), two 12-year-old girls.

It is revealed that Kazumi will be voiced by Aimi Terakawa, who won the open auditions for this role while Bushiroad will have an open audition this February 1st for who will take the role as Arisu.


Facelifted Audi A5 Sportback gets the ABT treatment

ABT Audi A5 Sportback

Okay, in the world of tuning scene, German tuner ABT gets a hold on the facelifted Audi A5 Sportback with some fresh batch of performance upgrades to the handling and engine along with some minor aero kits developed for the A5 Sportback's exterior.

Upgrades to the petrol engine range begin with the 1.8-liter TFSI from 170PS (168hp) to 211PS (208hp), the 2.0-liter TFSI from 211PS (208hp) to 270PS (266hp) and the 3.0-liter TFSI from 272PS (268hp) to 380PS (375hp). As for the diesel, ABT has it covered with the 2.0-liter TDI from 177PS (175hp) to 205PS (202hp), and the 3.0-liter TDI from 245PS (242hp) to 300PS (296hp).

2014 Corvette Stingray visits Jay Leno's Garage

The C7 Corvette Stingray from Chevrolet really stir up some impressions from the press and the public and with the 2013 NAIAS comes to a close, it seems that the new and improved Corvette stops by Jay Leno's Garage for some impressions.

Here's the clip:

Tokyo Auto Salon is coming to Singapore

For the first time, the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon is coming to Singapore this April 12 to 14! That's right, Japan's chock-full-of-modified-cars show is coming for the first time, at the Sands Expo and Convention Center of the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. Organized by MediaCorp, the media company behind Channel NewsAsia, the show will feature more than 20 cars from the recently concluded Tokyo Auto Salon to add spice to the cars of the Lion City. Also, Japanese race queens and J-Pop idols are there to spice it up real good.


Forza 4: 2009 Alfa Romeo Brera Italia Independent

Now that's what I call a beautiful view!

The concept version of the Brera, as seen on the 2002 Geneva Motor Show was a rear-wheel drive machine with a 4-litre V8 mounted longitudinally under the hood but for the production model, launched in 2006, it was available in either a front-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive layout along with the choice of two engines; a 2.2L 4-cylinder engine or a 3.2L V6 engine, both come with direct injection. The 3.2 JTS Q4 is the top-of-the-line model for the Brera, developing 256HP of power and all-wheel-drive, making this the choice for car enthusiasts.

The Brera's design was penned by Italdesign Giugiaro, the man behind the looks of historic Alfas such as the Giulia Sprint of the 60's and the Alfetta GT from the 70's. The Brera's design was applied on the 156 in 2003 and the Alfa 159, making it the brand's signature look back then.

2009 sees the arrival of a special Italia Independent model in association with Italia Independent, an Italian design company. Limited to 900 units and named after Alfa Romeo's partner in the venture, the Italia Independent edition of the Brera was offered with opaque-finish "titanium" paintwork, 18" "turbine" style alloy wheels and an aluminium fuel-filler cap.

Production ended in 2010 but remaining stocks continued until it sold out in 2011.

James May drove this one while Jeremy Clarkson's on the Audi TT Mk2 and Richard Hammond in the Mazda RX-8 on the Series 9 Episode 2 of Top Gear where the boys compare the Audi TT, Mazda RX-8 and Alfa Romeo Brera in Scotland.

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In case some of you never know what is THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS, it's a social idol-raising game that pits the players as the producer and he/she has over 100 idols to produce. The idea for this social mobile game is to make it to eventually produce a “top idol unit”.

Last year, some of the hundred girls from the CINDERELLA GIRLS social mobile game, with the exception of the main iM@S girls, got a chance to have their own character songs under the CINDERELLA MASTER banner and since April 2012, five Cinderella Girls were selected such as Rin Shibuya, Anzu Futaba, Kanako Mimura, Kaede Takagaki, and Rika Jougasaki. Four months later, the second batch has arrived and these are Ranko Kanzaki, Miku Maekawa, Kirari Moroboshi, Mika Jougasaki, and Uzuki Shimamura.

Now, here comes the third batch of THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA MASTER collection and for volume 011 to 015, we can expect another one of the hopefuls to listen to their voices as well as an original audio drama made specifically for each volume. So, who to expect on the third batch? Let's have a look...

011- Miho Kohinata (CV: Minami Tsuda)

011 Miho Kohinata

012 - Riina Tada (CV: Ruriko Aoki)

012 Riina Tada

013 - Airi Totoki (CV: Hitomi Harada)

013 Airi Totoki

014 - Mizuki Kawashima (CV: Nao Toyama)

014 Mizuki Kawashima

015 - Mio Honda (CV: Sayuri Hara)

015 Mio Honda

Let's Do The News! (January 24, 2013)

River's Diary

Right, what's the news today you spoiler-laden TARDIS journal?

Milky Holmes cast to join Japanese dub for My Little Pony!

Japan will be the next country to produce...well BRONIES! That's right BRONIES! Anyway, back in late 2010, US-based famous toy maker, Hasbro (famed for Battleship, Monopoly, Transformers, Scrabble and other toys and games) rebooted their long-hibernated My Little Pony franchise with a brand new TV show titled My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It was a huge success with kids until something weird going on around here...

Men...grown men are starting to watch this show and became pony lovers or BRONIES, which became a phenomenon especially on the internet. Bronies love this show so much, it spawned fan-made radio shows, fanfics, fan clubs, fan arts, etc, etc etc, well you get the idea.

Anyway, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is coming in Japan via TV Tokyo this Spring 2013 and what I heard, the Milky Holmes girls will be part of the Japanese dub.

  • Suzuko Mimori (Milky Holmes' Sherlock Shellingford) as Pinkie Pie
  • Sora Tokui (Milky Holmes' Nero Yuzurisaki) as Applejack
  • Mikoi Sasaki (Milky Holmes' Hercule Barton) as Rarity
  • Izumi Kitta (Milky Holmes' Cordelia Glauca) as Rainbow Dash

So, the girls got the roles, but question is, whose going to dub as Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy? Find that out on a special event this March as told by Bushiroad!

Once aired in Japan this April, look out! THE BRONIES TAKE JAPAN!


The end of THQ

In my youth years, I still remember the game creator, THQ, which made responsible with some of the finest games played by many. Nickelodeon also partnered with THQ for video games based on popular Nickelodeon cartoons such as Rugrats, Rocket Power, Spongebob Squarepants, and more. Does anyone old enough to remember those? For the hairy-chested gamers, THQ even made the most hardcore games such as the Saints Row franchise, Darksiders series, real-time strategy game called Company of Heroes, and the Metro series, which was the post-nuclear science-fiction survival horror game series based on a Russian novel, Metro 2033. They also teamed up with WWE for a yearly of WWE video games for fans worldwide. They were once working for a new South Park role-playing game titled South Park: The Stick of Truth but sadly, there goes the bad news...

I'm afraid that THQ is now bankrupt and one of their franchises has a new owner. Please take note that these sales are pending approval from U.S. bankruptcy court and not yet final. A hearing in Delaware will follow shorty.

Here are some of the key info:

- SEGA accepts purchase to Relic, developer of Company of Heroes 2 and Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War.

- Koch Media (the company that owns Dead Island publisher Deep Silver) is willing to buy Saints Row developer Volition as well as the publishing rights to the Metro franchise.

- Crytek, a company that is currently developing Homefront 2, now has the rights to the Homefront series.

- Take-Two, the parent company of 2K Games and Rockstar, accepts the purchasing to WWE video games and Turtle Rock Studios’ project codenamed Evolve.

- Ubisoft purchased rights to the upcoming South Park: The Stick of Truth video game as well as THQ Montreal, the current developer of Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Desilets’ project codenamed 1666.

There's no word who will take the rights from the developers behind the Darksiders series as of now. Brian Farrell, the CEO of THQ, and Jason Rubin, the president of THQ, said that they expect that most employees of the entities included in the sale will be offered employment by the new owners but they can't say what these new owners may intend, and there are likely be some positions that are not required under the new ownership. If there was an employee of an entity that is not included in the sale, THQ REGRET THAT THESE POSITIONS WILL END.

I wish them good luck to those who are affected by this news...


Doctor Who Series 7 Part 2 coming March 30!

Mark your calendars, ladies and gentlemen because Doctor Who's coming back this Easter 2013! Our favorite alien boy/time boy/chin boy The Doctor returns on March 30 and it's going to pack with new threats, new adventures, and new surprises as well as the question everyone's been asking for; Who is Clara Oswald, the woman twice dead?

In the UK, it's airing this March 30 on BBC One and BBC One HD. In the USA, same date but it's on BBC America as well as its new series Orphan Black and The Nerdist TV show. In Canada, same date also but it's on SPACE.

See you there!

Berjaya Auto Philippines is the new distributor for Mazda in the Philippines

2013 Mazda Atenza

A couple of months ago, we heard that Malaysia's Berjaya readies its acquisition to Mazda Philippines from Ford Group Philippines because of the Ford-Mazda breakup. Now, it's official. Berjaya Auto Philippines is now the distributor for Mazda models in the Philippines and it's ready for action. The first shipment of spare parts ordered by the company having been delivered to all Mazda dealers earlier and at the end of January, the first shipment of cars ordered under Berjaya Auto Philippines' name will arrive in the country.

Berjaya Auto PH will also be preparing for the Philippine launch of the all new, third-generation Mazda 6/Atenza (GJ) in the summer holidays.


Incredible Hulk-themed Lancer featured in KMJS

Incredible Hulk themed car

If you saw the January 20, 2013 episode of GMA's long-running TV magazine show, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, you might caught that in that episode, it featured a customized Mitsubishi Lancer "Itlog" which resembles the theme of The Incredible Hulk. This customization was made possible by someone named Russel Ifurung. On that clip, Jessica Soho mentions that he used to have a customized car that was themed after Bumblebee from the Transformers movies but in late 2009, his Bumblebee car got destroyed by typhoon Ondoy. Moments later, he came up with a design and his Mitsubishi Lancer was now themed after his favorite superhero, The Incredible Hulk.

On the hood, there's Hulk's fists attached as well as the markings on the hood that resembles like Hulk punching through the walls. The owner said that Hulk's fists were detachable when he's on a car show.

On the car's trunk, aside from the subwoofers attached, you'll be amazed that there's Hulk in the trunk that was made by fiberglass. Aside from that, all four doors on his Hulk Lancer were scissor-doors! The green paint though, that was marmolized in texture.

Because the suspension of his car was lowered, when he's crossing over the speed bumps, his car needs to diagonal when he's crossing through the humps.

It took six months and almost 100,000 Pesos (or about 2,500 US Dollars) to customized his Lancer into a Hulk car and with all his hard work made his car won several awards when he's on several car shows.

We all have different trips in our lives but what matters here is we're doing good things to keep our lives on the road ahead.

(I also appreciated to the taxi driver featured on that episode, whose hobby is collecting global currencies though)

2014 Lexus HS 250h minor change

The Lexus HS...

If my memory serves me correctly, this is what's known to be an entry-level hybrid sedan Toyota Motor Corporation ever made for the Lexus brand. It went on sale on July 2009 and then later exported to the USA. Sadly, this car never found a mass audience and as a matter of fact, sales of the HS 250h in the USA were discontinued last year due to poor sales.

Which meant, for the first time ever, despite Toyota USA removed the Lexus HS 250h from their lineup, it seems that the HS 250h will soldier on in the country where it was made: JAPAN.

2014 Lexus HS 250h
It's available ONLY in Japan, for the first time, and not for export use because the whole world has the CT 200h hatchback instead. For the 2014 model, the HS 250h gets Lexus' new signature Spindle Grille as seen on last year's GS executive sport saloon. The Spindle Grille is good though but it looks like this luxury brand's been run amok by predators, giving new and upcoming Lexus cars the Predator-influenced schnoz. Very awkward eh? And as for the interior though...

2014 Lexus HS 250h interior
...uh nope. Nothing's changed except the speedo. The pre-facelifted model has a speedo that reads up to the Japan-regulated 180kph but for the 2014 model, the HS 250h's speed now reads up to 220kph. Heh, guess no wonder Lexus has changed, giving their cars the world-class quality but sadly though, the 2014 HS 250h is not destined to go around the globe because it's now available ONLY in the Japanese market for 4.1 million Yen.

2014 Lexus HS 250h
Despite having a minor change, it comes with the same hybrid powertrain that includes a 147HP 2.4-liter four-cylinder Atkinson-cycle gasoline engine and a 40HP electric motor, which generate a combined output of 187hp. Thing is though, the fuel economy for the 2014 HS 250h has now been improved so that now, fuel consumption is 20.6kmpl based on JC08 mode standards.

They've added SPORT MODE to the HS 250h's Drive Mode Select, which comes with EV Mode and Eco Mode. How does these three work? I'm sorry but this is a total waste of time to explain how does the Drive Mode Select work on the Japan-only 2014 Lexus HS 250h. You have to find out for yourself.

Do I need to repeat myself? This 2014 model year HS 250h is Japan-only and Toyota Motor Corporation has NO PLANS to export it worldwide because the CT 200h have them covered.'re stressing me out though. If you have any questions, do please leave your comments below.

Available Colors: Platinum Silver Metallic, Quartz White Crystal Shine, Moonlight Opal Crystal Shine, Mercury Grey Mica, Platinum Silver Metallic, Black, Black Opal Mica, Red Mica Crystal Shine, Fire Agate Mica Metallic,  and Lapis Lazuli Mica.


HS 250h - 4,100,000 Yen
HS 250h version C - 4,360,000 Yen
HS 250h version I - 4,700,000 Yen
HS 250h version L - 5,520,000 Yen

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

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Let's Do The News! (January 23, 2013)

River's Diary

Right, what's the news today you spoiler-laden TARDIS journal?

Aston Martin Vanquish Centenary Edition

Aston Martin Vanquish Centenary Edition
2013 marks the 100th year of Aston Martin. This British sports car maker was founded on January 15, 1913 and for 100 years, this British sports car maker has produced some of the finest cars all in the name of POWER, BEAUTY, and SOUL. For that, Aston Martin will launch special centenary edition models of all cars (except the Cygnet) and the opening salvo will be the latest offering, the new Aston Martin Vanquish.


See the Vanquish landed on the Burj Al Arab

Photo: A great view of the New Vanquish on top of the helipad from yesterday's Aston Martin Centenary spectacular...

Watch the film now:
Aston Vanquish on Burj helipad

Also part of this 100 year celebration, Aston Martin made a video about an Aston Martin Vanquish being carried by a helicopter to the helipad of Dubai's Burj Al Arab. Ambitious and successful indeed!


2014 Aston Martin Rapide S

Photo: Aston Martin Unveils the New Rapide S - the most powerful, most luxurious four-door Aston Martin in history.

Discover Rapide S now:
2014 Aston Martin Rapide S
Heh, seems the Maserati Quattroporte's full change really stirs up the heat in the battle of the four door supercars. In fact, Aston Martin released an updated version of the Rapide four door premium saloon known as the Rapide. Called the Rapide S, Aston claims that this is the most powerful, most luxurious four-door Aston Martin in history. First off all, not only it has a new exterior look, it gets a new 6.0L V12 engine so that now, it produces 558HP of power and 620NM of torque.


Four David Tennants in latest Virgin Media advert!

Once again, Whovians who remember former Doctor Who lead actor, David Tennant, will once again being salivated over the latest advert from British Digital Cable TV provider, Virgin Media, for the TiVo service. On that ad, we see three David Tennants fighting each other and the real David Tennant said on the commercial "Isn't it annoying that three of your favorite programs are on the same time?" Yeah seriously, imagine if our favorite shows like MasterChef, Grand Designs, or Deadliest Catch, were on the same schedule. Virgin Media's TiVo allows you to record your favorite shows on the same schedule so you can catch them all up no matter the schedule is!

Confusing about those David Tennant copies though, is it because of the human-time lord metacrisis? Oh geez....No wonder most of the Brits who switched to Virgin Media were perhaps Whovians because of David Tennant. Allons-y!!!

Top Gear USA Series 3 Part 2 coming next week,

Here's a reminder that the second half of Top Gear USA Series 3 is coming on History Channel next week. Also, the US Premiere of the original British version of Top Gear, now on its 19th season, will be airing on BBC America this February 4, 2013. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!

Forza Horizon: The same goodness of the 458 in Spider variant

If I'm honest, the best Ferrari I have ever driven in the history of Forza was the 458 because someone told me in the telly that this is one of the all-time greats and I can't argue with that unless someone got a Mercedes-Benz with a gullwing door on it. The SLS AMG I was referring to but we're not into that, we'll leave that in future discussions. Anyway, there was a new model that has the same goodness of the 458 in Spider variant!

A 458 Italia...minus the roof?

Yes, this is the Ferrari 458 Spider, brand new from Ferrari and it is essentially an open top version of the ever-favorite 458 Italia supercar. It has the same F1 dual-clutch transmission, the same direct-injected V8 engine from the Italia, the same mid-engined rear-wheel-drive layout, and the same awesomeness that you felt in the hardtop version (which I can't tell you until the right time comes).

Ignore the bees stinging your front, man!

Normally speaking, people told that convertible versions are heavier than their hardtop coupe versions probably because the manufacturers did some stiffening stuff to the bodywork but here on the 458 Spider, despite the added weight and the fact that is slower than its hardtop equivalent, it handles perfectly. It really handles like its hardtop equivalent.

A stunning scenery

Even without the roof, it's still the most dramatically designed Ferrari ever made and it's still the most enjoyable Ferrari to drive on Horizon. I cannot think of any words to describe its coolness even though this is the convertible version of the best Ferrari ever made. Even with the arrival of its rival, the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder Performante, it's still the beauty of the beholder. It's really the best open top Ferrari ever made.

Some official car websites to visit...

There are some car enthusiasts from all over the world turned out to be nothing more of a COMPLETE CLATTERING BUTTOCK, getting lost at where they heading at. Listen up, cocks, because I will show you the list of official car sites YOU SHOULD BE VISITING. I don't care if you went to a website, where you didn't understand their language. You should adapt to them.

Some official car websites to visit...

There you go. Hope you'll like it. So remember, Japanese cars speak Japanese, Korean cars speak Korean, American cars speak American, German cars speak German, and that's it. There is no such thing as Japanese cars speak English, American cars speak Thai, Japanese cars speak Malaysian, Indian, Arab, that's it. Period.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WAVE Beach Queens Kanako Watanabe unveiled

WAVE Beach Queens Kanako Watanabe

In case you haven't know about Star Driver, it was an anime series that was aired from Autumn 2010 to Spring 2011. This was about Takuto Tsunashi, who is on the quest to stop the secret organization known as The Glittering Crux in order to save Wako Agemaki, the girl who saved his life and one of the four maidens. This anime spawned for 25 episodes and next month, Star Driver gets its own theatrical movie this February 9.

To up the ante, there was this BEACH QUEENS figure modeled after one of the fan favorites of the series, Kanako Watanabe. This figure should be ready by June 2013 and it costs 3,990 Yen or an estimated US$45.

I had to say that this is just fantastically good for this figure and question is...was she your favorite character?


BenSopra GT-R for the upcoming Fast and Furious 6 movie

BenSopra GT-R
Now as we know, the sixth installment of the Fast and the Furious movies, tentatively called Fast and Furious 6, is coming to theaters worldwide this May 24, 2013 and it brings back Dom, Brian, and the gang for another fast and furious racing thrills. Of course, this movie will never be without law-breaking modified cars that carve every destruction in its own path.

For this star car for Fast and Furious 6, this is it. This is the BenSopra GT-R. The tuned-up-weapon-of-mass-destruction R35 GTR is the car that will be featured on this film. First and foremost, this car, tuned by R's Tuning, was made to compete in some of the most well known road courses around the world. With this BenSopra body kit developed specifically for this car, the people behind this witchcraft had redesigned the entire factory cooling system to endure each lap session. Later on, SP Engineering provided the tuning program required before any vehicle testing begins.

BenSopra Full Body Kit
BenSopra GT Wing
Seibon Dry Carbon Doors
Seibon Carbon Fiber Door Sills
Seibon Carbon Fiber Door Sill Trims
Seibon Carbon Fiber Cooling Panel Set
Seibon Carbon Fiber Engine Cover
AMS Performance Dry Carbon roof
AMS Performance Dry Carbon trunk
Sparco Trunk Latches
AeroCatch Flush Mount Hood Pins

MCR Steering Wheel Set Up

Chassis and Brake Set Up:
The R’s Tuning Camber Arms
Carbon Ceramic Discs by Weapons Grade Performance
Endless Brake Lines
Endless CCM Brake Pads
Motul RBF660 Brake Fluid

Engine Performance:
Switzer P800 Turbo Kit
Cobb AP005
SP Engineering Tuning Services
HKS Downpipe
HKS Resonated Y-pipe
Motul 300V (mix-match according to weather)

Wheels and Tires:
Volks RE30 Flat Black 19×11 ET25
Volks RE30 Formula Silver 19×11 ET20
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 345/30/19


According to SP Engineering, the R'S Tuning BenSopra GT-R has a power output of 685HP of power.

See this car of Fast and Furious 6 this May 2013!


Let's Do The News! (January 22, 2013)

2014 Audi S3

2013 Audi SQ5

JC: Are you sure you find both of these cars confusing?

JM: Well, frankly yes. I mean what sort of these cars Audi made? Look at these... The all new S3, it maybe look as athletic as a female swimmer in her one-piece speedo but frankly it behaves like a school teacher that looks like Ritsuko Akizuki...

(Audience laughing)

JC: And the SQ5?

JM: It's like Seems inappropriate for a sporty crossover like this to have a diesel engine on it. But never mind. Let's just ignore it and do the news, okay?

RH: Okay the news and as you may recall, Texas-based tuner company, Hennessey Performance, once made a supercar that was more like a stretched version of the Lotus Exige but it's loaded with a thousand horsepower on it called the Venom GT.

Hennessey Venom GT
JC: Did you said Venom GT? The...Hennessey Venom GT?

RH: Exactly, it was the car that promised to beat the Bugatti Veyron's speed records. Although not yet confirmed, the top speed was an estimate 272mph, making it even more faster than the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

JC: Are you sure? Have they verified that this is much more quicker than the Veyron SS?!

RH: Not yet but the people at Hennessey Performance did broke the world record...

JC: World record for what? Being faster than the Veyron SS and Agera R combined?!

(audience laughing)

RH: No, morons. It's world record for fastest 0-300kph car ever built. Here's the clip that will amaze you...

(cheers and applause)

JC: So, on that clip, that car did two tries and then the average 0-300kph time was 13.63 seconds, making it more than enough to beat the Koenigsegg Agera R's record. Wow...No wonder Texans really know how to make a car like this. We tried that last year on Forza Motorsport 4 via the May Top Gear Pack and I was gotta say that this car loves to harass the driver.

RH: Well, yes. That's the way hypercars do... harassing the driver until it enslaves one. Being enslaved by a super fast car like this is like being contracted by the super devil if you know what I mean?

(audience laughing)

JC: Yeah right. It's not that easy being enslaved by a devilishly fast car you know. Anyway you know China right? China...I've just heard that air pollution in China has getting worse than ever and it seems that most major cities in China, including Beijing, have been enveloped in smog and citizens are covering themselves with a face mask while going out...

RH: Yeah, exactly but that reminds me. When you said air pollution in China...

JC: Yeah...

RH: I have just one question...

JC: What is it?

RH: Do you think there's an ATMOS somewhere in China?!

(audience laughing)

JM: (laughing)

JC: (laughing)

RH: What? What did I said? I said I was wondering if there was some ATMOS in China that's causing this....

(laughter continues)

JC: When you said ATMOS, short guy, you might be referring that the Sontarans are attacking China with the ATMOS until everyone is choking by the poison sky. Have you've been watching Doctor Who again?

RH: Wha....

JC: Have you been watching the one when Doctor and Donna meet up with UNIT and Martha to fend off against the Sontarans' plan to poison the entire human race by ATMOS?

(audience laughing)

RH: Huh?

JM: Oh wait! Wait! Maybe someone's turning right and this was caused. I think I know what comes next! A great big firewall!

JC: You're right. You know the Turn Left episode of Doctor Who, when the Time Beetle altered Donna Noble's life when she never met the Doctor and then disasters occurred such as the Racnoss, the Titanic explosion, the Adipose, and then the poison sky. Question is what was that big firewall in the sky?

JM: Torchwood Three unit....On that Turn Left episode, Rose said that Torchwood operatives Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones sacrificed their lives and then Captain Jack was taken to the Sontaran homeplanet.

JC: Oh...But hey, enough Whovian wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff Captain Slow. I was just thinking that in regards to this air pollution in China, could it be that it has a possibility of coming through public buildings and killing people just as when well you know, when the 456 unleashed an attack that killed thousands of people inside the building including Ianto Jones from part four of the Torchwood Children of Earth story...

JM: I dunno!!!

(audience laughing)

RH: Hey! Hey! Excuse me Captain Slow and big fat middle aged man. Can we just act serious about this?

JC: Don't care cause I ain't bovvered.

RH: What?!

(audience laughing)

JC: Maybe someone in China must have turned right instead of left and caused this...

RH: Who? Chinese Donna Noble?!

(audience laughing)

JM: Chinese Donna Noble...That is well bad...

JC: Innit though...

RH: Ugh...forget about it...Can we move on now?

JC: Oh yeah...unless I need someone who will dress like Donna Noble...

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, fat people, okay? Those who are obese or those who have beer bellies....Did you know that fat people are 80% more risk to die in a car accident?

RH: Well certainly, you are in that category. You're FAT!

(audience laughing)

RH:...and as you said, study shows that obese 80 percent more likely to die in car accidents.

JC: Hey, I'm not fat! I'm big-boned!

(audience laughing)

JC: Am I bovvered?

RH: What?

JC: Am I bovvered though?

RH: Huh? I was saying...

JC: Look at my face! Look at my face! Is my faced bovvered?!

(audience laughing)

RH: Uh...have you got any idea that you ever done that to your family?


(audience laughing)


RH: Uh...No...I'm not disrespecting your family...E he he he....

JC: Look! Face! Bovvered! I ain't bovvered though! Bovvered! Face! Venom! World Record! China! Air Pollution! Sontaran! Turn Left! Donna Noble! Obese! Car Accident! I AIN'T BOVVERED!!!


(cheers and applause)

JM: You know, by such behavior...guess we should end this news right now and move on...

RH: Yeah, that's definitely a bombshell we could just end this segment...

(audience laughing)

Five Lotus concepts axed, brand not for sale

Remember those?

2010 Lotus Elan Concept

2010 Lotus Elise Concept

2010 Lotus Elite Concept

2010 Lotus Esprit Concept

2010 Lotus Eterne Concept

Yes, these were the concept cars from Lotus Cars as seen on the 2010 Paris Motor Show. The Elise, Elan, Esprit, Elite, and Eterne. There was a City Car Concept I heard. Like those? Well, bad news though because word from DRB-Hicom, the Malaysian company now taking responsibility of Lotus and Proton, said that they've shelved plans to produce these models! Yep, those development plans were cancelled before DRB-Hicom acquired Proton.

DRB-Hicom group MD Datuk Seri Mohd Khamil said that these plans were invalid during the press conference held during DRB-Hicom’s media drive event that took place weeks ago.

The thing is though that these five concepts as seen in the 2010 Paris Motor Show were not running prototypes. They were made out of three different configurations; small mid-engine, big mid-engine and front engine.

Lotus Exige S V6

For the Lotus brand though, Datuk Seri Mohd Khamil said that the Lotus brand's not for sale, as demonstrated by the grand opening of Lotus showroom in Sungai Penchala, Petaling Jaya and the Malaysian launch of the Elise S and Exige S models.

With the exception of the Evora, which was launched back in 2008 or 2009, despite the Elise and the Exige are getting older in its age, they remain good cars and there is still demand for them. He also point out that we can expect replacements for the Exige and Evora by 2015 or 2016, with a newly-developed platform and engine at the heart of things. No further details yet as of now.


Audi S3 Typ 8V and SQ5

Tonight, or today if you're reading this on the day, or this morning if you woke up, let's talk about the latest A3. Last year, I checked out the all new Audi A3 in the summer and I told that the all new model does look like an enlarged Audi A1 but because of its new MQB platform developed by Volkswagen, it's now lighter, more rigid, and it gets even more emotional in terms of performance and handling. Well, not much. One psychopath per review though. VW Group cars with MQB platform seems to be bringing the future to us but sometimes, it's not quite a dignity if you asked me. Anyway, there's a hotter version of the new A3 and what can I say?

2014 Audi S3
Turn left! No! Turn right! No! Turn left! Turn left! Ahhh!!! Now what an athletic hatchback indeed! Street athlete! It's like it went to the Ironman race! Swimming, cycling, and running! Now that's when blokes get dirty! Hoo-hoo!!

So, welcome, everyone, to the all new S3, Audi's street athlete for the road, redefined. First of all, what Audi did is to take a normal Typ 8V A3, make it more athletic, and then pump up with the long-stroke 2.0 TFSi engine that produces 300HP of power. That's about 20HP less powerful than its rival, the BMW M135i and in a game of catch up, the new S3 is nowhere near as good as the M135i in the corners. Don't think of it as Bruce Forsyth being a Die Hard hero or being inside The Shining. This is more than that. It's like some young woman in her stripey tank top trying to attack you with a P90 machine gun in your head and shoulders. Anyway, while this model's heavier than the BMW M135i, the quattro all wheel drive system really does not scare the driver as much. It's much more grippy but it's a much more stressful to drive.

Pricing? Let's have a look...38,900 Euros for the one with the manual transmission but that car will cost you 1,900 Euros more if a 7-speed double clutch transmission is added. Come to think of it that despite the double clutch transmission added, I would say that it's going to be rubbish, frankly. So, it may look like a half-decent hot hatch but sadly it doesn't feel like a half-decent hot hatchback.

Thing is though, the all new S3 is not the only Audi that doesn't understand my language and confuses me a lot, perhaps, there's another one that is much more confusing than the new S3...

2013 Audi SQ5
It may look like the recently facelifted Audi Q5 but this is, by far out, the most confusing Audi I have ever felt in my life. This is the new SQ5 and that name should have been called the Q5 S like the TT-S but question is...why SQ5? While that question is a bit confusing as of now, the engine that powers it is even more confusing than ever...

It has a 3.0 TDi engine with two turbochargers that produces 313HP of power and 650Nm of torque. I mean yes, this is the first ever Audi S model to have a diesel engine but that only works in European countries because overseas version may get a petrol variant, which sounds lovely but...AHHHH!!!!! WHAT AM I THINKING?!!!!

You know what? Never mind about that but still, Audi said that the zero to hundred kilo sprint takes about 5.1 seconds while fuel consumption combined is about 7.2L/100km. To differentiate the SQ5 from the normal Q5, this model has the platinum gray single-frame radiator grille with its galvanized dual struts in aluminum look, the roof spoiler and modified bumpers, meaning that the crossover that was once a crossover your posh mom would use for grocery shopping, has now turned into a naughty rascal. Imagine your mom driving one of these and when other mommies saw this ride, they would think that you're an inappropriate mother who was raising a spoiled brat for years.

In essence then, both the all new S3 and the all new SQ5 were not in my books because well I was gonna say horrid but such word is not used on such cars. Guess I should better make up a new word that is neither bad, nor good to describe what these two S-model Audis were but in the meantime, these two cars are open for discussion but because I'm ending this discussion right now, guess you'll gonna have to discuss about this car somewhere else.

Photo: AUDI AG

Monday, January 21, 2013

Opel/Vauxhall ADAM

ADAM&YOU. Ein Auto. Tausend Möglichkeiten.

When anyone think about the name "Adam Opel", it is sure know that he's one of the legendary faces in the automobile history because he's the man responsible for founding the Opel carmaker in Russelsheim, Germany. For this car though...ADAM...Opel ADAM...this is kinda like the name that when Ferrari called their car after the founder, Enzo Ferrari, a couple of years ago. But not as Enzo as its sounds you know...And by the looks of it, it's a bit misleading for a car to give a manly name.

2013 Opel ADAM

2013 Opel ADAM interior
2013 Vauxhall ADAM

2013 Vauxhall ADAM interior
I mean look at it...not as manly as it looks. It kinda looks like a modern Fiat 500, which served as its target for the new ADAM. Anyway, perhaps this car should have called EVE. Get it? Because this car's made for girls who love to spend their shopping mall money buying blouses, Prada bags, cowboy boots, or anything that makes them fashionable. This is the kind of city car targeted for those who want to be fashionistas and if girls are taking this cute city car for a spin, my oh my, guess how much trouble will be doing when this premium stylish city car is handed to shopping mall-loving girls in their 20's....Posh? I don't think so, perhaps this would be quite a thrill when they got chased by bad boys in hundred-thousand euro exotic in shopping centers and I don't mean that spitefully.

Because it's so little and the wide is much more than the modern Fiat 500, the only thing you can fit through is when you see a gap between the plant and the walls of the mall, something that a supercar can't fit through. Move over, Fat Albert! Am I making it sensible or is it just me? Sorry about that but anyway, let's make it serious about this Opel ADAM but to do that, I have to be in the mind of a normal 20-ish girl who has the keys to this car...

First, I have the key, then I get inside, slide the key, turn it on, shift the gear to first, gently step the accelerator pedal, turn left away from home and then I'm off. This is where ADAM and I are going somewhere...

Suppose that I wanna listen something to some FM radio like for instance Tambayan 101.9 or Home Radio or Crossover FM, I turned on ADAM's radio, well that is a standard feature but if I was in a more expensive model, I have a feature that is somewhat similar to General Motors' MyLink but this is what they called IntelliLink. It's the first for this Opel and it brings content from the smartphone (either iOS or Android alike) onto the seven-inch, high resolution, full color touch-screen display. Looks convenient though and you can connect it via USB or Bluetooth. I like Bluetooth better because wireless connectivity brings the future through us. He he he he.... Personal experience, though....

2013 Vauxhall ADAM

2013 Opel ADAM
After hours of fiddling with the audio system or with the navigation, it was time for me to park this car and then I'll start shopping at my favorite mall. Time to do my favorite thing in my favorite place but parking is the least favorite for me but not to worry about it because it's the first to come with Advanced Park Assist II. At the push of the button, the dashboard tells them when they reach a parking space large enough to accommodate the car. This system does the steering, you'll do with the brakes, clutch, and the transmission. Wait a minute...this isn't convenient though, not as convenient as the Ford Focus' parking style, well you know, the thing that parks itself...

Hours later after my shopping gig, it was time for me to head home. Let me tell you something about how it performs because for the ADAM, available engine choices were either a 1.2 ecoFLEX (A12XEL) engine that produces a modest 70PS of power, 1.4L ecoFLEX (A14XEL) engine that produces 87PS of power, and the 1.4L ecoFLEX (A14XER) engine that produces 100PS of power, all mated with a standard 5-speed manual transmission, which is the only transmission offered in this city car. While most of these engines are Euro 5 Compliant, the most fuel efficient was the one with the A12XEL engine on it because the fuel economy will get me up to 20kmpl combined. That seems fine but there's a general rule about fuel economy figures. Remember the EPA fuel economy fiasco by the Hyundai-Kia group? Yep, that was a totally different story but one word of caution though is this...DRIVING STYLES AFFECT FUEL ECONOMY FIGURES. That's a top tip you should remember though. Your driving style differs fuel economy. I felt disappointed to the guy who owns a Kia Morning complaining to the Kia booth at last year's Auto Focus Motorshow & Auto Expo at the Mall of Asia concert grounds. Oh well, long story short...

Moments later, home sweet home. And it's 5:00 PM sharp, it's almost dark here and here's a quick sum up on the ADAM. It maybe just a car made for those who have an urban lifestyle, especially girls who want to spend so much hours at malls but in terms of handling, it's not too shabby but it's a bit half-baked. Just like the souffle though, this car was too beautiful to live. Thing is though, this car has some personalization for first-time buyers. You can either JAM, GLAM, or SLAM it depending on your personal preferences but that's just a fashionista's car for the serious fashionistas from malls. You can't just take it on the nightclub or to the five-star restaurant because if you do, people will notice that you'll be the other John. Did you hear about our John? Our John's a gay man now. Ha ha ha ha....Even years goes by, this 'Our John's a gay man' joke still got it but you'll never gonna getaway with anything while driving this car...End of discussion. Babu!!! I'm getting late for my parlor the beauty parlor...


Ope ADAM price list

What's in our Car Town garage today? (January 21, 2013)

What's in our Car Town garage today?

2010 Nissan 370Z

"This is a racing hen!" Jeremy Clarkson describes how this 370Z feels like but anyway, the 370Z (Fairlady Z in Japan) is the powerful and nimbler version of the old 350Z and this was codenamed as Z34, serving this as the sixth generation of Nissan's legendary Z-car. It's powered by a 3.7L V6 VVEL engine lifted from the V36 Skyline and with manual transmission equipped, it even got this new SynchroRev match system that matches the sounds of the revs per gear. That's very simple and very clever. I like that....

One thing that they didn't know that this car was designed by a Filipino...

2010 Nissan 370Z

2013 McLaren MP4-12C Spider

You're looking at James May's Car of the Year 2012 as read at the December 2012 issue of BBC Top Gear Magazine. The Spider model of the McLaren MP4-12C supercar packs the same goodness of the hardtop version with the open top goodness. Because no strengthening needs are required, McLaren managed to make it 40kg more than the hardtop version.

2013 McLaren MP4-12C Spider

2009 Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust

In a Series 14 episode of Top Gear, the boys are trying to create an eco car that will rival against the G-Wiz. Jeremy's in charge of the design, Richard's in charge of the body, and James' in charge of the battery. They made an electric car named Geoff but sadly, it performed worse than the G-Wiz and ended up crashed at the tree but the boys weren't throwing off the towel yet. They've improved their creation by having James loaded with more batteries and even a diesel-powered generator that charges the batteries on the go, Richard give it some new tires to reduce friction, and can I say? The result is the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust, their best eco car the world!

When the boys took them to the MIRA Testing Grounds, the boys pulled some tricks against the tests to prove that the Hammerhead is better than anything. They did slowing down the car in a crash test, the pendulum test rewind-fast forward trick, any kind of test the EU that can possibly throw the boys at it. Slower than the Prius but more importantly, faster than the G-Wiz!

After several tests and The Stig's Vegetarian Cousin being suffocated to death, the boys sent The Stig to bring their invention at Autocar and when the boys read the advanced seems that Autocar throw some negative comments about the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust!

Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust
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