Monday, June 2, 2014

Disney's Maleficent

The villain from a Disney classic Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent, is notorious for being the most fearsome of all the Disney villains and she really demanded fear and respect from fans alike. Because of her reputation as the most feared Disney villain of all time, the folks from Disney wanted to make a live-action movie uncovering the secret origin of Maleficent, about what's the purpose on putting the curse on Princess Aurora that puts her to an eternal slumber. Let's find out.

For a Disney villain that demands fear and respect from fans for her unrivaled originality, the latest Disney movie, titled Maleficent, takes us the hidden world of Sleeping Beauty. This demon of a movie will make you her prisoner on your first encounter out and with actress Angelina Jolie portraying the role of Disney's most feared villain, that is Maleficent, and Elle Fanning as Princess Aurora, you can see that from every angle of the film will make you tremble with fear and get enchanted with the wondrous fantasy familiar to every Disney fans many.

Of course, by discovering the secret origin of Maleficent, she was once a kind woman who live in a forest kingdom until an invading army threatens her land. Now, her kind heart transformed into a cold-blooded enemy who seeks vengeance to the kingdom that threatened her and she's taking on against the king's successor by putting an evil curse on the newborn Princess Aurora. As years pass by, Maleficent knows that only Princess Aurora is the key to bring harmony back to the kingdom as well as regaining her former self.

One of the reasons why Disney's Maleficent is so special is its compelling storyline and although it has bits from the classic Sleeping Beauty, this movie rediscovers what lurks behind Maleficent and Princess Aurora. Then, there's the special effects which is kinda okay for us but it feels so overrated when it comes to show off its monstrous side of the film. Lastly, it's the background music which really connects to what happens on the film.

Disney fans never watched this kind of movie which is as astonishing as this or as well contrasted. It's simple, elegant, and in every fantasizing way, this is better than any other live-action Disney fantasy movies but there's something missing. Something that can't be measured, something that can't put your finger on. There's and soul. There's nothing wrong with it but there's no heart. You get the sense that with was written by a sophisticated few and styled by those who has the sense of fashion, which it probably was.

My rating would be a 3.9 out of 5.

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