Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Let's Do The News! (March 25, 2014)

The big scoop today...

- IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Subway collaborates with Disney once again to promote Muppets Most Wanted by featuring limited-time-only Muppets Most Wanted backpacks, free for every Subway Kids Meal while supplies last. Ask your parents first, kids.

- Despite the political crisis happening in Thailand, it's business as usual as the 2014 Bangkok Motor Show opens to the motoring public until April 6, 2014. They'll be featuring Thai premieres of concept cars and production cars that I can't tell you what's what due to search engine reasons.

- After last year's launch of the lightweight 4C, Alfa Romeo plans that they'll be doing yearly updates to their sportscar.

- A Democrat wants the Department of Justice to create a compensation fund for those who are fallen victim to the General Motors-made cars that were recalled for lethal ignition problems.

- Also...a test drive with the new 2015 GMC Yukon XL at Anaheim ended in cinders due to the leaky gas tank.

- Ukrainians hate Russia over the annexation of the nation of Crimea and there's a rather bizarre stuff going on around as Russian-made cars or cars representing Russia or stuff with Soviet Union-related or whatever you can call were attacked by the Ukrainian people for protest reasons.

- Next Fast and Furious movie, set for next year's showing, will use Paul Walker impersonators and some computer graphic trickery. Quite an odd challenge since Paul died late last year in a deadly car crash.

- There is a report from PEP that just before the year ends, actress Bianca Gonzalez and basketball player JC Intal plan to get married. It's been quite a while after JC proposed to Bianca in front of the airport people a few moments ago.

- Mila Kunis (the actress behind Meg from Family Guy) and Ashton Kutcher are expecting for their first child...

- PHLPost released postal stamps with Megan Young in it in honor of her last year's win at the Miss World pageant.

- Malaysian newspapers have been shaded to black as a tribute to the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

- Chinese families, mostly relatives from the passengers of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, slams Malaysian authorities for their lack of responsibilities.

- The world's top scientists are gathered in Tokyo, Japan for a week-long meeting regarding global environmental catastrophes that can heavily damage the global economy and ignite conflicts.

- The 2014 reboot of Fate/stay night TV anime series will retain the same cast as the original version.

- UP Diliman approves the proposal for their August opening of classes.

- Calum Worthy from Austin and Ally, listed the top 18 reasons why this show should be renewed for a new season...and here's why.


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