Saturday, April 5, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The first Avenger, Captain America, is back and this time he's taking on a new world and up against a powerful enemy in the sequel of the hit 2011 movie and like all good Avengers such as Iron Man and Thor, the sequel sees what Captain America does and picks up after 2012's Avengers left off or that's the theory.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Actor Chris Evans reprise his titular role as the first Avenger, Captain America while actress Scarlett Johansson reprising her role as SHIELD's femme fatale, Black Widow and Samuel Jackson returns to play as SHIELD's big boss; Director Nick Fury. Struggle to adapt to the modernized world, Captain America is targeted by a deadly conspiracy and he and Black Widow team up to put an end to this conspiracy while being trailed by agents of SHIELD as well as his deadliest foe in the film; The Winter Soldier.

Who is The Winter Soldier? Unless you read the comic books, this mercenary's identity is shrouded in mystery but believe me, this new villain is very deadly when come face to face against Captain America but still, could be worse...

One part you will find it noticing is the scene where Captain America's normal ego, Steve Rogers, mentioned something about “Fury’s last words" and that gives us to the question; is this the end to SHIELD's big boss? If you watched that movie, you'll find out but anyway, onto the part on how this film feels like...

Like all good superhero flicks, it's off to a slow start but when it gets more thrilling, this Captain America sequel is worth promising and once you get hooked to the best parts of the film, you can't get up for a bathroom break even when the movie ends with some cliffhanger on it so in theory, it's worth every breath you take to experience the high velocity of the Captain America experience, something that its previous movie or The Avengers or last year's Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World couldn't keep up.

I believe the staff has done a very good job on creating the Captain America sequel that not only if looks good for fans but it feels good and it delivers the thrills moviegoers wanted for more.

But hey, at least with this Captain America sequel, Marvel's off to a good start as 2014 promises to be a big year and although they'll be showing up more and more flicks based on Marvel superheroes such as Spider-Man, X-MEN, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, its success can't be overlook in the middle of the moviegoer's field!

I would rate it a 4.1 out of 5, meaning that this sequel is a good one.

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