Sunday, March 16, 2014

Six Nations 2014 FINAL

And here it is...the conclusion of the RBS Six Nations 2014 match and it all ends here as six of the greatest rugby nations; Wales, England, Italy, France, Scotland, and Ireland, scrum their way to snag the championship title and even though Wales' frenetic win against  Scotland at the score of 51 to 3, it's still wasn't enough.


Wales vs. Scotland

Italy vs. England

France vs. Ireland

After five grueling rounds in the RBS Six Nations 2014, there is only one team that shook the world since Round 1, the team that performed an impressive show in the face of the fans, the team that stood up and be counted all the way to the very. So, who won the 2014 Six Nations? There's only one answer...

Image source: RBS 6 Nations Facebook page

It's the IRFU from Ireland. The Irish rugby team declared the victor. And that concludes the RBS Six Nations 2014. Congratulations Ireland!

Thank you and goodbye!

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