Monday, June 9, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow

When you heard about this movie titled "EDGE OF TOMORROW" in most anime websites, your head starts scratching and wondering how anime-ish is this movie even though it's not anime stuff and it's just a sci-fi flick that goes by the concept of LIVE, DIE, REPEAT. I mean come on, is there anything Japanese-y about this new must-see flick of the season? Some is. Edge Of Tomorrow is heavily inspired from the sci-fi novel titled All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka and imagine if this movie is showing in Japan very soon, they would start questioning why there is such a Hollywood film that took something from the pages of a Japanese sci-fi novel. Well, they'll never know until they see it.

In the movie, Tom Cruise played the role of Major William Cage, an officer assigned on a most dangerous mission despite his lack of combat skills. Earth is under attacked by an alien invasion and the military forces are getting overwhelmed by some extraterrestrial threats. Cage was killed in combat but he found out that he's been thrown into the loop and he's going to relieve the same moment over and over again. As he lives, dies, and repeat; Cage is showing signs of improvement and along with his ally, whose played by Emily Blunt, they're edging closer to put an end to this alien invasion.

I'd admit that this movie took some stuff from a certain action flick called Source Code. When it fails, it restarts, and it keeps on going and going until the mission is complete. Well, you get the idea but about the film. It's kinda bothering why most anime-related websites are talking about that film even though this stuff is not made of anime stuff but because of such discovery, it may take a lot more time to like and I mean come on, Edge of Tomorrow is like a mash-up between Source Code and Pacific Rim. Sci-fi stuff never gets too old for this and Edge of Tomorrow feels like no other sci-fi movie that matches the sheer combination of being a hardcore film and a whole lot of kick-butt for your dollar, yen, pound, euro, dirham, or anything from your wallet.

Edge of Tomorrow may not be a perfect summer movie of the year but it sure knows how to blow the opposition out from the loop and like that main character in the movie; it will just LIVE, DIE, and REPEAT.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5

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