Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Third-Generation Toyota Vitz/Yaris Minor Change

2015 Toyota Vitz

It's the new Toyota Vitz (Yaris)! Sort of. The latest minor change for the third-generation Toyota Vitz/Yaris brings a keen look to Toyota's compact hatchback which, in this third-generation, has been with us four years ago since its December 2010 debut, and even though it has a new Auris-styled nose as well as an updated exterior and a slightly updated interior, this minor change feels as fresh as a tangerine on a sunrise.

2015 Toyota Vitz interior

Like the pre-facelift, the 2015 Vitz/Yaris still offers three petrol engine configurations ranging from a 1.0L, 1.3L, and the 1.5L engine but for the 2015 model year, the biggest change is the addition of a brand new 1NR-FKE engine.


What is 1NR-FKE? This brand new 1.3L engine uses the Atkinson Cycle commonly used in their hybrid cars. With this, the new 1.3L petrol engine provides and enhanced expansion ration and reduces waste heat through a high compression ratio of 13.5:1. It can be utilized with the use of a tumble flow-generating intake, cooled EGR, and VVT-iE (Variable Valve Timing - intelligent Electric) technology.

With this brand new engine, the fuel economy is now 25.0km/L, as calculated by JC08 Mode standards, which is 15% more than the old 1.3L engine and it's more fuel efficient than the 1.0L petrol engine, which provides 24.0km/L when paired with Smart Stop technology, as well. Well, I'm glad we cleared that up.

2015 Toyota Vitz

2015 Toyota Vitz

2015 Toyota Vitz

The new model is now priced from 1,155,600 to 1,994,073 Japanese Yen (estimated $12,000 to $20,000) and it's available in the entry level F, mid-range U, ladies-favorite Jewela and the sporty RS model. But wait...

2015 Toyota Vitz RS G's

2015 Toyota Vitz RS G's

For 2,044,145 Japanese Yen (estimated $20,450). you can opt in for a more sportier G's model and for the RS G's model, the RS model that was sporty-ish has been made even sportier with the help of some stylish aerokits, sport-tuned suspension, and a sporty dark interior that suits its sporty character.

Available colors (depending on the model): Super White II, White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Grey Metallic, Black Mica, Cherry Pearl Crystal Shine, Super Red V, Dark Red Mica Metallic, Bordeaux Mica Metallic, Beige Mica Metallic, Copper Mica Metallic, Bronze Mica Metallic, Dark Brown Mica Metallic, Luminous Yellow, Jade Green Metallic, Cool Soda Metallic, and Blue Metallic.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

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