Saturday, March 22, 2014

Annaliza: Ang Pamamaalam

On the last days of Annaliza, we witnessed our main titular character Annaliza (Andrea Brillantes) risking her family from the crutches of Makoy (Carlo Aquino) and Stella (Kaye Abad) no matter the circumstances. With Makoy finally dead and Annaliza sacrificed herself to save Stella from the fires despite her hatred to her, Annaliza's safe and Stella finally apologized to Annaliza for her brutal wrongdoings. After that, Annaliza and her real mother, Isabel (Denise Laurel) left to America. You get the idea but...

Now for the final episode of Annaliza...

Two years has passed since Annaliza and Isabel left to America for their new lease of life but the person she really misses a lot is her biological father Guido (Zanjoe Marudo). But then, good things happen. Isabel told Annaliza that they'll be coming back!

At the airport, Gudio, his friends, and Annaliza's friends as well as her stepsister Arlene were present but then, Arlene told the shocking news that the airplane where Annaliza and Isabel were on it...has gone missing or just so we thought. Upon hearing the bad news, Guido felt saddened until the appearance of Annaliza and a happy reunion between them.

With the sudden reappearance of Isabel, the happiest moment happened when Guido proposed Isabel, finally. Everyone was very excited to see this coming!

After that, Isabel finally married Guido as her new husband and the family Annaliza wished for finally came true at the end.

Annaliza ending

And that concludes the modern remake of Annaliza. Looks like the drama's storyline is finally completed, the one where the classic version didn't tried since the original Annaliza actress, Julie Vega, died and thanks to Andrea Brillantes' class act as the modern Annaliza, this ending is more of a proper tribute to the original.

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