Monday, March 17, 2014

Wow Mali Pa Rin! - 3/16/2014

In the March 16, 2014 episode of Wow Mali Pa Rin!

- instarista - Ordinary!!!

- Para-Lola Activity - Beware...something's lurking when the lights could be your granny!

- Gun Club - Is the party over for our stand-up comedian?

- Pa-Video Scandal - Can you please take a video of me?

- KRISSY IDEAS - Residential Wow Mali-er Krissy teaches a trick with balloons and bubble gums...on the door!

- PUTOK LOBO - Open the door...and POP goes the balloon!

- ANAK NG FU - This week, Mr. Fu sends two challengers to get ticketed by the MMDA officer.

- CALL NI IDOL - This week, guest celeb Ritz Azul prank called a kasambahay

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