Friday, May 30, 2014

Forza Motorsport 5: UNLEARN GERMAN


The Lexus GS350 F-Sport is all about being a head turner to anyone passes by with its provocative looks and its athletic stance. One taste and it makes anyone who falls for it to unlearn German faster than you can say "Germanium". Get it?

According to an AMCI Testing Certified, the F-Sport Lexus GS can out-handle the BMW 5-Series M-Sport by a "just" margin with its ESC OFF, proving that this Japanese-made premium saloon can show the Germans who's the boss. Doesn't tell about anything but the Lexus GS really has the dance moves to outperform the German Folk Dance in a blink of an eye...well, as a theory.

gs (2)

I drove this car back in Forza 4 two years ago and I said I like this more than the old Toyota Aristos that its rival game had. No one cares about it but whatever, I had fun driving with it over and over until I call it quits. Now, with steep competition pouring in, feels like the Lexus GS is as outdated as an out-to-date HD TV because there are some new rivals approaching to outshine this Japanese premium saloon, especially those that came from its family tree. Cars like the new 2014 CTS and the 2014 IS, they're all made in one purpose in outshine the Lexus GS. I'm sorry but why would the 2013 Lexus GS F-Sport return to Forza 5 via The Top Gear Car Pack?

gs (3)

No matter though but still, if there's one thing you want to think that you should have attended a Nihonggo class instead of the German class, this is the car to have. I have driven this one before so feel free to enjoy driving one in FM5 if you wish. It maybe less desirable for JDM enthusiasts but for casual gamers, it's not half bad. The only downside is its 4WD layout which seems fine but for handling hard, that's a big issue. Luckily though, you can convert it to rear-wheel drive and let the car do the talking while handling through the corners.

  gs (4)

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