Monday, June 23, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Day 11

Three matches are occurred on the 11th day of the FIFA WORLD CUP Brasil and it seems that with the first stage is approaching to the climax and the second stage is nearby, the road to glory is taking a lot more longer than we expected for some.

First up, the Russians stand powerless against the Belgians after the 1-0 score that sent the Russians wondering what might have been. Then, the South Koreans were tumbled down by the Algerians after the 2-4 score that shows even the most established football teams from the established countries can get squashed by the lesser ones but it's all in the skill of the team that counts. And finally; the superstars from USA and Portugal fought so hard, they're ended in a draw with two goals each.

Tomorrow; four games will be occured. It starts with the Italians taking on Uruguay and it ends with the Greeks facing off against the Ivory Coast.

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