Monday, May 26, 2014

F1 2014: Monaco GP

So, Nico Rosberg from Mercedes wins this round at Monaco, right? Well, with him stealing Hamilton's spotlight, it looks like the two teammates are now slugging against each other ever since the Senna vs Prost of yesteryears, do they? He he he...the Lewis Hamilton vs Nico Rosberg rivalry in the 2014 Formula One season really is an interesting one. As for Red Bull Racing rookie Daniel Ricciardo...good show though. Good show...this rookie managed to get 3rd place, proving that this newbie's trying hard for this season.

Now, Rosberg's in the lead at the standings with 122 points while Lewis Hamilton lags 4 points behind and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso still in 3rd place with 61 points.

Rosberg's win at Monaco really is a show stealer but next time, can Lewis Hamilton make it back to the top in Canada this June 8th?

Photo: Top Gear

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