Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mitsuoka Ryugi

2015 Mitsuoka Ryugi
Your eyes can't deceive you. At first glance, it looks like a classic saloon but when you notice the name Mitsuoka on the detail, you would ask that this boutique Japanese car maker made a faux classic car out of an ordinary city car and yes, this is true. What you're looking at is the replacement to those old, tenth-generation Toyota Corolla-based, Galue 2-04 and Nouera 6-02. It's called the Ryugi and it's not to be confused with the Ryoga, which is based on the final-generation Nissan Primera per se. Oh no, this is a new boutique compact saloon for some people would say owning a neo-classical vehicle would be classy but it's not so classy when you heard this...

Underneath, it's based on the eleventh-generation Toyota Corolla Axio. Yes, you guessed it. It's a neo-classical machine based on a commoner vehicle that is made in Japan so just deal with it.

 2015 Mitsuoka Ryugi interior

2015 Mitsuoka Ryugi interior

On the inside, it still has the same comforts that you'd expect from the eleventh-generation Toyota Corolla and depending on the variant, you can expect some optional extras to spice up your Ryugi just the way you want it. You can hardly imagine if this is your ride to your next prom per se.

The Ryugi comes with either a 1NZ-FE 1.5L petrol engine or a 1NZ-FXE 1.5L petrol engine connected to a 1LM electric motor. Yes, this Mitsuoka offers a hybrid model for the first time. In petrol models, it can be mated with either a CVT or a 5-speed manual gearbox but on the hybrid model, it's available exclusively with a CVT gearbox.

In terms of handling, the Ryugi, like the Corolla, drives cheaply because of its rack and pinion steering, MacPherson struts on the front, and torsion beam coil springs at the back.

2015 Mitsuoka Ryugi
The base 15ST model is priced at 2,214,000 Japanese Yen (around $22,140) while the HYBRID model with the optional seat heater will cost you 3,110,400 Japanese Yen (around $31,140). There are 10 trim models to choose from while the petrol models do come with available four-wheel drive. So, fancy a Toyota Corolla in a Rolls-Royce getup?

Available colors: White Pearl Crystal Shine, Silver Metallic, Black Mica, Blackish Red Mica

Photo: Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd.

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