Sunday, March 16, 2014

GT6: Cars that are Gran Turismo exclusive - Chevy SSR

Today, I'm going to take a look at the very rare and very modern take of a classic Chevrolet pickup truck, the SSR. Inspired by the looks of the classic 1948 C3100, the SSR is more of a ute rather than a traditional workhorse. It behaves like a sportscar or to be precise...this American remake of a classic Chevy pickup truck has the feel of an Australian ute...that GT6 never had one. Pity...

This SSR will run through the Goodwood Hillclimb but at what time on a rainy day will it post?

It posted a 1:06.818 lap time on a rainy day!

The V8 engine sounds so muscular but the bulk of it wasn't quite quick enough to beat the competition. But still, even though it was discontinued in 2006, it's still a future classic and thanks to the fact that it sold very poorly, it's a rarity on the streets.


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