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Cars GT6 Should Put (Volume 12)

In a galaxy far far away, just off our backyard, lies Leopaul's Blog; boldly pushing the boundaries of car culture because there's some CARS GT6 SHOULD PUT.

Cars like...

1) Daihatsu Tanto Custom RS '13

WHY: The all new third generation Daihatsu Tanto was recently launched this week and this new version is on a tough battle against the Honda N BOX and the Suzuki Spacia. Even though it's 1km/L less than the Spacia, this new model sells quite well and as of now, it's on the top three best selling cars in Japan, falling behind the Toyota Aqua and the new Honda Fit. The model I'm interested was the Custom version, more importantly the Custom RS version because of its stylish looks and a turbocharged 660cc engine that redefines the KING OF SMALL slogan.

2) Ford Escape Titanium '13

WHY: Possible to call it Escape or Kuga? Don't care which but best to stick with Escape and oh, the EcoBoost engine that powers it provides this crossover with the added power and the added fuel economy it deserves. I sure wanna wish I wanna try this one offroad if GT6 has the chance to give this new Escape a slot on their list.

3) Honda Odyssey Absolute '13

WHY: In the previous installments, the Odyssey we have is a third-generation model but what we really want for a brand new Gran Turismo game is feature the latest installment of the Odyssey minivan. I wanna see how does the new model stacks up against the old one...well sadly, only the third generation Odyssey was featured in the game's less likely to be popped up.

【スクープ!】ホンダ オデッセイがイメージ一新のフルモデルチェンジ! ~両側スライドドアと超低床フロアでライバルに再び挑む!~

4) Seat Ibiza Cupra '13

WHY: The previous Gran Turismo games only featured the old Type 6L Ibiza but I want GT6 to feature the latest Ibiza Cupra complete with the 1.4 TSi engine which generates 180PS of power. Please GT6, feature the latest Seat Ibiza Cupra in the game!

5) Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG '11

WHY: As of now, the second-generation CLS63 AMG, like any other AMG models with the 5.5L V8 Twin-Turbo engine, remains of the best cars never featured in a video game. Although it attracts huge attention in the motoring press because of its perfect balance of style and performance, so far no video games brave enough to feature it. What's going on with them? But still, GT6, please feature the CLS63 AMG while you can!!!

Launched: Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG

The results please? So, if Polyphony's still on the rethinking process whether these cars I've mentioned will be featured on Gran Turismo 6, whether in game or as a DLC, you can't say that I didn't had a bit to do with that.

Take that to Kaz Yamauchi!

THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: S.Koreans send flyers protesting postponed reunion

A group of South Korean activists released balloons carrying flyers calling for North Korea to resume the postponed reunion originally meant to be started last month. The group released 10 huge balloons with 200,000 flyers attached from a border city near Seoul, carrying messages criticizing North Korea's decision to put off the planned reunion as well as DVDs containing movies criticizing North Korea's human rights abuses.


THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: N.Korea criticizes S.Korean leader by name

North Korea denounced South Korean President Park Geun-hye by name for a speech she gave at Tuesday's Armed Forces Day ceremony in Seoul. In the address, Park vowed to achieve SoKor's preemptive strike capabilities for defensive purposes and establish its own ballistic missile-defense system at an early date in order to get Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear arms program. The statement from North Korea's National Defense Commission said that Park should brace for a rain of fire from North Korean forces.


Let's Do The News! (October 5, 2013)

The big science today...

- US Government Shutdown continues on its 4th day and the US congressional standoff continues.

- BF, GF, Exes, beware as the Californian government, despite in the US Shutdown, passed a law criminalizing what is known to be as revenge porn, the distribution of private, explicit photos of other people on the net, usually by ex-lovers of spouses, for humiliation,

- Yesterday, there was a massive rally going on in Makati City, in a bid against the controversial pork barrel issue. However, there's one report that really got us into chuckles and it's straight from GMA News TV's QRT where the reporter said..."Dumagsa ang mga tae". I'm sorry but...the poops are rallying? Howdy how...

- The best fan-made Hyundai Maxcruz (Santa Fe LWB) zombie survival machine is going to featured on this year's New York Comic Con this October 10 to 13, 2013 as part of the collaboration between Hyundai Motor Company and The Walking Dead, which the fourth season premieres this October 13 on AMC.

- Nearly 24,000 units of Ford Focus Electric and C-MAX models will be recalled by Ford because of door chime problems.

- Continuing on the Fukushima Crisis issue, TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Corporation) resumed operation of a new wastewater treatment system at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant after a half-day suspension. It was reported that a system failure stopped the Advanced Liquid Processing System.


BMW 4-Series (F32)

2014 BMW 4-Series

At BMW, they're always at the forefront of creating some of the most promising cars in the market today and even though they're very expensive once you check in their preisliste, they're still worth giving a try on these. However, while some Bimmers feel as forgiving your grandma giving you money before you set off, there are some that are worth confusing, not as confusing as the newest addition to the BMW family.

The new 4-Series from BMW is a two-door coupe version which replaces the old 3-Series Coupes and it heralds the new naming scheme that from now on, sedan models will bear odd numbers such as 3, 5, and 7, where as coupe models bear even numbers like for instance...the 6-Series. Now why would BMW became so belligerent now? All we ever want is to keep BMW the same way as before and we all like keeping names for full model changes. Now, BMW is becoming more like what's going on in the news today, the North Korean peninsula, the Syrian Uprising, the Pork Barrel, the US Government Shutdown, on and on and on and on and hey, HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU, BMW; WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

2014 BMW 4-Series

Trying to fulfill BMW's slogan of "Freude am Fahren" is now heading in the wrong way because...let's be honest, there are news circulating BMW's going to make a front-wheel drive model and with an FF Bimmer in the slots, is the "Freude am Fahren" story came to a bitter climax and now became one of Germany's most boring car makers? And what was the whole point about the number 4? Don't you suppose to keep the 3-Series name like the good old days? This is just crud and changing names really infuriates loyalists into thinking what's wrong with BMW. Now, BMW makes ugly cars which is as ugly as Richard Armitage telling you a bedtime story on CBeeBies, what's next? Make it more dull to drive? That question is too early to be explained but in the meantime, let's examine what's wrong with the new 4-Series.

Although it maybe a new name for itself, it's still a 3-Series with less doors on the outside, which is suitable for the athletic type, not for the geek or nerd type or the yuppies and on the inside, it's all typical BMW interior to us. Forget about that, let's explain what you can expect on the 4-Series in terms of its driving style.

2014 BMW 4-Series interior

In the beginning, you have a choice of either a 2.0L turbo petrol, a 3.0L turbo petrol, or even a 2.0L diesel engine regardless of different kinds of configurations that caters the 4-Series' affairs. Here's a thing folks, a certain 4-Series model, the 435i, with the new 8-speed gearbox can get me from 0-100kph in about 5.1 seconds, just 0.3 seconds more than the defunct 420hp V8 manual M3, but still it's worth an attempt trying to catch up in today's trends. That's about 0.7 seconds quicker than the A5 3.0 TFSI quattro and .9 second quicker than the C 350 BlueEfficiency coupe. Impressive though, BMW sure knows how to make a coupe that blitzes through the competition and oh, if you want to make me talk like Doc, here goes...

4-Series Bimmer, you had a bad case of "8-speed-gearbox-quicker-than-manual-gearbox-itis". Yep, I already placed it on the Big Book of Boo Boos now and this case involves that how does an 8-speed auto gearbox acts quicker than the 6-speed manual gearbox and I'll let you into something...when this car is set to SPORT MODE, throttle response is even faster and the steering becomes noticeably more direct. The 8-speed gearbox have been altered to provide a significantly sportier drive. That all sounds nice but when in this mode, it has a bad case of "ride-is-too-hard-osis" and yes, it's going to be in the Big Book of Boo Boos too as well because it's going to be as stressful as putting the jigsaw puzzle in a noisy nightclub. But, if you were spending the weekend going for the shops, best to put it on COMFORT setting because in this mode, it's as fine and civilized as the song from a preschool show. Thank you.

Of course, it is a two-door saloon car but it feels as cuddly as Lambie. It even has two seats in the back with 13mm of legroom, which is nice. However, there's another thing to be added in the Big Book of Boo Boos because the boot space is 445 litres, short on the Mercedes C-Class Coupe’s 450-litre boot and the Audi A5’s 455-litre load. How should I call it? Oh yeah! "Boot-too-small-itis". Great, why am I sounded like Doc anyhow?

2014 BMW 4-Series

But still, even the 4-Series had a lot of boo-boos to be filled on the Big Book of Boo Boos such as the ride, the boot, the gearbox, and whatever's wrong with it, there's nothing to go wrong with it because even though it's a drastic name change for a 3-Series-based model, it drives better. It tries to be a wolf in sheep's clothing, a bad wolf in black sheep's clothing to be precise. That makes me very relieved to explained how does the 4-Series reacts the way like its 3-Series Coupe predecessors used to be. If BMW tries to keep its "freude am fahrne" promise, maybe this car would be the best pick for the next-generation of car enthusiasts and one day, when this one's getting better, they would rather shut up and take their money for good...just for fun.

Photo: BMW A.G.


On the October 4, 2013 episode of Bubble Gang...

- Sex scandal gags

- Ikaw at ang Ina knows about...sad selfie pics.

- The Adventures of Ruffa Mae Kwento in...boss committing suicide!

- Four boys in the hotel figuring out how to sleep...

- Bubble Gang does Ariel by spoofing this commercial as AERIAL. Proudly Kuripot, Proudly Aerial!

- Tata Lino, always here to help, always here to stay...

- Some politically correct terms to avoid the offense.

- How to distinguish what women lie about...

- Another day for work...tambay style.

- IyoTube in Just Give Me A Reason by Pink

- Truth comes unraveled in a flood-stricken place.

Friday, October 4, 2013

What's in our Car Town garage today? (October 4, 2013)

What's in our Car Town garage today?

1992 Nissan 240SX Hatchback

The 180SX in Japan or 240SX in the North American market resembles the chassis name RPS13 and yes, it's the hatchback version of the cult classic S13 Silvia even though it comes with rear-wheel drive, a favorite among drifters everywhere. This car has been a favorite among Nissan fans even though there was a story about the Sileighty, a 180SX with the S13 Silvia's face on it but anyway, JDM had gone nuts with it because no matter the alteration of its appearance, they still enjoy tuning this classic JDM all the way in style and points.

1992 Nissan 240SX Hatchback

1970 AMC Gremlin

It maybe cheaper than the Ford Pinto when it was new, more features than the Ford Pinto, and comes with a big V8 engine for a American hatchback but the Gremlin is all about as mischievous as the badge itself. You know former US Presidents Clinton and George H. W. Bush once drove the Gremlin in their youth days but since its tenure from 1970 to 1978, they've produced almost seven hundred thousand units.

1970 AMC Gremlin

2008 Ford F150

The eleventh-generation F150 was launched in 2003 and it features a more revolutionary design than the tenth-generation. It won the North American Truck of the Year award for 2004 and was Motor Trend magazine's Truck of the Year for 2004. It even got top safety ratings (5 stars) from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in frontal collisions and became the Best Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

2008 Ford F150

Let's Do The News! (October 4, 2013)

The big stuff today...

- In the third day of the US Government Shutdown, there was a shootout at the US Capitol in Washington D.C., after a high-speed car chase where the female suspect drove an Infiniti G37 and in an attempt to ram the barriers of the White House.

- A Russian-based toymaker is making special edition 1:18 scale figures of Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May at a price of over 500 US Dollars. For those who are very fortunate and in the urge of shut-up-and-take-my-money-itis (sorry, hopefully this should be in the Big Book of Boo-Boos for you and I), feel free to preorder here.

- Callaway Cars, tuner and creators of the C12, announced the Corvette C7 AeroWagon customization package and for 15,000 US Dollars, they can transform the all-new C7 Corvette Stingray into a three-door shooting brake or if you're unhappy, you can revert it back to normal.

Callaway AeroWagon
- Bugatti made a special one-off Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse for world-renowned pianist Lang Lang. You may remember Lang Lang as the one who did piano scores from the Gran Turismo 5 video game.

- The original Nintendo Wii console kicks the bucket because after 7 years, Nintendo reported that they will end production of the classic Wii console. Since its tenure, over 100 million units shipped worldwide.

- Voice PH winner Mitoy Yonting admitted that he once used illegal drugs during his youth years as a band member. Yes, he had a very bad past in his life but his talent of singing pushed his life afloat. Times are tough for Mitoy in the past and ever since he is the first to win The Voice of the Philippines last week, he now has a new lease in life as a singer.

- That video about three ladies crushing a poor puppy making rounds on the net is called a crush video, a different type of porn video where women killing animals. That article was reported by ABS-CBN two years ago where the most shocking fact is most of the crush videos were made in the Philippines. Thing is though, that video you just saw, that was just years ago and the people behind the crush video website, situated in La Union, were arrested before. I need to say it?

- A varsity player from the University of Santo Tomas is the latest victim of bullying. Yes, the victim's a male and he was once bullied by his fellow athletes and so far, due to his trauma, he's absent for three weeks because the more he's here, the worse he'll get bullied. Let's remember, the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 is now a law but as of Sept. 19, 2013, there are 384 reported cases of bullying. Twice per day from May 2012 to September 2013.

Jopay, IHAW NA!

On the October 3, 2013's Banana Nite's IHAW NA segment, one of the Sexbomb girls gets interviewed by Tito Bhoy himself and that one of them is none other than Jopay from the Sexbomb girls. Jopay is one of the members of the Sexbomb girls which were once famous during their days of Eat Bulaga and thrown Filipinos to a curve with their popular Spaghetti dance. They once had their longest-running drama anthology back in GMA called Daisy Siete and runs for 8 long seasons, with the last one involving the one which claims to be a copycat of "He's Beautiful". Of course, the Sexbomb Girls are now part of Banana Split.

Meanwhile, in MALING AKALA, there are some misconceptions that have been taken seriously such as raising your pinky, holding a tissue paper, wearing a miniskirt, a frown, holding hands, use of a more expensive phone, being a drunk, and getting pulled by two women against each other.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Let's Do The News! (October 3, 2013)

The big stuff tonight, today, or this morning...

- It's Day Two of the US Govt. Shutdown and President Obama canceled his plans for his Asia visit

- In case you missed it, there was a video about three unidentified women crushing and stepping a poor little puppy making the rounds on the internet and yes, PAWS receiving numerous reports on this viral video circulating on Facebook. So far, over 50 calls and at least 150 emails (and counting) from concerned citizens reporting about the video.

Three women crushing a puppy

- While on the job covering the third-generation Daihatsu Tanto, it seems that Nissan and Mitsubishi joined forces for a kei car that targets the new Tanto we're covering. Yes, the 2015 eK Space from Mitsubishi and 2015 Dayz Roox from Nissan are previewed and it's the second of the NMKV joint-venture since the Dayz and the eK Wagon earlier this year. Expect these two new kei height wagons to hit Japan 1st quarter next year.

2015 Nissan Dayz Roox

2015 Mitsubishi eK Space

- If you think Pac-Man was once got his own 3D CG cartoon called Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures earlier this year, there's more to come as one of our video game greats gets a 3D CG cartoon and this time it's Sonic the Hedgehog. SEGA confirmed that a new Sonic cartoon is in the works and planned for a late 2014 on air.

- It's a sad farewell to one of the most respectable names in the entertainment world as Tom Clancy, the master behind military and espionage thrillers that has most readers and gamers fond of, died in the age of 66. Clancy is well known for his spy novels, the Jack Ryan stories from Patriot Games to The Sum of All Fears, and video games we know such as Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, and others. The recent Tom Clancy game released so far was Splinter Cell Blacklist while his 17th novel, Command Authority, is due on December 2013.

- More GT6 news and this time it's going to be a warning shot against Forza 5 because...Bathurst is coming.

Third-generation Daihatsu Tanto and Tanto Custom (LA600S)

Today, Daihatsu launched the all-new third-generation Tanto tall kei van made to counter against the Honda N BOX and the Suzuki Spacia, all in the name of what it seems to be defending the honor of the Daihatsu kei-car, well sometimes. Anyway, let's do a bit of an "I Can Do Science Me" thingy, just so we can get to know about the all new model that features...the trademark pillarless sliding door on the passenger side.

If by "I CAN DO SCIENCE ME", here goes...

2014 Daihatsu Tanto

2014 Daihatsu Tanto Custom

The previous two generations of the Tanto are a bit round for its boxy shape but for the new version, things are getting a bit proportional because not only it stays true to the Tanto trend, it's starting to look even more noticing because judging by the looks, the new Tanto's design becomes even more promising, a bit more like the Daihatsu Move. Yes, I was pointing on the standard Tanto. As for the Custom model of the Tanto, however, it's as glam as a glam rocker, as punkish as a punk a dwarf body. Sorry about that but while the standard model is basically focused for the couples raising children, the Custom targets the youth generation who wanted to express their individuality. Yes, I see what you did there.

2014 Daihatsu Tanto interior

2014 Daihatsu Tanto Custom interior
And then there's the interior and unlike the previous models, the new interior really tries to shake it up real good and because this the tallest Daihatsu kei car you can buy in Japan, your height really doesn't matter even when you're wearing a tall hat. One thing you may notice that on the more expensive versions, you can expect a smartphone-integrated satellite navigation, the same thing as expected on its Suzuki Spacia rival. Hmmm...did Daihatsu took that from its rival or is it because they're just too jealous? But wait, I haven't get through the other part because here on the brand new Tanto, there was a dealer option where you can have a rear monitor so you can have someone watching in the back without all the drama...well almost because you can expect your ears dry red from the long chatter.

2014 Daihatsu Tanto

2014 Daihatsu Tanto Custom

Anyway, now onto the real science experiment. Just how the new model stack up against the Spacia and the N BOX? Just before munching your favorite teriyaki burger in your office break, here's a quick 47-second science on the third-generation Tanto; it comes with the updated version of e:S Technology from the Mira e:S and I already know what that means if somebody told me. With this though, the new model has a fuel economy of 28.0km/L based on JC08 Mode standards. Scaling that up, that's over four more than the N BOX but 1km/L less than the Suzuki Spacia. Hmmm...maybe they did heed the warning that if Daihatsu made a car that is more fuel efficient than the kei cars Suzuki had, they'll fight back. This new model really makes the case in the game of fairness.

The Tanto Custom model offers an exclusive turbocharged model respectively in case someone asks.

Finally there's this SMART ASSIST feature available on SA models of both the Tanto and the Tanto Custom and what it does is triggers the Emergency Stop Signal system, which warns following vehicles when the driver brakes sharply, to offer enhanced active safety. They learned that from Volvo, Subaru, and many others but be warned, although this was made to halt automatically in a near-collision scenario, you must take extreme caution while driving. Yes really, your instruction manual warns you about this even TV commercials.

As for the pricing, the new Tanto starts at 1.35 million Yen, a hundred thousand more than the Suzuki Spacia.

This is the new Daihatsu Tanto and this third-generation wanted to know if the new one stands a chance against the Suzuki Spacia in terms of fuel economy, convenience, and value. The answer, I believe, is NO.

Photo: Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WALD Audi A7 Sports Line

WALD Audi A7 Sports Line

Let's be honest, the Audi A7 may not be the most elegant-looking 4-door coupe built to counter Mercedes' CLS and recently BMW's 6 Gran Coupe and sadly, this car doesn't have the "aha" factor enthusiasts deserve but what if you can try to give this European luxury coupe some makeover it deserves?

Using the normal A7, not the S line mode please, as its basis for WALD's Sports Line entry, this latest aero kit adds flavor to Audi's 4-door coupe design and the whole kit will cost about 257,250 Japanese Yen.

For rims, customers can opt in either a PORTOFINO P21C 20-inch, PORTOFINO P12 20 or 21-inch, or the Mahora M11C 19 or 20-inch rims.

WALD also offers DTM Sports Muffler for the A7 at the cost of 252,000 Japanese Yen as well whereas the muffler cutter costs about 84,000 Japanese Yen.

Baruta Body Kit for 86/BRZ

Baruta Subaru BRZ

Classified themselves as "tuners", those rear-wheel drive TOYOTA 86 and SUBARU BRZ sport coupes enjoyed their fame and fortune among die-hard car enthusiasts ever since they both showed up in the open last year. There's more to this 86/BRZ modification trends because the folks from LIBERAL showcased the Baruta body kit available for both the 86 and the BRZ coupes.

The price list for the exterior parts as shown from the official website as follows

- Front Bumper Spoiler (BRZ only) - 157,500 Yen
- Rear Bumper Spoiler - 84,000 Yen
- Front Lip Spoiler (requires front bumper) - 47,250 Yen
- Side Spoiler - 68,250 Yen
- 3D stainless molding - 68,250 Yen
- Wide side mirror - 15,750 Yen
- Carbon short antenna - 6,825 Yen
- Carbon antenna cover - 10,500 Yen

Balitang Six Six for 10/1/13

And now, what's the update or funny vids for 10/1/13's Banana Nite's Balitang Six Six?


- Politician dropped his teeth! Literally!

- Some unruly kid dropped his friend from the bridge and into the river!

- Snowboard fail!

- Some jacka** fell through the tallest staircase outside!

- Monkey bar FAIL

Meanwhile Alex Gonzaga gave us top three tips on how to deal with your bungangera wife in LAUGH THREE;

1) Use your secret weapon - SNACKS!

2) Be DRAMA-tic!

3) Bring in the bungangerang mother-in-law!

Let's Do The News! (October 2, 2013)

The big stuff on this segment tonight or today or this morning when you woke up in the morning...

- In the event of yesterday's US Govt. Shutdown, the Affordable Care Act, known colloquially as Obamacare, was officially launched and Americans can now sign up for health care insurance on government online marketplaces. Coverages start next year. One more thing, US President Obama urged those no-good Republicans to pass the budget without conditions and reopen the government as soon as possible but as we know, this whole US Government Shutdown will continue for a very very long while, causing major impact on the world economy.

- Aston Martin's compact car based on the Toyota iQ, the Cygnet, is officially officially DISCONTINUED for good....meh. Who cares about this little Aston? We're not fond with it...

Aston Martin kills the Cygnet
Aston Martin Cygnet

- For this year's SEMA Show, Hyundai collaborates with EGR to modify a Veloster Turbo jacked up with 250HP of power and giving the codename "Yellowcake".

- Ain't no Top Gear but Nissan sends its Fairlady Z NISMO to a race against BASE jumper at the Susten Pass in the Swiss Alps. Check this out...

- One of the characters from The Simpsons will meet its maker. Who will it be? Find out here...

- While we're busy celebrating the win of Megan Young on Miss World 2013, looks like someone's unhappy with the win because...There was once an FB user making "racist" remarks over Megan Young's Miss World win.

- Luther lead actor Idris Elba is the cover man of the November 2013 issue of Esquire Magazine UK.

Idris Elba in Esquire UK November
2013 issue

- Vividred Operation's Akane Isshiki in her Palette Suit gets the figma treatment from GSC! Pre-order books are open for those who are interested on this new toy!

figma Akane Isshiki: Palette Suit ver.


SYRIA UPRISING: OPCW inspectors arrive in Syria

An advance team of chemical weapons inspectors, sent by the Hague-based OPCW, has arrived in Damascus, Syria, to start preparations to destroy the country's chemical weapons. They entered Syria via road from Beirut, Lebanon.


THREATS FROM NORTH KOREA: N.Korea urges US to drop its hostile policy

North Korean Vice Foreign Minister, Pak Kil Yon, urges the United States to end its hostile policy toward his country before asking the North to abandon its nuclear weapons. He spoke this during the UN General Assembly and urged the US to agree to transform the 1953 Korean War armistice into a treat although he blamed the USA for instability of the peninsula.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let's Do The News! (October 1, 2013)

(cheers and applause)

James: Now, look. Look. Everyone be quiet, please. With the US Government now on Shutdown, pains me to say that...well, good luck to those who are affected. Think about it, with the Government Shutdown happened in the USA, over 800,000 government employees will suffer, parks and recreations are closed indefinitely, well, there's more over to the aftermath if I'm honest.

Jeremy: Uh-huh so here we are. If you are willing to work in the USA as well as for those living in the US, don't because due to the political reasons, well let's blame the Republicans for this like everyone else does, the United States of America is NOT the safest country in the world.

Richard: Really?

Jeremy: Yes. No longer safe. Look at the Statue of Liberty. Lights out for now and all parks and recreations all over the USA are closed. Sadly, they didn't mention about commercial establishments or education or sports or whatever that keep things afloat. Hmmmm...Oh! And best not to buy groceries or go to the mall or eat outside because...(clears throat)

(audience laughing)

Richard: Oh yeah. Government Shutdown in the US. That's definitely a political cataclysm not just for the US but for the entire world as well. Think about the economic impact the shutdown will cause and if by "worst", that's gonna hurt...badly.

Jeremy: As badly as...dropping an elevator.

Richard: Or worse...wrecking ball through your room.

Jeremy: Meteor in Russia...

Richard: Meteor that killed all dinosaurs...

(audience laughing)

Richard: Yep. Worse that killing all dinosaurs. Oh and speaking of which there are so many bad things happened in an event of a shutdown like for instance the EPA on hiatus, influenza monitoring on hiatus, nutrition support slashed, suspended food safety, workplace safety, disruptive impact on the DOJ, well you get the picture but there are some stuff that are "business as usual" in an event of a shutdown like...

Jeremy: Air travel, benefits, fed courts, postal, taxes, Mission Control in NASA, National Weather Service, Homeland Security, Military, prisons...well, business as usual for them but there are a bunch of limitations in an event of a shutdown. (sigh) So, are we going to expect the worst quarter of the year? For us, it's a yes and it's not looking good for us, even you around.

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Now, some more bad news. There's another sex scandal between Chito Miranda and Neri Naig making the rounds on the net.

James: Another one?

Richard: Man, why are there are so many scandals going on through every celeb in the Philippines. What's going on? Why is every Philippine celeb get battered by a bunch of scandals done by a bunch of bashers who don't care about it? I mean come on out here...

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Yes. There has been a never-ending scandals plaguing through the Philippine showbizness but who's to blame? It's still remain unknown for now but here's a thing to those bashers behind this...stop making scandals ruining every celeb in the showbiz world. That makes them very uncomfortable and very painful.

(audience laughing)

Richard: Hey, there's an small American company created a modern take of the classic 1960's Mustang. Here it is...

Equus Bass 770

Richard: This is called the EQUUS BASS 770, it's a modern remake of the first-ever Ford Mustang, the one Steve McQueen drove on Bullitt, it's fitted with the V8 engine from the Corvette ZR1, and hey! It's loaded with modern technology! It even has a sat-nav!

Jeremy: Look, Ritchie. I know you like muscle cars but for me, I don't like because...(clears throat)

(audience laughing)

Richard: But hey, this is just another modern remake of old classics. Remember the Eagle Speedster?

Jeremy: Well, yes, and that's definitely one of the best cars I have ever driven in my life and I love it.

Richard: Okay, good and what about the Singer 911?

James: For me, it's definitely feels like a classic Porsche 911 and I like it because unlike the new model, the electric power steering kinda feels more eccentric and that's not a classic 911 trait I deserve.

Richard: Well, for me, I think the EQUUS really knows how to mix the right ingredients; having the classic looks with some modern interpretations on it. I bet this is worth the fun rather than the Eagle Speedster or the Singer 911. No offense pals but I love it.

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Well, I think this is worth the fun than the Shelby Mustang I drove but one particular thing I don't like about this car is the price. The EQUUS costs around 156,000 Pounds which is more than the new Shelby Mustang but still, it's worth the heritage flowing it.

Richard: Heh?

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Just kidding. I'm not fond of muscle cars. Sorry.

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Now as the whole world still positive about celeb Megan Young being the first ever Filipina to win this year's Miss World pageant, I found some DYK that I'm not really quite fond of...

Richard: Like what?

Jeremy: Hmmm...Amazingly, the DYK about Ms. Megan Young is that she's...wait for it, wait for it, wait for avid gamer. Yes. Miss World 2013 winner is an avid gamer like everyone else. Get this, she's also a huge fan of Ragnarok, Fable, Pokemon, and many others.


James: Hmmm....What a very interesting DYK indeed. Everyone's getting huge interests on her...interests.

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Anyway, that is the end of the news folks and if you're in the US, good luck on your worst days of your lives.

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: No laughing matter, folks. This is serious.

SYRIA UPRISING: Paris investigates French assets of Assad's uncle

French authorities opened a preliminary investigation into the assets of Rifaat al-Assad, the uncle of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, whom anti-corruption groups accuse of illegally obtaining a vast fortune of his property empire. The complaint by anti-corruption groups alleges the 76-year-old illegally obtained "extraordinary wealth" through corruption and embezzlement.

Story: FRANCE24

Monday, September 30, 2013

How Cute Is Your Character? - Mabel Pines

I've been bringing in the cutest characters in the history of cartoons and games, whatever they came from, and facing all three tests; getting kissed, hugged, and resist against Isabella from Phineas and Ferb, in a bid to top my CUTENESS RANKER leaderboard.

Time for a recap...

Mog from the Final Fantasy series became the first to come into our segment and in terms of getting hug and getting kissed, Mog scored greatly but when faced off against Isabella, which is our equivalent to one pot of thermite from Brainiac's How Hard is your Thing segment, Mog's out. The best performer out there is Adventure Time's BMO. Despite getting destroyed at the face of Isabella, BMO's the best living gadget to be hugged and kissed. Yes really. BMO's the cutest but four weeks later, Poof from The Fairly OddParents steal BMO's crown but sadly, Poof's position didn't last long with the arrival of Hamtaro's Bijou.

So far, Bijou is in the lead with a total score of 24 out of 30 points and the worst in the CUTENESS RANKER leaderboard is of course...Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony. Because of her clown-like personality, it's tough to contain Pinkie Pie and oh, she hurt Isabella...badly. Ouch... Glad we sedate that lunatic...

As our segment comes to a close, one final "cute character" is finally stepped out from the shadows but...can this "cute character" is worth enough to beat Bijou in our game or will Bijou retain the crown and declared victor? Time to let my inner Thalia Zucchi on. Let's find out...

Today's cute character is...

Mabel Pines

Mabel Pines? Could that be Mabel Pines who is the twin sister of Dipper Pines from the hit series Gravity Falls?

Well she looks cute but...HOW CUTE IS MABEL PINES? Brainiacs, stay alert...

The first test is...getting kissed. Just how kissable is Mabel Pines? The answer is simple.. Mabel's getting enjoyed by the kisses! Mabel likes boys. Cute boys. Handsome boys. Let's just remember, she was once kissed by a merman. That's it boys! Mabel loves the kisses! Keep going! And after a minute...that's enough. Kissing booth's over. That's a 10 out of 10 for Mabel Pines!

Next test...getting hugged. Just how huggable is Mabel Pines? Give her a nice squeeze, please. Amazingly, hugging Mabel Pines is like hugging an oversized teddy bear and as a bonus, we're not giving her an ordinary hug. It's the AWKWARD SIBLING HUG!

Awkward Sibling Hug

Yes. Pat Pat indeed. Let's give her a 9 out of 10 rating.

Last test...It's Mabel Pines vs. Isabella. Let's see who is the cutest. Time to light up what I believed to be an equivalent of one pot of thermite!!

Mabel Pines...guess you can't resist Isabella's cuteness because look at Isabella's cuteness, she's too cute and Mabel, what are you gonna do?

It's Beautiful!

Huh? What's this? Isabella forfeits? Wait a minute...Oh man! There goes the BOSS MABEL look! When Mabel says "It's Beautiful" in a geeky and nerdy kind of's too hideous. So hideous, Isabella has left the building! That's it Mabel, you're more of an Isabella-repellant with your face. ATLIT, her Isabella-resistance rating is 8 out of 10.

Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls scored a grand total of 27 out of 30 points.

So there we have it. Mabel Pines is the winner of our segment....with the respectable EXCEPTIONALLY CUTE ranking.

1) Mabel Pines -27/30
2) Bijou - 24/30
3) Poof - 23/30
4) BMO - 22/30
5) Mokona - 22/30
6) Pikachu - 21/30
7) Catbug - 20/30
8) Mog - 19/30
9) Adipose - 16/30
10) Pinkie Pie - 15/30

Which means...the cutest character I've ever come across is MABEL PINES!



Let's Do The News! (September 30, 2013)

James: And now the news and hey, Breaking Bad is finally over...for real!


Richard: Wow, for five seasons, Breaking Bad has been a fan favorite about a science teacher and his former pupil selling drugs and struggling to keep themselves away from the law. It's over for sad. At least there goes the line..."REMEMBER MY NAME..."

Jeremy: Yeah. "Remember My Name", that's exactly what main character Walt White said. So anyway, the end of Breaking Bad really is one of the most memorable ones in the history of TV shows. Science cool was that? Using science to commit crimes? Now that's what "science abuse" is all about in the story of Breaking Bad.

James: Yes, indeed, and for those who've watched the finale, thank you. That's it. Thank you for BREAKING BAD.

(audience laughing, then cheers and applause)

James: And in cased you missed it, Disney Channel aired a Jake and the Neverland Pirates TV special titled Neverland Rescue and hey, since you had a friend who had a kid...

Jeremy: Sorry...didn't noticed it. She and her baby went to her friend's house and they missed it...

(audience laughing)

Richard: Hmmm? I mean where? In Renton?

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Uh-huh. Seems they really forgot about setting their DVR for this TV special. My friend's baby boy's really is disappointed for now because he didn't see the TV special earlier. Too bad...

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Anyway, while on the topic of the impending Government Shutdown, there are some interesting facts on what will USA happen in the middle of a government shutdown. Says here that this isn't the first one because since 1976, Federal government has shut down a total of 17 times. 17 times since 1976! Think about the disagreements that caused but don't fret because sometimes shutdowns lasted from a week or less until an agreement is made.

James: What about people working for the government, especially for someone who is a correction technician somewhere in Seattle?

Jeremy: Says as usual in a middle of a government shutdown. Just in case, a "government shutdown" is nothing more of a sem break in a bad manner kind of way. Despite this, benefits continue to go out as planned. Don't worry for those who rely on pensions and Social Security checks. What interests us is that 60% of non-military Federal employees will continue to work as usual.


Richard: So. Do you think there's going to noted...the 18th government shutdown if Congress don't go as planned?

Jeremy: Most likely because those Republicans are always to blamed because if the question goes...Who's to blame in the middle of a government shutdown? The answer will always be Republicans and in case of a 2016 elections, I don't want a Republican to be president. The last Republican president Americans noted is George W. Bush, who's busy in his retirement home in Texas. Ugh...I think I might be getting sleepless nights for now.

(audience laughing)

Jeremy: Now what's also made me sleepless is that there's an island emerged somewhere in Pakistan, a day after a deadly earthquake. Here it is...

A mysterious island in Pakistan

Richard: Whoa...One of the world's mysterious things. A deadly Pakistani quake emerged an island that was once non-existent. Quite a mythology we're looking, eh?

Jeremy: Yeah but this isn't mythology, this is real life with a twist. Speaking of which, what's worth noting about this mystery island?

Richard: I told you, it's still a mystery, right?

Jeremy: Oh... And oh, guess what? I went on the internet and I found this...

(audience laughing hysterically)

Jeremy: Oh and I also found this, okay? It's the tweet from actress Megan Young, who became the first ever Filipina to win the Miss World 2013 pageant. Says here...

Jeremy: Uh oh....

(audience laughing)

James: What is it?

Jeremy: Oh wait, it's the other Megan Young. This twitter user meganyoung12 doesn't belong to the real Miss World 2013 winner. Truth is though, the real Megan Young twitter account were aftering is meganbata. Yep. Beware of imitations, that's the top tip.

(audience laughing)

Richard: So many imitations going on in social media, right? Guess what? That's the end of the news!

Jeremy: Hey that's my line!

Richard: Yep because it's now time for the final HOW CUTE IS YOUR CHARACTER! I have lined up one final character on the roster and what do you think? Do you think this "cute character" will beat Bijou and declare winner? Find out later in this blog!

Skoda Rapid Spaceback and VW Golf VII Variant

As a rule, I only cover cars that were grown from the country where its made, well almost. Japanese cars speak Japanese, Korean cars speak Korean, American cars speak American, German cars speak German, you get the idea. As for the Skoda Rapid, released last year, I'm only focused on the original Czech version rather than the Indian remake because they're very different from how it's made. Mlada Boleslav-made Rapid is the original Rapid I'm tackling because, well you know the rule, we don't cover cars not sold from its home markets.

2014 Skoda Rapid Spaceback

This is the Rapid Spaceback model and this hatchback version is what you can expect only on the original Czech version. Apart from its hatchback looks, Skoda claims that the all new Spaceback is the “first Skoda hatchback in the high-volume compact segment,” which looks “dynamic and fresh for young customer groups.” Yeah. For young customer groups but how dynamic and fresh is the new Spaceback?

First and foremost, the new Spaceback costs 269 900 Kč, which is the same as the saloon model I've examined last year alongside its Spanish SEAT Toledo twin, and amazingly, even in an altered bodywork to accommodate more space in the back, you can still expect the same engine choices like the 1.2 MPi, 1.2 TSi, 1.4 TSi, and the 1.6 TDi engine. Depending on the engine types, you can go for either a 5-speed manual, a 6-speed manual, and a 7-speed DSG.

The most powerful in the lineup was the one with the 1.4 TSi engine which has a 0-100kph time of 9.4 seconds and a top speed of about 203kph. Hmmm...Not quite exciting for a car like that though but the 1.2 TSi engine model is a moderate one that can be taken very seriously. Regardless of the specs, what's like to drive as a driver's car?

2014 Skoda Rapid Spaceback interior

By the moment you first drive the Spaceback, your first impressions isn't really a good one because judging by all means Czech, it feels as cruddy as the Korean cars and as confused as the low-cost machines, especially the one you can keep yelling "Good News" to your peers. It's like some of the things Jon Tickle's body can't do but for this Spaceback, there is one thing you can't do; to excite. It maybe a yuppie's car but trying to have fun in one of these is as...pre-school-ish as letting your baby do all of the things you can't. It feels like just another senior citizens' car or rather a future banger but despite that, it's still work as a family car.

With rear seats in place, the Spaceback offers 415L of space, more than enough to put your everyday groceries on the back but if you're in a bit of a leisure man, you can fold the rear seats down and attain 1380 litres of space, more than the present-day VW Golf has but less than its big brother, the Octavia. The interior maybe suffered from, what should I call it, cost-cutting-itis, but in terms of today's economy, it's a smart buy for those who want a new car that suits their budget. Hmmm... Cost-cutting-itis? I should better add that to the Big Book of Boo Boos. Don't judge me from this, this isn't some sort of kids show my baby's frequently watching, I'm in a middle of...this!

Anyway, the Rapid Spaceback maybe more of an Audi A3 on a budget but it's still doesn't worth the mettle to be a family car. Regardless from this, this is one proof that I only choose the original Czech Rapid rather than the Indian-dubbed remake. Same thing why I like the original UK version of Top Gear rather than the US version.

However, if I want a more practical family mover, I have to move to Germany and check this out...

2014 Volkswagen Golf Variant

It's the brand new Golf VII Variant, it's basically an all-new model based on an all-new Golf rather than a carryover from the previous model and oh, if you're from North America, nein. This new Golf Variant won't be called J_tt_ Sp_rt_w_g_n (some vowels blocked to avoid search query hijinks, again. I said this so I don't want to see some mess when I check my site's analytics, you get me?). Anyway, it maybe larger than the original Golf hatchback but thanks to its enhanced rear legroom, it's much better than the Rapid Spaceback as well.

The Golf has been proven to be a people power for the masses and this is the first to incorporate Volkswagen Group's new MQB platform which you can expect future models from the VW Group to wear this new outfit. The benefits include reduced weight (up to 105 kg lighter), optimised package (100 litres more cargo space), sharper body proportions, new safety and convenience systems, new petrol and diesel engines (up to 15 per cent more fuel efficient) and new running gear technologies.

With Volkswagen finally returned on Philippine soil, it seems the latest Golf will not come around until next year because so far, the only available VWs Filipinos can buy are The Beetle, the Touareg, the Tiguan crossover, the Jetta sedan, and the Touran minivan, which is essentially based on the Golf. One thing that really shocked me is that the petrol VW engines are not compatible with Philippine fuels because of, and we're not joking because Automobile Central Enterprises confirmed, manganese. Eewww...

2014 Volkswagen Golf Variant interior

Anyway, back on the new Golf Variant because for the first time, it comes with the XDS+ electronic differential lock which corrects the car every time when it faces the corners. You can opt in for the DCC dynamic chassis control in which at the touch of a button, you can make it more comfortable on the normal roads or sportier on the open roads but as for me, no matter which mode, it feels almost the same as none. You want to have a more comfortable ride or a sportier ride but by default, it feels a bit more of a default. Oh and if you're going old-school, there's also the sport suspension which drops the car by just 15mm. Lower height makes it a well-cornering act but be warned, it does make you feel uncomfortable on your back because when you hit the bumps, expect your ribs to be transplanted on your head.

There are so many engine types offered on the Variant like the 1.2 TSi, a 1.4 TSi, a 1.6 TDi, and a 2.0 TDi engine but for those who want a well-balanced car should go for the one with the 1.4 TSi with 122PS of power. 0-100 takes about 9.7 seconds and flatout, it will do about 204kph, faster than the Rapid Spaceback's but there's a twist and that's the stupid 7-speed double clutch gearbox which is as swift as a metro aide clearing the roads from the falling leaves. Do I have to be bothered by this? Well, there are so many choices available for the new Golf Variant but it might be best not to go to a more complicated ones.

Unlike any other big wagons available, the new Golf Variant is worth a value for the masses and with 18,950 Euros of starting price, that makes it a great value so it's your choice; if you want a family car would you consider a Czech hatchback with a different back or a true German family car that is worth noting than nothing? Good luck, pals.

Photo: Volkswagen Group

Wow Mali Pa Rin! - 9/29/13

On the September 29, 2013 episode of Wow Mali Pa Rin...

- Beware of...the man in a drum!

- In the OH CAM ON segment, Delivery boy gets shocked when this old man's jowa had a secret affair...

- Don't answer someone asking for directions! Chances are you'll be sandwiched by a fat person behind you!

- Joey de Leon asks: Ang dugo raw ng ahas ay nagpapalakas. Eh bakit yung mga ahas mismo hindi makatayo at gumagapang pa rin?!

- In MAGIC GIMIK, this prank is as easy as chicken! LIVE CHICKEN!!!

- In the I-WOW MALI MO AKO segment, watch out! Some spirit's swapping places unnoticed! Get your Holy Water on!

- Joey asks: FYI, sa Ingles, For Your Info. Sa Filipino, Fara You Intindi!

- IPIS be with you!

- In the year 2025...oh well. Let's take a look in the future in the world of showbiz.

- WOW BLOOPERS takes you to the outtakes of Pinoy Explorer!

- Joey asks: They say that travel is all about eating and shopping. That's true. Ang salitang LAKBAY ay galing sa LAKLAK at BUY!

- The best of home video gags on WOW WAGI include the Giant Uod prank and a girl reacts on the hidden symbols prank.

- How low can you go while blindfolded in a game of Limbo?

- In CALL NI IDOL segment, Joey de Leon makes a prank call on someone from Pasig City. BOW WOW WOW WOW!!!

- Celebs and fans get bugged out by some unsuspecting toy spider!

Mitoy Yonting is Voice PH winner

Mitoy wins Voice PH

The first-ever winner of The Voice of the Philippines is named on the grand finale held at Resorts World Manila and Mitoy Yonting, the 42 year old vocalist, is hailed the victor on this reality singing competition. A member of Team Lea, Mitoy garnered 57.65% of votes to beat Team Sarah's Klarisse de Guzman based on the number of votes including iTunes and truetone downloads. Team Bamboo's Myk Perez and Team Apl's Janice Javier were among the Top 4 finalists.


So, congratulations Mitoy, you really are the worthy one to be THE VOICE OF THE PHILIPPINES!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Let's Do The News! (September 29, 2013)

The wild stuff on this segment today or tonight or this morning...

- Before you hitch a taxi ride, read this story published by Top Gear Philippines:

- Even when this swimming anime recently concluded with the "See you next summer" finishing line at the end credits, there's still more to this..."Free!" fandom because recently, the latest issue of Nyan-Type magazine featured the manager of the Iwatobi Swim Club, Kou. Not only that, the latest Prince Animage and spoon. 2Di issues featured the rest of the boys from this...swimming anime.

Story here:

- There is a VERY VERY HIGH risk of shutting down the US Government if Republicans are going to amend the budget bill.

Story here:

- Message from US President Obama: "They refuse to pass a budget unless I let them sabotage Obamacare." Read the message here and take action:

- The first ever Filipina to garner this year's Miss World crown. Actress Megan Young wins the Miss World 2013 pageant!

Story here:

- Good Smile Company announced the new line of rubber straps, Picktam!, and the inauguration of the newest GSC line starts with the hit 2013 anime series, ATTACK ON TITAN. Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Sasha, Jean, Christa, and Levi are offered as well as a secret item we really don't know yet. Part 1 of the Picktam! Attack on Titan range coming this December 2013, each costs 650 yen.

Picktam! Attack on Titan Part 1

- Frederator Studios' CARTOON HANGOVER posted a video of the Warrior's Pledge from the hit web cartoon, BRAVEST WARRIORS. Here's the clip and oh...POWER RESPECT!

Oh, they also posted a video regarding the animatics from all five BW animatics, from Moo-Phobia to TerraBeth Bytes.


SYRIA UPRISING: Syria accepts UN resolution

Syrian foreign minister Walid al-Moallem expressed his government's intention to abide by the UNSC's resolution demanding the elimination of the country's chemical weapons. He spoke to NHK in New York where he is visiting to address the General Assembly.


What's in our Car Town garage today? (September 29, 2013)

What's in our Car Town garage today?

2006 Dodge Viper SRT10

Known to be one of America's finest sportscars, the Dodge Viper is truly a hardcore driver's car and since it doesn't rely on electronics so much, this supercar loves to do some bad tricks the old-school way. For this model, it still retains the same bad boy image even though there is a slight fact that it follows the same design as the GTS-R Concept. Using one of the biggest engines offered in the market today, the Viper SRT-10 delivers a mindblowing 510bhp of power, 725Nm of torque, 0-60 time of under four seconds, and an alleged top speed of 193mph. This slithering behemoth is truly an enthusiast's car of its own right.

2006 Dodge Viper SRT10

1967 Ford Anglia

Mind your broomsticks, Harry Potter fans, because this is the kind of car you are truly familiar with. It's that flying car as seen in Chamber of Secrets. The Weasley boys took their dad's Ford Anglia to fetch Harry Potter when he realized he missed the Hogwarts Station and then later crashed in an effort to get through Hogwarts. Yes, in the world of Harry Potter, this Anglia can fly literally but in reality, this 1967 Anglia isn't. Even though this Anglia doesn't act the same as the one from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, it's still one of the most admired classics of all time. Little known fact that with the Performance Kit, it garnered six International Class G World Records averaging a top speed of 83.47mph. It's also durable as well because its durability doesn't need repairs after 20,000 km, other than tire changes.

1967 Ford Anglia

1972 Lancia Fulvia Rally

In the past, Lancia is well known to be one of the most successful WRC manufacturers in history, scoring 10 wins in its career. Its first WRC win for the Italian carmaker can be traced to this car, the Fulvia. Piloted by Sandro Munari, this Fulvia became the first ever Lancia to snag a WRC win in 1972. In the "Collection of Lancia" episode of Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson describes the Fulvia is like "driving a rorty sorbet" even though it costs more than a Jaguar E-Type.

1972 Lancia Fulvia Rally
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