Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Porsche 911 Targa (991)

2015 Porsche 911 Targa

We may already have an open-top 911 but why would Porsche made another one? Oh yeah, this 911 in question is the 911 Targa and even though it's based on the current 991-spec 911, the new model is all about being a throwback machine rather than being a sportscar destined to be parked somewhere in the South of France.

For a quick history lesson, Porsche made a 911 Targa since 1967 for the US market because of the threat that America would ban cabrios due to health and safety concerns but as of now, the USA never actually banned cabrios because they're everywhere but in my mind, they're a rare sight to see someone driving with their roof down.

The last 911 Targa, which is based on the previous-generation 997, used the sliding roof mechanism which is more of a dismay for Targa purists and what you get in result? Just a normal 997 hardtop coupe with the big sunroof opened. Doesn't say anything but it doesn't resemble of the classic Targa masterpiece. For the new 991 Targa, the true meaning of a targa-top car is back and sticking true to its roots, it uses electric motors to lift the whole rear window and automatically fold the solid roof panels to the boot. Quite a modern twist they've done but being a throwback car with a modern twist, the new 991 Targa is quite a suitor indeed but for a word of advice; that rear screen serves as an airbrake and you can't close or open the complexing roof while on the go. Need to keep a note while you're in there.

Like the normal 991, the 991 Targa comes with two engine types such as the 3.4L boxer-6 engine for the base model which develops 345HP and the 3.8L flat-six engine for the 4S model which develops over 395HP of power output. They can be mated with either a 7-speed manual gearbox and a 7-speed doppelkupplungsgetriebe operated via paddle shifters. Be warned though because, like the normal 991, it comes with  electric power steering, it doesn't respond more than what previous 911s do, like what Richard Hammond demonstrated last year just before he and Jeremy Clarkson got banned from entering French roads ever again.

Even though it weighs 40kg more than the 991 Cabriolet, the extra bulk on the 991 Targa doesn't put you off to enjoy its grand touring fulfillment if you're into some sightseeing from one open road to another. That doesn't stop you from taking it on a nice relaxing trip to Saint-Tropez. It's all in the quiet curves with this one do but the pricing is not as quiet as it seems because while the 991 Cabriolet 4 costs 110,290 Euros, the Targa 4 model costs 109,338 Euros so it's less than a grand cheaper than the Cabriolet equivalent. So, that one or the 991 Cabriolet? Make your choice...

Available colors; schwarz, wei╬▓, indischrot, racinggelb, tiefschwarzmetallic, carrarawei╬▓metallic, rhodiumsilbermetallic, dunkelblaumetallic, achatgraumetallic, mahagonimetallic, saphirblaumetallic, anthrazitbraunmetallic, GT-silbermetallic (limited-time color), and limegoldmetallic (limited-time color).

Photo: Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

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