Friday, June 27, 2014

Gran Turismo 6: Goodwood 2014

Goodwood Hillclimb 2014

In time for today's Goodwood Festival of Speed, looks like the Goodwood Hillclimb track on the PS3-exclusive Gran Turismo 6 has been updated with the new central feature within the game. That "Central Feature" for this year's Goodwood FoS is made possible by this year's hosting carmaker, Mercedes-Benz, reflecting the German luxury car company's 120 years of motorsports involvement.

Believe it or not, the series creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, gets to drive the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLS - one of the two 300SL roadsters tweaked for the National Sportscar Championship in the 1950's up to the famous Goodwood Hill Climb.

With the Goodwood Hill Climb in tune with the times, looks like most of our Gran Turismo 6 stars are welcomed to take on the Goodwood FoS just the way they like. It's like a red carpet premiere where celebs get their photos taken before going in the movies.

Goodwood Hillclimb 2014_1Goodwood Hillclimb 2014_2Goodwood Hillclimb 2014_3Goodwood Hillclimb 2014_4Goodwood Hillclimb 2014_5Goodwood Hillclimb 2014_6Goodwood Hillclimb 2014_7Goodwood Hillclimb 2014_8Goodwood Hillclimb 2014_9Goodwood Hillclimb 2014_10Goodwood Hillclimb 2014_11

And here's the results on how they do well on GT6's very own Goodwood:

C7 Corvette - 0:54.750
NSX Concept - 0:52.108
M4 - 0:53.828
MB AMG VGT Racing Series - 0:47.461
Mario Andretti's 1948 Hudson - 1:06.134
FT-1 - 0:51.085
X2014 Fan Car - 0:34.462
BMW VGT - 0:46.816
Lotus 97T - 0:44.407
Concept XR-PHEV Evo - 0:48.453
VW GTi Roadster VGT - 0:45.872

Questionable? Oh well, those results don't really matter. What matters is, these cars are having fun down at Goodwood.

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