Thursday, April 3, 2014

A shopping mall near the Canadian border...I think

During my spring break, me and my family visited a shopping mall I'd never heard of and some say, it's near to the Tulalip Resort Casino, where we spend the night off. I'm not particularly sure what that is but this place is an hour near to the Canadian border and we came to this mall to see what's what...

Here it is, this place is called Seattle Premium Outlets and based on my observations, this is one of the Premium, branches, located throughout the United States. It's 76 miles from the Canadian border and because this is the only shopping center in the Northwest that is near to the Canadian border...

...I can spot the flag of both the US and Canada in the front! It's's the best of both worlds or in Canadian French, le meilleur des deux mondes.

This is the map telling us the location of the stores you can find on the Seattle Premium Outlets.

Unlike any other shopping malls I've been in the Northwest, the Seattle Premium Outlets is different because the lobby takes place outdoors rather than indoors that conventional shopping malls has to offer. It's fine to visit if it's sunny or fair but when it starts to rain, best to find yourself to keep yourself dry because this is the first I've ever been to a shopping center where the lobby takes outwards, not inwards. If the outside temperature is a bit chilly if you're there, best to wear some warm clothing because your shopping experience is too chilly for shopaholics like me.

We take a break at the indoor food court and for me, I ordered myself some footlongs from Subway. EAT FRESH!

Eating my own sub from Subway...Yum!

I spotted a Disney outlet! Lucky me!

Taking a look on some of the Disney merchandise sold at this branch and my sister, Elise, spends some time shopping for our baby boy Irvine as well as some other stuff.

Spotted a Hot Topic branch!

Nice! A BMO plush! Adventure Timers love to have one of these because BMO is the cutest of the Adventure Time characters.

Look at that hordes of Walking Dead merch...I can't hardly imagine that the hit cable TV show spawned so much merchandising rights and I'm starting to think that I'm quite obsessed with it.


Final thoughts? Well, this place is rather excellent and I can see most Americans, Canadians, foreigners, tourists, and others spend some good time shopping in this place and despite having the lobby outwards rather than inwards like most malls do, it has everything you need...well, sort of.

A shopping center that is 76 miles from the Canadian border...that's very unique for the adventurous people like you and me and if the weather is fine, feel free to visit the Seattle Premium Outlets anytime.

Seattle Premium Outlets
10600 Quil Ceda Blvd.
Tulalip, WA 98271 

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