Thursday, May 29, 2014

Meanwhile in Australia: A British pre-school show is not safe from budget cuts

A British pre-school show called Peppa Pig remains one of the world's beloved cartoon shows targeted for pre-school toddlers. In Australia, it was one of the most popular shows aired on the ABC. It was mostly viewed on iView, played more than 2 million times monthly, and among the top five most popular children's shows aired on ABC2.

There are reports stating that the Australian Federal Government is axing $43.5 million from the ABC over four years and looks like our favorite cute little piggy, sourced from the UK, may not be able to air on Australian televisions if budget cuts are imminent.

Those 1% cuts to the ABC of its total budget mean that the Australian TV network has been forced to take some saving measures by cutting some of it programs and the boss, Mr. Mark Scott, remains uncertain about the future of airing Peppa Pig on Australian TV. Despite uncertain futures, Mr. Scott said that their contract still remains in place as of now but only temporary. He said that the ABC have contracts to air Peppa Pig but the service the Australian network provides depends on the funding.

Produced in the UK, Peppa Pig is an award-winning program which highlights on Peppa Pig, her friends, and her family, in her endless adventures. It has been proven to be a worldwide hit since its 2004 airing. 2014 marks "10 years of muddy puddles" of the show. It spawned numerous Peppa Pig merchandises from toys, clothes, accessories, and many others.


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