Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Man kills daughter, made her death his profile pic

This is one of the most shocking crime news that you have never witnessed before and this crime news is from the Philippines. Somewhere in Quezon City, there was once a man who mercilessly killed his own 7-year-old daughter because of his depression. He was motivated to killed his daughter when his wife unknowingly left to Canada earlier this month. A witness, who turned out to be the sister of the suspect, told that in the first attempt, he hid his wife's passport somewhere in the house and then, in the second attempt, his wife left the country discreetly. Unknowingly, he was threatened to kill his daughter if his wife leaves the country for good.

The crime occurred when his 7-year-old daughter was sleeping and his sister heard that there was some hysteria going on around in the house and when she saw his daughter, she tried waking up but then, she noticed a couple of stabs in her body.

And then, the news gets worse; he used his daughter's death as his profile pic on Facebook just to show it to his wife. Right now, he was imprisoned at the Quezon City Police Station 5 Fairview and charged for parricide.

Source: TV5, Philippine Daily Inquirer

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