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Threats from North Korea - A Week in Review (May 25, 2013)

And now, the week in review of what's what at the Korean peninsula...

May 20, 2013

- North Korea fired two short-range missiles into the East Sea, marking the third straight day of launches. North Korea has launched a total of six short-range missiles in the past three days, including three on Saturday and one on Sunday. It claimed the firing as a "normal military exercise".

-South Korean companies affected by the Kaesong complex closure are urging the South Korean government to approve a trip to the North this week.

- China's Foreign Ministry confirmed that North Korea hijacked a Chinese fishing boat earlier this month...creating a new source of tension in the already strained ties between the two long-time allies.

May 21, 2013

- North Korea claims it was exercising its right to hold legitimate military drills when it test-fired six short-range missiles over the past three days.

- Seoul has once again urged Pyongyang to respond to its proposal for talks on the shuttered Kaesong complex.

- South Korea is seeking to resume talks on a free trade deal with Russia.

- US President Barack Obama and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping will sit down for two days of talks early next month in the U.S. state of California for the first time since Xi assumed his post in March.

May 22, 2013

- South Korean president Park Geun-Hye warned North Korea that Seoul and Washington will make no concessions nor provide aid to the communist state...should it choose to create tension on the Korean peninsula.

- North Korea sent a special envoy to Beijing for talks. The meeting was with Wang Jiarui - head of the ruling Communist Party's International Department...and also the point man for China on contacts with North Korea.

May 23, 2013

- North Korea invited a South Korean civic group to jointly organize a ceremony marking the 13th anniversary of a landmark inter-Korean declaration signed on June 15, 2000.

May 24, 2013

- A North Korean envoy finally met with Chinese President Xi Jinping this evening. This NoKor envoy reportedly delivered a handwritten letter from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at the Great Hall of the People of Beijing.

- The attack on the South Korean warship Cheonan back in the spotlight...on the third anniversary of a trade embargo imposed on the North Korea after the incident.

A car named Bessie


Fans who saw "The Name of The Doctor", which is the finale of the seventh season of Doctor Who, sharply noticed a mysterious yellow vintage car slip past Clara Oswald while being piloted by the Third Doctor (who was Jon Pertwee, by the way). If they can slow down the trailer for just 13 seconds, chances are that there's only one thing about that strange locomotion as seen on the Season 7 finale...yes, that's Bessie!

Bessie's the best car fit for a Time Lord himself and the reason why Bessie's the best car a Whovian would love to see it back in the modern series remains a mystery for now. So what is it then this...Bessie?

Bessie's started out in life as a Siva Edwardian Tourer which was based on the Ford Popular 103E and it's powered by a 1.0L engine which produces 10bhp of power. Not quite powerful by modern standards but there's more to tell about Bessie.

Since The Doctor lost his time travel memories and exiled to Earth, it takes time for the Time Lord to face reality. The first thing he recognized was a red roadster he stole from the hospital, which Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart was very firm to have it back. As a reward for saving Earth from alien threats, Brigadier bought a car for The Doctor and that's how Bessie was born. Bessie is the price The Doctor asks for fighting alongside with UNIT.

At first glance, Bessie is just a car but she's a bit more than that. The brakes work via the absorption of inertia, it can go as fast as it leave trails of fire in her tread marks, and it's got an anti-theft system that involves gluing people to her sides with the use of force fields. Oh, and it can also drive by itself or at the touch of a remote in his pocket.

Despite being an Earth car, Bessie can get through Gallifrey and Omega's anti-matter universe as seen in the 10th and 20th anniversary of Doctor Who. Since it has a very long life, Bessie seen a few things. Bessie played the Game of Rassilon in the Death Zone on Gallifrey, Bessie witnessed the Fourth Doctor's beginnings, and when the Seventh Doctor ran out to face Morgaine.  Bessie can see things no one believed and lost things that no one really understand and that's what makes this car unique to every Whovian.

Bessie, the car, has made a lot of contributions during the Classic Who years and to you, Mr. Steven Moffat,, I presume, to bring Bessie back for the show's 50th anniversary special. Imagine if the Tenth Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor, Rose Tyler, and Clara Oswald are joyriding with Bessie in the streets of London, that would be so dadgum awesome. It should be fun!

Or, what if Doctor Who's Bessie is going to be on Top Gear for a test run soon? I wonder what will the Power Lap Time for Bessie be? Possibly better than the pedal powered Porsche Paw Au Chocolat but slower than the Brutus, I think. Anyway, Bessie is the vintage car that holds a very special place in Doctor Who history. Let's just pray that Bessie will be back. Since the Tenth Doctor and the Eleventh Doctor were better drivers, especially at the Top Gear Test Track, they deserve the credit to drive Bessie.

Let's Do The News! (May 25, 2013)

RH: Now, while we made our review on FnF6, Universal announced that there's going be a seventh FnF movie in the works and it's coming next year. I know, this is a bit tad too early to make another FnF movie but anyway, why 2014?

JC: Oh wait, lemme guess, maybe Fast and Furious wants to play catch up against the upcoming Need For Speed movie, which also comes in the summer of 2014, and when Universal looks up at Dreamwork's Need For Speed, they said "oh, seems that there's another racing movie in the summer of 2014 eh? Well, let's do the same thing!"

(audience laughing)

RH: Have you been watching FnF movies lately?

JC: Uh...nope!

(audience laughing)

JC: This is all just the same thing. The first one maybe fine but with so many volumes throwing out through the years, it seems that it's just the same old FnF movie. It's still the same no matter the installment is!

RH: Uh...close but no. Even though there's a bunch of well, you know what, you might as well rethink about these FnF movies because it's still the best racing franchise that carves out total destruction and I like that.

JC: Yeah, whatever...But I do like the Flip Car mentioned in FnF6. Man, wish I want one so I can flip those annoying traffic away and feels like the streets are all mine.

(audience laughing)

RH: Yeah, you can flip civilian or police cars with a Flip Car but what if you've been facing someone who wants to stop you?

JC: (mumbling)

(audience laughing)

RH: I'm sorry?

JC: (mumbling)

RH: Ahem....

JC: (whispers) I surrender...

RH: Surrender! I see! Seems that with power comes responsibility!

JC: Anyway let's now do the news!

RH: All right, news comes from EA because for 2013, their new Need For Speed game is titled RIVALS and it's coming this November for XBOX 360, PC, and PS3 first. Here's a teaser which sums up...

JC: Wait a that a Ferrari?

RH: Yes. Ferrari's back at NFS and this F12berlinetta featured in the teaser is one of the cars you'd expect on Rivals and it's been chased by some Koenigsegg police car!

JC: Being chased by some cop car that looks like a 1000hp Swedish hypercar? Ooh, sounds interesting.

RH: Yeah, but little information at the moment. We have to wait until E3 2013 next month for the full scoop.

JC: Okay, hey now, Renault showcased a new hatchback. Here it is...

2013 Renault Twin'Run concept
JC: It's called the Twin'Run, concept car for a moment. It's mid-engined just like the Clio V6, comes with a 320HP V6 engine, goes 0-60 in 4.5 seconds...

JM: And you might end up sinking this car like what you did to the Twingo...

(audience laughing)

JM: I mean, imagine what you'll gonna do with this just like what you did to the Twingo. You'll put it on top of the H&W crane, going upside down through the sewers, put a celebrity on the boot...

JC: No it can't. It's mid-engined. The back's occupied by an engine...

JM: Okay...Then you'll put it on the ice-skating rink, and then you'll going to crash it and then sink it. Sounds familiar?

(audience laughing)

JM: Seems that you're going to do it for every small Renault you can find and no. Don't even think about getting behind the wheel of a very small Renault cause you'll always end up in a catastrophe.

(audience laughing)

JC: Thank you, James, for your valued but pointless opinion about me. I can see why what's wrong about me when it comes to handling small cars...

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, some personal experience, folks. Sit down. Sit down. Sit down. Okay, a couple of days ago, I tried out a mobile game that everyone's been playing...

RH: And I presume it would be...Candy Crush Saga, right?

JC: Yes. Candy Crush Saga. As it turns out, this game is all terrible rubbish.

(audience laughing)

RH: Terrible rubbish, you say?

JC: Yes. Terrible rubbish. This is just like the Montezuma game but for Candy Crush Saga, you have limited set of moves to get the score target or clear out the jellies or whatever regulations you're facing with. I can't believe why there are several morons on Facebook invited me to play Candy Crush saga and then some annoying status updates saying they cleared Level 100 or higher in Candy Crush Saga. Tell ya, something. Do you know someone who plays Candy Crush Saga?

RH: Uh...Yep. I keep reading everyone's status updates saying they've just cleared a certain level at Candy Crush Saga and then I've noticed some annoying notifications saying that my friend invited me to play Candy Crush Saga.

(audience laughing)

JC: This is too much! Good thing I'd stopped playing this rubbish puzzle game!

RH: Me too! I stopped playing Candy Crush Saga as well...but there's another problem you're facing just now...

JC: What? Is it because I've been flooded with invites?

(audience laughing)

RH: Uh...nope. Bigger than that. It's idiots snap-shotting a question in a game of 4 Pics 1 Word.

JC: What's The Word? Oh! I see! I see morons snapshotting a What's the Word question and then share it on Facebook, seeking for help. Anyway, about that whole "4 Pics 1 Word" thing. Four pictures. One word. What's the word? It's apparently one of the dumbest games I have ever seen in my life. Has anyone playing 4 Pics 1 Word  Hands up...

(audience raising hands)

JM: Oh, seriously, more people are playing 4 Pics 1 Word while some didn't?

JC: Yeah. Can't believe they got succumbed to this game. Anyway, what I don't like about this game is why there are four pictures that are truly irrelevant to the topic and then you have to guess the word that shares common to the four pictures shown. For example; here's a picture of a Porsche, the oktoberfest, the Nurburgring, and the city of Berlin. What's the word that has the connection between those pics?

JM: Germany.

JC: Germany it is! Okay, next up...a picture of an anime character, Tokyo Tower, sushi, and some Datsun.

JM: Japan.

JC: Japan! Correct! Well, played, James. Well played. Anyway, what I have here um...a picture of the Petronas Tower, Sears Building, Burj Khalifa, and the Empire State Building. What's the word?


JC: Come on James. What's the word that connects with these pics?

JM: Uh...ah...well let me guess...hmmm...I can't remember!!!

(audience laughing)

JC: So, you give up?

JM: Yes, I give up! This is hard!

JC: So there you go, folks. Avoid playing a game of 4 Pics 1 Word. It's really really the worst game ever played in a smartphone. Top Gear Top Tip: AVOID PLAYING CANDY CRUSH SAGA AND 4 PICS 1 WORD!

(audience laughing)

JM: Anyway, that's the end of the news folks but before that, Renault Samsung launched a turbocharged version of the SM5 Platinum, it's called the SM5 XE TCi, here it is...

Renault Samsung SM5 XE TCi

JM: What this is is Samsung's answer to turbocharged versions of the Hyundai Sonata and the Kia K5 but not really that kind of answer because it's less powerful than its rivals from Hyundai and Kia.

RH: Anyway, the new SM5 XE TCi is powered by the same engine you'd expect on the super ugly Nissan Juke. It's an MR16DDT engine (Renault Samsung calls it MR190DDT but same thing) which comes with a turbocharger and direct injection. It produces 190HP of power and fuel economy of around 13km/L, while mated with a 6-speed double clutch transmission, which seems a bit more convenient than regular automatics.

JM: Anyway, seems that the new XE TCi model adds some sporty character on the SM5 but for a price of 27,100,000 Korean Won (under the 25,000 Dollar mark), it's a bit reasonably priced as well.

Fast and Furious 6

Fast and Furious 6

Welcome everyone to a whole new level of vehicular warfare as Dom, Brian, and the crew once again returned for the most explosive Fast and Furious experience of the summer and this sixth installment promises to be even more faster and more furious than the previous FnF movies since the first one came out over a decade ago. So what is it then this FnF6? Well, in the movie, Dom (Vin Diesel), Brian (Paul Walker) and the crew were summoned by federal agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) because there has been some important issues to make. First, and terribly the shocking one, Letty was alive, and second, a ragtag group of bandits, led by some shady guy named Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), are wrecking havoc over Great Britain in search of a very dangerous weapon that posed an international threat. This mission, should they choose to accept it, is going to be a very dangerous one, and if by dangerous, I mean literally dangerous because Shaw throws everything at his disposal to block our crew from pursuing him, especially throwing out their trademark "Flip Car" that can cause some serious threat.

It seems that "All Roads Lead To This" really explains a lot because it's going to be extremely bonkers thanks to the Flip Car that looks like it came from the Mad Max era, a tank in a high-speed car chase, Dom's SRT8 Charger drove through the exploding cargo plane, everything you might expect on FnF6 because that is pure adrenaline originality. That's right, those bonkers thrillers are really what made this sequel so original, you can't expect it anywhere else!

Aside from the characters, new and returning alike, the cars featured in this movie are getting to be very as clever as the movie itself. We can expect Brian driving a very beautiful Ford Escort Mk1, Dom driving either a classic Daytona Charger or a modern Charger SRT8, Hobbs pilots the Navistar truck, and those eccentric but deadly rides Shaw's gang can possibly take advantage of. There are so many cars you can expect but the one car that tops it all, is the R35 GT-R Brian's going to drive in the film.

Whether you're with Dom's crew, Hobbs' team, or Shaw's gang, Fast and Furious 6 is definitely a pulse-pounding adventure that carves destruction at the British Isles. True as the theme song says, "We Own It", because this movie is definitely grabs attention to the viewers rookie or veteran alike.

If you were the kind of person saying that "it's the same thing over again", your best bet is to look back at the previous installments first before watching this latest installment. I'd recommend you to do that if you're new to the franchise but it's okay though. I really understand what you feel.

This can't get any better than this...

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Let's Do The News! (May 24, 2013)

River's Diary

Right, what's the news today you spoiler-laden TARDIS journal?

A bridge in the Northwest USA collapsed...

Earlier, a bridge carrying a freeway over a river in the Northwestern US state of Washington partially collapsed, sending cars and people plunging into the water below. So far, at least three people got submerged but there was no sign of serious injuries or fatalities at that incident. Some say, it was caused by an overloading truck hitting a bridge span.

This bridge was built in 1955 and it's about 60 miles north of Seattle. The I-5 freeway runs up the West Coast, north from the collapsed bridge to the Canadian border towards Vancouver.


Dan Brown's Inferno book points Manila as "gates of hell"

Once again, the Philippines gets another "offensive" remarks from foreigners and the latest was an excerpt from the book INFERNO, written by Dan Brown who was behind the phenomenal Da Vinci Code. It once mentioned Manila as "gates of hell" because of six-hour traffic jams, suffocating pollution, and a horrifying sex trade....Really? Anyway, this is just a long long list offensive remarks from foreigners about the Philippines. Like Chip Tsao's 2009 article which mentioned the Philippines as a nation of servants, Howard Stern's alleged remark in 1992 tells the Philippines as a nation where fathers sell their daughters for sex, an 2009 episode of Desperate Housewives where Susan Mayer makes sure that her doctor doesn't have a diploma from some med school in the Philippines, and Claire Dane's remark that Manila is a ghastly and weird city.

Such remarked caught attention from MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino and he wrote a letter to Dan Brown to stop by to the Philippines and find out...

Ford to close Australian factories in 2016

Over 9 decades had passed since Ford launched their first Aussie-made model in a form of a Model T and years later spawned Aussie-made creations such as the Falcon and the Territory. They even spawned Ford's answer to Holden's HSV called FPV as well. Now for the sad news. Come late 2016, Ford will close all Australian factories in Broad Meadows and Geelong, all because of the sluggish sales and sharp rise of the Australian dollar, sources say.


Citroen C4 Picasso II

2014 Citroen C4 Picasso
Now, let's take a look at the all new, second-generation Citroen C4 Picasso, the newest version of Citroen's people carrier that is suitable for what is French for the word "soccer mom". Although, it's now lighter and more compact than the previous model it replaces, the new C4 Picasso offers a wide variety of engines to chose from such as a VTi 120, a THP 155, e-HDi 115, and an all new e-HDi 90 Airdream engine which is the first ever MPV to emit less than 100g/km of CO2 with a conventional, internal-combustion engine. When mated with an all-new 6-speed clutchless gearbox (ETG6), fuel economy for this new engine reaches 3.8 l/100 km or 26.3km/L. Starting at just 23,050 Euros, this new model is more expensive than its rival, the Renault Scenic.

In terms of design, this new model is a bit to shoddy and once again, this is just another one of the weird-looking cars to be ever come out this year that is just too "west of weird". I mean look at this front view, I mean, I'd prefer the front view of the previous model rather than this odd looking front end because it's too disturbing for a family car like this. Still, this is the French way when it comes to car designs because today's French cars are a bit "ouest de bizarre", they want everyday cars to be more weirder and untrue than other European cars look like. Anyway, while the new exterior is the least of my problems, let's take a look on the inside where things are about to get interesting...

2014 Citroen C4 Picasso
Okay, seems that new interior is getting a bit more classy than the old model though. What's so cool about the new dashboard is this 12-inch HD screen for the instrumental panel that checks out how the driver does, especially checking the current location of the driver. That's science fiction without the fiction, feels like I'm in a luxury spaceship flying around the distant galaxy.though except this isn't a spaceship but it is when you tell the kids at the back. Also, there's this addictive touch screen as expected on the 208 except this isn't the 208's or the 2008's touch screen. This is even more techie than that. Look at it, this cool touchscreen controls all the in-car functions, including the dual-zone air conditioning, navigation, audio, telephone, driving aids and connected services. Also, the new Picasso has a bigger boot for your groceries. It's now 40 liters more than the old model, at 537 liters up to 637 liters with the rear seats pushed forward.

2014 Citroen C4 Picasso

So, how about what it feels like when you use it as an everyday car? Well, for starters, the new model is built on an entirely new EMP2 platform so therefore it's 140 kg lighter than the old car, which is good but how good was it? Sadly though, it's not quite good enough on the bends and then there's the suspension because it feels as bouncy as hell. I can hardly imagine what would the kids at the back would think while getting through such situation but in the straights, it feels a bit redeeming...but how redeeming was that? It's a bit tad old-fashioned. It maybe a character-building car but as a concept, it's a bit terrible rubbish to me. This is about as rubbish as an idiot who lives in a condo and then taking a peep into someone else's TV and makes up a dialogue for his own tastes in a husky kind of way.

The judgment then is simple; it may not be well civilized in terms of handling but if you bear in mind about practicality and technology and ignore the ugly front view, it's really not too bad...unless you are a victim of a botched eye operation and you are looking for a car that is catastrophically ugly. For a wild card, find something even cheaper than the new Picasso or the new Renault Scenic. How about a Kangoo or the Partner Tepee instead? Oh well, you'd better of with Postman Pat instead of a people carrier that was built to be "west of weird" for the oncoming summer holday.

Available colors: Blanc Banquise, Bleu Teles, Bleu Kyanos, Noir Onyx, Hickory, Gris Aluminium, Gris Shark, and Rouge Rubi.

Photo: PSA Peugeot Citroen

Smokey Manaloto, IHAW NA!

May 23, 2013's Banana Nite's IHAW NA segment sees Tito Bhoy interviews guest celeb Smokey Manaloto! He talks about his role in LUV U, his role in Let's Go, and something else...

Meanwhile, Angelica showcases some more funny Facebook pics in ETO NA POST! Such as...


- People sleeping in the fridge

- OPEN 24 HOURS: 11am-6pm (?)

- CCTV cameras looking at each other

- Gardeners taking haircuts

And them, Melai gives us three tips to state good reasons when your parents caught you kissing in LAUGH THREE

- Use dinner as a main reason!

- Scratching is the answer!!

- Tell mommy that you had a play at school!!!

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What's in our Car Town garage today? (May 23, 2013)

What's in our Car Town garage today?

1954 BMW Isetta 300

If you happen to live in the 50's, chances are that you encountered a memorable bubble car named "Isetta". This unique three-wheeler car was designed by Italians and built under licence in different countries. One of the most memorable ones is the BMW Isetta 300, the world's first mass-production 3-Litres/100km car which sold over 161,728 units worldwide since its launch in 1955.

1954 BMW Isetta 300

2002 Honda NSX Type R

First launched in late 1992, the NSX-R from Honda was a limited-edition special edition of the Honda NSX supercar which run only for a limited three year period but in the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show, a concept car highlighting a new NSX-R sportscar was featured and then in the May of 2002, the NSX-R went on sale to cater hardcore drives the desire for rush that a standard NSX can't do. This car is the first ever road-legal speedster that lapped the Nurburgring in less than 8 minutes.

2002 Honda NSX Type R

1995 Chevrolet S10

The second-generation Chevrolet S10 pickup truck is a working-class hero for the small business owners who want a very dependable and cheap midsize pickup truck that sparks a rivalry against the Ford Ranger pickup truck.  Gone is the Iron Duke 4-cylinder and the 2.8L engine and the available engine choices were either a 4.3L Vortec V6 and a 2.2L 4-cylinder petrol engine which had been introduced on several FF GM compact and mid-size pickups since 1990.

1995 Chevrolet S10

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Let's Do The News! (May 22, 2013)

River's Diary

Right, what's the news today you spoiler-laden TARDIS journal?

XBOX One announcement

Announced earlier, the next generation of XBOX has revealed and the name of this new console as "XBOX One". So, what's it all about this new XBOX One console? Well, for starters, this new generation XBOX console promises even more gaming and entertainment than the previous XBOX 360 console. It says that with this new console, you don't need to switch inputs on your TV to play a game or watch a movie. All you have to do is either watch TV or movies or play games, with voice recognition. There are games you can expect on the XBOX One soon such as Forza Motorsport 5, Call of Duty Ghosts, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Quantum Break, and more to be announced in next month's E3 2013.

New Star Wars animated series to be aired on Disney XD next year

Following Disney's acquisition of LucasFilm, makers of the venerable Star Wars franchise, there's going to be a new Star Wars cartoon coming on Disney next year. Scheduled to premiere in late 2014 as a one-hour special on Disney Channel and then on regular runs on Disney XD, this new animated Star Wars series is set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope films - an era spanning two decades never before explored on-screen. Details remain scarce for now but you can expect a talented crew to work on this latest project such as screenwriter/producer Simon Kinberg (X-Men: First Class, Sherlock Holmes, Mr. & Mrs. Smith) as executive producer, and writer of the premiere; executive producer Dave Filoni who was supervising director of the Emmy nominated Star Wars: The Clone Wars since 2008; and executive producer Greg Weisman, who brings with him a wealth of animation experience with credits such as Young Justice, The Spectacular Spider-Man and Gargoyles.


SIDE NOTE: Can't say I didn't see this one coming. Hot on the heels of Disney's announcement that it had acquired the LucasFilm firm, seems that LucasFilm has been "winding down" the Clone Wars TV series, which was aired on Cartoon Network since 2008, months after the film shown in theaters, and run for five serieses.  Seems pretty cut and dry to us.

Toyo-Bimmer sportscar concept heading for Tokyo Motor Show?!

A couple of months ago, BMW and Toyota collaborated for a four-part joint venture focusing on increasing improving vehicle efficiency using fuel cells, lightweight materials and better battery technology. Also on their agenda is a "feasibility study" for a shared platform to underpin a future midsize "sports vehicle." Motor Trend reports that we might be expecting Toyo-Bimmer sportscar concepts heading to this year's Tokyo Motor Show. We really wonder what could that be...


You'll never post on FB again...

A teenager named Cameron D'Ambrosio (aged 18) lives in a small town outside Boston and he wants to be a rapper and calls himself "Cammy Dee" in his YouTube videos. Since May 1st, Cammy Dee skipped school and messing around online by posting some lyrics that included a vague reference to the Boston Marathon bombing and called the White House a "federal house of horror". He was arrested and charged with "Communicating a Terrorist Threat", which is a felony that could lead him two decades in prison if proven guilty.


SIDE NOTE: That served as a lesson to everyone who's busy putting up Facebook statuses. The words "THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK" is definitely one thing that teaches responsible social media but a moral lesson for this story is "think twice about what you post on Facebook. "


Top story from the May 21, 2013's Banana Nite's Kandila segment!

- A man named Omar Borkan Al Gala, deported from Saudi Arabia because of his...extreme handsomeness! He's also the idiot who was deported from the Philippines because he's a big lie!

- Field reporter's whereabouts remain unknown...for now!

- Shocking pics of Charice made Oprah release statement from this situation...and as it turned out there's someone who looked like Charice!

Meanwhile, Zanjoe, John, and Pooh are once again tackling action movie myths in Balagadoom! For this time, the boys are tackling the action movie myths that all actions stars wear leather jackets. Question is, can they take the heat while they were in leather jackets? The answer is no. Action stars can't take the heat while in their leather jackets! BALAGADOOM!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Driving Music (What is the name of the song on car commercial?) Vol. 52

Okay, there has been so much inquires regarding songs heard in several car commercials and as for that, time now for another round of Driving Music, the segment where a selection of five driving musics (car commercial songs) are featured and it's up to you to find it and add it to your driving music playlist. Okay, here comes another set of five driving musics that fits well on your playlist suitable for the long driving trip from boredom to fun.

5) Je T'Adore by The Figgs - from the 2013 Lexus USA RX "First Sight" commercial

4) Home by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros - from the Peugeot 2008 commercial

3) Cha Cha Cha by Jimmy Luxury and The Tommy Rome Orchestra  - from the 2013 Chevrolet Spark "True Colors" commercial

2) Three Little Birds by Bob Marley - from the Hyundai USA Assurance Connected Care "Stand Off" commercial

1) Good Boy (Good Girl) by Riviera - from a Ssangyong Rodius Korean commercial

...and there you go, folks. Another set of five driving musics! Good luck finding those driving musics which can be a nice addition to your driving music playlist! For inquires, feel free to comment below or write to me at Toodle-oo!

Venus Raj, IHAW NA!

Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj was the guest of May 20, 2013's Banana Nite's IHAW NA segment and in here, Venus Raj teaches Tito Bhoy several walks at the catwalk, including her "tsunami walk".

What's in our Car Town garage today? (May 21, 2013)

What's in our Car Town garage today?

2010 Mini Cooper S JCW

John Cooper is a name synonymous to the world of motorsports where he won three Monte Carlo Rally titles and 16 Grand Prix races. Having planting his name to high-performance versions of the Mini, John Cooper Works or JCW are high performance Minis that was proven small but mighty on track days while being usable on the roads. Because racing's in the Mini blood, the JCW model of the Mini Cooper is exactly what you want to expect for a high-performance hot hatch named after a legendary racer.

2010 Mini Cooper S JCW

2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser

While most offroaders of today were too focused on being luxurious, the FJ Cruiser isn't. Drawing inspiration from the FJ40, the FJ Cruiser is an offroader that can take you places wherever you go. Thanks to its class-leading ground clearance and loaded with other offroad peripherals as well as X-REAS, the FJ Cruiser can conquer any terrain wherever you are.

2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser

2012 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Indy 500 Pace Car

The C6 Corvette ZR1 is the pinnacle of the Chevrolet high-performance cars because of its performance figures that can outrun most of its European enemies on road and track. For 2012, the C6 Corvette ZR1 has given the chance to be the Pace Car of the 2012 Indianapolis 500 Season and it was driven by Guy Fieri. This was the first for the ZR1 to became a pace car for the Indy 500 season but sadly, no replicas were made.

2012 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Indy 500 Pace Car

Monday, May 20, 2013

VIDEO: Toyota 86 drift car with a Corvette V8?!

ExtremeDrivingTV, a YouTube channel featuring extreme driving from Japan and the "Engrish" subs that leaves us puzzled, showcased what's up for D1 Drifter Manabu Orido's Toyota 86 drift car and you wouldn't believe what you just saw...

Manabu's 86 drift car was rigged with a Corvette V8 engine, but to be specific, a 7.0L V8 engine you would expect on the Corvette Z06. Reason for this cool engine swap is because last year, Manabu became a victim of power shortage and engine troubles on his 86 drift car so he decided to put in a new engine! The 7.0L V8 Corvette engine that powers Manabu's 86 drift car is smaller and 50kg lighter than the previous Lexus V8 engine. It also comes with a genuine dry sump as well.

Find out how does this new engine sums up by watching this Extreme video...

Let's Do The News! (May 20, 2013)

(cheers and applause)

JC: Hmmm....James, why did you told that if such thing could happen, it's going to be personal?

JM: Well, to put it this way, we might end up moving underground if an all-out nuclear war broke out. I mean think about North Korea, they're going to launch a nuclear war any time if South Korea, USA, and Japan keeps meddling the Korean peninsula with their sanctions, bans, or whatever they can throw to the North.

JC: I agree with you, James. And recently, I just heard that yesterday, North Korea just test firing three missile, short-guided to be precise, off the east coast and into the sea. Seems that the Rodongs strike back and the whole topic about the NORTH KOREAN CRISIS resumes.

RH: Uh-oh....The Rodongs Strike Back?! What do you mean Rodongs?

JC: I made that up since of that rubbish Rodong Sinmun mentioning something something North Korea something something...

(audience laughing)

JC: ....something something provocations. Well, to add that to the insult, it seems that USA will be test-firing their intercontinental ballistic missile, scheduled for this week and based on what the North Koreans said, they will use "unbelievably strong force" against its attackers in case of any violation of its sovereignty.

JM: Yeah, and it's not just the North's messing up with the USA again. It's Taiwan messing up with the Philippines ever since a Philippine coast guard killed a Taiwanese fisherman, sparking outrage from Taiwan and deploying too much naval fleet near the Philippine coastline.

JC: Can't believe it's getting too much tension right now. Hey! Think about the children, morons! You don't want to get the whole Glukhovsky novel to come true and otherwise, live in the underground sewers!

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, let's forget about this okay? Let's move on because time right now for the news, baby! And Aston Martin revealed their new car, concept car for now, and here's the picture of it...

2013 Aston Martin CC100 Speedster Concept

JC: What this is, this just another one of Aston Martin's Centenary offerings, made to celebrate 100 years of Aston Martin, and I think this is just rather brilliant. The only concern I was hoping for is your face and promise me, it's going to be more weirder than mine when I was on the Atom...

(audience laughing)

JM: Well, I think it's rather good. This special machine harks back to the legendary DBR1 racing machine and overall...

JC: Still bending your face when you take it out on a max speed run.

(audience laughing)

JC: Also, if you had a pretty lady next to you and the next time you blow this baby up, she'll end up looking like...Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls!

(audience laughing)

RH: Uh, hey buddy. Since when did you get obsessed with...

JC: Hush now, Hammond. Let's move on. Okay, boybands. I know what you're thinking but most of the girls love to join the action no matter how bad it is or when a venue's got sold out. Girls, especially those under the age of 10, just can't get enough of boy band crazy. Question is when you are approaching to a boy band unexpectedly, what would you do? Using my mystic other worldly powers, I'll give you two choices on what to do, as a fangirl, if you encounter a boy band backstage unexpectedly. Okay, if you're a Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls, you might as well keep the boy band at your room you are free to let the boy band do the things to you. Or if you're a Louise Belcher from Bob's Burgers, you might as well slap the member with the ridiculously handsome face.

(audience laughing)

JM: (scratching head)

RH: Um...What are you talking about? We're not girls you know...

JC: Just imagine if you were a certain fan girl. Choose! Choose what would you do if you meet a boy band backstage! The Mabel Pines way or the Louise Belcher way? Come on! It's boy band crazy...

(audience laughing)

RH: Um...if I were going to be Mabel Pines, I could just hide the boy band in my room, or if I were going to be Louise Belcher, I could just slap the hell out of someone's handsome face. I'd go with the Louise way!

(audience laughing)

JC: Hammond! Why would you want to be Louise when it comes to boy bands?

RH: Well, like you said. If I was Louise Belcher, I could just slap the most handsome member of a boy band and this is as bold as the Audi commercial! Bravery wins!

(audience laughing)

JC: Yep. Bravery wins, Hammond. Bravery wins. You might as well slap the most handsome member of a boy band like what Louise did on Bob's Burgers. Girls? If you were in a middle of a backstage, what method would you use on a boy band? The Mabel way or the Louise way?

(audience murmuring)

JC: Well, most go for the Mabel Pines way while some go for the Louise Belcher way... It's either hide the boys or slap someone. Hoorah...

RH: Hey, seems that the Dubai cops really want to play a game of Hot Pursuit against speeders because last time, they had a Lamborghini Aventador, Aston-Martin One-77, Chevrolet Camaro, and a Ferrari FF in their arsenal. Now, the Dubai cops are using, and we're not making this up, Bugatti Veyron!

JC: Wait a minute? The cops from Dubai are using the Bugatti Veyron as their cop car?! Wow! Dubai speeders, beware. When you see one of these chasing you down, looks like you'll be in a lot of mess right now when a Dubai cop's driving a police Veyron on your tail.

(audience laughing)

RH: Oh yeah. Maybe they only thing that the cops forgot that there's something even faster to outrun the Veyron and it could be either a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport or a Hennessey Venom GT and because the cops didn't had one, this makes it a fair advantage for the speeding crooks in Dubai to outrun the law until they get themselves totaled....

JC: Or got hit by a spike strip...

(audience laughing)

RH: Thanks bro. I almost forgot...Anyway if you remember back in the 90's, GMA aired a Sunday afternoon drama titled Anna Karenina which centers on three different women with different struggles they're facing. I kinda forgot about what goes about the whole GMA Anna Karenina stuff but anyway, it's back! The new Anna Karenina, soon on GMA7, will star Barbie Forteza, Krystal Reyes, and Joyce Ching as Anna, Karen, and Nina. To be clear, Krystal Reyes will be playing the role of Anna Karenina "Anna" Montecarlo while Barbie Forteza will star as Anna Karenina "Karen" Villarama and Joyce Ching as Anna Karenina "Nina" Fuentebella.

JC: Well, honestly. I do remember the original Anna Karenina in the past. It was one of my favorite TV dramas on GMA and I'm so glad that one of my favorite 90's TV drama gets a reboot and features some of the fresh faces of GMA. Looking forward to it. Oh and before we end, I just heard that there has been a massive tornado that hit the midwest earlier and I just wanna say our thoughts go for those who got affected by the tornado at the midwest. We do hope to stay safe and God bless you no matter what.

(cheers and applause)

JC: And that's the end of the news!

Metro Last Light

Metro Last Light (XBOX 360 Ver.)

Привет, товарищи! (Hello Comrades!)

If you're reading this right now, then it could only mean one thing, the whole world's got engulfed in an all-out nuclear war, but that's okay. As long as you are one of the survivors living under the nuclear-torn Moscow, you're safe for now...or is it? Anyway, the sequel to 2010's cult classic first person survival horror shooter game based on the best selling novel written by Dmitry Glukhovsky, packs an even more darker atmosphere than the first one and if by darker, it's still one of the scariest action games of the year and by the moment you'll be sitting in the dark, playing Last Light, the experience is going to be terribly uncomfortable because the dark storyline derived from the first two novels will leave you breathless on what might comes next.

Now for those who don't know what that is, this science fiction horror novel is set in a fictional Moscow in the year 2033, two decades since an all-out nuclear war broke out, destroying everything on sight while the remaining survivors are struggling for survival in the tunnels of the Metro. Artyom, the main protagonist of the story, who was born before the holocaust, burdened by guilt, but driven by hope, is mankind's last light in their darkest hour.

The novel, along with its second chapter, Metro 2034, sold over 2,000,000 copies worldwide and for this year, Glukhovsky's working for a third chapter, set to be available outside Russia. Anyway, enough about book analogy and into the game.

In Last Light, the storyline is more of a retold to the original but no matter what, it's still worth a claustrophobic one. You'll still getting puked all over to the terrifying storyline that leaves gamers and readers of the novels alike confused and questioned for what comes next. Also, like any other survival games, resources are scarce so you have to make use of it. Not only you need a wide selection of weapons and items but also an effective strategy. Your best bet is to use your ammunition wisely against human or mutant enemies above or below or use stealth to get through places unnoticed. Let's just remember that you are in a middle of a civil war where the commies and nazis are fighting to take over the metro so your decisions will affect the outcome.

Here are some survival guides that will get you started while surviving the horrors of the post-nuclear Moscow...

So, the best way to survive is to make use of your weapons and items because they are very rare while some cost you military-grade rounds. Wait, what? Military-grade rounds? Oh yeah...In the world of Metro, those military-grade bullets served as your money to customize or buy weapons but spend it well because those military-grade bullets are very scarce and you might need to spend it well on the most powerful weapons in your arsenal. You can carry up to three weapons at the same time, but each weapon requires the right skill needed to make effective use with it.

Also, survival is necessary because even with the big guns, you can't survive without the key items. One of them is the gas mask because without it, you can't survive the poison sky from the nuclear-torn Moscow. Also, with the gas mask, expect that your visibility's getting affected because when it gets blurry because of the humidity going on in the nuclear-torn city, wipe it quickly and move on. Oh, and pay close attention to the wrist watch because it indicates how much air you're breathing and be sure you have enough filter to replace.

Anyway, while the gameplay is even more terrifying than the first one, it's still looks good. The lighting and physics look good and this signifies a new benchmark on video gaming graphics on both console and PC. That's kinda amazing though but still, Last Light will still terrify you with hours of gameplay, darker storyline, and of course, the multiple endings you'll be facing depending on your outcome. Even though it packs the same thrilling feel of other horror and FPS games, it's still packs some drama underneath the game itself. You won't going to enjoy this much longer because if such situations going to happen, things are getting personal and being the last hope for humanity takes a lot of guts if you got what it takes to be...


If you had the LIMITED EDITION at hand, you have Day One access to the most difficult setting of all: RANGER MODE. In Ranger Mode, there's no HUD, tougher combat against enemies human and mutant, and very limited resources such as ammo and gas mask filters. Good for those who are up for some thrills and who are dared to rise to the challenge. For a head-start, you have a special Modified Russian Rifle and 100 military-grade rounds to customize your equipment.

Good luck, Ranger.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let's Do The News! (May 19, 2013)

(cheers and applause)

JC: head hurts...

RH: too...

JM: Ooohhhh....

JC: So, how was the finale?

JM: Well...I think it's not that bad, I think....(grunting)

(audience laughing)

RH: I would never watch that finale over and over again or else, it would be the dead of me.

(audience laughing)

JC: You know what else is more painful than watching the Doctor Who season 7 finale?

JM: What?

JC: The news...there's a new version of the BMW M5 and it's called the Competition Package. Here it is...

2014 BMW M5 Competition Package &
2014 BMW M6 Competition Package
JC: Uh...what this is, is still an M5 with a little button that makes it worse. For this though, the twin-turbo V8 engine it powers gets an additional 15HP of power and it can also be applied on the M6 coupe, which also has its own Competition Package. Sadly though, with those Competition Packages applied on those, I'm afraid these don't work.

(audience laughing)

JM: Hey, do you remember the M3 Competition Package you drove a couple of years ago? Yep, you would still prefer the standard M3 more than the one with the little button that makes it worse.

JC: I know. But with these new M5 and M6 though, those Competition Pack malarkeys is just utter nonsense. I mean who would want to buy either an M5 or an M6 with those pesky little pain inhibitors on it?

(audience laughing)

JC: head....still hurts!!!

JM: Me too! What else?

RH: Well, here's a super short teaser of an upcoming crossover between Phineas and Ferb, The Avengers, and Spider Man.  It's going to air on Disney Channel this summer and it's called Phineas and Ferb Mission Marvel. Sorry about that but it seems I, the hamster, got into the PAF malarkey.

Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel on Disney Video

(cheers and applause)

(all three moaning and groaning)

JC: Ouch! Too much cheering and applauding from the audience keeps our headaches worse! Keep it down, okay?

(slow applause)

JC: That's better. Hammond, since when did you got....oh wait...I knew this already. We're going to be on that show late this year, right?

RH: Okay...there's more news...because as you may know, The World God Only Knows will return for a third series and it will be focusing more on the manga's Goddesses arc. Got some info that there will be new characters, most of which are from the manga's Goddesses arc. Yuka Iguchi will play as Kujo Tsukiyo, the president of the school's astronomy club, Ayahi Takagaki as Yui Goido, and Haruka Tomatsu as the new district chief Lune.

JC: I'd never heard that this anime is coming back for a third series this summer but still, I'm looking forward to see Kaminomi's third series. I'm greatly looking forward for it...

RH: (moaning and groaning) Owww!!! My head!!!!

(audience laughing)

JC: What's wrong?

RH: More migraines!

JC: What? More migraines for explaining this? Oh wait! It's because of the Doctor Who Series 7 finale! He he he....(groaning)'s hurting again!!!!

(audience laughing)

JC: Guys! We need to find something to relax ourselves after watching the Doctor Who Season 7 finale. Let's find something relaxing because this is much of a stress right now. If we keep this up, our headaches will get worse all the time!

JM: Okay then, but where? Where can you find something to ease out the stress?!

JC: I know my grave!

(audience laughing)

JC: (groaning) Ow! No! No! Not again! Headaches again! Can we guys think of something even more relaxing?

RH: Uh wait...just west of weird?!

(audience laughing)

JC: That's Gravity Falls you bullocks! Think something relaxing! Think! Think! Think!

(No Wonder I by Lake plays)

JC: What was that?

RH: Probably the song BMO played in an episode of Adventure Time!

JC: Have you gone boonoonoonoo?!

JM: Actually, that is kinda relaxing...My head's getting better now...

JC: Hey! That is kinda relaxing!

RH: Yeah. The only concern we're facing is...getting attacked by bikini babes...

(audience laughing)

(music continues playing)

JC: Yeah, and while this song is playing, that's the end of the news!

Doctor Who Series 7 finale

The Name of The Doctor

Wow, I had such a headache after watching the finale of BBC Doctor Who Series 7 titled The Name of The Doctor. So crazingly intense, good thing not a single sign of head explosions in sight and instead, every Whovian who watched the finale got the headaches instead. The truth behind The Doctor and does it affect the storyline? Don't tell me, tell the idiot Moffat instead but never mind. What matters most is that the only secret from The Doctor' his own whose promises were unfulfilled. So, any points, opinions, and violent reactions about the finale? If so, do it! They're waiting...

Anyway, with the finale ends with the message says "TO BE CONTINUED...ON NOVEMBER 23", see you on that said date because this is the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special we're looking forward to. 10 meets 11, Rose meets Clara, this will be awesome!

In the meantime, BTS from the season 7 finale

Also...a clip of Matt Smith and David Tennant share us something about the 50th anniversary special, coming this November 23rd, 2013.

That's it! Season 7 of Doctor Who is wrapped up with a bang! Glad we've enjoyed the most explosive season yet! From the Daleks, dinosaurs on a spaceship, the wild wild west, black cubes, Amelia Pond's final farewell, the snowmen, the wi-fi, Akhaten, nuclear submarine, some kind of ghost story, the heart of the TARDIS, Mr. Sweet, Cybermen, and the fields of Trenzalore; this season has it all. Sure, there has been references to classic Who while some spark some outrage from the viewers, others gave us a smile, a tear, and a scare, but overall, Season 7 of Doctor Who has been proven a big one. It's too much adrenaline fueled on this season.

So, what can I say? Thanks for watching! See you on the 50th anniversary special!
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