Tuesday, June 17, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Day 5

In the fifth day of the FIFA WORLD CUP Brasil; three matches occurred with the first two ended with a huge twist no other football fan can hardly imagine.

In the Germany vs. Portugal match, a triple threat of Thomas Muller never let their Portuguese enemies scored a single score in the match, ending the game with 4-0, scoring one for the Germans.

Meanwhile, neither Iran nor Nigeria has enough power to nuke themselves out in the playing field. The score is none despite spending four quarters trading fires in the football warfield.

And in the Ghana vs. USA match; it's USA that delivered their sweet revenge against Ghana since they've knocked them out four years ago, ending the score of 1-2 in favor of USA. Absolutely smashing.

Tomorrow in the FIFA WORLD CUP Brasil; Belgians vs Algerians, Brazilians vs Mexicans, and Russians vs South Koreans. This could be very one-sided.

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