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Ridge Racer 20th Anniversary Remix

Ridge Racer 20th Anniversary Remix

Since the original arcade version debuted in November 1993, Ridge Racer is well-known as one of the longest-running racing franchises in history with over 25 releases on arcade, home and portable consoles, PC, mobile, smartphones & tablets from around the globe.

Last 2013, the Ridge Racer series marked its 20th anniversary and to keep Namco's racing franchise well-commemorated for the fans of this series, the 20th anniversary remix album has been released. With collaboration with Namco Sounds and Sweep Record, this two-disc compilation showcases 20 years of Ridge Racer by placing some of our favorite Ridge Sounds from the past 20 years.

We love the techno-style music heard throughout the Ridge Racer series so we wondered what would it be like when we put all our favorite stuff in this two-disc compilation. Some tunes just fizz a bit, others glow in interesting ways and some just go out with a bang. Lots of stuff from the Ridge Universe means it will take some time for you to enjoy the best of Ridge Racer over the past 20 years and it's the best time for some reaction.

The first CD features remixes of some of our favorite Ridge Racer tunes and as a bonus, there's the Ridge Racer USA Mix made in collaboration between Namco's Ridge Racer and SEGA's DAYTONA USA. You might remember that when the Hornet car from DAYTONA USA was offered on the PSVita version of Ridge Racer as a DLC. The second CD features three non-stop medley tunes as handpicked by Ridge Racer composers Hiroshi Okubo, Ayako Saso (SamplingMasters AYA), and Shinji Hosoe (SamplingMasters MEGA).

The 20-page booklet features a message from the staff from the Ridge Racer franchise. Then there is the 20-year history of the Ridge Racer franchise ranging from the F/A Racing of the first Ridge Racer, the Assoluto Fatalita of Rage Racer, Assoluto Bisonte of R4: Ridge Racer Type 4, Rivelta Mercurio of Ridge Racer V, Soldat Raggio of Ridge Racers, Soldat Meltfire of Ridge Racer 6, Kamata RC410 of Ridge Racer 7, Lucky & Wild Evolver of Ridge Racer 3D, up to the Kamata SYNCi of the PSVita Ridge Racer. A bite-sized chunk of the best of Ridge Racer. After that, the long list of Ridge Sound made by the composers of Ridge Racer over the past 20 years, and all about the mascot characters in the series.

For 20 years of powersliding at high speeds, this franchise never gets old, especially the high-speed BGMs as heard throughout the franchise and I believe that this is worth getting it.


Disc 1 - Remix Tracks:
1) Tsui Tsui The 20TH Anniv. Mix
2) Disco Ball (RR 20th Anniv. Mix)
3) Drive U 2 dancing (AJURIKA Remix)
4) EUPHORIA (RR 20th Anniv. Mix)
5) Move Me (RR 20th Anniv. Mix)
6) Grip (RR 20th Anniv. Mix)
7) Quiet Curves (J99 Remix)
8) Volcano Vehicle (RR 20th Anniv. Mix)
9) SLIDING BEAT (RR 20th Anniv. Mix)
10) ROTTERDAM NATION (RR 20th Anniv. Mix)
11) PLANET (RR 20th Anniv. Mix)
12) Ridge Racer (RIDGE RACER USA Mix)

Disc 2 - Nonstop Audio/ Presented by RIDGE CITY FM 76.5MHZ

1) DJ Mixed by Hiroshi Okubo
Open Up You Window / Ridge Racer 3D
LUCID RHYTHMS / R4-Ridge Racer Type 4-
SILHOUETTE DANCE / R4-Ridge Racer Type 4-
Night Stream / Ridge Racers
Floodlight / Ridge Racer 6
Supercruiser / Ridge Racer 7
EXH* NOTES / Rave Racer
Galactic Life / Ridge Racer 6

2) DJ Mixed by Ayako Saso
Scream / Ridge Racers 2
Samurai Rocket / Ridge Racer V
Into The Lead / Ridge Racer (PlayStation®Vita)
Disco Ball / Ridge Racers
Purple Sky / Ridge Racer (PlayStation®Vita)
Tek Trek / Ridge Racers
Future Driven / Ridge Racer (PlayStation®Vita)
Run Pac-Man Run / Ridge Racer 6
Nitro Mantra / Ridge Racer
Highway Fusion / Ridge Racer 6
Floodlight / Ridge Racer 6
Explorers / Ridge Racer 6

3) DJ Mixed by Shinji Hosoe
Jump In and Go (opening) / Ridge Racer 6
Drift Psychosis / Ridge Racer 6
Stream Of Lights / Ridge Racer 3D
Heart Of Hearts Remix / Ridge Racers 2
Rotten7 Remix / Ridge Racers 2
Rolling Glider / Ridge Racer 3D
Combustion / Ridge Racer 7
Aberration / Ridge Racer 3D
Rareheroes / Ridge Racers
Dr.Mad's Gone / Ridge Racer 3D
Valley of the Mind / Ridge Racer 6
Warp Trooper / Ridge Racers
Rotterdam Nation Remix / Ridge Racers

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