Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Kids Choice Awards 2014

That night, it's that annual event of the year the kids and the kids-at-heart have been longing for and that event is none other than Nick's Kids Choice Awards and for 2014, Mark Wahlberg is the host for this year's awards and he's trying to prove in front of the audience that he's "unslimable" but in the end, guess who got the last laugh? It's Mark Wahlberg himself!

Anyway before the big night, there are new episodes of two of our favorite Nick shows such as Sam & Cat  and SpongeBob SquarePants. The latest episode of Sam & Cat sees the return of the familiar foes from iCarly such as the psycho named Nora and the boy who tried to take down iCarly, Nevel. Oh yeah, Gibby's also back in that special episode. The episode was titled #SuperPsycho and in that episode, the psycho Nora broke out of jail and then she kidnapped Dice, the boy that Sam and Cat were babysitting at. Desperate, as Sam and Cat seek help from Nevel, who's at the asylum, I think, to seek help finding out where Nora took Dice at.

In the end, Sam took down Nora and the cops arrested Nora but then, Nevel's escaped from the asylum.

After that, there's a new episode of SpongeBob and in that episode, SpongeBob was eager to see his idol, Kenny the Cat, coming to Bikini Bottom, but only found out that his idol was a phony.

After watching new episodes of those two hit Nick series, it's time for the big event. There have been some numerous special guests, musical numbers, and not to mention the green gooey slimy stuff they've saving it for the big one.

Kevin Hart won as the favorite funny star while Selena Gomez is the KCA 2014 favorite female singer, then Sam and Cat's Ariana Grande won as favorite TV actress, Austin and Ally's Ross Lynch as favorite TV actor, Sam & Cat as favorite TV show, comedian Adam Sandler as favorite movie actor, Robert Downey Jr. (the dude who played Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes) as favorite male buttkicker (their term used for action stars), and Frozen as favorite animated movie.

There are more of this year's winners that you can check it out at

Most importantly, the first ever Nickelodeon Lifetime Achievement Award is awarded to the big boss behind some of our favorite comedy shows from Nickelodeon, something that tickled our childhood through the years and that big boss is none other than, ladies and gents, Mr. Dan Schneider.

The KCA 2014 is all about being controlled by viewers like you and in this year's show, viewers decided which slime stunt they want to see in this year's show and as chosen, it's the SLIME RODEO. Then, viewers decided whether if its actors Austin Mahone and Cody Simpson who want to get slimed and as chosen by viewers like you, both Austin and Cody got slimed! Fantastic!

I really hope I had fun watching this year's KCA as much as you do! What's your most memorable experience at this year's KCA?

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