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Sharlene San Pedro, IHAW NA!

On the November 22, 2013's Banana Nite's IHAW NA segment, the guest of the day was none other than former child star Sharlene San Pedro. Although a product of Star Circle Kids Quest, Sharlene San Pedro was been quite a successful child star in dramas like Mga Anghel na Walang Langit and Calla Lily. She's also one of the most successful Bulilits in Goin Bulilit and after her graduation along with Nash Aguas, Sharlene is currently part of the new season of Luv U.

Anakbayan Seattle's SIKLAB

if you've been busy learning Philippine history at your school, you did have a knack of knowledge about Andres Bonifacio, one of the greatest Filipino revolutionisits who established the Katipunan that led the revolt against the Spaniards in 1896.

November 30th 2013 marks the 150th birthday of the great Katipunero and Anakbayan Seattle, one of the most notable Fil-Am communities at the Northwest USA had a little tribute for him.

This event is called SIKLAB. Siklab is Tagalog for "spark" or "ignite" and like the namesake, it ignites the honor of Bonifacio's revolutionary spirit with a cultural showcase.

I was amazed that my little sister, Cecille, kindly lend us tickets for the show, each costing around $10 but whatever. Anyway, me and my family are in.

Here's the schedule. As you can see, my sister is taking part of the Katipunan Founding Speech along with Anakbayan Seattle's Derek Dizon.

The members giving us top 10 reasons why Bonifacio matters to us.

That man here is responsible for the Bonifacio fan arts by mixing his favorite cartoon characters with some Bonifacio twist.

In the stage, the man from Alay ng Kultuta showcased his Captain America fan art which he calls it "Captain Fil-Am". Get it? Filipino-American. Dual citizenship pays off...

After that, member Angela Pierce told us about "Mestiza" and after that...

Members Enrico Abadesco and Richard Arcelo, better known as Kounter Balance, are performing the song Midnight. Here's the clip:

After the performance, the members are taking highlights about the Superstorm Yolanda/Haiyan and the chronology during the aftermath of the superstorm that hit the Visayas region this month.

Then it was followed by a pledge drive where the audiences donate money to the Task Force Haiyan, dedicated to help Yolanda victims.

After the pledge, then it's the turn of Art of Verse to do some performance.

And now, it's the Katipunero Founding Speech as presented by my sister Cecille and Anakbayan Seattle member Derek.

After the speech, it's the step choreography as leas by member Celeste Duran.

After the choreography, the Kounter Balance return to perform Another Day, Another Dollar.

And that's it. That concludes the Anakbayan Seattle's SIKLAB event. I did enjoy being part of the cultural showcase igniting tribute to the legendary revolutionist that send the Filipinos fighting against the Spaniards. Not only it honors his spirit but also highlight Filipino youth that are still continuing his legacy.

Oh yeah. Sone hashtags left so you can tweet and post about the event.

"Sarap Kasi"

On the November 22, 2013 episode of Bubble Gang:

- Space Shuttle gags

- Investigating and blaming an accomplice...

- Ikaw at ang Ina knows of hungry children with the captions that goes LIKE,  SHARE, or IGNORE.

- D Adventures of Susie Lualhati in...the construction yard.

- Bubble Gang does Fita by spoofing this commercial as TITA! Sarap kasi.

- Mr. Assimo in the bake shop.

- Some shady man is selling counterfeit diplomas.

- Say Alien to Brod Pete and pals in Ang Bagong Dating Doon as they will answer life's biggest questions.

- James Wang meets his fan.

SUPERSTORM YOLANDA: Death toll tops 5,200

The death toll from Superstorm Yolanda has been risen to over 5,200, making it one of the Philippines' most deadliest natural disasters. The only thing that stands in the path is  a tsunami triggered by a magnitude 7.9 earthquake in 1976 that killed between 5,000 and 8,000 people on the southern island of Mindanao. UN warns that 1.5 million children will face malnutrition.


Honda N-WGN

The Honda N-Series kei cars serves as the next generation of Honda's kei cars, small cars promising good fuel economy for the masses. The N stands for NEW NEXT NIPPON NORIMONO and the N-Series kei cars were spearheaded by the N BOX since 2011, then followed by a more practical N BOX+ and the retro-inspired N-ONE last year. Now, 2013 sees the welcome addition to the ever-expanding Honda N-Series kei cars and say hello to the brand new N-WGN. Honda's answer to the Daihatsu Move and Suzuki Wagon R.

2014 Honda N-WGN

As always with all the Honda N-Series kei cars, "Hello Small World". The newest member of the Honda N-Series kei cars can be somewhat more of a class act to follow but judging by the looks of it, the N WGN is pretty much original and it doesn't make references to any other Honda cars ever made...except for the naming because WGN in the N-WGN name nods an ode to one of Honda's popular MPV for the masses, the StepWGN. For a bit of conspiracy about the N-WGN, some people say that this could serve as the replacement to the aging Life kei car. That's just either a conspiracy or a theory but we'll find out if there's any truth from them.

2014 Honda N-WGN

2014 Honda N-WGN Custom

Like any other kei cars which has a standard model and a custom model for those who have a sense of style, the new Honda N-WGN is available in two different styles; one is the normal N-WGN and the other one is the more stylish N-WGN Custom model, the one with a different headlamp and grille assembly, aggressive front bumper with fog lamp housings, different rear bumper, side skirts, rear spoiler, and some thin-spoked sports rims. Both of these models can be fitted with either a 58PS 660cc twin-cam three-cylinder engine or a turbocharged version which churns out the normal 64PS power output. On normal versions, the 660cc engine, with its CVT and idling stop system, which is part of Honda's Earth Dreams Technology, can get up to 29.2km/L on the JC08 cycle but that's just an estimate and for the drivers, fuel economy can vary so think before you write to them.

But still, 29.2kmpl of fuel economy is about .2kmpl more than the Daihatsu Move but .8kmpl short of the Suzuki Wagon R so therefore, it's in the middle position of the competition. In terms of weight, the new N-WGN weighs about 820kg, about 10 more than the Daihatsu Move and annoyingly, 70kg more than the Wagon R, so therefore it's the heaviest of the three.

2014 Honda N-WGN interior

2014 Honda N-WGN Custom interior

On the inside, the N-WGN tries to be more Honda-ish while keeping it simple in the name of kei-car activism. There's a steering wheel where you steer, there's a gear lever when you shift, there's aircon which has different settings from hot and cold, there's some seats where you can seat, there's a speedo where you can check how fast you're going, and the trademark Honda red engine switch for when you start it up. Simple really, this low-cost kei car tries to be more of a simpleton rather than an uncivilized Brainiac. He he he...

In terms of safety, the N-WGN has a wide array of safety features such as VSA, Hill Start Assist and Emergency Stop Signal (blinks hazard lamps during hard braking). City-Brake Active, side curtain airbag and front seat i-side airbag.

In terms of pricing, the new N-WGN starts at 1,131,000 Japanese Yen (about $11,200), which is about a hundred thousand yen more than the Move and the Wagon R but still, even it's the most expensive of the three, it's still competitively priced so there we are. What I believe that with all that blabbermouth about the new N-WGN, all I can conclude is simple, even though it's pricer than the Daihatsu Move, it's still more fuel efficient than the Daihatsu Move so if you are looking for a kei car for this class, best not to buy the Move, buy this Honda N-WGN. Although I had to warn that it's a hundred grand more expensive than the Move or the Wagon R but still, it's still a class act to follow.

660 G - 1,131,000 Yen
660 G A Package - 1,250,000 Yen
660 G Turbo Package - 1,350,000 Yen
660 Custom G - 1,335,000 Yen
660 Custom G A Package - 1,450,000 Yen
660 Custom G Turbo Package - 1,510,000 Yen
660 G 4WD - 1,251,000 Yen
660 G A Package 4WD - 1,370,000 Yen
660 G Turbo Package 4WD - 1,470,000 Yen
660 Custom G 4WD - 1,455,000 Yen
660 Custom G A Package 4WD - 1,570,000 Yen
660 Custom G Turbo Package 4WD - 1,630,000 Yen

Available colors:
Premium White Pearl, Smart Black, Cutlery Silver Metallic, Polished Metal Metallic, Premium Flame Orange Metallic, Premium Deep Mocha Pearl, Cookie Cream, Horizon Turquoise Pearl, Premium Blue Moon Pearl, Premium Gold Purple Pearl.

Photo: Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Hyundai reveals new Genesis logo

Hyundai Genesis logo (old)

Everyone's familiar with this Hyundai Genesis logo, right? Anyway, this is the Genesis logo when Hyundai's premium sedan was launched in January 2008. Now, Hyundai Motor Company revealed what I think to be the new logo for the Genesis and this new logo looks like this...

Hyundai Genesis logo (new)

Yes, this is the new Genesis logo, which will be in effect to the second-generation model coming soon.

2015 Hyundai Genesis comptuer rendering
Upcoming Genesis full model change rendering

Anyway, Hyundai released their teaser commercial for their next Genesis sedan featuring the Nurburgring. In the teaser clip, it only featured the Nurburgring and in the end, the new Genesis logo was featured. Here's the clip that sums it up...

Look for more details about the next Hyundai Genesis very soon.

Top Gear USA S04E09

Top Gear USA compares three brand new pickup trucks on that episode. Rutledge opts in a brand new 2014 Toyota Tundra while Tanner, being a Ford guy, goes for the Ford F-150 SuperCrew and Adam readies with the Ram 1500. 

The search for the best pickup truck begins and for the first task, the boys must drive their trucks from rough terrain to asphalt. By surprise, the V8-powered, brand new Tundra came first before the F150 while leaving Adam and Ram in the dirt.

Their first destination is the Malibu SpeedZone and for this challenge, the boys will find out how car-worthy these trucks are. While in the destination, Adam arrives with some injuries, which is not a case for this. Because of his injuries, he'll let The Stig drive his Ram for a change.

Thanks to The Stig, the Ram 1500 wins the challenge and their next challenge involves its family-friendly abilities. Drivers swap from presenter to ordinary people when they find a parking space. In the end, the F-150 King Ranch wins.

The next challenge is a daring one as the boys challenge the 0-60-0 stopping power of trucks. Get it wrong, and they're going through a lot of mess from themselves. By 6-inches near the collision, the new Tundra takes the win.

And now, they're headed to the Ontario Airport, testing how tough these pickups are but because they've headed too early, they pass time driving airport vehicles for fun.

After much mishaps, they're now ready for the final challenge: towing a big jumbo jet without hitting the airport vehicle obstacles. Yes, the Tundra has a big reputation for towing a space shuttle but will conquer another challenge for Toyota?!

Amazingly, it did and it done at 2:26. Can the F150 and the Ram beat that?

The Ram did it in 2:10 while the F150 finished in 1:42. Which means, the F150 with the EcoBoost engine won the towing challenge.

Suzuki updates Alto Eco, fuel economy now 35kmpl

Suzuki Alto Eco

Months ago, Daihatsu facelifted their fuel-efficient Mira e:S and with the 33.4kmpl fuel economy, we were wondering what's going to be the response from Suzuki. Guess what? They've responded...hard. And to counterattack the e:S' fuel economy, Suzuki updated their Alto Eco to have fuel economy up to 35kmpl. 35kmpl! About the same as the Toyota Aqua hybrid but more importantly, about 1.6kmpl more than the recently facelifted Daihatsu Mira e:S!

So, how did Suzuki do it? The 660cc engine's compression ratio is now 11.2: while the combustion efficiency was improved by reshaping the piston to its smooth concave shape. The friction was reduced with the adoption of frictional resistance and the powertrain's optimized. The CVT's shift control's optimized, making it possible to run at low speeds. 2WD models also get improved heater performance and coolers as well.

With all the upgrades for the Alto Eco, looks like Suzuki Motor Corporation is acknowledging their achievement, giving the Daihatsu Mira e:S rival a run for its money. Prices now start at 838,950 Yen for the ECO-L model.

SUPERSTORM YOLANDA: More than 100 Prisoners Swim Out from Tacloban City Jail During Typhoon Yolanda

The aftermath of Superstorm Yolanda brings havoc to Tacloban City with all the looting and acts of criminality occur in the typhoon-struck area and this time, over a hundred prisoners managed to escape Tacloban City Jail during Superstorm Yolanda or Haiyan and as of now, the escaped convicts are still out there.

Those escaped prisoners had different offenses, from burglary to violent crimes such as murder, to homicide and rape. They managed to swim out from their cells as they seek for higher ground, which as it turns out to be the warden's 2F office. However, they escaped through the water flowing out the front door.

Jail warden Joseph Nunez said that there are 117 prisoners escaped. Before the typhoon, there are 676 inmates but after the typhoon, it's now decreased to 559.


What's in our Car Town garage today? (November 22, 2013)

What's in our Car Town garage today?

2010 Chevrolet Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette is hailed as the king of American sports cars because of its stand-out performance, provocative design, and the long-running heritage that truly makes this American sports car more than just a car, it's just one of the many things what America has to offer. For this C6 Corvette, the legend of the Corvette still going on strong. Launched in 2004, the C6 Corvette is powered by a 6.0 L LS2 V8 that produces 400 horsepower 542Nm of torque.

2010 Chevrolet Corvette

2011 Lotus Evora Type 124

The Lotus Evora, the one with the Toyota V6 engine in the middle, may not be an enthusiast's car but Lotus wanted to make it a bit more racy by creating a track-only Evora Type 124, which is built for Endurance racing. It has the same design cues as the normal Evora but because it has a big rear spoiler, stripped-off interior with racing peripherals, and the improved Toyota V6 that develops 400HP of power and 400lb-ft of torque, this race-spec Evora is armed and ready to take on numerous endurance races including the Nurburgring, Silverstone, or at the Dubai Autodrome.

2011 Lotus Evora Type 124

2012 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

One of the most highly-anticipated Ferraris since its debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show is the new Ferrari F12. This 599 successor is powered by one of the most powerful V12 engines ever made and it churns out over 740PS of power and 690Nm of torque. Aside from the raw power developed from its throaty V12 engine, it comes with a very clever aerodynamics which channels air from its hood to along its sides for added downforce. Because this new supercar is beyond the competition, the new Ferrari F12 is awarded as Top Gear's Supercar of the Year 2012.

2012 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Thursday, November 21, 2013

SUPERSTORM YOLANDA: DSWD Wasted and Rotting Relief Goods

Facebook user Ron Epiz shared some snaps of rotting relief goods and wasted food due to disorganized repacking operations and delivery boxes just being dumped without care. Oh dear. Relief goods that are supposed to be donated to Yolanda victims unexpectedly gone to waste. Bottled waters outside the warehouse spread like garbage, rice grains scattered like no one cars, relief boxes literally being dumped by trucks without thinking that whatever inside. Does the DSWD need to double their time, improve their management style, and make operations efficient and effective?

Rotting relief goods

Third-generation Mazda Axela (BM) and Axela Hybrid (BY)

It's been 10 years since Mazda introduced the Axela (known worldwide as the Mazda 3) and on paper this is somewhat made to compete against the Corolla and the Lancer. It's made to follow the footsteps of the legendary Mazda Familia and carries on the trademark zoom-zoom tradition as other Mazdas do. Now, there is a third-generation of Mazda's Corolla fighter in the making and for this new generation, the all new Axela is all about choices.

2014 Mazda Axela

Now, the big story about the brand new, third-generation Mazda Axela is all about how the customers want and for Mazda, the new model is available in three powerplants such as petrol, diesel, and for the most unexpected twist...a hybrid. Yes, Mazda broke the whole "not a drag to drive" promise because since Mazda introduced the SKYACTIV Technology two years ago, they have strongly promise that they would be as fuel-efficient as a hybrid or an EV without sacrificing its fun-to-drive characteristics. The whole SKYACTIV Technology started with the Demio, then the previous second-generation Axela, last year's CX-5 and present third-generation Atenza, as well as this year's Premacy and Biante. It keeps on expanding while keeping the whole portfolio complete such as SKYACTIV-G, SKYACTIV-DRIVE, SKYACTIV-BODY, SKYACTIV-CHASSIS, SKYACTIV-D, and SKYACTIV-MT. The current Demio introduced SKYACTIV-G, previous Axela introduced SKYACTIV-DRIVE, CX-5 introduced SKYACTIV-BODY, SKYACTIV-CHASSIS, and SKYACTIV-D, and present generation Atenza introduced SKYACTIV-MT. Wow, I am now on the edge of my seat recapping this but anyway...SKYACTIV-HYBRID?! What's it all about? Has Mazda lost its mojo? Has the company that once make fun cars gone...boring? Let's find out more about the new Hybrid model but first...

The entry-level models are offered with the smaller SKYACTIV-G 1.5L petrol engine (codenamed P5-VPS) which develops 111PS of power and 144Nm of torque. In the sedan model, fuel economy comes at around 19.6kmpl while the Sport hatchback gets to 19.4kmpl as calculated in JC08 Mode standards. Exclusively on the Axela Sport hatchback is the more powerful SKYACTIV-G 2.0L petrol engine (codenamed PE-VPR), which develops 155PS of power and 196Nm. Mated with a well-balanced SKYACTIV-DRIVE 6-speed gearbox, fuel economy is a promising 19.0kmpl, making it the most fuel-efficient 2.0L engine ever made and since I can't find any Japanese hatchback with a 2.0L engine on it, I think this variant doesn't need the competition for sure, apparently. Also exclusive to the Sport is the CX-5-derived SKYACTIV-D 2.2L diesel engine, which can be offered this January, and this diesel engine can be mated with either a 6-speed SKYACTIV-DRIVE gearbox and the Roadster-inspired, driver favorite, 6-speed SKYACTIV-MT gearbox first applied on last year's Atenza. When mated with the automatic, it gives about 19.6kmpl of fuel economy but as for the manual gearbox-mated variant...well, results to be determined but I think it will be below the estimated 22kmpl gap. That's a theory.

Now, let's talk about the sedan-exclusive SKYACTIV-HYBRID variant. This is not the best Mazda for the enthusiast. It's more fuel efficient than the SKYACTIV-D 2.2L engine, more powerful than the SKYACTIV-G 1.5L engine, and of course, hybrids are Japan's inventions. Of course, Japan first invented the hybrid car since the first Toyota Prius of late 1997. Surprisingly though, the hybrid powerplant was derived from Toyota, in case you heard of it. The key target for the Axela Hybrid is the Toyota Corolla Axio Hybrid, launched in Japan earlier this year, so let's see how this thing stacks up....

The SKYACTIV-G 2.0L petrol engine, which produces a short 99PS of power, is connected to a 60kW electric motor and an old-fashioned nickel metal battery. Because it's mated to a CVT gearbox and the reason why JDMs of today have gone CVT-crazy is because of good fuel economy at low speeds, easy start-up, and smooth shifting, fuel-economy is 30.8kmpl, meaning that's about 2.2kmpl less than the Axio Hybrid but this car's no fool because the combined power output of 136PS is better than the Axio Hybrid's.

Of course, being the next to be a full-SKYACTIV model since the CX-5 and the new Atenza, the new Axela is not fully prepared without SKYACTIV-BODY which is 8-percent lighter and 30-percent more rigid than the previous model, and the SKYACTIV-CHASSIS which handles like a Mazda Roadster but with a bit more feel. The result is a more of a game-changer in the eyes of a driver and it feels like some lucky guy walking through a pool of custard. I like it.

2014 Mazda Axela interior
While we're still in the whole "Be a driver" initiative from Mazda, the new Axela has numerous safety features that will keep the driver noticed on the road ahead. It even has i-ACTIVSENSE, which is a series of Mazda's advanced safety technologies designed to aid the driver in recognizing hazards, avoiding collisions and reducing the severity of accidents when they cannot be avoided. It ranges from Radar Cruise Control, Forward Obstruction Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Rear Vehicle Monitoring, High-Beam Control, Adaptive Front-lighting, Smart Brake Support, Smart City Brake Support, and Acceleration Control.

Connectivity aside, the new Axela comes with an all new MAZDA CONNECT where, at the turn of the dial, allows you to stay connected with some apps, navigation, and entertainment. You may end up posting Facebook status updates and Twitter tweets while on the move or you can even listen to streaming music courtesy of Aha by Karman.

Mazda Connect

What is Aha? For starters, Aha Radio starts on your smartphone with an app where you can easily access and organize your favorite content from the web into personalized, live, on-demand stations.  Once you get the Aha app, it syncs the experience to your car. It's quite amazing that Mazda's infotainment system gets a big makeover and its new operating system allows you to connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone and can easily be updated without the need to swap out hardware. Those options are brought to life through an optional Bose premium audio system complete with Centerpoint2 virtual surround sound playback and ambient noise compensation. Do really like this new gig? Thought so but whatever it is, it's gonna be worth addicting in the ever enthusiastic eyes of today's computer geeks.

So, another scientific investigation has been covered for now and for this new Axela, it seems that the new infotainment system really hooks me because of my fondness of infotainment systems but if I had a criticism, I would say that it's about as advanced as an Android phone, which I don't have one and never will. If I want something more of a driver-focused, I would go for the Sport hatchback model because it has all the right ingredients of a perfect weekend car where I can go to the shops for miles but when its range I'm after, guess I have to stick through the rather disappointing Hybrid model. Can't believe there is now a hybrid Mazda offered. Remember the promise "Not a Hybrid, Not an Electric, Not a Drag to Drive"? Well, you've just made a Mazda that is a drag to drive and that is none other than your first ever Axela Hybrid. Because this is Japan, home of the hybrids and the first nation to create hybrids, expect orders of this hybrid-powered Axela to exceed the sales target. I really do mean it.

Price begins at 1,711,500 Yen for the sedan and Sport while the Hybrid starts at 2,373,000 Yen.

Available colors: Soul Red Premium Metallic, Titanium Flash Mica, Deep Crystal Blue Mica, Blue Reflex Mica, Jet Black Mica, Meteor Grey Mica, Aluminum Metallic, and Snow Flake White Pearl Mica.

Photo: Mazda Motor Corporation

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pacquiao-Rios coaches fighting each other!

With the Pacquiao-Rios fight draws near, it seems that Manny Pacquiao's coach Freddie Roach go the gym.t kicked in the chest by Alex Ariza, former Team Pacquiao and now Brandon Rios' conditioning coach! It happened at the boxing gym in the Venetian Hotel in Macau when Roach attempted to get Team Rios out of the gym.

Whoa, just before the big fight, it seems that two coaches from both teams are having a fight of their own and that's going to be quite a mess. Trending topic: FREDDIE ROACH KICKED BY ALEX ARIZA!

Need For Speed Rivals

Need For Speed Rivals (PS3)

Need For Speed Rivals (XBOX 360)

The latest entry in the Need For Speed franchise, titled Need For Speed Rivals, gives this franchise an ingenious spin and it's loaded with new and returning features NFS fans would salivated for but is the new NFS game worth the try?

NFSR raises the stakes of rivalry in Redview County where cops and racers wage a war in the streets and throwing everything they got to get in their way. To make this game a little bit riskier, NFSR comes with a new scoring system that lets players risk their speed points for higher multipliers and greater rewards such as new cars and pursuit/evasion technology. The more challenging it become, the more you'll get but get busted by the cops, you'll lose all the hard work you've done but if you want to avoid this situation, make sure you evade the pursuit and then bank them when you return to the hideout. Being a racer is all about the thrills in NFSR and using your wits and your driving style, outgunning the cops and racers is a bit of a challenge.

Not only NFSR lets you be a racer but you can also be the cop. That's right. BE THE COP. Feels like Hot Pursuit but with some ingenious spin on it. As a cop, you'll need some cooperation with your fellow coppers if you want to score some speed points by busting racers using the long arm of the law. You'll start as a Patrol unit and as a cop, there are numerous assignments to complete and as you'll progress, you be up the ranks as an Enforcer and if you're too good to be a cop, you'll be reaching the ultimate rank for cops: UNDERCOVER. Undercover cops will take advantage of powerful cop cars but facing more difficult assignments than the previous two ranks.

Cop or racer, it's the competition you'll be going to blow away and take advantage of both sides if you want to get ahead of the competition. As you cleared numerous Assignments as a cop or Speedlists as a racer, you can unlock new cars you can purchase it with your SpeedPoints. Pursuit and Evasion technology are all available at the start but you have to buy them and as you progress, you can unlock more powerful tech suitable for pursuit and evasion purposes.

As a racer, one thing you'll notice is the return of personalization and in the beginning, you can personalize your car by changing the color, rims, and license plate. You can use SpeedPoints to buys some personalization stuff such as stripes, decals, liveries, and performance parts.

For cops and racers, NFSR offers a wide variety of cars offered; most available for both, some available for racers only, and few available only for cops. You can expect hosts of new car such as the new Porsche 911 GT3, Porsche Cayman S, Audi R8 V10 plus, McLaren P1, Koenigsegg Agera R, SLS AMG Black Series, Camaro ZL1, Corvette C7, Aventador, GT500 Mustang, Aston Martin Vanquish, SRT Viper, and so much more. More importantly, Ferrari makes a comeback to the world of NFS and this comeback is spearheaded by Ferrari's new V12 flagship, the F12berlinetta. There are numerous Ferraris available such as the 458, 599 GTO, FF, and the Enzo. Whichever car you'll choose, the differences are all up to you.

Yes, some cars in this game are unlockable through progress but if you're a lazy man, you can spend under $10 for an add-on called Timesaver Pack. Yes. Timesaver Pack, the lazy man's choice. Buy this DLC and most of the cars unlockable through progressions are all yours. Just remember you still have to buy these cars and tech using your SpeedPoints.

There's an even bigger surprise in store in the car lineup because there's a special Ford Mustang, to be featured in next year's Need For Speed movie, making a special appearance in the game. How can you find this special machine? Well, it's all up to you, buddy.

The most important part of NFSR is the new Alldrive feature, where you can join alongside online players who are already racing and chasing, making single-player and multiplayer a thing in a past. No lobbies, no waiting; you and the other online players all share the same game, same race, and same chase. It's kinda like the Time Shift Multiplayer from Real Racing 3, except it's more difficult than ever.

What's more noticing is the NFS Network powered by Autolog. It's more than just a companion app, the NFS Network allows you to connect, compare, and compete with your friends. It checks how much you progressed through NFSR and with OverWatch, you can either help or hinder your friends. To try this feature, log in at or get the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. Looks like connectivity is the name of the game here...

So, what can I say about NFSR? Well, it maybe more like Hot Pursuit but with some ingenious spin that will make players keep playing for more until they beat it, it has all of the cars suitable for cops and racers alike, it's good to see Ferrari back in the franchise, and overall, it's more hardcore as you take the risks. It takes some guts and determination to edge out the competition here at Redview County.

It's now available on the PS3 and XBOX 360. The PS4 version is the launch title for the PS4's North American debut. Of course, North America is the first to get PS4 while Japan will have to wait till February 2014. As for the XBOX One version, one of the launch title but it will be here this week following with the launch of the XBOX One.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Let's Do The News! (November 19, 2013)

The big scoop today...

1) More from the PDAF scandal

There's more drama from the Pork Barrel scandal as The Office of the Ombudsman ordered three senators, pork barrel queen Janet-Lim Napoles, and 31 other officials to submit their counter-affidavits in connection to the P10-billion PDAF scam.


2) Epic split on Volvo Trucks clip

The muscles from Brussels Jean Clause Van Damme does the impossible on the Volvo Trucks video clip as he does the epic split while the Volvo trucks are moving in reverse, showcasing how stable and precise their new Dynamic Steering system is. Take a look at this video and oh...don't try this.


3) Third-generation Mini...did they set this on Wumbo?

2015 Mini Cooper

The third-generation Mini Cooper, backed by BMW, has finally revealed and this time, the new model is bigger, faster, and more frugal. Since this new Mini is now bigger, I'd imagine that it's not much of a Mini anymore but...DID THEY TRY SETTING IT TO WUMBO? Never mind but the new model now rides on an all new UKL1 platform, to be shared with an array of Mini and BMW models. This new model is available with a new generation of 1.5-liter 3-cylinder and 2.0-liter 4-cylinder twin-turbocharged gasoline engines.


Namco High video game teased

Namco Bandai Games and Homestuck creator Andrew Hussie  announced the upcoming game NAMCO HIGH. In this new kind of gaming experience, players will play the role of one of the Prince's cousins from Katamari Damacy as they'll encounter numerous students made from notable Namco games. For something special, a character from Homestuck makes a special appearance. Find out soon.


NISMO GT-R unveiled

2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO

The 2013 Tokyo Motor Show will see the world premiere of what we believe to be the ultimate GT-R. The all new Nissan GT-R NISMO incorporates all the motorsports know-how and the supercar dynamics all into one ultimate package. First off, the 3.8 VR38DETT engine is now uprooted to 591HP of power and 652Nm of torque. It even packs a host of aerodynamic updates inspired by the GT3 racer. It set a Nurburgring lap time of 7:08.679, making this the ultimate Nissan ever made. It will be on sale in Japan late February 2014.


Disney Junior ushers on the Christmas spirit with premieres!

As Christmas draws near, Disney's pre-school channel, Disney Junior announced that there will be holiday-themed episodes of their favorite DJ shows. Guess what? Surprises abound!

There's a Doc McStuffins Christmas special titled "A Very McStuffins Christmas" with special guests Jefferey Tambor as Santa and Tony Hale as Tobias the elf. Also, on the Sofia the First Christmas special titled "Holiday in Enchancia", expect a very special appearance from Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

On December 6, during the Disney Junior programming block on Disney Channel, celeb Rhys Darby will be guesting on an episode of Jake and the Never Land Pirates in the episode titled F-f-frozen Never Land. Also, there's a Christmas special on another Disney Junior newcomer, Henry Hugglemonster.


KuroBas merchandise return to stores

After the final day of the school festival at Sophia University ended without incident, major Japanese rental chain Tsusaya restocked its shelves with Kuroko's Basketball DVD and manga while bookstore chain Yurindo also decided to display most KuroBas merchandise again.



SUPERSTORM YOLANDA: Malacanang Refutes ‘Fake’ Photo of Repackaged Relief Goods

Netizens drawn too much criticisms over a photo showing a repackaged pack of noodles with yellow labels and a familiar yellow ribbon identified with the Philippine President Benigno Aquino III and now, the Malacanang debunked the whole "fake" photo of repackaged relief goods. This photo in question circulated a few days after relief efforts of the government heavily criticized worldwide by their slow, chaotic, and unsystematic operation in delivering aid to the Superstorm Yolanda victims in Visayas region.

Deputy Presidential spokesperson Abigal Valte wrote a message to the website:

"Don’t be deceived…I write to report a malicious blog entry uploaded to your site titled ‘Dirty Philippine Politics in shameless display’ which contains a photo of repackaged noodles with a yellow ribbon label on them, which user Male22maroon alleges are being distributed by President Benigno S. Aquino III to victims of Typhoon Haiyan.”

She even clarified that the items in question were part of donations back in late 2009, during the onslaught of typhoon Ondoy. At that time, Sen. Benigno Aquino, “requested that the labels be removed before the items be distributed further, and the volunteers thankfully acceded his request.”

The report in question was no longer available but a similar article from the CNN iReport titled This is what Pinoy Politicians do during a tragedy continues to exist and contains the same photo of the "repackaged noodles" along with other items similarly marked.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Cars GT6 Should Put (Volume 18)

In a galaxy far far away, just off our backyard, lies Leopaul's Blog; boldly pushing the boundaries of car culture because there's some CARS GT6 SHOULD PUT.

Cars like...

1) Toyota Harrier Hybrid Premium "Advanced Package" '13

The latest incarnation of the Toyota Harrier is no longer based on the Lexus RX, which in the past, the Harrier was sold globally as the Lexus RX. While there is now a Lexus RX in Japan, this latest Harrier is now based on the current-generation RAV4 and because it's based on a RAV4, two engines are available such as a 2.0L petrol engine and the 2.5L hybrid engine. The hybrid model is the top-of-the-line model because of its clever four-wheel drive that comes with two electric motors connected to the 2.5L engine sourced from the Toyota Camry. I just hope this crossover will show up on Gran Turismo 6 because I want to find out how does this hybrid crossover's E-Four works and see if this one's good on the dirt and snow courses. Sadly, being a hybrid crossover, that would be difficult...

トヨタ 新型 ハリアー/ハリアーハイブリッド[2013年冬デビュー予定]

2) Honda Fit Hybrid S Package '13

The latest-generation Fit Hybrid changed the way compact hybrids are forever probably because of its 7-speed double clutch gearbox mated on its 1.5L engine connected to an electric motor and lithium-ion battery. Because of its clever powertrain, the new model recently won Japan Car of the Year. Since this car won the JCOTY, perhaps you should give the new Fit Hybrid the Gran Turismo 6 treatment so I can compare this to the Toyota Aqua.

3) Nissan Skyline 350GT Hybrid Type SP '14

In a bizarre move, the 13th generation Nissan Skyline uses the same hybrid powerplant from its bigger brothers, the Fuga and the Cima, and thing is though, the 3.5L engine connected to an electric motor and li-ion battery produces more power than the 3.7L V6 engine that the old V36 Skyline produced. It even has a 7-speed Intelligent Dual Clutch Control hybrid transmission that delivers maximum torque and a more sportier drive than the CVTs most hybrids commonly have. One thing I'm confused right now is why this new model is wearing Infiniti badges all over but calls it a Skyline. Take note, they don't call this the Nissan Skyline or an Infiniti. Just Skyline. But still, this is worth adding to the FUTURE category of cars in Gran Turismo 6 so I can compare this to the V36 sedan model offered in the game.

4) Ferrari 458 Speciale '13

This is the most powerful mid-engined V8 Ferrari ever made and it's more than just the spiritual successor to the 430 Scuderia. It maybe somewhat 60 less than the 2013 Shelby GT500, which is the king of V8 cars, but this hardcore version's no fool because it incorporates all of the technology Ferrari learned throughout motorsports as well as from the 458 Challenge racer. The folks from Autocar tested it to see how good this hardcore 458 does and what I think, this is the best 458 ever made. I just really wish this car deserved a spot on Gran Turismo 6 so do please, add this 458 if you can.

5) Subaru BRZ tS GT Package '13

It maybe not the BRZ we hoped for but the tS version of the BRZ sports coupe aims to be the best handling BRZ ever made judging by the fact that tS stands for Tuned by STi. The BRZ tS features added suspension upgrades, Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, Brembo brakes, large-diameter driveshaft, and an updated version of Vehicle Dynamics Control. However, what I want for the BRZ tS is the GT Package and while having the same handling upgrades to the regular tS model but you'll get black 18-inch wheels, rear dry-carbon rear spoiler, and Recaro seats wrapped in Alcantara. A carbon rear spoiler really packs some aerodynamic upgrades to this Subie coupe and even though it still packs the same engine, it's still the BRZ that will leave you a smile on your face and I hope GT6 should feature this version and see if I can compare this to the normal Subaru BRZ.

The results please? So when one of these cars showed up in future updates on GT6, you can't say I have a little bit to do with that.

Take that to Kaz Yamauchi!

2014 Suzuki Solio

2014 Suzuki Solio

This is the second Suzuki vehicle to be equipped with the Japanese automaker's DUAL JET ENGINE since the Swift earlier this year. The 2014 Suzuki Solio, aside from its styling updates that makes it more of a facelift, now comes with the 1.2L K12B DUAL JET engine which produces 91PS of power and 118Nm of torque. To recall, the dual injection system on its 1.2L petrol engine works by increasing vaporization, making combustion more efficient. It channels fuel to two intake ports instead of only one per cylinder.

Aside from the DUAL JET ENGINE, it even comes with a regenerative braking mechanism and an idling stop system. Put all these together and you'll have class-leading fuel economy of 25.4kmpl in the Japanese JC08 driving cycle, exempting the car from all taxes.

The 2014 Solio costs from 1,382,850 to 1,903,650 Japanese Yen.


First of the Vision GT concepts is Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Vision GT Concept

This is the first of the Vision GT concept cars, which you'll be able to drive one in the PS3 game Gran Turismo 6, and Mercedes-Benz spearheaded with their Vision Gran Turismo concept.

The soon-to-be-playable Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo Concept features some styling inspirations from the 300SL race car of 1952 with the interior heavily inspired from the Formula One cockpit. It's powered by an AMG V8 BiTurbo engine which generates 585HP of power.


Seahawks player carries Philippine flag upside down

Seahawks player carries Philippine flag upside down

When a Philippine flag with the red stripe flown upwards, it means the country is in a state of war. However, we're not in a state of war, we're in a middle of state of national calamity due to Superstorm Yolanda/Haiyan and that mistake happened when Seattle Seahawks' Doug Baldwin carried that flag backwards.

When a netizen questioned such mistake, the official Seattle Seahawks' Twitter responded that they're "fighting the devastation of Haiyan which has been worse than many war-torn regions of the world." They're right. The devastation caused by the superstorm last week really is worse than any war-torn regions in the world but anyway, during the match between the Seahawks vs. the Vikings in the NFL, Seahawks started a fundraiser among its supporters for the typhoon-stricken Visayas, having solicited over $24,000 for the relief operations to be coursed through the Red Cross in Washington.

SUPERSTORM YOLANDA: Death toll now 3,681

As of 6:00 AM earlier, the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council told that the death toll from Superstorm Yolanda or Haiyan is 3,681 while number of families affected were 836,000 and 72,000 families living in 1,530 evacuation centers.


SUPERSTORM YOLANDA: This is what Pinoy politicians do during a tragedy

Someone from Hong Kong posted something from CNN's iReport page, a page where everyone's a reporter by posting something about what's going on around the world, about what Pinoy politicians do during the aftermath of Superstorm Yolanda/Haiyan. A netizen pointed out that President Noynoy Aquino, Vice President Jejomar Binay, the ABS-CBN reporter who clashed recently with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Korina Sanchez, and others are busy positioning themselves for elections there.

The catch? Here's the quote: "Talk about corrupt politicians and their wives taking advantage of the dead and the injured, and the outpouring of aid into the country to advance their political causes."

Read more:

F1 2013 USA GP

F1 2013

For Red Bull Racing driver and 4-time world champ, Sebastian Vettel, a good Formula One racer never rest, especially when his win at Austin, Texas proves the point. Started from his pole position, Vettel managed to win this race even though Lotus' Roman Grosjean gone under pressure against Mark Webber.

Just one grand prix left for this season and the finale will be held at Brazil, this November 24, 2013. Who's going to save this moment for last? Stay tuned as the F1 2013 reaches is high-gripping climax.
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