Thursday, June 26, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Day 14

In Day 14 of the FIFA WORLD CUP Brasil, four games were occurred and while those three showed excitement for the fans, the latter is proven to be rather disappointing and a waste of time and money spent for the tickets.

In the Nigeria vs. Argentina match, the Argentinians advanced to the Round of 16 match against Nigeria after the score of 2-3 while Bosnia and Herzegovina prevented Iran's all out attack and finished at the score of 3-1 then the Swiss shown no mercy against Honduras and ended in the score of 0-3 and finally, the Ecuador vs. France match. You can really tell why it was a very disappointing match because not one single team managed to score one!

Tomorrow, which of the last eight countries to advance on the Round of 16? There's Portugal vs. Ghana, USA vs. Germany, South Korea vs. Belgium, and Algeria vs. Russia, vying for their position to the Round of 16 match.

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