Friday, June 27, 2014

Broke my 4S, got replaced by a 5C

This is the iPhone 4S. I have this one since early January 2013 when me and my family decided to switch networks from T-Mobile to AT&T. Don't know why but hey, it's all for a good cause right. I spent a year and six months enjoying my iPhone 4S until...that fateful moment came...

The Outlet Collection, Seattle

It was the 18th of June, 2014, when our cousin, Grace, wants us to spend some time shopping at a familiar place known as The Outlet Collection, Reason why it was familiar to me because I've been there last summer with one of our cousins, named Christian. With my sister Elise spending time in the Philippines with her baby Irvine, me, my sisters Bea and Cecille, mom, dad, and Grace spend some time shopping in a small and quiet shopping mall that has less people than any mall I can remember...

Photo: first time here! #shopping

The photo in question is my last ever selfie I have ever done using my iPhone 4S. Wanna guess what happened to my 4S? Yep, I accidentally dropped it and when I picked it up...the screen has gone all stripey and unreadable. The software's fine but the screen is officially broken and I've panicked. I told the truth to my parents and they knew it. They said I should bring it to the Apple store at Westfield South Center and that made me skeptical will cost around $199 to fix an iPhone but I'll talk about that later.

Anyway, back at The Outlet Collection, I'm in panic mode right now, knowing what should I do with my broken 4S while my family's taking a break in a boring manner. Yes, I know. That place is so boring, there's nothing else to shop...unless there's a Hot Topic branch in case you need to know.

After spending hours at The Outlet Collection, we went to Westfield South Center and then, rushed to the Apple store to fix my iPhone 4S but suddenly, one of the clerks told that the appointments are full and I'm totally desperate to have my phone fixed in time so I saw some mechanic and when I'm going to spend less than a hundred dollars to have my iPhone fixed to some techie in question, my dad came and he got very angry. So angry, I got his iPhone back and my hundred grand while I'm persuading my dad to calm down but believe me, my dad's so angry, he can't be contained.

Gosh, I hate my dad when he's angry and while meeting my mom and my sister Cecille at the Daiso branch in South Center, I explain about the situation to my mom and she told me that we can set an appointment on the Apple store on the next day and I agreed.

Having agreed on that decision, me and my mom went back to the Apple store and we asked one of the store clerks to set next day's appointment to have my iPhone fixed. Of course, I had finals for my math class in Seattle Central College, I decided that I should have mom and dad to go to the Apple store at the appointed time to have it fixed.

The next day, I went to the Seattle Central College to take the final exam for my math class while Mom and Dad went to South Center at the appointed time. While I was busy finishing the exam (which is kinda more of a recap to the last three quizzes as well as that final homework I took), my parents arrived an hour before the appointed time at South Center. Moments later, they went to the Apple store and it seems that with a broken screen, the Apple technicians can't fix it and instead they provided a replacement to my broken phone.

So what they did is they replaced my broken 4S with an iPhone 5C, a similar scenario that what happened to my iPod Touch when its screen was broken. Looks like the Apple idea was when a screen is broken, they can't fix it but instead a replacement is provided. Good thing I backed up most of the stuff from my broken 4S and I carried over to my new phone. All the stuff were here...well sort of because my hard work from playing that School Idol Festival app is gone for good! NO!

Oh well, I'm not kinda interested on that game anyway, but still, with my stuff from 4S now carried over to my new 5C, I'm glad things are back to the way things are but the only downside is that when I connect it to the computer, the iTunes keeps showing up that "unknown error" (-54) stuff. Don't know why and that's why it's called an "unknown error".

So, is Apple's idea of providing you a replacement when a screen is broken is worth it or is it just a waste of cash? Gosh, those technicians should learn how to fix a broken screen next time if they want to save their iPhones. A broken screen from your iPhone is like a total wreck on the car. When totalled, that's it. It's over.

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