Monday, May 19, 2014

Some say: New Toyota minivan will be named ESQUIRE

2014 Toyota Noah

There is a rumor going around in Japan and this time, the rumor states that Toyota will launch a new minivan tentatively called Esquire. The minivan in question will be based on the recently launched Toyota Noah and Voxy minivans, which they were launched since January 2014. Some say, the Esquire will be launched at the end of 2014, serve as the replacement to the stagnant Isis minivan, and it will be available as a hybrid-only minivan.

The latest Noah and Voxy minivan had a hybrid variant which comes with the 1.8L engine connected to an electric motor and nickel metal battery, which leads them to a a fuel economy of 23.8km/L, calculated in JC08 Mode standards. If the statements are confirmed, the Esquire will have that same hybrid powerplant as those Noah and Voxy minivans.

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