Monday, March 31, 2014

GT6: Cars that are Gran Turismo exclusive - FD2 Civic Type R

Goodwood Hillclimb_4

Today, we take a look at this FD2 Civic Type R. Launched in 2007, this is the first time the Civic Type R spawned a saloon after the previous three generations based on hatchback equivalents and this is based on the Asia-spec eighth generation Honda Civic. Sadly, this is the last Type R to be made in Japan because since 2010, Honda stopped sales of the Honda Civic and the ninth-generation model, sold globally, is not available in Japan as of now and never will be.

The FD2 Civic Type R will run through the Goodwood Hillclimb but at what time will it post?

Goodwood Hillclimb_3 Goodwood Hillclimb_2 Goodwood Hillclimb_1 Goodwood Hillclimb

It posted a 1:00.839 lap time!

It maybe the last Type R Honda that is MADE IN JAPAN but it makes good use of its athletic proportions as well as the iconic i-VTEC engine that powers it! It handles pretty well as what any high performance cars can do.


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