Thursday, May 15, 2014


Now, time now for something big because the first ever PS3-exclusive iM@S game, THE iDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL, has finally arrived and purists believed that this is really the departure of what iM@S suppose to be since...well, you know, but there's something more about this brand new installment of the iM@S franchise and let's find out what in the world is this game and before you jump into conclusions, this is a worthy one...

Three years ago, when THE iDOLM@STER 2 made its way on the Playstation3 for the very first time, the boffins from Bandai Namco wanted to make the PS3 version more than what they got from the XBOX 360 version so what did they do? They put some stuff that the XBOX 360 didn't have such as PS3-exclusive DLC outfits, songs, and many others...with the subtraction of the one costume that the XBOX 360 version of iM@S 2 had...the Punkish Gothic. I know, I got enraged by that catastrophic decision so much, I wanted to take further provocations until justice is served.

Now, most iM@S purists will surely disappoint upon the arrival of the PS3-exclusive ONE FOR ALL game and will this PS3-exclusive iM@S game will raise the tension to its catastrophic levels so much, I would rather write a letter of complaint about when will the Punkish Gothic come so PS3 owners can salivate it?

For the first time in the franchise, iM@S OFA gives players a chance to produce all 13 765PRO idols from Haruka Amami to Chihaya Kisaragi, from Ami and Mami Futami to Hibiki Ganaha, from Iori Minase to Yayoi Takatsuki. That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the fate of 13 idols from 765 PRODUCTIONS now rests to your hands and it's up to you to change their destiny in their hopes to become the top idol.

ONE FOR ALL is now story-focused, meaning the producer, that's you or me, will risk everything to help the idol overcome their personal difficulties and blossom into artists once and for all. The road of becoming a top idol was not easy because it takes an available resource and funds needed to keep them happy and pumped up from rehearsals, auditions, and from a live studio audience desperate for the idols to sing their face off.

iM@S OFA is still more of a idol-producing simulator game like past installments and like any other iM@S game, you'll spend most of your time boosting your idols to the peak of their career and when it's show time, they're all primed and ready. The possibilities are endless and day by day, week by week, month by month, until the grand finale (in a form of an all-star live), ONE FOR ALL is definitely the iM@S game you would surely want to have.

Just like any other iM@S game in the past, this is still a button-mashing rhythm game and it takes amount of button mashing to score points and later trigger the Burst Charge for bonus points if you want to be a step ahead from the competition. But remember...because it focuses on three types; DANCE, VISUAL, and VOCAL, a healthy balance of these three is strongly recommended if you want a better score because if you mess it up, regardless of difficulty, it's all over and you've ruined their once-in-a-lifetime chance.

Costumes played an important role in the game, whether you bought it in-game or via DLC, and the great thing about ONE FOR ALL is that for the first time, you can mix and match your coordinates just the way you want. Just remember; how you dress them up for the show is all up to you.

At the end of the day; I can greatly assume that you can drop your grave misconducts about this game because ONE FOR ALL is probably one of the fine examples what Bandai Namco can do and for this PS3-exclusive game, I think the idol genre is shaking things up even though it faces a stiff competition.

For the ultimate iM@S experience, there's a limited edition 765 PRO NEW PRODUCE BOX, which costs at 11,880 yen plus tax. In this special package, not only you get the game but also a host of goodies suitable for the privileged few such as the main visual box, special drama CD, 13 posters, a pamphlet, a cleaning cloth, a 2014 calendar, and a special product code. Those who pre-ordered received a special code for either iM@S CINDERELLA GIRLS or iM@S Million Live mobile games.

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