Tuesday, April 22, 2014

About the worst maritime tragedy in South Korea

It might be best to interrupt your day with one of the most shocking news that has been abuzz worldwide. It was known to be one of the worst maritime disasters ever happened in South Korea and it happened while I was in a middle of the Holy Week break in case you didn't know that.

The ferry in question, the Sewol ferry, carries about 476 passengers and six days ago, it sank off the southern coastline. As of now;

- 108 confirmed dead
- 194 missing
- 174 rescued
- 476 total passengers

What's even more shocking that there are 325 high school students were on that ferry while they were on their field trips and in response to the worst maritime disaster in South Korean history, all school field trips are banned throughout the nation.

There's even a radio transcript stating that the Sewol crew didn't know how to handle the evacuation.

South Korean president Park Geun-hye declared the cities of Jindo and Ansan as special disaster zones, stating that these cities will provide assistance from national disaster assistance programs.

Folks are criticizing the South Korean president for mishandling the situation of the Sewol search and rescue operations, even though she's opposing against the ferry's captain in question, Captain Lee Jun-seok, and his crew for "actions akin to murder". Prosecutor Lee Bong-chang told the Yonhap news agency that the captain of the Sewol ferry's causing all this by failing to slow down while taking a narrow route and making an excess turn. If found guilty, Lee Jun-seok will face 5 years to life imprisonment.

Those poor people. They can never rebuilt their lives. This maritime disaster not only is considered to be catastrophic but it breaks my heart because I was heavily concerned on those high school students who were caught in this maritime disaster. This topic is too heartbreaking to be ignored, much like the Malaysia Airlines' Flight 370 case where rescuers are busy searching for that missing jet.

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