Friday, May 9, 2014

Balitang Six Six for May 8, 2014

Breaking news from the Balitang Six Six segment from the May 8, 2014's Banana Nite!

- Man catches his babe from the swimming pool...with painful results!

- Drunk lady pole-dances at the wedding party...and falls...

- Man does stunts with his bike...with a painful surprise from below!

- Girl tries treadmill...treadmill spits girl away!

- Man follows horse...and horse kicks man!

- Man left the van...but van left by itself!

Meanwhile...more tips to do when bored in another BORED MEMBER such as...

- If you're bored from about self-protest?

- If you're bored...why not cut your hair by your own?

- If you're bored while waiting in line...why not rob the line and then you say "sorry"?

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