Friday, May 16, 2014

Let's Do The News! (May 16, 2014)

The big scoop today...

- The Disney Princess that started it all comes to life as Disney announced the live-action Cinderella movie based by the classic tale. It's coming to theaters this Spring 2015.

- For the first time, there was the list of high-ranking officials (both former and current) who are involved with Pork Barrel queen Janet Lim Napoles, called the Napolist. In that NAPOLIST, there were 12 senators and 67 congressmen in the official list from the woman allegedly responsible for the Pork Barrel scam. Find out who are those...

- As tensions rise, a Chinese newspaper favored violent steps against Vietnam and Philippines over territorial disputes.

- North Korea continues on their plot to end all humanity, looks like the evil empire's got their hands on their own new warships which raises doubts to sanctioning from this Communist country plotting to destroy Earth.

- BACK FROM HELL; the game that caused players destroyed their smartphones after unsuccessful leaping attempts, known as FLAPPY BIRD, is back with a vengeance and the man behind it said that when Flappy Bird returns this August, it will add a multiplayer feature. Not sure about this...but prepare your smartphone insurance!

- NEXT WEEK ON GRAN TURISMO 6: Volkswagen is preparing their Vision Gran Turismo concept which draws inspiration from the Golf GTi.

- About 104k units of the Nissan Juke crossover have been recalled over problems with the car's timing chain.

- Earlier, there was a massive oil spill in the streets of Los Angeles when a 20-inch pipeline burst and spattered over 10,000 gallons of oil on everything. So far, four people got injured and two people were hospitalized.

- Victorious alums Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia will be featured in an upcoming teen comedy movie called The Outskirts. In this film; Tori and actress Eden Sher were best friends who faced years of bullying from the school's cool kids. Shooting for this film will start this summer.

- With concerns over getting flooded during rainy days, the DPWH began road and drainage works on EspaƱa Boulevard which is due to complete this July.


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