Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Forza Motorsport 5: Frozen Face-off Part Two


In an earlier post, I sent the Ferrari FF and the Bentley Continental GT for a workout at the Top Gear Test Track before their big showdown down at the Silverstone and it seems that the Ferrari's way more quicker than the W12 heavyweight Bentley down the track.


Here they are, it's showtime. The Continental GT Speed and the FF arrived at Silverstone as planned and looks like things are looking very competitive for these two. The Continental once smudged at the FF, saying that its V8 little brother once trumped the Fezza in the frozen battleground in Sweden. It says that it wants to do it again, only this time with the W12 twin-turbo engine rigged at the front. However, the FF warned that the Continental is just a luxury saloon in a coupe body and it's heavier than the FF so there's bound to be understeer by the sheer weight of the Bentley.

This is it, Anna and Elsa, on a dry tarmac on Silverstone. Who will triumph? Only one way to find out...


The FF's V12 develops 660PS of power while the Bentley's W12 twin-turbo develops 625PS. Top speed for the FF is 208mph while the Bentley's 205mph. However, while the Ferrari comes with a 7-speed double-clutch gearbox, the Bentley comes with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. Even with the 4WD system, the Ferrari FF behaves like any other Ferrari while the Bentley suffers catastrophic understeer due to its heavyweight body but being mild on the handling stakes is all about taking things slowly but carefully. Good thing its 4WD system is not as complicating as the Ferrari's.

At the end, the results are in...

FF - 2:30.192
CGT - 2:35.150

So there you go, looks like the Ferrari FF has won the battle against the Bentley in a normal Silverstone GP light of day but the results should really want to let it go because for those 4WD grand tourers, the Ferrari and the Bentley truly let go of what they have to get round Silverstone quicker than what they did on ice a few years ago.

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