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Let's Do The News! (February 23, 2013)

River's Diary

Right, what's the news today you spoiler-laden TARDIS journal?

MX-5 Superlight GET!

Mazda MX-5 Superlight

The Mazda MX-5 Superlight Concept, a unicorn car on Forza Horizon, is now in my possession and as for that, I have finally completed all seven unicorns on Forza Horizon. Reason for getting that is because the producers sent players like us for a Scavenger Hunt last week. Good thing I got the last of the unicorns before everyone's favorite "Unicorn Saint" johniwanna left for a break. Let's celebrate my completion of my Horizon unicorn collection by having my MX-5 Superlight for a spin...

Horizon VIP Membership available for everyone

VIP Membership on Forza Horizon is only allowed for those who've owned the Forza Horizon Limited Collector's Edition, like me. But now, the cap has been lifted because now, Horizon VIP Membership is now available for everyone starting at just 800MSP and for that you'll get cars like the Pagani Huayra, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, Audi R8 GT Spyder, Koenigsegg Agera, and the RUF Rt 12 R. Not only that, you can enjoy VIP perks and privileges such as taking part on VIP-only rivals event, receive VIP gift cars, expanded storefront, and expanded MyForza gallery space!


2014 Jeep Cherokee

2014 Jeep Cherokee

Seen here is the replacement for the aging Jeep Liberty to be seen on this year's New York Auto Show and Jeep's reviving the Cherokee nameplate for this new crossover. Sadly though no details have been given and the weirdest thing about the Cherokee's design is the front view because the front kinda reminds me of the Daewoo Musso so this is quite a rubbish-looking crossover to us but that's just the beginning.

Meh, didin't like that kind of car to be driven round town, otherwise some blind people may mistake one for a Musso...

Great Britain lost its AAA rating

As the Euro Debt Crisis lingers, most countries are suffering from downgrades by either Moody's or Standard & Poors. The latest victim of the downgrade was United Kingdom because reports said that for the first time ever since 1978, the United Kingdom is suffering a downgrade from AAA to Aa1 based on Moody's. Oh geez, those finance experts in the UK need to take action due to the recent downgrade by Moody's but that would be very tough to bring UK back on track on economic growth. Chancellor George Osborne said the decision was 'a stark reminder of the country's debt problems' but as some analysts said, he will be branded as the "downgrade chancellor". That latest downgrade packs a huge damage for the prime minister and chancellor who said keeping our AAA rating was the test of their economic and political credibility".

Sorry, UK....

Reece Shearsmith to play as Patrick Troughton?

Moments ago, Whovians are anticipated for the upcoming true-to-life story titled "An Adventure in Space and Time", a special to be aired in Autumn 2013 in celebration of Doctor Who's 50th birthday and then they've pitched in David Bradley (he was guested last year as Solomon on Dinosaurs on a Spaceship episode of Doctor Who Series 7) as William Hartnell, the first ever Doctor Who lead actor in 1963, while Call the Midwife lead actress Jessica Raine appointed as Doctor Who producer Verity Lambert and others garnered for roles of the upcoming docu-drama written by Sherlock's Mark Gatiss.

Something fishy that there's a report from RadioTimes indicating that LXG actor Reece Shearsmith will land a role on being Patrick Troughton, the second Doctor Who lead actor. Is it a rumor? Jury's out soon...

To Aru Majutsu no Index Endymion no Kiseki

To Aru Majutsu no Index
Endymion no Kiseki
The To Aru series has been one of the pinnacle of ASCII Media Works' history and because it's the 20th anniversary of ASCII Media Works, the hit anime series, To Aru Majutsu no Index, that caused a stir among fans everywhere for the past two seasons as well with its Railgun spin-off (which the second series will be airing this Spring 2013 under the Railgun S banner), some PSP games (the Index fighting game, the Railgun game, and the Ensemble game that brings every To Aru character you loved in one complete package), and a whole lot of promotion that keeps the To Aru spirit flowing through every otaku's fandom, now gets its very first feature length film and this goes to show that ASCII really did had a big start on the year 2013 and what could be more than starting the year right with an Index movie.

Called Endymion no Kiseki, the first ever Index film features every Index character you loved in the big screen such as Toma Kamijo, Index, Mikoto Misaka, Kuroko Shirai, Kazari Uiharu, Kaori Kanzaki, Stiyl Magnus, and Accelerator. If that wasn't fancy enough, a fan favorite from the Kagaku no Railgun spinoff by the name of Ruiko Saten, for the first time, makes an appearance on the movie as well. Thumbs up? Yes, very.

In the movie, just before the Academy City space elevator known as Endymion, our heroes made a close encounter with a level zero girl named Alisa Meigo but as it turned out, a number of rogue magicians are on the hunt against her and the Academy City. It is believed that Alisa Meigo could be the only key to a brewing war between Magic and Science according to Stiyl Magnus. This movie is a race against time as our heroes risk everything to prevent Alisa fell to the wrong hands and who can blame them?

Behind this first ever Index film is Hiroshi Nishikiori who directed the film at the J.C. Staff studio, Hiroyuki Yoshino's responsible for the film's script based on the concept by the To Aru series creator, and of course Maiko Iuchi (who was responsible for the background musics from the To Aru franchise) returns to stir up the soundtrack of the Endymion no Kiseki film.

The surprising bit about the Index film is that Warner Bros. Japan is now responsbile for the film's distribution, meaning that the songs you'll about to hear from the Endymion no Kiseki movie is...well, let's put it in a chase, no longer Geneon Universal material, well except for the ending theme titled FIXED STAR by Mami Kawada because's it's still a Geneon Universal material. Explain?

First and foremost, there's a mini-album on sale and those songs were sung by Sachika Misawa, who did the voice of Alisa Meigo from the film, and this mini-album, titled POLARIS, has five tracks. Then, the other one, provided by Yuka Iguchi, who was Index, is a maxi-single CD called Shining Star-☆-LOVE Letter. Uh, you know what? Forget about the WMG-labeled songs you'll hear on the film, let's just concentrate on the bigger aspects on the film.

Although, this is the first ever theatrical film for the To Aru series, Endymion no Kiseki is going to be more of a Miracle Day with a thousand times more manageable. The start will get a little bit smooth but as the film progresses, it gets even more intense and intense and intense right until to the moment you'll start asking questions or taking a break at the comfort room if you wish. Once you look at this film, you'll never gonna blink on the first half of the film right until your senses think that you're going to snooze over but I'd recommend not to do it because you'll be missing out the action. Speaking of action, Endymion no Kiseki really packs a thriller, this is just one of the few good anime films you can get yourself a thrill if you wish. You'll be excited to watch it again and again and again until the theater staff asked you to leave and come back on the second day but for the record, don't because if you watch it on the first day, consider it enough and watch it again in the next day but this time, bring your friends so you can share this kind of experience.

In essence then, Endymion no Kiseki really is the cherry at the top of the cake when you think about it because this is what fueled the 20th anniversary for ASCII Media Works but being more than just an 20th anniversary celebration for ASCII, Endymion no Kiseki is definitely a must-see for every To Aru fan across Japan and if you were the idiot to sneak onto that film, I really don't care about what you did. But still, it's a To Aru fans' dream come true to see that kind of movie.

"Leave him wanting more"

In the February 22, 2013 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Locker room gags for the losers

- One man argues at the funeral "I Shouldn't Be Alive"

- Bubble Gang does Harlem Shake!

- A peaceful wild west turned awry when a mad cowboy challenges a cowboy on a duel...

- Don't worry, those girly stuff can also be..."FOR MEN" so it's okay if you're a dude...

- Leave him wanting more with KAMEY. Bubble Gang does Camay Bar Soap and Shower Gel by spoofing this commercial as KAMEY BAR SOAP AND SHOWEL GEL!

Bubble Gang does Camay
- Pickup Lines! Ayt! Ayt! Katahimikan!

- News reporters making up some news coverage of some prisoner set for execution

- Problems with your life? Tata Lino's here to help!

- A talk with some guy who's facing problems due to communication gap with his dad. Don't ask...Let them talk...

- IyoTube

Thursday, February 21, 2013

To Aru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble

In celebration of Ascii Media Works' 20th year, there's going to be a movie version of the hit TV anime series "To Aru Majutsu no Index" under the banner "To Aru Majutsu no Index Endymion no Kiseki", which will hit theaters this Saturday across Japan but before that, there's a new PSP game that combines all of your favorite characters from two To Aru series. That's right, your favorite characters from To Aru Majutsu no Index and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun joined forces for this one-of-a-kind video game that some say it took place before the film.

To Aru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble is an icing in the cake that really sums it up for Ascii Media Works' 20th birthday but this is just more than just a birthday present to ASCII. Aside from meeting up with your favorite characters from the To Aru franchise such as Index, Toma Kamijo, Mikoto Misaka, Kuroko Shirai, Styil Magnus, Kaori Kanzaki, Kazari Uiharu, Ruiko Saten, Accelerator, Last Order, Sisters, and other characters from the franchise, you can also expect original in-game characters as well. If that wasn't surprising, there's a special character waiting in the game and Alisa Meigo from the upcoming Endymion no Kiseki film makes a very special appearance on Ensemble.

Ensemble takes place before Endymion no Kiseki and the storyline made by the series creator Kazuma Kamachi were purely original meaning that this is an all-original storyline made for this game. While the game begins at their respective routes of the Science Side and the Magic Side, the two routes intertwine at a certain point. Like most games, Ensemble is depend on the player's decision because it has choices, multiple approaches, multiple paths, and multiple tools you can expect on this game. Choose your path and you'll be facing some crucial consequences of your actions and it's up to you how the Ensemble story unfolds.

As a headsup, To Aru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble was developed by the same blokes behind Toradora Portable and Oreimo Portable. We're talking about Guyzware, the developer. Which means that there's a bit of a clever Live 2D System that you expect from other games, the Live 2D System lets the character change moods as you scroll your way to the story so far.

A good effort all round and for a To Aru fan, I think that the Ensemble PSP game is the biggest treat for any To Aru fan who just can't wait for Saturday's big movie.


Although the game may cost you 6,280 Yen, there's a limited edition offered for 9,980 Yen as well. For the Limited Edition, which is a must have for any To Aru fan around here, not only you can get the PSP game but also comes with 4 Chibi-Kyun mini-figures: two of the returning heroines Misaka and Index, and the other two of Urepady Exica and Hibiki Kukimoto. It will also bundle a stage set for the figures and come in a box with an exclusive illustration by the animators at J.C. Staff.

2014 Suzuki Alto Eco

2014 Suzuki Alto Eco

Ever since the Suzuki Alto Eco came out in 2011, Suzuki is now the king of fuel efficiency because it's fuel economy is about 30.2km/L based on Japan's JC08 Mode standards and that's about .2kmpl more than the Daihatsu Mira e:S.

As fuel economy is now an issue of today, the Suzuki Alto Eco is updated for the 2014 model year and for this year, the Alto Eco borrows something from the latest Suzuki Wagon R; a new mild-hybrid system named "ENE-CHARGE" (short for 'energy charge'). Combining the Alto Eco's R06A engine with an electric motor/generator and a lithium-ion battery, ENE-CHARGE provides regenerative braking and at least some level of power assist to the internal combustion engine.

For that, the fuel economy for the world's most fuel efifcient car is now improved to a record high 33kmpl  based on Japan's JC08 Mode standards. 33KMPL! No other fuel efficient car comes close!

For styling details, the 2014 Alto Eco has given a new front design and a new speedo on the interior. Prices start at 900,000 Yen and for the first time, the Alto Eco now comes with an available 4WD variant.



Let's Do The News! (February 21, 2013)

(cheers and applause)

JM: I wasn't expecting that this hack-and-slash game could be that better than that, anyway, let's do the news and it's BIG NEWS! Big news is that Sony announced the Playstation 4 gaming console at the live press conference earlier!

JC: Wow! Sony announced the Playstation 4 console? Wonder what it looks like.

JM: Uh, only the new controller was featured while the whole console is not yet featured until this year's E3 or something and this is dubbed as Dualshock 4...

Dualshock 4 controller for the new PS4

RH: Wow, looks better than the old controllers of the past Playstations of yesteryears and um...where's the start and select button?

(audience laughing)

JM: As a matter of fact, that's a bit of a problem here but what this new controller has, something that old PS generation controllers don't have, enhanced rumble capabilities, a touch pad, a share button, a headset jack, and a dual camera that senses the position of the controller.


JC: Wait a minute....A headset jack? A touch pad? Dual camera? Whoa! No wonder it's a world first for the PS4 controller, well except for the headset jack because I think the XBOX 360 controller has a headset jack under and this is where a bunch of noobs and vets used it and go trash talking while playing multiplayer games. Turns out they like it better than the Kinect mike because it's a bit of noisy in the ears of the opponents. Good for losing their concentration and taunting though...

(audience laughing)

RH: Wait a minute....You said that those blokes can't concentrate on the killshot because some lucky bloke used the Kinect's microphone and then make some noises to annoy idiots until he bashed one after another? That brought me an idea, that makes me more negotiable in a game of Black Ops! Gonna try that...

(audience laughing)

JC: Uh, little man, that's not quite a good idea because sometimes, those blokes may kick you out in the gaming session and they won't let you in for good...

RH: Oh....

(audience laughing)

THE IDOLM@STER 2 Master Artist 2 FIRST SEASON 04 - Makoto Kikuchi

JC: Anyway, as we know, apart from Hiromi Hirata for being Makoto Kikuchi from THE IDOLM@STER franchise, she also played as Maggie from R.O.D. the TV, Ruji Familon in Zoids Genesis, Mao in the Makai Senki Disgaea 3 game, and others. Now, I just got a report that the voice actress behind one of my favorite iM@S idol announced

RH: What? Pregnant?

(audience laughing)

JC: Once again, thank you for completing my sentence. Yes, Hiromi Hirata said that she was six months pregnant and that really is a bombshell for one of the people involved in iDOLM@STER...

JM: Pregnant you said?

JC: Yes. She's pregnant. Don't blame her why but some idiots said, she got bit by some alien shapeshifter in the arm...

(audience laughing hysterically)

RH: Alien shapeshifter? What is this? Torchwood? You think she's like Gwen Cooper when she got bit by an alien and then the next day, she's pregnant?

(audience laughing)

JC: E he he he he, oops! Why did I just said that? Oh wait! We're just referring to some defunct sci-fi show to state a point!

(audience laughing)

JM: Guys, guys, would you please enough with this sci-fi trash talk malarkey? Can we just move on to the next topic?

JC: Okay, okay, okay, enough about that...Anyway, there's a brand new Bentley Continental Spur coming this year and here's the pic...

2014 Bentley Continental Flying Spur the looks of it, it kinda look like the Mulsanne, the car that killed James May while being chased by cops in Albania. Thing is though, if you were an idiot like James who ended up being chased by cops in another country rather than Albania, would you end up on the same fate as James May on this new Flying Spur?

(audience laughing)

JM: On a nutshell, I think yes because sometimes Bentleys result to, what you called it, CATASTROPHIC UNDERSTEER. Sure, it's got the power from its twin-turbo W12 engine, same as the GT, but as a four-door saloon, I think it's nowhere near as good as the Rolls or a Benz.

RH: Yeah, pretty soon, you'll just wanna kill yourself on the Bentley when the jig is up...

(audience laughing)

2012 McLaren P1 Concept

RH: Anyway, McLaren provided details for the upcoming P1 hypercar and according to McLaren themselves, the P1 hypercar will be a...and when you're sitting down...(imitates drum roll) A HYBRID?! A HYBRID ENGINE WIELDING SUPERCAR?

(audience laughing)

JC: Wait, the P1 is a hybrid supercar? How come this McLaren's going to be a hybrid? Oh dear, guess those guys made themselves a Prius with a McLaren badge on it...

(audience laughing)

RH: Care to tell me how much power the P1 develops?

JC: What? About the same as the Prius?

(audience laughing)

RH: Wrong. That's about 903bhp!

JC: What?! 903bhp?!

JM: Uh-huh. 903bhp. You see, sources told that the P1 uses an improved version of the engine that was used on the MP4-12C, which generates about 727hp, while the electric motor generates about 176hp. If both the petrol engine and the electric motor kicks in, the combined power output is guaranteed to be 903bhp and that puts it awfully close to the standard Bugatti Veyron's thousand horsepower mark.

JC: Something smells about this article...

RH: What?

JC: The McLaren P1. Hybrid engine wielding supercar. Suspicious much?

JM: Jezza, don't be stupid. Nothing's suspicious about the McLaren P1 even though the fact that it's a hybrid engine wielding supercar.

(audience laughing)

RH: Oh, wait! Jezza, you think it does ring a bell? You think some blokes in McLaren spend their lunch breaks playing Ridge Racer on PSVita? I guess this is where their idea came from...

Ridge Racer PSVita screenshot

(audience laughing)

RH: Uh-huh, everytime when there's a carmaker going to make a hybrid supercar, I remind of this Ridge Racer machine, the hybrid engine wielding Kamata SYNCi...

JC: Agreed...And on that bombshell, that's the end of the news...


Over two and a half decades, the Metal Gear saga is a hallmark of Konami history. With over a billion copies sold worldwide, it become one of Konami's flagship titles and in case you missed last year's 25th anniversary party, there's a movie in the works. As a trendsetter of pop culture, I always love how the saga evolves into new and exciting ways to sneak your way through redemption and now, there's a new game that changes the way Metal Gear has played...forever.

Welcome to METAL GEAR RISING REVENGEANCE, the latest chapter of the Metal Gear saga with a vengeful twist and when I said "twist", it really is because RISING marks the departure of the stealth action genre that coveted the saga for decades with the birth of a new high speed action game that lets you...well, as the saying goes, CUT WHAT YOU WILL. (キレる体験。)

This is the first time a Metal Gear game that lets players kill everyone on sight and it's definitely the most BRUTAL hack-and-slash game ever made. If you think that's surprising, this game is, for the first time ever, a collaboration between Kojima Productions and PlatinumGames. If you don't know what PlatinumGames was, it's a Japanese game developer behind the sanely bonkers games such as Bayonetta (which was directed by the man behind Devil May Cry series), Vanquish (directed by the creator of Biohazard/Resident Evil franchise), Max Anarchy/Anarchy Reigns, Mad World, Infinite Space, and others. In the spirit of PlatinumGames, games like Bayonetta or Vanquish were really really HARDCORE and gamers were so impressed on how those games were developed because of its uniqueness.

Here's a little story, when you caught the trailer from the VGA 2011, you might be noticed why it was titled REVENGEANCE. Apart from being a combination of the words "REVENGE" or "VENGEANCE", the blokes from Kojima Production found out that making this next chapter is a bit challenging. They did well on the storyboard but in the terms of quality assesements, that's a different story. Hideo Kojima could have killed this project until he joined forces with PlatinumGames. With PlatinumGames doing the bits of Metal Gear Rising, Hideo Kojima was very impressed and they're really back in business. Thing is though, what the folks from PlatinumGames said "Uh, Kojima-san, you do the storyboard, we do the action". Which means, with an epic storytelling courtesy of Kojima Productions and the hardcore gameplay feel courtesy of the same blokes that brought you Bayonetta and Vanquish, REVENGEANCE really turned skeptics into believers and fans really drooled over Raiden's unique hack-and-slash action that defies all odds.

After the fall of the Patriots four years ago, Private Military Corporations or PMC's that were controlled by the Patriots were collapsed and spawning rogue entities that origins traced back to criminal organizations. As PMCs are employing cyborg technology, the balance of global power has gone out of control. You are Raiden, a child soldier bearing the namesake "Jack the Ripper" who became a cyborg ninja whose origins are connected from Sons of Liberty and Guns of the Patriots. Raiden is a member of a PMC called Maverick Security, with the support of Boris, Kevin, Doktor, and Courtney, he lives by the mantra of protecting the innocent right until a terrible incident that lead him fueled with the soul of revenge.

This new game though showcases a new style of gameplay with a new main character and as Raiden, armed with the HF Blade, you can hack-and-slash your way against cyborgs as your quest for revenge leads you from the villages of Eastern Europe, the sewers of Mexico, the streets of Denver, Colorado, the underbelly of World Marshal HQ, and all roads lead to the climactic battle in Pakistan. What surprised gamers is the system called Blade Mode and ZANDATSU. In Blade Mode, players are free to "CUT WHAT YOU WILL" and with the right timing and the right target, you might be able to initiate ZANDATSU. ZANDATSU restores your life and electrolytes, giving you an exciting edge on your gameplay.

Apart from this hack-and-slash action, there are subweapons that changes the course of your gameplay such as an RPG, heat-seeking missile  grenades, electromagnetic grenades that paralyze cyborgs, chaff grenades that is effective against surveillance machinery, red phosphorous grenades that clouds the place in smoke, or distract your enemies with a 3D hologram. How you use it is all up to you.

As you progress through the game, you'll get some new weapons that can make up with the strong attacks and combine it with some deadly combos to thrash down your foes such as Mistral's Pole-Arm "L'étranger" that is my kind of favorite because it poses a well balanced attack against surrounding enemies, Monsoon's Ninja Sai "Dystopia" that can paralyze cyborgs at the right time or useful for breaking down a heavy cyborg's armor, Sundowner's pincer swords "Bloodlust" that is slow but powerful enough to crush your foes, and the HF Murasama Blade used by baddie Samuel Rodrigues. As you play, you'll earn Battle Points and you'll spend it for upgrades and new skills that might be useful enough on a more intense gameplay, especially boss battles.

If you want to polish your skills, there are VR missions offered in Rising but if you want to unlock some VR missions, you have to find computers that scattered throughout this game. Find one and you've unlocked a new VR mission that tests your stealth, subweapon, Blade Mode, and other skills. This is how worthy you are being a true "Jack The Ripper" in Rising but that's just the half of battle because on early April 2013, there are some special VR Missions available as a DLC on the PlaystationStore. It will be priced at 300 Yen and these VR Missions involve on mastering the Dwarf Gekko, just like what you did in the Mexico mission. Yeah, good luck mastering this pesky little critter...

It maybe a twist to the franchise but Metal Gear Rising Revengeance combines the best of both worlds. With the storyline provided by Kojima Productions and the high-speed lightning bolt action provided by PlatinumGames, it is, by far means, the most remarkable hack-and-slash game I like. Sometimes, even though it was a great game made by the best people in Japan, there are so many things that went wrong with it. Yep, many things are wrong with it BUT IT'S STILL...

...THE BEST GAME I'VE EVER PLAYED. Best game ever played...end of discussion.


With Metal Gear Rising Revengeance available exclusively on the PS3 for 6,980 Yen, your fandom thinks it's not quite enough because if you're a hardcore fan, you'll need to speed 9,980 Yen for the Premium Package. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Premium Package not only includes the game but also an art book with works by Yoji Shinkawa, a soundtrack CD, and 2 Dwarf Gekko figures that can be split into half or reaatachable thanks to some magnets from each half of it. The Konamistyle special, which costs 12,980 Yen and availabe exclusively at, features the same content from the Premium Package with the addition of a special Square Enix Playarts Kai Raiden White Armor version.

The Zandatsu Package gives you a headstart on Rising if you didn't have a PS3 yet. Not only you'll have a specially designed 250GB Playstation3 but also you have the Metal Gear Rising game and a downloadable code for a special theme on your PS3's XMB.

Those who pre-ordered it will be on a wild ride because they'll have a code to access a special body for Raiden and it's a special Cyborg Ninja body that resembles Gray Fox from the original MGS game. For customers, they'll get an MGS4 version body of Raiden. For Konamistyle or Loppi, customers get the White Armor for Raiden. Tsutaya customers get the Inferno Armor for Raiden plus a special card on Metal Gear Solid Social Ops. GEO customer get the Commando Armor for Raiden and a card for Metal Gear Solid Social Ops. Joshin and Edion customers will receive special Raiden cards on Social Ops and most will give you a special Raiden (Mariachi version) card in Social Ops mobile game. Well, you get the idea.

Cheap speeds

150mph is the benchmark speed for high performance cars. No matter how much you can buy it, you can still reach the high performance benchmark but what if you can achieve it in low priced cars?

History's Top Gear has Tanner in the Saab Viggen, Adam's in the Pontiac Trans Am, and Rut's in the Infiniti in a relentless quest to see if it can reach 150mph but before that, there are some challenges.

Tanner beat the speeding arrow, Adam conquered the high speed stability, and Rut survived from having a pack of rats in his head.

The real challenge starts at El Mirage drybed where their cars are put to the test. Adam does 136mph, Tanner does 151mph, and Rut (with the nitro in the car) does about 140 but he lied about reaching over 150.

After the challenge, Rut's given the chance to drive the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse for an epic 6-mile journey. to deliver this car for some VIP and this VIP is...Tanner? Tanner Foust?

Turns out, it's Tanner who supposed to drive the Veyron GSV because he won the challenge, not Rut.

For Rutledge, the Vitesse is all about elegance but for Tanner, the Vitesse was built for speed because speed is the Bugatti's mantra but how?

The police closed the road just so Tanner can max out the Veyron GSV and in the end, Tanner managed to do 201mph on a closed public road.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Vocal Tracks

In anticipation for tomorrow's Japan release of the upcoming Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, a Playstation3 exclusive title in collaboration with Kojima Productions and Platinum Games, here comes the music inspired by the newest hack-and-slash addition to the Metal Gear saga. That's right, this Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Vocal Tracks offer 29 rocking heavy metal music tracks that were inspired from Raiden's most intense mission that seeks revenge against a PMC known as Desperado Enforcement and how intense was it? You'll find that out tomorrow when this comes out exclusively on the PS3 gaming console.

Anyway, those hard-bashing soundtrack compilation really sticks true to the "Cut What You Will" concept. Once you listened to all of these vocal tracks, rest assured that your earbuds had been disintegrated into chunks thanks to Raiden's Blade Mode that shows some devastation to Rising's mantra. Your audio can't keep up with the razor edge soundtrack inspired from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance! Pretty soon, your audio will get sliced into chunks! He he he....

If you're itching to have one of these, the Vocal Tracks is available for just 2940 Yen and for that, you have a razor-sharp audio CD filled with 29 razor sharp heavy metal rock musics inspired from the game that will "Cut What You Will" at the comfort of your own home!


01. Rules of Nature (Platinum Mix)
02. The Only Thing I Know For Real (Maniac Agenda Mix)
03. Dark Skies (Platinum Mix)
04. I'm My Own Master Now (Platinum Mix)
05. A Stranger I Remain (Maniac Agenda Mix)
06. Return to Ashes (Platinum Mix)
07. The Stains of Time (Maniac Agenda Mix)
08. Red Sun (Maniac Agenda Mix)
09. A Soul Can't Be Cut (Platinum Mix)
10. Collective Consciousness (Maniac Agenda Mix)
11. It Has To Be This Way (Platinum Mix)
12. The War Still Rages Within
13. The Hot Wind Blowing featuring Ferry Corsten (Platinum Mix)
14. A Soul Can't Be Cut (Platinum Mix - DLC Version)
15. Dark Skies (Platinum Mix - Low Key Version)
16. Return to Ashes (Platinum Mix - Low Key Version)
17. A Soul Can't Be Cut (Platinum Mix - Low Key Version)
18. Rules of Nature (Platinum Mix - Instrumental)
19. The Only Thing I Know For Real (Maniac Agenda Mix - Instrumental)
20. Dark Skies (Platinum Mix - Instrumental)
21. I'm My Own Master Now (Platinum Mix - Instrumental)
22. A Stranger I Remain (Maniac Agenda Mix - Instrumental)
23. Return to Ashes (Platinum Mix - Instrumental)
24. The Stains of Time (Maniac Agenda Mix - Instrumental)
25. Red Sun (Maniac Agenda Mix - Instrumental)
26. A Soul Can't Be Cut (Platinum Mix - Instrumental)
27. Collective Consciousness (Maniac Agenda Mix - Instrumental)
28. It Has To Be This Way (Platinum Mix - Instrumental)
29. The Hot Wind Blowing featuring Ferry Corsten (Platinum Mix - Instrumental)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nissan Juke NISMO

However, what if you're not a woman or in dire need for something a little more sporty? Just not this one, the Nissan Juke, okay? Because ever since it came out in Japan since the summer of 2010, it was already a hit because in its home market, Nissan scored over a ten thousand orders for the Juke, surpassing the 1,300 units per month sales target. However, despite being a hit, the Juke's well critizied over its unconditional design, even though it was designed in Britain, and its small room. Thing is though, the Juke was the first to feature Nissan's brand new MR16DDT DIG Turbo engine, which seems to be okay but not quite hot enough to satisfy its tastes.

Well known fact that stunt driver Terry Grant drove a Nissan Juke to pull off a world record by driving round Goodwood in two wheels! Anyway, if you think the Nissan Juke's not quite good enough to satisfy your "unsatisfied" hunger, there's another Juke, you decide the outcome...

2013 Nissan Juke NISMO
 Nissan's tuning division, NISMO, took some time and some precautions to tinker the Nissan Juke compact crossover and the finished product resulted in this, the NISMO version of the Nissan Juke, the hot crossover with some sporty orientation in mind thanks to NISMO.

Thing is though, I sometimes didn't like the looks of a normal Juke because it's a bit of an oddball and it's a bit of a...joke but for the NISMO model, this is not a joke because the blokes from NISMO took it very seriously to make the best better and with the Nissan Juke NISMO, it's a struggle in the process.

First of all, the NISMO model of the Juke uses the 16GT FOUR model as its foundation for the NISMO Complete Car based on the Juke and by the looks of it, it's not a bit of a half-cook rooster that was fried up before its cockfighting debut. Surprisingly, instead of a fried rooster, I think the Juke NISMO kinda looks like a clown because the red side mirrors and the black, white, and silver exterior paint doesn't make any sense of being a sporty Juke model with a track-focused mind. Feels like it's as ruined as the elementary students messed up sets of Meccano toys and instead chose over LEGO because it's so easy to create stuff out of a million LEGO bricks. This feels like a Mecanno because it's so complicating to make than LEGO blocks.

Same goes for the NISMO-tuned suspension as well. Although, the NISMO tuned suspension offered on the Nissan Juke NISMO is capable enough to handle like a normal hot hatchback, it's still a bit fidgety, it's a bit Meccano-ish, and it's full of drama everytime this car went on the corners. It's the same feeling I've expected on last year's Hyundai Veloster Turbo because while the Juke NISMO is not on the same league as the Veloster Turbo, they both share the only experience in common; the handling that makes the driver very stressful. However, while the Veloster Turbo is a bit more stressful than the Juke NISMO, the Juke NISMO is kinda more of a beginners' luck. If you're the kind of bloke who got a driver's license for the first time, this car really doesn't matter if you're not concentrating but sometimes if you're not concentrating, it would be a straight and curly ride to your Sir Chief's office.

2013 Nissan Juke NISMO
Power comes from the same MR16DDT DIG TURBO engine but Nismo gave 10PS more, so now, it carries 200PS of power and 250Nm of torque while being mated with the XTRONIC CVT-M7 and All Mode 4X4-i with torque vectoring that some say it reduces the risk of having a little thing called catastrophic understeer. That seems to be quite juicy though, in fact, the improved chassis and the improved engine really makes it keen enough to tingle someone else's gentleman stuff over and over but only if it used in the right way.

With all that tinkering lead to its price and the Juke NISMO will cost you about  2,851,000 Japanese Yen and what can you say? Expensive? Reasonable? I can't say but with such pricing comes with the car that has an improved engine, improved chassis, unique exterior details, and the ride and handling that's about as hard as making Meccanos in your home.

Photo: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd

Nissan Note E12 Autech Axis

Now last year, we virtually killed the Nissan Tiida C11 to make way to its successor, the second-generation Nissan Note E12. It's the one with the same HR12DE engine from the March K13 or the new HR12DDR engine that prompt a class-leading fuel economy of 25.2km/L based on Japan's JC08 Mode standards. It's also Nissan's reasonably priced car because it starts at around 1,249,500 Yen.

Anyway, let's not summarize about last year's arrival because Autech Japan came up with a new sport conversion model that sits aside the Rider model of the Nissan Note E12.

2013 Nissan Note Autech Axis
Yes, this is the Autech Axis model of the Nissan Note E12. Although while the Rider model of the Note is all focused on being a sportier type of Note, the Axis model of the new Nissan Note is all about timeless elegance that is much more skin deep than a lady's Prada bag.

You still come with the same HR12DE and the HR12DDR DIG-S engine but on the Axis model, cosmetic treatments includes a stylish front grille, front bumper grille fin, elegant door handle plating, fog lamps, and the AXIS emblem at the back that stands out the rest. You can even opt for an optional 185/65R15 88S wheels with 15-inch Autech-made rims, plastic visors on the side, or back door molding.

Anyway, prices start at around 1,796,000 Yen for the Note Autech Axis model that comes with front wheel drive and the 1.2L engine on it while the latter that costs 1,843,000 Yen comes with the supercharged 1.2L DIG-S engine, four-wheel-drive, and that's about it.

Now what I like about cars that target the women audience is its practicality, style, safety, comfort, and its X factor that lets ladies stand out the rest but for the Axis version of the all new Nissan Note, perhaps they can do better. Sure, it maybe stylish enough for a lady driver but it needs a bit more glam like what stylish European compacts do. This one is...a bit too sensitive, too cheeky, and too much luster on its purge.


Let's Do The News! (February 19, 2012)

(cheers and applause)

JC: Hmmm...How scary was that?

RH: Well, it's scary enough to say "MOMMY!!!!"

(Audience laughing)

RH: Well, Silent Hill is all about scares right and this Book of Memories is another way to get yourself scared in the world of Silent Hill is by having immersed yourself as the hero of the story along with your friends. This is much more fun than bringing your friends to some real haunted house.

JC: Yeah, it was scary for that and you know what, in the coming days of this week, I shall talk about Metal Gear Rising, Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble PSP game, Majutsu no Index Endymion no Kiseki movie, and much much more. You in?

RH: No.

(audience laughing)

JM: Anyway, let's do the news and in case you've missed it, it seems that the BBC journalists are having a strike outside the BBC Television Centre, the place where Jeremy Clarkson drove his Peel P50 inside the building if you guys remembered it. Not just that, most of the BBC buildings were disrupted by strikes over redundancies.

JC: Okay, when you said there's a strike at the BBC because of its redundancies, what was that about?

RH: Well, a strike against the BBC is something that goes "STEVEN MOFFAT! PLEASE STOP BUTCHERING OUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS!!!" (laughing)

(audience laughing)


(audience laughing)


(audience laughing)

RH: Wait! Wait! Something better! Something better!

JC: What?


(audience laughing, cheers and applause)

RH: Wow, there's going to be some sore of CIVIL DISCORD against the BBC, right? There's so many sleeping dogs around here and what's next?

JC: Kung fu? Car chase? Gun fights? Machine guns? Grenade launchers?

(audience laughing hysterically)

RH: Well, that would work but there's more than that. When you say grenade launcher, what sort?

JC: Well, an assault rifle with a grenade launcher attachment on it. You know, when a gunfight starts somewhere, you'll never know that there's a lucky bloke on the rooftop spend several minutes blowing everyone with some explosions. Feels like it's Hong Kong's North Point being under attacked by a gang war.

(audience laughing)

JM: You guys never learn anything eh? Well, there's a strike going on because pretty soon, the BBC will lay off two thousand employees for five years as part of its Delivering Quality First programme. Well, I agree to those lines I mean, if you were some lucky bloke having a strike against the BBC, what are you protesting about against the BBC? Job cuts? Steven Moffat ruining Doctor Who? Removing some of their favorite stars? Or anything that makes it worse?

(audience laughing)

JC: Yeah, there's never been an angry protesters going on around here and if they said "F**K YOU, BBC", they really do mean it...

(audience laughing)

JC: Well, while we never mind the sleeping dogs attacking the BBC via protests, let's move on to THE IDOLM@STER 2 because there's a new DLC coming on the PS3 version (only) this Friday. Here's what sums it up...

JM: PS3 exclusive DLC outfits are "Cardigan Schooler" and "Traditional Maid" does look very lovely and sadly not a Punkish Gothic in sight because Namco Bandai don't think it should make it on the PS3 version. Besides, the Punkish Gothic outfit is a DLC outfit available only on the XBOX 360 version of THE IDOLM@STER 2 and because of that, seems that the Punkish Gothic outfit was passed out. Sorry, no Punkish Gothic outfit for the PS3 version.

(audience laughing)

RH: Yeah, disappointed for that and if I was some lucky female otaku recreating those kind of new outfits offered on the PS3 version of iM@S 2, outfits like Cardigan Schooler and Traditional Maid look cool if she was on a...

JC: Ahem...On a what, shorty? Don't tell me...On the Stingray...The Corvette Stingray...

(audience laughing)

RH: Well, all right. You really got me. Besides, it's a PS3 thingy. You got me...

JC: Anyway, I know that the Peugeot 208 GTi is the hot hatch I usually prefer against the Renault Clio RS EDC because it has a proper transmission, proper hot hatch looks, and the heritage that dates back the 205 GTi. Now though, there's a new crossover and that name feels like it's been five years ago. Here it is...

2014 Peugeot 2008

JC: That's the Peugeot 2008. The Peugeot from the year 2008...

(audience laughing)

JM: My goodness. That looks awkward than I though, and I think this is somewhat a crossover version of the 208 compact. A good target to the Clio-based Captur, though.

JC: Ahem, don't bother that kind of French fry that looks like a Ssangyong Rexton by the looks of it.

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, Danica Patrick, the first female NASCAR racer, has made history at the Daytona International Speedway because she was the first female to set a pole position for the upcoming Daytona 500. Let's give her a big round of applause, ladies and gentlemen.

(cheers and applause)

JC: All right, has anyone seen the Harlem Shake on the internet frequently? Hands up...

(audience raising hands)

JC: I really don't know about that whole Harlem Shake gig. What is it? Is this something that takes over last year's Gangnam Style?

JM: Me too. I really don't get it about the whole Harlem Shake gig.

RH: Well, Harlem Shake is well, a 30-second fun where for the first 15 seconds, you are dancing alone while covering your face with something something and when the bass drops, bring in everybody you know and GO LOCO! Go nuts! Go crazy! Now do the Harlem Shake! Even softdrinks are doing the Harlem Shake!

JC: Yeah, but as a grumpy old man, I really don't want to embarrass myself doing the Harlem Shake with you two idiots on it. Besides, it's SUPER SILLY.

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, on that bombshell, that's the news. And better do the Harlem Shake by yourselves as I...beating my personal best on a game of Temple Run 2...

(audience laughing)

Silent Hill Book of Memories

Now, anyway, Silent Hill. You may remember that last year, there was a follow-up to the 2006 movie based on Konami's Silent Hill game called Silent Hill Revelations and that main protagonist kinda reminds us of that main character from SH3, anyone saw that film?

Anyway, shortly after that, there's another Silent Hill video game called Silent Hill Downpour. It was available exclusively for the PS3 and the scare never been so bad, so bad and scary, those who have it had wee their pants while spending hours of playing it. Just as you thought it's safe to go out there after a day's game, you were wrong because there's another Silent Hill game coming out to scare you but this time it's in the palm of your hands via your PSVita.

Silent Hill Book of Memories
Silent Hill Book of Memories is the first ever Silent Hill game made exclusively for the PSVita system but this game is more than that because this is the first ever Silent Hill game to have multiplayer gameplay, meaning that with the help of your friends, you can conquer your fears against your favorite Silent Hill monsters page after page after page.

It all started as a book where all your life's past and present were written and if you have the chance to rewritten what's done, you can alter the past. Oh dear, timey-wimey perspective but anyway, this Book Of Memories game is a stand-alone to Konami's flagship survival horror franchise and it focused more on multiplayer gameplay rather than psychological horror. Book of Memories allows players to create their own characters and immerse themselves to the world of Silent Hill, solving puzzles, collect items, brave through the scare rooms and face against some of the most memorable foes in the Silent Hill history such as the iconic Pyramid Head (one of the fan favorites), the Silent Hill nurses, the Bogeyman from Silent Hill Downpour, the Butcher from SH Zero, the Valtiel from SH3, the Double Head, the Straight Jacket, and Robbie, many others.

This survival horror game is too scary to play if you're alone but if you're teaming up with a buddy via co-op, you can work together to solve puzzles, fend off beasts, and take down bosses, the same moment when you're co-oping with your buddy since PW but forget about that. Sometimes when you're teaming up with your mates, Book of Memories keeps on getting harder and harder and harder until one of your mates say that this is getting too scary to work with you. Yeah, what a scary way to scare your friends by teaming up to play Book of Memories, you know what I mean?

Because the rooms are made to scare your wits, the supplies are limited, and the same Silent Hill darkness enveloped to your PSVita, Silent Hill Book of Memories really is a challenging game even for seasoned Silent Hill veterans. You have to make use of your effective strategy on how will you preserve your limited supplies, attacking enemies, and whatever it takes to survive an unforgiving world full of evil. At your first gameplay, you think that this is oh so piece of cake but as you progressed, it gets even more challenging until you came to the part that it takes hardcore guts to conquer your darkest fears.

Overall, Silent Hill Book of Memories is a game too scary to set off alone and you need help from your mates via co-op to save yourselves from the fear that haunts your deepest darkest secrets. Good luck...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bulilit Vulcanizing Shop

As we continue on the 8th Anniversary celebration on Goin Bulilit on the February 17, 2013 episode...

- the corniest jokes on I'm Corny

- Vulcanizing Shop gags

- Paano kung naging driver ng ambulansya ang taxi driver?

- The Bulilits are asking questions to Dr. Eric Tayag on this week's CUTE & A!

- Paano kung naging driver ng ambulansya ang isang jeepney driver?

- Ooh! Eew!

- Two boys with stiff necks are watching a basketball match

- Former Bulilit Nash Aguas takes us behind the scenes on the auditions to find newest members of the GB family.

- Drama at the vulcanizing shop

- Ready Get Set Goin in Batya by Golly Wow!

Top Gear S19E04

Top Gear S19E04

There's a new sport created on the fourth episode of Top Gear Season 19 and that is known as Car Rugby. With Jeremy Clarkson, James May, a flock of Kia Sportage R's, and the brand new Kia Cee'd at Twickenham, Car Rugby is one of the most ambitious but rubbish Top Gear inventions ever made on the UK telly!

Despite Jeremy and James having fun in car rugby, Richard Hammond's suffering torment in Mexico, test-driving the Mastretta MXT, the Mexican-made super lightweight car that caused Top Gear some trouble among the Mexicans. If you remember back in S19E02, the last person arrive at the finish line will be shipped to Mexico and Richard Hammond's the last to arrive, facing the Mexican consequences.

On that episode, McLaren-Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton makes a triumphant return on Top Gear F1 star on a reasonably priced car and if by the word triumphant, he did made a triumphant lap time. In fact, he set a lap time of 1:42.9, defeating Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel!

Also, there's been a comparison test between the 2013 Ford Focus ST, 2013 Vauxhall Astra VXR, and the Renaultsport Megane 265. Although, the VXR did 1:28.3, the 2013 Ford Focus ST set a lap time of 1:29.6 while the Megane RS 265 did it in 1:27.7!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Forza Horizon: Can you find thrills on Horizon?

An open world driving game called Forza Horizon can sometimes be a thriller because most players have a million ways to get themselves a thrill in Colorado such as racing against each other or tunnel runs or car chases or I-70 runs or whatever they want to get them thrilled. That's how a gamer wants but what cars made some thrills on Horizon? Can you get thrills on driving the fastest supercars on Horizon? I'm not sure but there are some candidate for thrillers out there...

A true V8 road runner

Hmmm... I drove the Maserati Granturismo S coupe on Horizon and that seems fine for a V8 road runner that feels as sublime as a fancy restaurant but for sheer thrills, the Granturismo doesn't offer that. Sure, I once read stories about the Maserati history, about how the racing career became historical, and everything related to Maserati but sadly though, in the Granturismo though, it feels like it's a well-civilized being, feels like there was some university life going on around here. It was made as a grand tourer, not a thrill seeker that tickles my fancy. Sorry.

A true thoroughbred

What about the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione? This maybe a candidate for a thrill seeker. With big brakes, carbon fibre body, the same V8 engine that powers the Maserati, double wishbone suspension, and the fact that it was built on the same factory as the Maserati Granturismo, the Alfa Romeo 8C seems to be a thrill-seeker's preference but as I drove one on Horizon, (sigh) it doesn't made me feel the thrill. I mean look at it, the skies, the mountains, the roads, ruined by this car. Even though it was classified as a supercar, it doesn't feel a bit supercar-ish. It reacts, feels, and sounds like an American muscle car and sometimes, this car seems to be too uncomfortable enough to tickle my fancies. Despite its faults, the 8C is still one of the best Alfa Romeos ever built.

Pure Elegance

This is the car I found on the December IGN Car Pack. The Aston Martin DBS. Even though this is an invalid choice because the new 2013 Vanquish is supposed to be on Horizon, not this, this is still a proper thoroughbred car. Let's not talk about the faults okay? Not even the Volvo-sourced sat-nav system, okay? What it feels here on the DBS is pure thrills. Sure, it has the same German-built 6.0L V12 engine as the DB9 but the engine output produces 510HP of power while being mated with a 6-speed manual transmission. Also, I can expect the same architecture as the DB9 as well.

Despite the fact that it's just a DB9 that has been on breast implants, the DBS really shivers my excitement. Thanks to its Pirelli P-Zero tires developed specifically for the DBS, this car dances excelentlly and with the reworked suspension, the DBS sure seems to be more fun to drive than the 8C or the Granturismo.

I know, the Aston Martin DBS brought me more thrills than the Maserati and the 8C but in overall thrills, you can do better. There are so many thrills to find on Horizon, just not this car, okay? Take your time, the thrills are all around you and feel free to enjoy.
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