Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Impul gives Nissan's Cima Y51 hybrid saloon a workout

The Cima Y51, which is a long-wheelbased version of the Nissan Fuga (formerly Infiniti M, now called Infiniti Q70), received some styling upgrades courtesy of Nissan specialist, Impul. Although it is a luxury hybrid saloon that is well focused on being a luxury saloon, this Impul-modified version makes it more of a luxury saloon...minus the luxury...on the outside.

The front bumper comes with some LED lighting on it and it costs 165,000 Japanese Yen for it while a rear bumper costs 105,000 Yen, a rear spoiler costs 60,000 Yen, and a set of sports ducts costs 48,000 Yen. Aside from the aero kit, Impul will provide available bespoke rims, suspension upgrades, mufflers, and other accessories for reasonable prices.

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