Sunday, May 4, 2014

Our baby boy's new toys

We began earlier in a rainy Seattle where our baby boy Irvine turns 2 and here he is, enjoying his new presents that I bought...

Baby boy Irvine really liked the presents from me but what are those presents you may ask?

Heck if I know but these are the Octonauts Octo-squirters I bought from Toys R Us when there was a clearance sale going on since then and these octo-squirters featured are Lieutenant Kwazii Cat, the one with the eyepatch on it, the slime eel creature, and Tweak Bunny, the engineer of the Octonauts.

I really don't know what just happened but I got sucked into the enthusiasm of the Octonauts. I even got the whole "creature report" tune stuck in my head. Forgive me but anyway, let's check out how it's done and if you're reading this, my dear nephew, that's all you need to know...

After baby boy's enjoying his new Octonauts toys, what else we got for him?

We got the whole gang together! #disney #disneyjunior #docmcstuffins #lambie #stuffy #chilly #halliehippo

Ah yes! We bought Stuffy and Chilly just for him. Now, his Doc McStuffins plushies are, I think it was, done but look at it, we got what we listed. It's Doc and her friends; Lambie, Hallie, Stuffy, and Chilly! Woo-hoo!

Well, I think that's everything. So, to my dear nephew Irvine, happy 2nd anniversary!

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