Sunday, May 25, 2014

Forza Motorsport 5: The ultimate BMW touring car

m3 (4)

This is the 2013 BMW M Performance M3 Racing, a M3-based touring car that shows how capable BMW is after their two-decade absence in the DTM and their comeback is proven to be a successful one. This M3 touring car is one of the cars you can find on Forza Motorsport 5's Meguiar's Car Pack, now on sale.

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When in 2012, BMW returned to the world of DTM with their BMW M3 Touring Car and its comeback is successful thanks to Bruno Spengler winning the 2012 championship as well as naming Augusto Farfus as the "Rookie of the Year".

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In 2013, BMW Motorsport successfully dominated the DTM season with that year's BMW M3 Touring Car and proved their effort having accumulated five wins, twelve podiums, four pole positions, and four fastest laps in 2013 as well as accumulating their Manufacturer's title win. No other DTM-participated car company comes close.

Overall, BMW drivers in the 2013 DTM scored 369 points, while in the Team competition, BMW Team RBM placed 2nd with 148 points. Augusto Farfus was one of the best-known BMW drivers at the 2013 DTM after finishing as a runner-up at the Driver's championship with 116 points while BMW Team MTEK's Marco Wittmann is recognized as one of the most successful rookies of the 2013 DTM season.


Unlike any other racing machines destined for GT Racing, this M3 Touring Car is unlike any other touring machines I have tasted in Forza 5 because the way it handles is incredibly epic indeed. It feels so easy and it doesn't matter if you're not paying attention because while being focused for GT Racing in mind, those aerodynamics planted on this car really made it as precise as a surgeon's blade as well as its perfect weight distribution that balances the yin and yang from within. Having driven this ultimate touring machine in FM5, it left me a big impression in my face, stating that BMW's return to its touring car racing roots has proven their rivals wrong.

It kinda reminded me of a British sci-fi show that was once axed in the late 1980's but returned in the mid-2000's with incredible results in so many ways. I can hardly imagine why...

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