Friday, March 14, 2014

Forza Motorsport 5: The Lotus Exige S V6

This is the Lotus Exige S, or to be accurate, the Lotus Exige S with the V6 engine on it. Launched in the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Exige S balances big power and lightweight, making it the driver's car that delivers a threat against the big boys in track days.

It's a tricky one when Lotus made this car from scratch and the reason why it's longer than the old Exige and it now weighs a ton is because of its supercharged Toyota 3.5L V6 engine derived from the Evora S. But still, with the added power and weighs less than Europe's finest sports cars, the Exige S is truly born for the track and usable for the road. Here in Forza 5, when it comes to drive the Exige S, it takes a lot of science experiments to examine how the Exige S stacks up. Think of it like stuffing things up to the microwave...

When I take this round at the Top Gear Track, it set a lap time of about 1:24.272 and that's not bad for a track-day car with big power in the middle. Although the added weight was not a hindrance for the V6 Exige, Lotus truly knows how to balance it out to create the perfect driver's car; a driver-focused car that is more powerful and lighter, a car that is more track-focused and usable for the road and this car sure does that.

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