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Gran Turismo 6: VW GTi Roadster Vision GT

Circuito de MadridCircuito de Madrid_1Circuito de Madrid_2

What you're looking at in this beautiful town of Madrid, Spain, where I was taking my practice sessions in GT6, is a Volkswagen that unlike any other Volkswagens you've seen in your whole life, it represents man, machine, and Gran Turismo synchronized in perfect harmony.

Circuito de Madrid_3

Yes, this is what I'm talking about. This is Chapter 4 of the Vision Gran Turismo story and it's the turn of Volkswagen to tell the tale about how they made this machine to represent this car company to the world of Gran Turismo while digesting every GTi tale in history. Yes, it says GTi but this is the GTi Roadster Gran Turismo, the GTi that was pushed to the limits of being the GTi that ends all GTis in the world of Gran Turismo.

City of Arts and Sciences - Night

To explain what I'm on about, I went to Madrid, Spain, to take on a special challenge to keep the VW GTi Roadster Vision GT in the game. Doesn't matter what lap time you're setting, just one lap is enough to keep it but for me, I wanted to see its muscle, its passion, and its true grit of being a bewildering racing machine that possesses the DNA of the GTi.

My goal is to beat the Gold target time of 1:22.000 but amazingly in my such luck, the odds are around 1 to 5 to beat the target time and I did it in around 1:21.721. So, how does this open-top racer got here so quick? The secret lies from the 3.0L twin-turbo VR6 TSi engine which develops over five hundred horses of power and 665Nm of torque. It was fitted with a 7-speed DSG with sports programming for a smoother and more direct shifting feel like no other but with the added drama on it.

Aside from the raw power delivered through all four wheels, the GTi Roadster is highly aerodynamic enough to generate enough downforce, giving you the same experience as you felt from track-day cars.

Overall, the VW GTi Roadster Vision GT is possibly a hyper open-top hatch with no roof that can leave you gurning like a megalomaniac when you spent several man hours driving it and I think the folks at VW had done a really good job creating a car that, like I said, represents man, machine, and Gran Turismo synchronized in perfect harmony.

City of Arts and Sciences - Night_1

I think we can end this story about the GTi Roadster but it's not over yet because I need to find somewhere else to enjoy the extreme performance of this GTi concept roadster and I think I know where...

Red Bull Ring

Welcome to the world of Red Bull Ring, a new track on Gran Turismo 6 as part of the long-time partnership between Gran Turismo and Red Bull. The Red Bull Ring is an ultra high speed circuit with long high-speed sections and tricky tight corners between. After over a decade of hiatus, this track, situated in Spielberg, Austria, returns for the 2014 Formula One season.

Red Bull Ring_1

With the track ours for the taking, it was nice to let the VW GTi Roadster concept taking a little alfresco driving in the Red Bull Ring and this is the perfect way to end this story.

Red Bull Ring_2Red Bull Ring_3


Make: Volkswagen
Country of Origin: Germany

Drivetrain: 4WD
Max Power: ???
Max Torque: ???
Weight: ???

Head of Design:
Klaus Bischoff

Director Exterior Design:
Oliver Stefani

Director Interior Design:
Bachorski Tomasz

Director Design Lifestyle and Performance:
Friederike Plock-Girmann

Team Manager Exterior Design:
Tobias Sühlmann

Team Manager Interior Design:
Boris Grell

Designer Exterior Design:
Domen Rucigaj
Malte Hammerbeck

Designer Interior Design:
Guillermo Mignot

Designer Color and Trim / Design Lifestyle and Performance:
Miroslava Kurpasova
Gösta Niessner
Cornelia Gröpel

Project Management:
Stef Scheepers

Director Data:
Alfred Oechsner

Data Exterior:
German Hornstein

Data Interior:
Michael Müller

Director Online Marketing:
Judith Wilhelm
Philipp Matthes

Red Bull Ring_4

Stay tuned for more of Vision GT!

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