Wednesday, May 7, 2014

GT6: Cars that are Gran Turismo exclusive - Citroen 2CV

Goodwood Hillclimb_9

Today, it's the unorthodox classic from Citroen. It's the 2CV, a product of a post-war France and it was known to be one of the most successful models at that moment in time. From 1948 to 1990, Citroen produced 3,872,583 units of this oddball in numerous countries not only France but also from Belgium, United Kingdom, Argentina, Uruguay, Portugal, and Chile.

This 2CV will run through the Goodwood Hill Climb but at what time will it post?

Goodwood Hillclimb_8 Goodwood Hillclimb_7 Goodwood Hillclimb_6 Goodwood Hillclimb_5

It posted a 2:16.717 lap time!

It maybe pathetically slower and less powerful than a wheelchair rigged with fire extinguishers but magnifique! It managed to get the job done in a slow and steady pace but not for the fun of it. Only the world of Gran Turismo lets you drive this post-war French classic and no other game does it. Period.


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