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Andrew E, IHAW NA!

Legendary Pinoy rapper, Andrew E., is the guest of the day of July 26, 2013's Banana Nite's IHAW NA segment. Andrew E's famed for his rap song "Humanap ka ng Pangit", which he believes that this is the song made to capture the wide audience and Andrew E's famed for his nickname "Gamol".

Meanwhile, Chazz is back for some more CHAZZ DO IT where Chazz roams around the Metro Manila to make unsuspecting men fall prey from Chazz. Some lipstick and a blindfold to those unsuspecting victims would work.

"Ako'y tiwala sa'yo"

On the July 26, 2013 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Zoo gags

- Mr. Assimo is one of the judges of some beauty pageant.

Super Bonggaderang Mermaid

Mr. Assimo

- The Adventures of Rufa Mae Kwento in...getting kidnapped.

- A trip to the principal's office about...a problem child doing magic tricks...

- Tata Lino helps out other people with some quotes such as...

1) Lagi kang hihingi ng tawad sa minamahal mo, eh bakit hindi palengke ang nililigawan mo?

2) Ang lalaking hindi naghihintay, bukas samakalawa maging tatay.

3) Ang pagibig, parang electric fan. Walang manlalamig kung laging nasa number 1.

4) Lahat ng problema, may solusyon. Kung walang solusyon, wag mo nang problemahin yun.

- Caring, Reliable, Trustworthy. Bubble Gang does Charmee by spoofing this commercial as CHARMING. Ako'y tiwala sa'yo.

Bubble Gang does Charmee

- An interview with a psychic who can...awaken the third sex.

- The Adventures of Rufa Mae Kwento in...the rooftops!

- Super Selosa...BASED ON REAL EVENTS. Sort of...

- The story of Antonietta unfolds...

- Highlights of Bagong Gang auditions.

For this highlight, the top 10 soon-to-be-BG-members were introduced...

Jan Manual

Arny Ross

Juancho Trivino

RJ Padilla

Denise Barbacena

Joyce Ching

Nicole Borgonia

Abel Estanislao

Maricris Garcia

Roel Mendoza

For this initiation, 10 hopefuls were split into two groups for their group performance. Each group is doing a sketch about getting stuck by a bottle of rugby.

Anyare?! Bakit di nakadikit yung isang kamay???

Hello!!! Ikaw kaya ang kumuha?!

Sana magkatabi kayo...

Nasusunog?! Eh hindi naman nakababa ang plantsa?!?

Soon on Bubble Gang is the elimination rounds of Bagong Gang. Stay tuned.

Cars GT6 Should Put (Volume 2)

Everyone knows that more and more car gamers everywhere are willing to prefer the upcoming Gran Turismo 6, coming this winter exclusively on the Playstation3 console, than the upcoming Forza Motorsport 5, coming this autumn exclusively on the new XBOX One console. However, despite the 1200-car lineup, there are some cars GT6 should put...

Cars like...

1) Mazda CX-5 XD '12

WHY: If I recall, the Nissan Leaf was added in Gran Turismo 5 last year because of its 2011-2012 Japan COTY win. That was the theory but if that became truth, why not add the CX-5? The CX-5, thanks to its clean diesel engine, KODO design, and SKYACTIV Technology, won the 2012-2013 Japan COTY award and this crossover deserves to be in GT6. Imagine if I can abuse this crossover round the Top Gear Test Track or at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca...

2) Lotus Exige S '12

WHY: What Gran Turismo 6 needs is a lightweight V6-powered Lotus because the Evora is not enough to tickle my fancies. How about the new Lotus Exige S? It maybe heavier than the old one but the supercharged V6 engine from the Evora S really makes it a competitive British lightweight even if it weighs more than one ton. I love driving this new Lotus Exige S so much, I just really wish that the V6-powered Lotus Exige S should be part of the GT6 car lineup. Please make it happen for the sake of Lotus fans.

3) Holden HSV GTS '13

WHY: Gran Turismo 5 never featured a Premium Australia car. The only Holdens offered in GT5 were the VZ Commodore SS and the Monaro sports coupe. That's not enough because what Gran Turismo needs are some new V8 Aussie muscles. With rumors suggesting that GT6's adding an Australian race track, I just hope this came true and if that, I really need to see some new Australian cars, especially the Gen-F HSV Holdens. Maybe the new Gen-F HSV GTS would do. It has the same engine that powered the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, making it the most powerful performance production car ever built in Australia.

I just want be in GT6. Please? Do this for our Australian mates?

4) Mazda Atenza XD L-Package '12

WHY: Two generations of Mazda Atenza or Mazda 6 were featured on GT5. For Gran Turismo 6, can you please just feature the latest incarnation of the Mazda Atenza saloon car? Yep. It's the one that look like the Takeri concept car, has SKYACTIV Technology, Kodo design, and comes with two body shapes; a saloon and the wagon. I wonder if the SKYACTIV-powered Atenza fares well in the world of Gran Turismo 6...

5) Peugeot 208 GTi '13

WHY: The Peugeot 208 GTi uses the 3-door 208 as its basis for this high-performance model that harks back to the legendary 205 GTi. It was reviewed in the Series 20 opener of BBC Top Gear with Richard Hammond behind the wheel. This hot hatch makes it a perfect addition to GT6 so if you had the time, please feature it. Thank You.

The results please? So, if Polyphony's still on the rethinking process whether these cars I've mentioned will be featured on Gran Turismo 6, whether in game or as a DLC, you can't say that I didn't had a bit to do with that.

Take that to Kaz Yamauchi!

Threats from North Korea - A Week in Review (July 27, 2013)

And now, the week in review of what's what at the Korean peninsula...

July 22, 2013

- Panama authorities combing through a seized North Korean ship have verified the contents on board.

- Government officials and experts from South Korea, the US, and China gathered to seek solutions to the North Korean nuclear issue in Seoul.

July 23, 2013

- The rival parties have concluded that the 2007 inter-Korean summit dialogue transcript is nowhere to be found at the National Archives.

- Military officials of South Korea and the U.S. will meet in Seoul on Wednesday and Thursday,... to hold the second round of talks on working out how much Seoul should pay Washington next year to help cover the cost of keeping U.S. troops stationed here.

July 24, 2013

- North and South Korea are ready for the 6th round of their inter-Korean talks on Thursday amid fading hopes for a swift normalization of their joint business park.

July 25, 2013

- Two Koreas once again failed to reach an agreement in their inter-Korean talks.

- Seoul and Washington wrapped up two days of defense dialogue, aimed at finalizing the amount of money, each side would put toward keeping US troops in the country.

- South Korea plans to spend some 214.5 trillion Won over the next five years to boost the nation's military operations and defense capabilities.

July 26, 2013

- US President Barack Obama proclaimed Saturday to be Korean War Veterans Armistice Day. In his proclamation, President Obama said all Americans should observe the day with appropriate ceremonies and activities to honor the bravery and sacrifices made by the country's Korean War vets.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Let's Do The News! (July 26, 2013)

River's Diary

Okay, River's Diary, tell me what's going on around here...I'm bored as a fudge...

- At the MINI Design@Home event, Mini showcased a concept model which serves as a preview to the next-generation Mini hatchback. With the Mini Vision Concept, do you think that this is a sheer sign that the Mini's regeneration is on its way?

2013 Mini Vision Concept

- First and foremost, what is Diary ng Panget anyway? If you are an addict for romance novels, you might as well disregard this question but if you never heard of it, it is one of the most anticipated novels in Wattpad with a whopping 18,306,503 reads...and counting. Written by Wattpad user HaveYouSeenThisGirL, this book captures the hearts of young readers and made them laugh every time when they read through every chapter. It's about the story of Eya or Reah Rodriguez, a girl who thinks she's ugly and will meet Cross "CM" Sandford, the most annoying monster in the eyes of Eya. There has been a lot of colorful characters in this novel including Lory Keet, Chad Jimenez, Memo Clarkson, Sync Mnemosyne, Trey Dinaro, Seven Astute, and more. There's even a sequel to the novel available!

Oh, and for those who REALLY got hooked on this surreal love story, there's a signing for the Diary ng Panget book happening at the National Book Store Trinoma at August 24, 2013, 2:00 PM Philippine Standard Time, and at the National Book Store SM Mall of Asia this August 31, 2013, 2:00 PM Philippine Standard Time.


- EPIC FAIL TO WATCH: Some man got fallen down the building while climbing horizontally through the 30-foot building. Watch here

- Some say...Hasbro plans to remove the "jail" in the Monopoly board game in a move to attract younger buyers. Read here.

- 90's Child Stars in the Philippines...WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Watch here.

- Something new is coming in the world of Asphalt. Yep, Gameloft announced the newest sequel to the Asphalt mobile racing game franchise. Its called Asphalt 8: AIRBORNE and sheesh, it seems that the driving video game wars of 2013 gets even more interesting.

Anyway, for the new A8 AIRBORNE, you can expect some returning cars from A7 HEAT as well as new additions such as the Lamborghini Veneno, then there will be 8 new places, weather conditions, and the new physics engine that defies the limits.

Read the announcement:

- Some say...The Gran Turismo franchise will have its first ever film courtesy of Sony Pictures. Really?!


What's in our Car Town garage today? (July 26, 2013)

What's in our Car Town garage today?

1971 Dodge Demon 340

The Demon was made to be a sportier version of the Dodge Dart muscle car. Originally, this car would have named the "Beaver" for Dodge's take on the Plymouth Duster but because of the word "beaver" turns out to be a CB slang for...well you know...(Can't use the V-word), it was renamed as the Dart Demon.

1971 Dodge Demon 340

1999 Honda Integra Type R

The Integra Type R, the first ever front-wheel drive Type R Honda ever made, was based on the facelifted DC2 JDM Honda Integra sportscar and it was debuted in 1995 to be a high-performance version of the said model. It's powered by a 1.8L VTEC engine which develops 200PS of power while mated with a close-ratio 5-speed manual. It may not be one of the quickest Hondas ever made, but it is one of the track-focused Japanese sports cars ever made. In the streets, this one's a head turner especially when owners tuned this car up.

1999 Honda Integra Type R

1993 Acura Integra

The second-generation Honda Integra was marketed for the first time in North America as the Acura Integra. It is available in either a 4-door saloon or a 3-door liftback model, which is proven to be popular among tuners of today. The most notable Integra model was the GS-R model because it was the second Acura, since the NSX, to come with a VTEC engine and notably one of the most powerful 4-cylinder engines available in North America at that time.

1993 Acura Integra

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Let's Do The News! (July 25, 2013)

At the studio...

(cheers and applause)

JC: What? What? What are you applauding?

RH: Yeah, you're right. The Integra is dead for good as well as the Type R nomenclature. However, good news! The Integra's back!

JC: Really?

RH: Yeah. The Integra's a bike.

(audience laughing)

JC: What? You're saying that the Integra is a two-wheeler?

RH: Yeah. I heard that a couple of months ago that the Integra name returns as a two-wheel bike by the name of NC700D Integra. It's essentially...another grown high school boy's scooter since Honda XRM.

JC: Richard! Nyan nyan nyan. Enough about that. Let's do the news!!!

JM: Okay, the news! They announced the name of the Royal Baby!

JC: Really?!

JM: Yeah. The name of the Royal Baby from the hands of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is...wait for it...wait for it...wait for it...



JC: James! Are we there yet?!

(audience laughing)

JM: Oh! There it is. The Royal Baby's name is...George Alexander Louis. Yep. George Alexander Louis is the name of the Royal Baby capable enough to become the future royal successor to Prince William and Prince Charles.

JC: Yeah and since he's just a baby, I was expecting for this Royal Baby for when he grows up, he has to be somewhat very special. Perhaps he was born to...Be More...

(audience laughing)

RH: Be...More?! Are you nuts, Jeremy?!

JC: Whoops...Why did I just said that. Sorry about that Mr. and

JM: Jeremy!

JC: Oh, Your Royal Highness. I'm sorry about that...

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, bad news. You know when you guys watch the hearing from the US House of Representatives and then there's the part whether to approve or reject the amendment that would bring NSA to the brink of a financial ruin since the Edward Snowden scandal? Anyway, here's what you've been missed during the House Hearing...

Photo: House rejects amendment to kill NSA surveillance programs, 205-217.

JC: "House rejects Amendment to kill NSA surveillance programs". You know what this means? It seems that the US politics are still supporting over the controversial NSA surveillance programs in regards of collecting phone calls from the entire US county. Now because of that, 60 million Americans are terrorists in the eyes and ears of NSA...and also US President Obama.

(audience laughing)

JC: No. This is not a laughing manner. There's a well known theory that because of the House supporting over NSA surveillance programs...the NSA will think that 60 million Americans as well as the foreign immigrants from other countries are terrorists and gets worse...

JM: Worse?

JC: Well, we don't know what's going to happen but...prepare for the worst.

(suspense music plays)

JM: Oops. Sorry. My phone...

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, a few days ago, we tackled about the new generation S-Class, which I think it's one of the best premium saloon cars ever made with a price. Now, tuner Brabus prepares some tuning program for the W222 S-Class. Here it is...

2014 Brabus S-Class W222

JC: What Brabus done here is boost the power output to a massive 730HP of power, 1,065Nm of torque, and a top speed of 202mph. Yeah. This is what an S-Class should be...

JM: And I'm unaware about the whole thousand torques thing. Because this S-Class got a thousand torques, I'm expecting to be more like a cannibal because by the time you're driving this one like an animal, you'll end up like what you did to the Brooklands a few years ago.

JC: Which is...

RH: Blowing the tires.

(audience laughing)

RH: Anyway, there's a new special edition Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse coming up. Here it is...

Bugatti Veyron Jean-Pierre Wimille

RH: That's called the Jean-Pierre Wimille edition of the Bugatti Veyron and for the next 12 months, Bugatti will reveal six special editions based on the Veyron Vitesse, which I believe to be the fastest open-top roadster in the world. This special model was named after Jean-Pierre Wimille, one of the longest-serving test drivers at Bugatti, bringing home a number of race wins, including the 1947 Bois de Boulogne, where he drove a 4.7-litre Monoposto Type 59/50 B. Only three models are built.

JC: Three units available? This is just like what Lamborghini did to the Veneno.

RH: Yeah except it's quicker than the Lambo Veneno you might ask.

JM: However, if I were one of the fools driving one of those...I was expecting to be a bit more flashy because "hey! look at me! I'm driving a Bugatti Veyron! Wanna ride with me?"

(audience laughing)

JC: It's a good thing we didn't use that in Spain. Too expensive. More expensive than your Audi R8 Spyder you drove...

(audience laughing)

JC: Oh, and that reminds me, I went to the internet and I found this rather interesting interview video of someone named...Niki Yang, who was an writer and storyboard artist in Clarence, Adventure Time, Family Guy, Gravity Falls, Fish Hooks, she did the voices in Adventure Time as Lady Rainicorn

RH: And what, Jeremy?

JC: (mumbling)

(audience laughing)

RH: What? What you said?

JC: (mumbling)

RH: Ahem...What is it?!

JC: (gulps) BMO.

RH: B...MO?! Wait a minute...

(audience laughing)

JC: interview clip. Take a look...

RH: Wait...what?!

JM: Never heard of it. Bravest Warriors?

RH: James. That's some web cartoon made by the same studio and the same men behind Adventure Time. There's a new one coming this August.

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, that's definitely a bombshell. That is the end of the news!

Forza Motorsport 4: The first Type R Honda

Memories of Integra Type R

The Honda Integra Type R, if my memory serves me correctly, was the first ever front-wheel drive Type R model ever made. When it comes to the word "Type R", you know what that means. Yep, it's total noise pollution to the suburbs and speedo boys from around the world are indulged in such a phenomenon that caused a stir in the neighborhood. Hondas are like...gangsters or criminals in the past because when night falls, the noise from every souped-up Hondas' exhausts kicks in and it's...TOTAL NOISE POLLUTION. He he he...When a Honda gets tuned by a speedo boy, that's what this kind of carnage gets. He he he...

Anyway, the Integra Type R, I know this is a memorable car but let's remember, this is the car that gave a spin to the Type R moniker. Let's start with the DC2 model, the first of its kind...

The first of its kind...

The Honda Type R roots pay tribute to their first ever winning F1 car and essentially high-performance versions of their respective models. Type R models have unique features such as a red Honda badge, improved VTEC engine, weight loss, and special Championship White paint.

The Integra Type R, based on the facelifted DC2 model, was first introduced in Japan in 1995. The Integra Type R is available in either a 4-door saloon or a 3-door liftback. The 1.8L VTEC engine was uprated to 200PS of power and it was equipped with a 5-speed manual and Helical LSD.

Basically, Integra Type R models are made for homologation purposes to meet FIA certifications to compete in N-series and World Cup racing. Little known fact that for each model sold, Honda lost money even though extra dealer markups sometimes made for excessive dealer profit.

Start the clock...

The DC2 Integra Type R did it in 1:32.562...

Okay, so what about the Acura equivalent?

Japanese Type R vs. American Type R.

For 2000, the Type R model was joined in the Acura Integra lineup and for this Acura version of the Integra Type R, it has the same 1.8L engine as expected from the JDM Honda Integra Type R but the power output is lowered by 195HP of power and 130lb-ft of torque but on that time, it was one of the most powerful 4-cylinder powerplants available in America.

For the Type R model, the ride height has been lowered and features a revised shocks, springs and sway bars for sharper handling. To reduce weight, the Type R provided less sound insulation, a 10% thinner windscreen, and lightweight wheels.

During its 4-year production run, about 3,822 Type R models were sold in North America.

Start the clock!

...the Acura Integra Type R lapped round the track in 1:32.501...That's about almost as similar as the JDM DC2 Type R, even though the Acura Integra Type R has less power and torque.

And now...the last Integra Type R ever made...the DC5! Imagine!

Here comes the DC5!

Shortly after the Honda Integra gained a full model change in summer 2001, the high-performance Integra Type R model was also offered and for the DC5 model, the 1.8L engine from the old model was replaced with the K20A 2.0L DOHC i-VTEC four-cylinder engine capable of delivering 220HP of power.

Aside from its new engine, the DC5 Type R features Recaro seats, four-piston Brembo front brakes, a close ratio six-speed manual transmission, a limited-slip differential, and a stiffer suspension.

In the spring of 2006, Honda announced the discontinuation of the Integra because of the diminishing coupe market but because of customer feedback, Honda will keep producing the car until July 2006 and produce 150 more Integras.

Start the clock!

The DC5 Type R Integra did it in 1:29.190, and thanks to its improved power from its 2.0L engine, that's worth the capability even though the DC5's heavier than the DC2 Integra.

It was worth a shot giving a tribute to the first front-wheel drive Type R in Honda history and even though the Integra's no longer with us since its discontinuation in 2006, it's still a Speedo Boy's favorite next to the speedo boy favorite...the Honda Civic. Sure, the Integra's dead, the Civic's dead, the Type R's dead. Short story...

Maricar Reyes, IHAW NA!

Maricar Reyes, actress and now being married to Richard Poon, is the guest of the day on the July 24, 2013's Banana Nite's IHAW NA segment. Aside from being an actress and a model, Maricar Reyes is also a general practitioner, which seems to be a somewhat a family doctor...we think.

Meanwhile, a sketch that goes...with a supermarket with very slow cashiers...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kia The New Sportage R

It's been three years since Kia's new generation Sportage, now called Sportage R, came out in the South Korean market and judging by the looks of it, I think this is a bit more better looking than its compatriot, the Hyundai Tucson iX. Anyway, while the Hyundai Tucson iX gained a facelift a couple of months ago, seems that the Sportage R is follow suit for its minor change.

Since there's little about the latest "minor change" for The New Sportage R, let's do a 47 second science. Ahem...47 second science. Big science questions answered in bite-sized chunks.

Question...for the 2014 model year, what's new for The New Sportage R? Let's find out what's new for this minor change in less than 47 seconds. Remember, this is a 47-second science experiment to explain what I'm on about with this minor change.

2014 Kia The New Sportage R

2014 Kia The New Sportage R

2014 Kia The New Sportage R interior

2014 Kia The New Sportage R interior

With my 47-second science begins, let's begin. Anyway, for the 2014 model year, The New Sportage R gained a refreshed version of the signature Tiger Nose grille as well as a newly redesigned fog lamps.

At the back, it has this bland-looking LED rear combination lamp which seems to be rather cheap and disapproving. I think I rather look at the pre-facelift model's rear lamps rather than this. On the side view, you can expect an all new 18-inch wheels that stays true to its refreshed look except it isn't a bit too showy most of the time.

On the interior, there are a little changes occurred such as a new instrumental cluster which has two-circles rather than the Abarth-like three meters from the pre-facelift model. What's also new is the "mood lamp" as you can find one in the front cupholders. Then, there's a two-way airconditioner made possible for the rear seats and then, the seats are now ventilated, sure enough to keep those seats cool down. It doesn't sounds more of a change to me but apparently, there's something new to its software.

I'm talking about UVO, Kia's telematics system first applied from last year's K9 flagship sedan. The 2014 Sportage R now has one and with UVO, you can even start the engine or open/close its doors using your smartphone. Theft-deterrent? UVO has a knack for that.

The Sportage R has two engine types available; a CRDi-VGT R2.0 diesel engine developing 184PS of power and a high-performance 2.0L T-GDi engine capable of producing 261PS of power. New for the Sportage R is the Flex Steer system as seen on the present-generation Hyundai i30, which allows the driver to change its handling characteristics to three different modes; ECO, NORMAL, and SPORT.

The new Sportage R from Kia Motors starts at 20,500,000 South Korean Won. For accessory purposes, a TUON interior kit costs 230,000 Won which comes with an LED door scuff plate and sports pedals while the TUON body kit costs 520,000 Won.

47-second science with The Sportage R. Big minor change questions answered in bite-sized chunks...

Photo: Kia Motors.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Let's Do The News! (July 23, 2013)

JM: Now let's do the news and guys, as we all now, San Diego Comic Con was finished yesterday thoughts?

JC: Yeah. We all got some final thoughts about it because that was probably one of the best Comic-Con experience ever done and hey, this is Matt Smith's final appearance in this year's SDCC as The Doctor before his regeneration this Christmas Day.

RH: Yeah and I just heard that the Daleks are coming back for the 50th Anniversary special and you know what that means?

JM: Uhh...Trouble?

(audience laughing)

RH: Trouble? Possibly but I was thinking that it's going to be the best anniversary special in the history of Doctor Who. Since Daleks are iconic baddies, their appearance for the 50th anniversary special pays a big dividends. Hmmm....Clara never saw a Dalek before, right?

JC: Uh...Ahem...

(audience laughing)

RH: Oh yeah. Sorry about that. There was the episode with Oswin on it...Sorry...

JC: Anyway, what bothers me that former Doctor Who companion, Karen Gillan...shaved her hair off! As in...Karen Gillan's a baldie!

(audience laughing)

JC: Take a look...

Karen Gillan at SDCC 2013

(audience laughing)


JM: (laughing)

JC: See? What just happened? Left Doctor Who last year, now shaved her head off for good! What's going on, K-Gill?! What have you done?!!

(audience laughing)

JM: Anyway, reason why is because of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. That's it.

JC: Oh...But I still hate her when she's a baldie...That just spoils it...

(audience laughing)

JC: Well, guess she's Ginger Queen no more. Anyway, word to K-Gill...WEAR A WIG!!! A GINGER WIG!!!

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, heard the news? I heard that the royal couple finally gave birth to a healthy baby boy so, let's congratulate them for their royal baby.

(cheers and applause)

RH: They gave birth to the future prince? The next prince? Wow! I'm impressed. Clap clap. I can't believe the whole world's been waiting for the birth of a royal baby from Prince William and Kate Middleton. This is the same anticipation I was expecting since the announcement of the new Pope.'s in the name?

JC:'s still confidential at the moment. But anyway, a big congratulations to the royal couple for the birth of their future prince.

(cheers and applause)

JC: Anyway, as you may know that the Initial D manga is coming to a climax this month and that made us car enthusiasts sad to see the end of Takumi Fujiwara and his AE86 Trueno battling against the best street racers on the mountain roads. With the end of the manga upon us, I just heard that there's going to be a new movie coming next year and...for the hell of it...the final season of the Initial D anime series called Initial D: Final Stage.

JC: Exactly. While we don't know about what's what about Summer 2014's Initial D movie, the final season of the Initial D anime covers most of the manga's epic finales. So, are you willing to see how it ends?


RH: Well, if it's worth the risk. I'm in. I wanna see how Initial D ends...

JM: Me too...


JM: Uh...Seat just announced a new addition to the new Leon. Check it out...

2014 Seat Leon ST

JM: This what they called it the Leon ST and what it just a Golf Variant with some SEAT credentials on it. It's boring to explain what's what...

(audience laughing)

JC: Yeah. I'm bored with SEATs because they're nothing more of cheap VW's.

(audience laughing)

JM: Yeah, so why bother talking about regular cars on this show, anyway?

(audience laughing)

JC: Anyway, that is the end of the news.

Breaking news from the July 22, 2013's Banana Nite's KANDILA!

Breaking news from the July 22, 2013's Banana Nite's KANDILA!

- New Bilibid Prison warden was introduced...just before prisoners escaped...

- The commitee asking about calling this country "Filipinas", condemned...and what's going on when words start with P now start with F anyway?

- Animal lovers condemn against comparing crocodiles from corrupt which buwaya is buwaya?!

Meanwhile we compare what would a Sosyal and Di Sosyal do by calling someone to eat, reacting from floods, and sleeping while sitting.

What makes Jollibee great for three and a half decades?


Back in 1975, a man named Mr. Tony Tan and his family started their own ice cream parlor in Cubao and two years later, their bakery was established in the outskirts of Cubao. That's when the Jollibee story was born. Jollibee is a 100% Filipino-owned company which expands its global operations as the years go by, making it one of the most successful fast-food chain in Asia. The CNN calls this as "The McDonald's of Asia" because even though it was hit hard during the Asian Financial Crisis in the late 90's, they're still going on strong.

It's 2013. And this year marks Jollibee's 35th birthday so why not making a little tribute to what CNN calls this "The McDonald's of Asia"? Question, What makes Jollibee great for three and a half decades?

I will be giving you numerous reasons what made it great and let's talk about the meal in question....the Yumburger.

What is the Yumburger? Well it may not be one of the burgers I have ever eaten back in the Philippines but there's more significance to this simple looking burger. Back in 1978, when Jollibee was first established, this became the firm's flagship product. Even though it looks more like a Burger McDo or any other burger you commonly see on the food stands next door, the Yumburger is one of the most ordered food in their menu thanks to its cheap pricing.

Then, there's the Spaghetti Special. A year has passed since Jollibee was founded, a new meal was served shortly before their first franchise owned store opened at Ronquillo Sta. Cruz. The Spaghetti Special, in my fondest memories, was their answer to McDonald's McSpaghetti. Even though it's not quite as good as the McSpaghetti, it's still worth the taste for a spaghetti meal made from a Filipino fast-food chain. I still miss the Spaghetti Special because this is the kind of meal I ate back in my childhood but never fear because what Jollibee made to the classic Spaghetti Special is by improving it and then transformed into...Jolly Spaghetti! The Spaghetti Special we made even better! Sweet-style spaghetti sauce with premium noodles topped with chunky slices of savory ham and sausages and lots of cheese!

So, what else that made Jollibee great for 35 years? The Chickenjoy! You know the commercial that goes "Isa pa! Isa pang Chickenjoy!" all of the sudden? Yeah, I remember that and I am a huge fan of those. Seems that I'm not the only one who got addicted to the Chickenjoy craze. This is probably one of the most popular choice on the menu and if they want to eat a heavy meal or a meal with, this is probably the only thing comes in the mind of the Jollibee customer.

Also great in Jollibee was the Burger Steak. For those who think they're not in the mood for Chickenjoy or Yumburger are considering this. A cup of rice, two burgers, a gravy, and some yummy mushrooms. Jollibee does the math and the super delicious Burger Steak was made for those who are in their lunch break from their work.

There's so many great stuff Jollibee has done for us, especially their french fries, their sundaes, their Jollibee kids meal, everything! What's also great about...was this...the Palabok Fiesta

Some say that Palabok is more than just a Filipino version of Spaghetti but I disagree on what they say because the Palabok is more than just one of the best Filipino dishes in ages. Palabok or Pancit Palabok is a kind of noodle dish that uses shrimp sauce and some of the finest ingredients such as cooked shrimp, boiled pork, crushed chicharon, tinapa flakes, fried tofu, scallions, and fried garlic. I love eating palabok so much, I actually wished to eat some more, even when I squirt some calamansi or lemon on it. Here at Jollibee, it's all Filipino values because the traditional pancit palabok is available for everyone thanks to Palabok Fiesta. Even though it's a traditional Filipino dish in Jollibee guise, it's still taste like a palabok and I love it. I love this meal so much, I actually want to eat some of it from my mom's or dad's.

There's so much choices around here but there's one you might consider about: THE CHAMP. Yes. CHAMP. Jollibee's answer to Big Mac but it's a bit less. While the Big Mac goes, well if you know the chant, you know what's in it. Anyway, the CHAMP is a bit less. A 1/3 pound burger patty made from 100% pure beef, garnished with the freshest vegetables and creamy slice of cheddar cheese served in a soft sesame bun. Yep, that's what the CHAMP had. It may not be quite as good as its Big Mac rival but as a Jollibee fan, I may not be fuzzy about this flagship burger because to's worth it. No wonder this burger inspired a mascot of the same name.

Well, with so much greatness made from Jollibee over 35 years, I have to say that everything they done was the best, the meals, the commercials, the Jollibee kids meal, the Jollitown TV show, you name a few. Anyway, happy 35th year, Jollibee! You made us proud!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Top Gear S20E04

Top Gear S20E04

Once again, the boys had built something on the fourth episode of Top Gear Series 20 and their new HOVERVAN (A Ford Transit van with some hovercraft technology) might seems to be their answer if there's going to be a risk of global warming or flooding or high water level or whatever. Interesting? Yes. Working? So-so...

Anyway, while the HOVERVAN is the most interesting part of the Top Gear inventions, a tale of two SLS AMG models broke loose at the Top Gear Test Track. It's the overkilled SLS AMG Black Series with the updated 6.2L V8 engine and some mean aero on it versus the SLS AMG Electric Drive with 700HP generated in all four wheels. The SLS Black lapped round the track in 1:19.0 while the SLS Electric Drive did it in 1:21.7. 

Oh yeah, The Wolverine showed up at the Top Gear Test Track. Yep. Hugh Jackman, The Wolverine, was this week's star in the brand new reasonably priced car, the Vauxhall Astra Tech Line with Lifetime Warranty. On that segment, The Wolverine did it in 1:46.1.


On the July 21, 2013 episode of Goin Bulilit

- Goin Bulilit music video of Pandesal

- Pandesal gags

- When dads became forgetful, kids don't get it...

- Paano kung...may riot ang mga reporter?

- Use It jokes

- What would the boys think about their pandesal-induced dreams?

- drugstore gags

-  some Awkward the restaurant!

- Paano kung...nagwewelga ang mga kasambahay?

- Ready Get Set Goin in Face-Tawa!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Let's Do The News! (July 21, 2013)

River's Diary

Okay, River's Diary, tell me what's going on around here...I'm bored as a fudge...

- Announced on San Diego Comic-Con 2013, it's the Man of Steel vs. The Dark Knight because director Jack Snyder announced that he'll be making a "Superman and Batman" film, due this 2015. While both Superman and Batman are superheroes in the DC universe, they are arch-rivals in DC's "Dark Knight" comics. So, Man of Steel or The Dark Knight? Whose side are you on?

- Season 4 of The Walking Dead is coming this October...but on the meantime, The Walking Dead collaborated with Hyundai Motor Company for the special Walking Dead Chop Shop app. This special app brings fans to create their own Zombie Survival Machine using either the Veloster, the Genesis Coupe, or the Maxcruz (Santa Fe LWB) as their basis. BUILD. DEFEND. SURVIVE. Find out at

- The final piece of the Kia Motors x DC Comics collaboration as part of the WE CAN BE HEROES campaign is the Kia Sorento Justice League edition. It was showcased at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

Kia Sorento Justice League edition

- Watch what happens when Matt Smith arrived on this year's San Diego Comic Con in a Bart Simpson mask...

- Just arrived in the mailbox: It's that Isabella plushie I just ordered. Cute isn't it?

Whatcha doin? we'll see who's adorable...(sneeze like a kitten)

- Just a word of advice: OTAKON, the convention of the otaku generation: by fans, for fans, returns at the Baltimore Convention Center this August 9 to 11, 2013. Are you ready?


Mercedes-Benz S-Class W222

The song that goes "The World Is All One", it really states that this world is yours for the taking and do whatever you want. The poser phrase YOLO or You Only Live Once, it's true because as humans only had one life, there's no second chances...almost. We have make the most out of our lives. somewhat the poser phrase that was best describe to brag everyone with something you had, making everyone jealous.

If the SWAG term is made to make the envy of everyone, can you brag this kind of swag?

2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Welcome everyone to the brand new Mercedes-Benz S-Class, it's the newest incarnation of Mercedes' flagship 4-door saloon car that promises to be better than the best. Yep, the best Mercedes-Benz saloon ever made, now made even better...but really? Did they made it better? Well, let's make it boring first, a bit more James May-ish for the explanation of this brand new model.

Anyway, for this new model, the design is getting a bit noticed, a bit more orthodox, and a bit more...2020-ish because what this looks like...a car from the future, today! Yes, it looks a bit more like the CLS-Class except bigger and then the rear lamps look similar from the soon-to-be-axed CL-Class. Seems that when it comes to designing this car, it supposed to inspire from its rivals from Audi or BMW or the Hyundai Equus, or the Jaguar XJ or the Lexus LS. It's a good thing it wasn't quite as Asian as an Equus or the LS because from every angle, it looks striking to uphold. I'm sensing...Henry Sy taking a break at the Solaire with the competition like poker pets. Poker pets, huh? Haven't seen a painting of dogs playing poker? Huh?

2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class interior
Whereas the interior of the Jaguar XJ draws some inspiration from a South of France yacht, the new interior looks more heavily inspired from a private jet. This is like a private jet minus the jet and it's not made to fly. He he he... Anyway. when it's on, it's about as futuristic as a spaceship. You feel like Jean Luc Picard in command while cruising this car on the city or on the highway. Travelling from the country club or the five-star hotel or the five-star restaurant or everything that rich people tend to hang out, this car doesn't fail to impress everyone, especially in the back because hey! This new model's longer than the previous model because from now, being long is the basis and that's fine if you live in Asian countries like Brunei or Malaysia or Singapore or Thailand or Japan or South Korea or the Philippines or in China because for this new model, space in the back matters most than anything else. In Europe and North America, most S-Class models are used to be driven whereas in Asia, it's a chauffeur-driven car so what Mercedes-Benz did to the new model is focused on the LWB model (V222) than the standard-wheelbase model (W222)

It's a first-class jetliner for the world-class people because for this new S-Class, you feel like a boss in every turn and this is one kind of swag you would reconsider for. Yeah, check out that swag...He he he...It's going to be a trouble when you see one parking to your college and that's going to be a cheesy situation, thinking that there's a wealthy student studying here...

Brilliant I should say but for this new model, Mercedes-Benz set standards in the comfort genre because the new model comes with AIRMATIC suspension because not only it does ride beautifully on the city streets but it's as sportier as a hundred thousand pound exotic on the open roads. This is getting a bit too personal for me but it seems that with this new kind of suspension system, Mercedes-Benz really pulled it off, making the best premium saloon car made even better. You would wanna tell that to your "world's best boss" unless someone's had the "world's best boss" mug in his possession. He he...

2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class
For everything that makes it "best", there are some things that aren't the best because by the time it's available, the new S-Class comes with the host of engine choices like the 3.0L diesel V6 engine, a 3.5L V6 Hybrid engine which is a bit dreary for the seasoned ones but effective for the eco-mentalists, and then there's the 4.7L V8 engine, all mated with a 7G-Tronic Plus gearbox. I'm afraid that both the engines and the gearbox haven’t yet caught up with the rest of it but that's not the least of the problems here because in the future, a 9-speed gearbox will be planted to this next year and that's going to be a total overload. It's like what's the difference of shifting the normal way, shifting the FnF way, or shifting the drunk way. Well, the FnF way is too much. He he he...

2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Anyway, despite all the "buts", the new model did set the benchmarks when it comes to refinement, safety, technology, passenger comfort and driver appeal. It's like when you had this cute little green boxy gimzo thingy does all the stuff for you and oh, just don't leave it alone, okay? It does some weird stuff around here.

For the pricing, the new S-Class starts at 79,790 Euros, that's about nearer to the V6 diesel-powered Jaguar XJ's pricing and wow, what to expect? Well, doesn't matter though. With such benchmarks set, the all new S-Class, in standard or LWB form, is what makes Mercedes-Benz great. Remember, das beste oder nicht. That's the slogan of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Don't forget that. Well, even though the performance was the demerits, I still find the new S-Class to be more of a sovereignty rather than being a casual premium sedan. This is probably one of the best premium sedans of the year and it's on my book.

Available colors: schwarz, anthrazitblau metallic, cavansitblau metallic, diamantsilber metallic, diamantweiƟ metallic BRIGHT, iridiumsilber metallic, magnetitschwarz metallic, obsidianschwarz metallic, palladiumsilber, peridotbraun metallic, and rubinschwarz metallic.

Photo: Mercedes-Benz
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