Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mitsuoka ends the Orochi with the "Final Orochi"

2015 Mitsuoka Final Orochi

The Mitsuoka Orochi. While it may not be the prettiest sportscar to look at, it's a product of an unsung car company called Mitsuoka. While the body and the chassis is a Mitsuoka original, the 3MZ-FE 3.3L V6 engine was sourced from Toyota and mounted at the middle while mated to a five-speed automatic gearbox. Of course, you maybe familiar as the car James May drove on an episode of Top Gear a few seasons ago.

2015 Mitsuoka Final Orochi

Mitsuoka announced that the production of the super-hideous Orochi sportscar ends this September 2014 and to finish it off, they offered the Final Orochi, a final model that features...well, about the same as the Orochi except with a bigger price tag.

2015 Mitsuoka Final Orochi interior

2015 Mitsuoka Final Orochi interior

Because it's limited to five units, three final Orochis are colored in Gold Pearl while two are painted in a purplish color called Fuyoru-oh (不夜王). It features an exclusive emblem, 19-inch aluminum wheel, and some exclusive interior combinations depending on the color.

No alterations on the spec here. Still comes with the same 3MZ-FE 3.3L V6 engine which churns out 233PS of power and 328Nm of torque while mated with a 5-speed automatic gearbox. It has rack and pinion steering, double wishbone suspension, ventilated disc brakes, on and on and on and on...

The Final Orochi is priced at an ultra-expensive 12,700,000 Japanese Yen (estimated $127,000) and like I said, only five units are made.


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